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This Rom works for Locked and Unlocked Bootloaders!
This Rom is Multiboot-Aware


Very Improve. Much Xposed.
App Settings. Themes. Wow


Welcome to Custom Atomic GB

The aim of this thread is to enhance the older ROM of Atomic GB and improve
it with new tweaks, settings and enhancements to provide an ultimate stock
themed experience.

Warning : This is a one off release until I get hold
of my Nexus 5 back from Repair,
but any bugs or somewhat major problems
I will fix if necessary.

For right now this is B2 / Beta 2 or simply pre release, there are still more things I need to
amend add and change.
This is the real thing.
But the next thing will be even more real.

It is highly recommended you use Extreme Kernel



1. If you use Extreme kernel use the Market Fix app provided if you have any play store Issues.
2. After first boot allow the device to be on for about 5 minutes then reboot (this is so init.d scripts can do their jobs).
3. Upon boot go to Settings>Applications>Running Services and Force Stop/Kill everything apart from settings and keyboard,
this is to remove the unnecessary background processes and is safe as the killed processes.
are cached and will resume when necessary i.e This will not kill your lockscreen, neither will it stop its notifications from functioning. (don't do it with an Task Killer)



Jader 13254
and more in the changelogs...


Atomic GB 7.1 B2 Prerelease




(I sorta need to update this section, there's even MORE stuff...)
Performance Tweaks
Ram Tweaks
Kernel Tweaks
Network and 3G Tweaks
Stock Icons
Stock Layouts
Improved Stock Status Bar
Stock Widgets
Mobile Bravia Engine
Swipe-to-Remove Notifications
Multi-Boot Aware
Compatible with CWM
Compatible with TWRP
Compatible with DoomLord Kernel
Compatible with Extreme Kernel
Compatible with Turbo Kernel
Compatible with Lupus GB Kernel (Recommended)
Compatible with Lupus Stock ICS/GB Kernel
Compatible with AdrenoBooster


This isn't my Gin2Jellybean 1.9.9 Custom.
In other words.
(sssh everything's already in the ROM - for now)

Maybe Later.



