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Disclaimer: You are performing this modification at your own risk. I take absolutely no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your phone as a result of this modification. You are solely responsible for any changes you make to your phone.

Please read this post before flashing your new splash screen! Also, if you plan to revert to a locked bootloader, or revert to S-On, please flash a stock bootloader for your variant. If you neglect to do this, you could end up with a brick during the revert process! This also means that you should revert to a stock splash screen!

Please remember that by changing your splash screen you will no longer have your stock splash screen. I believe one is posted somewhere in the general M8 forums. Please search there for it.

Please choose the splash screen for your variant. I tried to make sure that all the main versions (read as OS version) in the android-info.txt file match the main version for each respective variants. Since, as of August 30, 2014, it seems that Verizon has not yet released their official 4.4.3 update, I have the main version set to the international variant's main version (2.22.401.4). As stated above, remember to flash back to your official bootloader before reverting to a locked state, or to S-On!

Below is important information about what the main version is and why it is important to revert. I was very worried that this would effect flashing splash screens to all the variants, so I asked @santod040 for clarification on the subject. @santod040 is the person that has given S-Off users the awesome ability to remove the red text on the splash screens by changing the HBOOT (link provided in Thanks section).

Below is the portion of the pm that pertains to the android-info.txt file.

Originally Posted by santod040

Essentially, that usually reads the devices current OS version.
When taking an OTA or a signed RUU, it will check many things before it will proceed.
One of those things, is the main version info.
If what you have is newer then what you try to flash while s-on, it will fail, as you cannot downgrade while s-on.
Essentially, if it does not match the expected version when flashing anything signed while s-on, it will fail.
It will essentially have zero effect for anyone who is s-off, so long as they remain s-off.
The main thing is making sure that folks know not to turn s back to ON while they have any modified hboots or even firmware info, such as the main version.
As they will then be stuck not being able to flash just about anything after that unless they can re-unlock/s-off.
So, you can do it with a one size fits all zip and force everyone's to read the same version info in hboot, but it would be better if you could avoid it.
I realize that would mean more work in packing it up for different variants and software revisions, so probably not the way you wanna do it either.
What it comes down to really, is you can do it the easier way, and make sure to let the users know that they should revert to stock firmware before ever trying to relock or go back to s-on.

TLDR: You absolutely need to revert to official bootloader before reverting to a locked bootloader state, or reverting to S-On. This is now the third time this has been mentioned. If you forget to do this, any fault absolutely lies with you. The main versions included in the zips will change the OS version listed in the bootloader. A different OS version there from your installed OS version will not effect the functionality of your phone in any way. It only effects locking bootloaders, or reverting to S-On.

If you use TWRP you may not see the OS version listed. This is due to an error in TWRP that does not display the OS version, not from a failed splash screen flash. There is a version of TWRP that does not have this limitation (at least for GSM variants). Can't remember where this is posted, but it does exist.

All this being said, I have included versions of the splash screens with main versions matching the variants. Please flash the splash screen for your variant.

This mod is persistent through ROM flashes and nandroid restore. Flashing an RUU may change the splash screen.

These have been updated to Android version 4.4.3. I have zipped all the 4.4.2 splash screens and uploaded them and the previews here if anyone is still on 4.4.2. Anyone that posted new Model IDs and Custom IDs, the info.txt file has been updated with them for 4.4.3.

Remember to check below to see your if your MID and CID are included in the zips. If not, you can just open the zip and open the android-info.txt file and add your MID and CID by following the syntax of the others. Notepad++ or similar is best suited for editing the txt file.

Android SDK (adb and fastboot)
USB Debugging turned on
HTC M8 Drivers

Useful Commands:
adb devices
(when your phone is connected to the computer, this will tell you if your phone is detected)
expected output:
    C:\sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
	List of devices attached
fastboot devices
(when your phone is connected and booted to the bootloader, this will tell you if your phone is detected)
expected output:
    C:\sdk\platform-tools>fastboot devices
	List of devices attached
You must use an adb shell, or a terminal emulator app to use the commands below.

getprop ro.cid
(displays your phone's Custom ID (cid))
expected output:
	insertcoin@/# getprop ro.cid
	getprop ro.cid
getprop ro.mid
(dispays your phone's Model ID)
expected output:
	insertcoin@/# getprop ro.mid
	getprop ro.mid

1. Place the zip in the same folder as adb and fastboot.
2. Open a command window and navigate to your adb and fastboot folder. Window button + R and type "cmd"
Alternative: Hold Shift and right-click inside the folder or on the folder's icon and select "Open command window here"
3. Use this command:
adb reboot bootloader
4. After it boots into fastboot use these commands:
fastboot devices
fastboot oem rebootRUU
	expected output:
		C:\sdk\platform-tools>fastboot oem rebootRUU
		(bootloader) Start Verify: 0
		OKAY [  0.025s]
		finished. total time: 0.025s
The first command confirms the connection to the computer, the second command reboots your phone into an RUU flash mode. The screen will be black with a silver and black HTC logo.

