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Kernel for Sense-based ROMs


Your warranty is now void.
We are not responsible for any damage or problems you may have!
YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

First of all I want to say this that is one project which just started and gradually we will improve it. In this community there are very good developers and we are not traying to compete with them. This is just a hobby and we do it because we like Android. This kernel is only for m7 and we don't have plans to make it compatible with other versions of HTC One m7. We hope that you will not only download the kernel but also you will sent your comment with pros and cons and you should respect our efforts.

Don't be scared by the nightly denomination of the kernel, I'm just taking the traditional naming scheme where nightly designates feature development

I want to give special thanks to Franlov for helping me with everything.



  • Kernel compiled with Linaro 4.9.1 toolchain
  • Voltages control
  • Overclock to 2106MHz
  • Underclock to 81MHz
  • Added a simple GPU governor for Adreno xxx GPU series (Faux123)
  • Intelligent thermal (Faux123)
  • Intelligent hotplug cpu driver with eco mode (Faux123)
  • GPU OC to 585MHz
  • Faster USB charging
  • Kexec-hardboot
  • Dynamic Control fsync
  • S2W/DT2W/L2M/L2W
  • BLN
  • exFAT support
  • MSM- Sleeper
  • Increased performance I / O

Features / changelist:

May 15 nightly r10:
Compiled with Linaro 4.9.1
Intellidemand: Set MIN_LATENCY_MULTIPLIER to 20 and other sample tweaks to get better performance
TCP Advanced: bic, highspeed, hybla, htcp
DT2W: fullscreen/halfscreen option and make it more sensitive (flar2)
Reduced the msm_hsic_host wakelock duration and yield more deep sleep
Reduced wlan_rx_wake and wlan_ctrl_wake (flar2)
slub: fix a possible memory leak
Added frandom
GPU: added 400MHz freq
Updates to cpuidle (flar2)
Power: Remove legacy wakelock code
PM / Sleep: Add wakeup_source_activate and wakeup_source_deactivate tracepoints
PM / Sleep: Change wakeup source statistics to follow Android
PM / Sleep: Use wait queue to signal "no wakeup events in progress"
PM / Sleep: Look for wakeup events in later stages of device suspend

May 8 nightly r9:
Fixed USB Fast charge
Multicore Power Saving set to 1
msm/audio: initialize the structure before sending to user space
Corrected size type in buspm_xfer_req
msm/kgsl: fixed mem leak when page allocation fails

May 5 nightly r8:
fixed L2W from deep sleep and remove some logspam (Flar2)
Added a simple GPU governor for Adreno xxx GPU series  (Faux123)
Intelligent thermal (Faux123)
Intelligent hotplug cpu driver with eco mode (Faux123)

April 30 nightly r7 :
Fixed bootloop in some devices
PNP-Manager disable
Added synaptics-rmi-touchscreen.kl for l2m
Added ZEN iosched
Reverted some commits for CFLAGS

April 28 nightly r6 :
cpufreq: Manage only online cpus 
cpufreq: Always update frequency limits when core is online
Added Smartmax governor
Fixed some derps (Thanks to faux123)
softirq: reduce latencies
PNP-Manager disable/enable (2 versions of r6)
Updater-script updated to delete some init.d scripts
fixed build errors with GCC 4.7 in compressed

April 26 nightly r5 :
Implement kexec-hardboot
ext4: fix memory leak in xattr
OC to 2106MHz
UC to 81MHz
cpufreq_limit: updated (Thanks to faux123)

April 25 nightly r4 :
Update the source code to Android 4.4.2 g97d83f1
Added Intellidemand governor
MSM- Sleeper by Flar2
Oc restricted for the moment
exFAT support 
Added S2W/DT2W/L2M/L2W
Added BLN
and others changes that you can see in my GitHub

April 16 nightly r3 :
Optimized crypto algorithm
Added Wheatley governor
Wheatley: cleaned unused code
Corrected parts of the code in SELinux
faux123 sound control support
Dynamic Control fsync by Faux123
Deadline schedlure updated and tuned
cpuidle: tries to find cpuidle states with minimum power usage works correctly even if they use non-negative values.
Ondemand tuned
GPU OC to 585MHz
Fixed slow sync
Increased performance I / O

March 30 nightly r2 :
Update the source code of Android 4.4.2
Decrease time to enter sleep
Fixed issue with recording video
Added cpufreq_limit module ( Thanks to Faux123 )
Optimized square root algorithm

March 25 nightly r1 :

Kernel compiled with GCC 4.7 toolchain
Glibc Version memcopy
Added ARM algorithm RWSEM
Voltages control
Overclock to 2106MHz
Underclock to 162MHz
Faster USB charging
Fix memory leak
Increase the bus freq at low frequencies the GPU

Features / FAQ:

What is Intelli_plug? How do I use it?

Intelliplug is a replacement for mp decision. Intelli_plug is Faux123 open source solution to Qualcomm's closed source mpdecision. Intelli_plug is disable by default. It conflicts with mpdecsion, so is HIGHLY recommend turning off mpdecision when using intelli_plug!

What is Eco Mode?

Eco Mode is a special power savings mode part of the intelli_plug where the kernel automatically reconfigures its decisions in real time and optimizes to use only 2 out of 4 cores. Cores 3 and 4 are turned off completely. Turn on when you have low battery.

Intelli Thermal Control by Faux

an intelligent MSM thermal throttling kernel driver designed to replace the
closed sourced thermald(aemon) from Qualcomm.


To Donators!

Every donation is more than appreciated! To show our appreciation for our
supporters, we will now begin listing every Donator in the OP as a special supporter


You can follow new updates HERE


Nightly release:
Nadia nightly r10

Source code:

Old versions:

Credit and thanks:
-Chad Froebel
-and a lot more people

hit the "thanks" button if you like my work.

If you think our work it's worth, Invite us for a beer or coffee

XDA:DevDB Information
Nadia nightly Kernel, Kernel for the HTC One

Pafcholini, Pafcholini
Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Nadia nightly r10
Stable Release Date: 2014-05-15

Created 2014-04-25
Last Updated 2014-05-15
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