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[ROM][G900F][XXS1CPK1][02/12]PhoeniX ROM V15.0[Customizable | Unique | Fast | Stable]

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Hello Flashers!
I'm proud to present you my latest work!
PhoeniX ROM For Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F.



Users Pay Attention!!!

Make sure you read this before flashing v15.0:


Devs Pay Attention!!!

You are not allowed to take/kang anything from my ROM without asking for permission from me!!
Taking without a permission will lead to report on you.


Based on the lastest stock firmware: Android 6.0.1 XXS1CPK1 (build date: 02/11/2016)
PhoeniX Kernel V13.0 - for more info Click Here!
PhoeniX Reborn Kernel V1.0 - for more info Click Here!
This ROM is 200% Knox Free - You can say "Cya Knox!"
Fully Deodexed
Added latest BusyBox
Added latest SuperSU+Bin files
Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps ,Play store etc.)
Unique PhoeniX bootanimation & shutdown animation - Huge thank to the artist @anbech


  • Call Recorder
  • Hacked Stock Email App
  • Sysro & sysrw support
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Phone with no increasing ringtone
  • All supported languages enabled
  • PhoeniX First Setup
  • Enabled Hidden Settings Widgets
  • Ported the following from the lastest S7 Edge firmware:
    - Edge panel + panels
    - SystemUI
    - Settings
    - Theme Engine & Theme Store
    - Gallery
    - Voice Recorder
    - Framework resources
    - Messages with Floating Messages
    - Clock
    - Calculator
    - Contacts
    - Phone
    - One Handed Operation
    - Game Tool & Game Launcher
    - Galaxy Lab
    - S Voice + Voice Wake Up
    - Photo Editor
    - Touchwiz
    - Accuweather
    - MyPlaces
    - Video Player
    - Music
    - Email
    - My Files
    - Setup Wizard
    - Wallpaper Picker
    - Keyboard
    - UPSM Launcehr
    - SBrowser
    - Scroll Capture
    - And More!!
  • Ported the following from the lastest C5 firmware:
    - Clock(translated by me)
    - App Lock
    - Smart Manager
    - Ultra Data Saving Mode
    - And more!
  • Ported the following from the lastest N7 firmware:
    - Fully ported Note 7 Launcher with 3D Touch, Native Blur and more
    - upday option in Launcher
    - Note 7 Browser
    - Note 7 Weather Widget
    - Note 7 Calendar
    - Note 7 My Files
    - Note 7 Sounds
    - Note 7 Photo Editor
  • Ported Native Blur in Edge Panel, Power Menu and TouchWiz
  • Hacked SMS app
  • Multiwindow with the following features:
    * Quad screen: you can split multiwindow up to 4 different apps!
    * Abillity to open same app
  • Added S7 Multiwindow Mods With Unlimited apps:
    - Popup Window
    - Quad View
    - Open WIndows from Recents
    - Resize window from the corner
  • Improved Camera: Special thanks to amk19
    - Image Quality:
    • Increased to 100% for Normal Mode (Now you will get 100% quality without Compression).
    • Increased to 100% for Burst Mode.
    Video Bitrate:
    • UHD: Increased to 70Mbits from 48Mbits.
    • FHD: Increased to 30Mbits from 17Mbits.
    • FHD_60FPS: Increased to 60Mbits from 28Mbits.
    • HD: Increased to 17Mbits from 12Mbits.
    • SLOW MOTION (1/2): Increased to 17Mbits from 12Mbits.
    • SLOW MOTION (1/4): Increased to 17Mbits from 12Mbits.
    • SLOW MOTION (1/8): Increased to 8.5Mbits from 6Mbits.
    • Increased to 30:00 Minutes from 5:00 Minutes for UHD. (Maximum recording upto 4GB = 8 Minutes)
    • Increased to 30:00 Minutes from 10:00 Minutes for FHD_60FPS and DUAL_FHD.
    • Now you can Take a Snapshot while recording UHD and FHD_60FPS videos.
    • While recording UHD video, 9.6 MegaPixel (4128*2322) stills will be captured.
    • While recording FHD_60FPS video, 2.0 MegaPixel (1920*1080) stills will be captured.
    • Now you can use Flash even when the Battery is lower than 16%.
    • Now you can use Camera even if the battery is lower than 5%. (and Greater than 1%).
  • Improved SD Read/Write Speed
  • Disabled Volume Warning
  • Option for 12 apps in Toolbox
  • TWSWipe by daxgirl and Wuby
  • Added Air Messages
  • Added Call/Message Block option in settings
  • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
  • Permanently removed SysSCOPE from system and forcer System Status to show "Official" - Special thanks to Aou
  • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
  • New PhoeniX Mods's protection - Well, apparently some clowns think they can take my mods without giving credits or asking for permissions. I don't allow that. This protection shouldn't bother you if you use PhoeniX ROM. When these mods are used on other rom, they simply won't work
  • New PhoeniX Logo in Settings -> About
  • Added over 100 HD wallpapers from PhoeniX Collection. You can find them in wallpaper chooser.
  • Big APN list
  • Added Listview animation - thanks tdunham
  • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Added exit menu to stock web browser
  • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
  • data/app enabled
  • Enable call button in call log
  • Added Ultra Power Saving Mode Apps Manager - thank you @xperiacle
  • Added option to put 15 Settings Shortcuts in Quick Settings Tab
  • Added Option to Remove Popup Cover Warnings(in Tweaks & Mods section)
  • Enabled New & Old toggles on S7 SysUi: Flashlight, TouchSensitivity, Multiwindow, Toolbox, UKSM, FloatingMessages, Screencapture and more
  • Added all familier mods back from lollipop(more will be explained in ROM Control part)
  • Added Toolbox controller
  • Option to lock apps in recent panel