5. Next use the command:
fastboot devices
fastboot flash zip
	expected output:
		C:\sdk\platform-tools>fastboot flash zip
		sending 'zip' (156 KB)...
		OKAY [  0.191s]
		writing 'zip'...
		(bootloader) zip header checking...
		(bootloader) zip info parsing...
		(bootloader) checking model ID...
		(bootloader) checking custom ID...
		(bootloader) total_image_number=1

		(bootloader) start image[sp1] unzipping & flushing...
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,0
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,23
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,45
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,67
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,89
		(bootloader) [RUU]UZ,sp1,100
		(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sp1,0
		(bootloader) [RUU]WP,sp1,100
		(bootloader) ...... Successful
		(bootloader) current_image_number=0

		OKAY [  2.188s]
		finished. total time: 2.379s
I always perform the devices check before flashing.

6. Then reboot using:
fastboot reboot-bootloader
	expected output:
		C:\sdk\platform-tools>fastboot reboot-bootloader
		rebooting into bootloader...
		OKAY [  0.014s]
		finished. total time: 0.015s
This allows you to make sure that the flash was successful. If it was not, from here you could start the process over and flash a splash screen you know works.

mainver: 2.23.502.3
MD5: 98e73d321ec32ecb9eaf2675a4a45b80
AT&T-No Carrier
MD5: c8ba2aa9e07412e90db1669c690c973b
MD5: 7909b5739356dd2875a60bca961f860e

mainver: 2.22.1540.4
Dev-No Carrier
MD5: 19f0c68a61b0149234981a234f32ddbc
MD5: a7112e62b9da72f8d3979945d513b76b

mainver: 2.22.401.4
International-No Carrier
MD5: 4fde99126b8ec8e988602bd3413f5484
MD5: a71cf6bde5cab9978a558605f7c7d442

mainver: 2.16.654.4
MD5: c93b4fc4ccc4bbe5a2406ca16192c57a
Sprint-No Carrier
MD5: 40f258362582c8a60c8502779aa8f5b4
MD5: 1b118dbf8c358fe3bff998dae206f3e7

mainver: 2.22.531.5
MD5: 2cdec4a58a9f6f31d76ef4b5ed4e2d4a
T-Mo-No Carrier
MD5: aa7a9cbddb66c5f175d7eb1a770e0519
MD5: 255b62e6e18a9b9ddb0524423c4dd2bb

mainver: 2.22.401.4
Verizon-No Carrier
MD5: 4fde99126b8ec8e988602bd3413f5484
MD5: a71cf6bde5cab9978a558605f7c7d442

Check your Custom ID and Model ID here:
Contents of the android-info.txt file in each 4.4.3 zip:
modelid: 0P6B13000
modelid: 0P6B12000
modelid: 0P6B20000
modelid: 0P6B10000
modelid: 0P6B70000
modelid: 0P6B11000
cidnum: 11111111
cidnum: T-MOB010
cidnum: CWS__001
cidnum: BS_US001
cidnum: GOOGL001
cidnum: VZW__001
cidnum: SPCS_001
cidnum: HTC__621
mainver: ***Varies - Listed with the variants***

MD5 Sums:
4.4.3 MD5 sums are listed with the variants


@santod040 - For taking all the time to write up a detailed explanation of what the main version is and its function. Also, for modifying the HBoots of our devices to not show that hideous red text! Modified HBoot thread found here:
@starbase64 - For the splash screen creator for the M8 found here:
@dgtiii - For the fastboot flash instructions.
@ordg7341 - For android-info.txt base.
@JaY iZz BaKk - For testing the splash screen on the T-Mobile variant.
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Name:	M8 4.4.3 BIOS Splash - Sprint.png
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Name:	M8 4.4.3 BIOS Splash - T-Mobile.png
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Name:	M8 4.4.3 BIOS Splash - Unlocked.png
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Name:	M8 4.4.3 BIOS Splash - Verizon.png
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ID:	2918332   Click image for larger version

Name:	M8 4.4.3 BIOS - Splash AT&T.png
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Size:	215.7 KB
ID:	2918849  
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