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Here is My guide how to add Owner pic in settings about Panel

Always backup any original file before modifying. If your phone doesn't boot push that backup to your phone.**
--Android SDK
--APK Tool

-- Download the attached
--Decompile your Setting.apk folder

--and replace mine res folder with yours

<PreferenceCategory android:layout="@layout/preference_category" android:title=" INFO  " />
  <Preference android:focusable="false" android:clickable="false" android:layout="@layout/lenox_pic" />
Below this line



IT will look like this

Open res/values/ids.xml and add these at the end


<item type="id" name="image">false</item>
<item type="id" name="owner">false</item>
<item type="id" name="linear_layout">false</item>
<item type="id" name="profile_pic">false</item>
<item type="id" name="layout1">false</item>
<item type="id" name="change_picture_text">false</item>
<item type="id" name="photo_picker">false</item>
<item type="id" name="linear_layout1">false</item>
<item type="id" name="layout2">false</item>
<item type="id" name="name_field">false</item>
<item type="id" name="name_edit">false</item>
<item type="id" name="profile">false</item>
<item type="id" name="profile_name">false</item

Open strings.xml and add these strings

<string name="change_pic">Change profile picture</string>
<string name="profile_pic">SET PROFILE PICTURE</string>
<string name="profile_name">CHANGE PROFILE NAME</string>

Now recompile the apk and decompile it again. Now open the public.xml and find these ids.These may not be the same in your apk

-- Now, Copy the "b16h22" folder to \smali\com\(here)

Below are the most imp. steps:
This step is for matching the codes found in public.xml with that in smali foder.

1. Open each Smali files one by one which you copied now.
2. Also open Open the PublicPre.xml provided by me and Public.xml of ur current ROM in which u had registered the ID's.

3. In your smali files, find the id codes like 0x.......
4.Search dis in PublicPre.xml.
5.Copy the Item name related to dis code and search dis in ur current Public.xml.
6. And finally copy the Id of that ITEM name and replace with that in your Smali file.
7. Do the above steps with each ID codes in each Smali..

Now open the res/xml/ settings.xml

and add this iconpreferencescreen.You can add it anywhere you want.I'm assuming you have basic knowledge about preference xmls.


< android:title="Owner Profile" settings:icon="@drawable/ic_settings_owner">
<intent android:targetPackage="" android:action="android.intent.action.MAIN" android:targetClass="com.b16h22.Profile" />

Now open the res/xml/ Open AndroidManifest.xml and add this

[QUOTE]<activity android:label="@string/change_pic" android:name="com.b16h22.Profile">
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

10. Now you are done with modifications. Recompile and sign the settings.apk with kitchen

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Here is the last step

you have to disable signature check otherwise settings will not work

Here is My Guide
Decompile /system/framework/services.jar,

open com/android/server/packagemanagerservice.smali, look for


.method checkSignaturesLP([Landroid/content/pm/Signature;[Landroid/content/pm/SignatureI
.registers 10
.parameter "s1"
.parameter "s2"

.line 1921

and add the red part


method checkSignaturesLP([Landroid/content/pm/Signature;[Landroid/content/pm/SignatureI
.registers 10
.parameter "s1"

.parameter "s2"

.line 1921
const/4 v6, 0x0
return v6



if u like my guide then press thanks button

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