Apps that was marked as bloatware and can be installed/removed in the aroma:

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • DropBox
  • Flipboard Briefing
  • Google TalkBack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Mobileprint services
  • Polaris Viewer
  • S Health
  • S7 GeoLookout
  • YouTube
  • Kids Mode
  • ES File Explorer
  • Genie widget
  • Google Music
  • Google Search
  • Kies
  • MusicLiveShare
  • Samsung Apps
  • SMemo
  • S Voice
  • Samsung Gear Support
  • Video Editor
  • Google Drive
  • Google TTS
  • S7 My Files
  • MirrorLink
  • OperaMax
  • Samsung Live wallpapers
  • Added as options in the Aroma:
    You can choose now tweaks you want to install!
    Tweaks list:
  • EXT4 Tweaks:

    This mod will turn ON data_writeback for all 3 partitions - system, data and cache. This will drastically improve I/O performance (mostly on write operations) at the expense of file system integrity in certain situations, like unexpected system shutdown. The risk is not extreme, but still bigger then regular. Use this to improve your system performance, but you flash it at your own risk!

    - thx to mike1983.

  • OpenVPN Tweaks
  • SQLite Tweaks
  • Tweak: Force Launcher into memory
  • Tweak: 3G Tweaks - Speed up 3G connection
  • Tweak: Net Speed Tweaks - Tweak to speed up internet connection
  • Tweak: Latest Seeder thx to lambgx02 his thread
  • Scrolling tweaks - Better, faster and stronger scrolling
  • Flash-Led Tweaks - Better flash-led intensity and camera-flash quality
  • Video-Streaming tweaks - Smoother and faster internet video streaming

    Choosing all tweaks can cause for lags, etc. Choose only if you really need it.
    You can choose now mods you would like to install!
    Mods list:
  • Install Increased volume(thx to stalli0nUK his thread) :
    - Lite Increased Volume
    - Mid Increased Volume
    - Ultra Increased Volume
  • Option to Disable SMS in Call Log.
  • Added option to choose between original PhoeniX Boot&Shut down animation to Stock Boot& Shut down animation
  • Added Option select several mods
  • Added Touchwiz options:
    - tamirda's TouchWiz Mod with 5x5 apps grid, 4x4 Folder apps, smaller icons and 6 hotseat apps
    - Stock Touchwiz
  • Option to choose 360 DPI instead of 480 DPI

PhoeniX ROM Control:
The new ROM control is available only thanks to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 opensource project. To learn about their project, click here!

