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[complete guide to rooting/flashing your zte engage]

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By AsinineRepublic, Junior Member on 26th March 2014, 05:41 AM
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---------- I have personally done this on my ZTE ENGAGE V8000 ---------
--------------------- IT IS ALSO A LOT EASIER THAN YOU THINK ---------------------

Now let's just start this out by saying that there are A LOT of resources for all the information you would ever need to root your device, and where to go from there... But, as I am sure you are finding out, EVERY phone has to be treated differently, and there is no -1-way-is-THE-way-for-every-phone scenario. ESPECIALLY for the wonderful ZTE ENGAGE v8000. So this is just how i made it happen on my phone, starting from knowing absolutely NOTHING about rooting, to having it done and finished now and working FANTABULOUSLY. I went through a lot of headaches trying to figure this out and read and read for DAYS, ruling out non-credible sources like that link that always pops up 'SUPER EASY ROOT FOR ENGAGE v8000' blah blah, i read that that method had bricked all kinds of phones, so i decided to stray away from all that nonsense and talked to different people and am compiling all of that info into this one post. HOPEFULLY it makes it easier for you. Your use of anything here is done at your own risk. I nor anyone else is responsible for your phone. And rooting your phone will void your warranty. Having, said that and gotten it out of the way here are the steps you will need to take:

BASIC INFO LINKS (that i found helpful starting out as a NOOBY NOOB! haha):

Now just an FYI, this way DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR PHONE TO ALREADY BE ROOTED, but you can always go that route if you'd like but dont ask me how haha.. i've included some links below for your benefit though...

anyway, the list goes on and on... you get the point. I will also include links in each section that is necessary.

Now don't get overwhelmed... once we start this thing, and you being doing it, it is a piece of CAKE, really...

Cricket ZTE Engage V8000
(this is NOT for the Engage LT N8000)
The only other requirement is you can boot your phone into recovery.
Yes this can be installed in stock recovery.
No you don't need to be rooted.
BE PREPARED FOR A LONG JOURNEY, this will take time.


This rom will wipe all data upon install so make sure you have a backup or don't care if data is lost
Also, this will most likely VOID your warranty, continue at your own risk
There is a RISK of 'bricking' your phone, as with ANY rom, but is HIGHLY UNLIKELY


BACKUP EVERYTHING on your phone, send contacts to SD card, PICTURES, Any text messages you need to keep, Documents, GAME SAVES, make a list of ALL the apps you have installed (or back them up using your own method of choice), Be prepared for your phone to be SET BACK TO FACTORY DEFAULT meaning *****EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ERASED*****. so back up whatever you want to keep and/or think you want to keep. Now I am a perfectionist, so i made 2 Backups, this was my PRE backup-backup. haha. If you are fine with just trusting that the CWM backup will keep everything then wait til later when you will do an entire phone backup in case anything goes wrong, and also to prevent bricking using CWM, or any other backup app of your choice. I literally just copied EVERY file from my phone to a folder on my computer AND did a phone backup.
  • I used an app called MY BACKUP (get it from PLAY STORE) because it allowed me to backup NON-ROOTED, so i could backup BEFORE i wipe my phone, which will make this a lot easier for me in the long run.

    Guide to Backing up/Restoring

LOOK AROUND and figure out what ROOT apps you would like to have on your phone. Make a list so you know what you want BEFORE you erase/Backup your phone, or download them and put them on SD card, so you will have them afterwards. im referring to apps like ROM Toolbox, My Backup, NANDroid Backup, Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, GooManager, some sort of ANTI-VIRUS, SETCPU, etc...

----- check and double check you have saved everything, there is no going back once you've started -----


DOWNLOAD CWM [Clockwork Mod](for your specific device, this guide is for the ZTE ENGAGE V8000 SPECIFICALLY)The following link brings you to the main thread which has more information, INSTRUCTIONS and a Q&A posting... feel free to READ EVERYTHING, its better to know too much in this subject than too little. Now you want to get the because the official is just the image, not a zip and you need zip to install and the stock one is just if you later decide you dont like whatever you have done and want your phone to go back FACTORY DEFAULT. Like, if you dont like the new ROM on your phone and want your old normal -android- OS (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) back. The difference of those confused me at first. Now, do not skip ahead, this part is for DOWNLOAD only, do not attempt to install yet!!*Save .zip for later

ALSO DOWNLOAD the Stock ROM, just in case you want it later, if you dont like the ROM we're gonna install on your device, you have this incase you want to go back to the stock settings. Now, do not skip ahead, this part is for DOWNLOAD only, do not attempt to install yet!!*Save .zip for later

Download S420 ROM. This is going to be the ROOT ROM. It's the main custom rom that we are installing on the phone, the one that will REPLACE the ICE CREAM SANDWICH ANDROID OS and VOID your warranty. It is still based off of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.04 or whatever, because ZTE has not (and probably will not) release an update for their devices to go to jelly bean, or any higher. (kitkat, etc). SORRY GUYS, we're stuck with ICS. Now, do not skip ahead, this part is for DOWNLOAD only, do not attempt to install yet!!
*Save .zip for later.

Copy downloaded files to SD card "Computer > Removable disk > ______ "
we are only using CWM right now, save others on SDCARD for later use

Now, BEGIN installation of the CWM .zip


AFTER CWM is installed and working CORRECTLY: We need to do the PHONE BACKUP. You have a few options here, you can either GO INTO CWM AND RESTORE IN THE RECOVERY MENU or Go to following link, and follow instructions: (IT HAS PICTURES)

------ Now that your ass is covered... we can continue ------


Now, getting a ROM on your baby.... THERE is only ONE that i found for the ZTE ENGAGE, which, you guessed it, is also by senor Stedman420... what on earth would we engage users do without this guy? haa... NOTHIN that's what... He's got a ROM called S420 for our device, and as far as i can tell, it is the only one that is modded in any way. YOU DOWNLOADED THIS EARLIER.

BOOM your done!!! Now just restore all your stuff and you are one rooted mofo.

*If you have any suggestions for improving this post, please comment below.

  • ALL ROMS AND INSTRUCTIONS BY Stedman420 <3 and also a big thanks for answering my questions!
    (seriously, if you need help don't be afraid to ask and make sure you say your thanks to him as well! )
  • BIG THANKS TO ALL THE ABOVE links and websites that helped me rap my mind around this
  • Khaoticking and Android Addict for helping me out and answering my questions.
24th October 2016, 05:22 PM |#2  
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Cricket Engage LT n8000
I have a Cricket Engage LT n8000 and need a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. I heard this is the number one custom ROM. What do you think I should do?
25th October 2016, 08:20 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by brassass

I have a Cricket Engage LT n8000 and need a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. I heard this is the number one custom ROM. What do you think I should do?

Hey, So with older phones its kinda tricky because, ultimately, it depends if anyone else has modded that ROM to work with your device... please DO NOT just install any ROM on your device it will most likely brick it or make it unusable. I havent had my ZTE engage for quite some time now so I am not sure as to what has been done since then, but this forum might help you

My best suggestion would be to google the heck out of it and see if you can find someone who made CyanogenMod compatible with your ZTE Engage, but it might not be possible so you might have to use one of the ones in the forum i posted (the roms i posted in here will not work, but you can still take advantage of the help links i posted they will take you to VERY useful sites that might be able to answer your question)

Good luck and happy rooting!
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