Changelog :
AtoMic GB 1.0 initial release AtoMic GB 1.5 Custom boot animation - thanks limeunlimited new transparent system ui with quickpanel settngs full xperia t and xperia s icons themed a bit settings new 7 screen home launcher new xperia s default themes fixed smart dialer fixed rotation zip alligned apps wallpapers included into rom hdmi fixed xperia s theme included updated some tweaks minor bug fixes AtoMic GB 2.0 5 screen launcher added preferences debloated more removed bugs system ui fix included 3g tweak 4*5 launcher smoothness tweaks no lag ram fully optimized AtoMic GB 3.0 based on 1.0 re-tweaked updated tweaks fully tweaked build.prop smoothness to max camera mod music libs i am sure this is better than 1.0! :P some 3g network tweaks new framework! thanks emannxperia! i will add you in credits video playback smoother minor bug fixed AtoMic GB 3.5 new circle battery mod new cool blue system UI thanks emannxperia all new tweaks for ram and performance removed battery eating tweaks fixed build.prop fixed all redraws now no redraws 100% AtoMic GB 4.0 new themes new framework fully modded removed ugly system UI added new system UI with 2g/3g toggle add it from quick panel removed ugly battery mod and added simple battery mod added kill app back button mod added xperia s lockscreen added music control from lockscreen also added fully working quick panel settings fixed import from simcard some fc fixed added build.prop tweaks for camera new beautifull live wallpapers!! AtoMic GB 5.0 all icons have been changed to xperia S icons removed the launcher lags fixed the alarm and added the app in drawer New camera drivers enhanced deep sleep new power management tweaks.. tried to fix timescape xperia z themes! AtoMic GB 7.0 Built From Scratch Rubbish tweaks cleaned Included all optimized tweaks Changed Icons [ See Screenshots ] Rethemed New smoothness Tweaks Framework.jar changed a bit fixed bugs New Adreno Tweaks Makes your xperia a dual core device Ported to the PLAY by johnnzey Multiboot aware AtoMic GB 7.0 - PLAY r2 Optimized for the PLAY AdrenoBooster v0.6 (Should fix blackscreen problem) Fixed lockscreen Various bug fixes Removed a little bit of bloatware Possibly final version
Custom : Atomic GB 7.1B1 -Added AdrenalineBoost ('su' then 'boost' in terminal to use it) -Optimized all PNGs and JPGs within the ROM. (More RAM and less Space used) -ROM is now smaller (11MB) and about (15MB) when decompressed. (Nothing was removed in the process of this) -Hopefully freed up a good amount of RAM -General Tweaks & Changes -General additions such as Zipalign Libs and other scripts. File / Structure Changes : Build.prop Additions/Amendments ro.config.hw_quickpoweron=true persist.sys.shutdown.mode=hibernate debug.sf.hw = 1 dalvik.vm.heapsize=64m dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=40m dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=5m ro.config.nocheckin=1 profiler.force_disable_ulog=1 profiler.force_disable_err_rpt=1 debug.overlayui.enable=1 com.qc.hardware=1 debug.qc.hardware=true debug.qctwa.preservebuf=1 debug.qctwa.statusbar=1 ro.config.hw_fast_dormancy=1 persist.sys.ui.hw=1 debug.egl.profiler=1 debug.egl.hw=1 debug.composition.type=gpu ro.kernel.checkjni=0 -------------------------------------------------------------- Init.d Added -ReadAheadandLMK (01) @NiLiMAhOnA (Taken from IcEdBean) -VMTweaks (02) -RamBooster (03) (Part of AdrenalineBoost Engine) All credit to @Imbawind -LogCleaner (04) @Slaid480 -SystemZipAlign (05) @Slaid480 -ZipAlignData (06) @Slaid480 -SQLiteVacuumandReindex (07) -AggresiveEntropy (08) @Exit_Only -------------------------------------------------------------- System/xbin +entro +rngd +zipalign -------------------------------------------------------------- Any other changes done I probably forgot by now :/ Atomic GB 7.1 B2 Pre Release -More build.prop additions. -ROM is now bigger (to fill up the useless free space in /system -Custom Themes (Ported from my old Gin2JbExtended) -Updated Gapps (Ones in previous releases were old) -Replacing Settings App. -Hopefully "different" framework Animations -Fixed broken Superuser from original ROM -Added Jellybean Sounds. -Optimized APKs further. -Integrated Apps into /System to free up space in /data. -Edit update-binary (sou you could flash in TWRP now - prevents status 0 errors). -Remove Setup Guide. -Remove Youtube. -Lowered Compression level slightly (People with fast micro SDCards may find this quicker to flash) -Credits to @Tungstwenty, @sak-venom1997, @M66B and @liudongmiao (Why? - It's a secret :sssh:) -Xposé (d) Framework, App Settings and XPrivacy added. -Updated Most Preinstalled Apps. -ODEXed ROM (About 10-20mb bigger but will boot quicker and will save /data space - for more apps to be stored). -Replacing Gallery w/ QuickPic, (not changed name or icon because it would revert after update) -Currently at 117mb due to cuts in apps. -Moved Few Apps To /data so they could be removed. Apps Removed Most Live Wallpapers Removed Most Widgets Removed Radio Why waste all the empty space in /system? Adding more...



Instructions For Unlocked Bootloader:

1- Download [Firmware] [GSM] R800i 4.0.2.A.0.58 EnhancedV2.

1b- Download R800i_4.0.2.A.0.62_PhoenixVendor (If you plan on using Custom Kernel)

2 - Flash it using Flashtool.

3 - Enter Recovery.

4 - Download Atomic GB 7.1B1 And Flash it with ClockWorkMod (Make sure to wipe cache, data and system).

5 - Reboot and allow cache/dalvik to build up.

5b - If you are using this with Turbo Kernel not in the internal partition the first boot will a long time (Be Patient)

6 - Reboot a second time and Enjoy!


Instructions For Locked Bootloader:

1- Download [Firmware] [GSM] R800i 4.0.2.A.0.58 EnhancedV2.

2 - Flash it using Flashtool.

3 - Root it using Flashtool.

4 - Install X-Parts.

5 - Enter Recovery.

6 - Download Atomic GB B1 And Flash it with ClockWorkMod. (Make sure to wipe cache, data and system)

7 - Reboot and allow Dalvik/Cache to build up.

8 - Reboot a second time and Enjoy!



As it is in early stage please report any bugs abnormalities, give suggestions and thanks.

Because Mediafire is having speed issues and Google Drive isn't perfect for everybody.!fsoTHZ7S!Fp-vwr..._4ezqWeuBKs1o8


Wait for the future

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can I get Adobe Flash Player?

Get it from Adobe's flash player repository. Or you can simply go here.

2 .Are all zips multi boot-aware?


(This section will be updated each time someone asks a question that may be important to note)

From B2 Preview

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