List of what you can expect there(There are more inside!!) :

Status Bar Mods:

  • Custom clock settings - Position, AM/PM, Weekday, Color
  • Status Bar Color and Wallpaper overlay
  • Premade Custom Status Bar (Thanks to rompnit)
  • Backup, restore, or delete Status bar image
  • Option to change Battery Percentage color
  • 3Minit Battery Mod (Thanks to gharrington)
  • Customizable Stock Battery
  • Customizable Battery Bar
  • Single swipe for Quickpanel
  • Traffic Meter
  • Statusbar Lock Button
  • Statusbar Icon Toggles
  • Statusbar Icon Colors
  • Double Tap To Sleep

Notification Panel Mods:
  • Backgrounds
  • Header Preferences
  • Main Body Options
  • Toggle Settings
  • Carrier Label Mods
  • Device Info

Sound Notification Mods:
  • Music Control
  • System sound levels
  • System sound toggles
  • Volume Slider Sound
  • Charging Sounds
  • ScreenShot Sound
  • Notifications and Dialogue

General Mods:
  • Phone mods: Call Recording, End Call Delay, Auto Call Record
  • Lockscreen Options: Lockscreen Rotation, Use Custom Carrier Text, Lockscreen weather, Lockscreen Colors and more
  • Touchwiz Launcher: Wallpaper Scrolling, Launcher Effects, apps color, Launcher Gestures
  • NFC Icon Type
  • Power Menu Extended Toggles: S5/S7 Reboot Menu, Power Off, Data Mode, Airplane Mode, Restart Menu, FlashLight, Screenshot, Screen Record, Emergency Mode, Volume Toggles
  • Settings Mods
  • Email Exchange Security
  • Keyboard Secondary Symbols
  • Recent Panel Mods
  • Mokee Listview Animations

Buttons and Display:
  • Button control mod: Home double tap, Home long press, Left short press, Left long press, Power Double Tap, Right long press(Will work only when mulwindow is off) :

    Kill App
    Recent Apps
    Screen Recorder
    Google Now
    Voice Command
    Lock Phone

  • Allow 360 Rotation

  • Phone Info
  • Terminal Emulator

Restart Options:
  • Restart InCallUI
  • Restart Phone
  • Restart TW Launcher
  • Restart SystemUI
  • Restart Device
  • Restart Recovery
  • Restart Download
  • Restart Safe Mode

PhoeniX ROM Control Pro

Alot were worried about it. You shouldn't.
PhoeniX ROM Control Pro, is an option to donate to me via play store. As a thank you from me, it will unlock several more options in ROM Control.
How it works?

In order to enable pro features, you will have to install PhoeniX Pro Key from the Play store.
This applies to all feature updates, ROMs, etc.

So if you want to get it, grab it here :

or click here!

ROM Control Source
Click Here!



This is only for G900F, if you do this on other S5, you might brick your device!

  1. Download this package(do not extract it!) :

    Click Here!

    This Package contains the following :
    - CPJ1 Modem
    - CPK1 Bootloader
    - CPJ1 LTE Modem
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Boot into Download mod(Power+Home+Vol Down) - It is important to do it after you turn off your device and not from reboot menu in rom
  4. Open ODIN, select PDA and choose the package you have downloaded
  5. Click start.
  6. Check if modem changed after phone reboots. If not, repeat the steps again.

Installation Instructions for v15:
  1. Do the steps above.
  2. If you are coming from other ROM or older version, full wipe is needed - super wipe is recommended.
  3. Use latest philz or TWRP 3.0.1 or lower
  4. Flash v15. Choose your mods, etc.
  5. Reboot.


  • Fingerprint- doesn't work on S7 settings & UI due to different sensor. Therefore, is removed.
  • Do not update SVoice to the latest .115 update. It uses S7 location sensor and won't work. The SVoice in the ROM is perfect.
  • Do not update any of Camera modes from the Galaxy Store because it will give you FC to camera due to S7 camera modules.
  • If you want to fix Youtube 1080P 60FPS lag, you have to change your device model from SM-G935F to SM-G903F. If you do that, you will lose the option to download S7 theme or update S7 apps & Edge apps.
If you have bugs, report in this thread.


  • I'm not responsible for any damaged caused by using this rom. I give testers the rom before i publish it so you shuoldn't have any problems
  • Do Not Publish Any Mirror For the Rom!
  • You are not allowed to take/kang anything from my ROM without asking for permission from me!!
    Taking without a permission will lead to report on you.
  • If you publish my rom in other forums, post a link to this thread + credit


If you like my rom and work, please consider a donation:

If you can't donate or just don't want it is ok! but please make the following:
  • Rate this thread 5 stars
  • Click thank to my posts


If you wish to report a bug,
Do it only in this thread or in this link:

- If you just want to share something, follow me/this rom, talk with me, you have alot of options
1. Write in this thread
2. Write here:


  • wanam
  • ::indie::
  • mike1986.
  • shnizelon
  • pavelol
  • anbech- For his amazing design of - bootanimation, signatures and logo!
  • Dsixda
  • Chainfire
  • ikogsakanding - for thread & rom graphics
  • _alex74_ - A big thanks to my big friend for all the help, themes and fun!
  • daxgirl - master of everything, thank you for helping in all
  • Wuby986 - thanks for all special treatments you developed with Anna
  • tdunham - Master of smali, thank you for all Learned alot
  • slink_59‏
  • sac23
  • geiti94
  • thereassaad
  • albe95
  • darkera13
  • ale95
  • Tkkg1994
  • WerWolv
  • Sammobile & Samsung Updates
  • vndnguyen (for Phone Info)
  • OptimalKiller
  • Goldie
  • soloilmeglio
  • OsamaGhareeb
  • rompnit
  • slim80
  • Team Trickster
  • Faux123
  • OTA Update Center
  • Jack Palevich For Terminal Emulator
  • P.M Me if i had forggoten some one!
  • All XDA Comunnity

XDA:DevDB Information
PhoeniX ROM For Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v15.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-12-02

Created 2014-05-04
Last Updated 2016-12-03
The Following 418 Users Say Thank You to tamirda For This Useful Post: [ View ]
4th May 2014, 10:08 PM |#2  


Q: Will this rom trigger the knox?
A: In order to flash this rom you have to flash recovery. Flashing recovery will trigger your knox. So yes, you will have knox 0x1.
For more information regarding knox visit here:
All you wanted to know about KNOX Void Warranty 0×1


Q: What does it mean "200% Knox Free"?
A: It means there is no Knox software on your device, and you should not get any Knox warnings


Q: Soon
A: Soon


Q: Soon
A: Soon



New in v15.0:

  • Build rom for 0! Based on the latest Official Marshmallow 6.0.1 version XXS1CPK1 (build date: 02/11/2016)
  • PhoeniX Kernel V13.0 - for more info Click Here!
  • PhoeniX Reborn Kernel V1.0 - for more info Click Here!
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Removed useless apps from aroma

  • Fixed FC of MapMyRun app

  • Updated all mods in the Aroma.
  • Updated System Apps to their latest version
  • Updated Apps to their latest version
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated BusyBox
    - And more

    Attention everyone!

    To get a good battery performance, you have to make Battery Calibration. To make that, search Battery Calibration at Play Store.

    And more that i must have forgotten

Old Changelogs:

For older change logs, please visit here:
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4th May 2014, 10:09 PM |#3  
_alex74_'s Avatar
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Donate to Me




- you will tell me


I have spent a lot of time on this project, i'm aware there are maybe still some unnoticed bugs........(ups, hard to give it perfect without you).
Only polite constructive post with a screen will be taken and fixed, i will follow thread oftenly and answer.

Remember that i do this for hobby, donations to me and @tamirda will be higly appreciated


do a nandroid backup first(just in case, maybe useless)
- Download package from below link and extract(DO NOT FLASH). Inside zip you will find a flashable zip and a apk, copy both into your device
- Install apk normally from your file manager
- Right after, go to recovery and flash theme, reboot
- Go to themes in launcher or settings, you will now have Darkside of MM, click on it and apply.
- Voila, now dark side has you

All shall work very well, only first time when applied,randomly some items not apply, a reboot will fix



Few other special guys, that without them, theme will not be possible

please shout if i forget someone

Special Thanks
@tamirda my big big friend, it is a Always a pleasure to work with him
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4th May 2014, 10:09 PM |#4  


The Following 59 Users Say Thank You to tamirda For This Useful Post: [ View ]
4th May 2014, 10:09 PM |#5  
Saved for me 4
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4th May 2014, 10:10 PM |#6  
Saved for me Last
The Following 19 Users Say Thank You to tamirda For This Useful Post: [ View ]
4th May 2014, 10:12 PM |#7  
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בהצלחה עם הרום החדש אחי !

Good luck with your new rom my brother !
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4th May 2014, 10:17 PM |#8  
_alex74_'s Avatar
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well done my friend, the rom as always will be the best of the best!!!

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4th May 2014, 10:19 PM |#9  
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Sent from my SM-G900P using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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4th May 2014, 10:52 PM |#10  
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any screenshots available?
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4th May 2014, 10:55 PM |#11  
Originally Posted by Marcel_87

any screenshots available?

Yes take a look in the main post at the top
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