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[Q]i317 Note 2 No Sim Card Connection *Plz Respond

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By Aveytair, Junior Member on 9th May 2014, 10:34 AM
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If you would not like to read this, I admit its size is a bit unsettling, then please jump to the bottom in big bold letters and see if there is some passive way of helping.
But seriously, it's not that bad of a read.

Hey guys, hows it goin?
I Know this looks long but bear with me. I've made it


To warn you before hand.... I AM A NOOB OOOOOoooOOOoooHhhHHHhhh.......

I'm new to forums, I'm new to roots, but I'm not new to technology. Help me and I will be able to figure things out.

If you find yourself saying "Hey ya i know whats goin on hea!" help me with this, and I will Love you mercilessly.

So I'm going to give you all of the details that I can about my phone and its history.
I can imagine that maybe the solution to my problem is somewhArrr on the XDA but i just cant find a thread with my exact problems and history and I am just going to throw this up here and hope that someone can walk me through this hard time.

Alright, Ive never jumped into anything without a little bit of research first BUT like my legos, when I was a kid I just did it without reading the manual. I just kind of looked at the end result and just did it. Terrible thing to do, I know, but I'm a pretty clever guy. I usually find everything out no matter how long it takes me. But this time I fear i have taken a road that I cant really go back.

Ok ok I'll start. I got my Note II at least a year ago (pretty sure my warranty is over) and a little while ago I really realized what power my phone held and I had to have it rooted.
So I did research and I rooted with the all powerful Auto Odin.
I have a friend who professionally works/jailbreaks/fixes all things Apple. A long time ago he rooted my Nook.
He knows his **** and he's educated. He knows Titanium backup, CWM, SuperUser, ya know, The Basics....
He saw me working on my phone one day and said "Oh i know Cyanogen mod. Its awesome!"
So at the time I had Rom toolbox (Pro) and was just window shopping different Roms. I liked a couple like Carbon, but I just decided to stick with CM. I picked a nightly mod because I'm all about the looks

So I stuck with that for a while but it wasn't enough. I missed my multi-window, s note, etc.

Then I heard about....

JEDI X.....

Must have...... (Jedi.... I have chubs for you......)
|||||| SIDE NOTE ||||||||

Around this time I got a 64gb micro SD. And AGAIN, Research/deadlinks/descriptionsAndXDAThreadsThatNeverAppliedPerfectly toMe/FailureTo FindDownloads&ModDescriptionsCommentsAlwaysTalkedA bout/nonfreeServices and other stuff.
The card worked but never how I wanted to and my Internal was always running out of space. Couldn't partition. Couldn't get app2sd to work.
Jedi would Flip it so Internal and SD were swapped but sometimes i would get traded my 64 into a 10 and **** was con-FUZE-ing.
If I see the light after this tunnel..... Simple and honest help would be greatly appreciated.

My first-firstJedi was a failure. GApps didnt work and other stuff. And no SU, CWM, Rom Toolbox. Downloading apps was hard but I got a couple. It was Hard. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I used my SD card to quickly add .Zips, .Img, and other stuff I needed for bootloading. So I got it and when I installed it (btw I'm still not 100% on what Flashing is) I Did not wipe because I was afraid of losing my data. I never knew It would be Dirty Flashing. It was Jedi 19 I believe, or maybe 18... Well then It started to Boot loop. Info of "No root" on bootloader would cause more Bootlooping upon Install. Even after more Odin. Then waves of Battery pulls, button holds, Usb links, Odin re-roots. Eventually I wiped Enough times and re-installed Jedi and it began to work again. Some things never really worked so I did research and research. Which was always filled with links that that eventually ended in the same place they started. Or Downloads that were either lost in time or locked. Then available .exe files that never worked like 2nas and other stuff. Tried Odin again and again. Other Odin .tar file downloads again and again.

I can find everything I ever used and compile a list if it would help.

Because of all of this I experienced sleepless nights, filed with protein bars, X-files, Adderall, and a whole war brought on by my phone against me and my Lappy. Guys, I miss the taste of Sunlight. I miss my Gf. Poor thing. She emails me quite often. She really hasn't heard anything form me because.....


SIM card cannot be read. I about lost my ****. But not immediately because I hadn't noticed it. At first I was celebrating. "Yay! Beloved Jedi! I Finally have you! FN Notifications you're so sexy! (Being A HUGE Bioshock Enthusiast, Portholes is my favorite theme) Icon changer! Sweet! Jedi Tricks! Yah!" But then I noticed I couldn't get data. At first I was fine. Nothing could touch me. I could fix anything. So I gracefully took out my sim, cleaned it, and stuck it back, Nothing. Reboot. Nothing. Recovery. Nothing. Then,
Nothing worked and I fear I have only been picking at old wounds and perhaps making it worse. Idk. but other than that everything is perfect.
Then last night I realized. Duh! must be the SIM card! ill just get a new one! went down to mah At&t store and a brother hooked me up. My mom is the only authorized user so I couldn't switch my number right there but I went home, Called customer support, fixed it, set up my new card, read him the digits, read em back, that was good, then he said it should work right then. Hung up. Powered down. Took out old one, put in new one. Happy/psyched. Get to talk to people again and be a human once more. Turned that sucker on and


DAMMITs followed by research..... and research..... corn nuts and tea..... and research..... found a couple of promising leads though. then I Lost them or they didn't work. Lots of people said stuff like "Lost it" "Bricked" "New Phone" Sent it in" "...Guys in texas fixed radio....' "Kernel" "stock" "unroot" "nothing worked" and worst of all "I think it's funny that no body noticed that this question was from 2 months ago" *Shivers* please don't make me wait that long. And i found a couple of "Ya I've seen people get helped and make it through this". Hope is a dangerous thing people.

So now I'm going to upload pictures and information about my phone

This is my basic "About Device"
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-09-00-30-15.png
Views:	238
Size:	112.7 KB
ID:	2733981
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-09-00-45-18.png
Views:	222
Size:	97.7 KB
ID:	2733982
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-09-01-39-50.png
Views:	205
Size:	104.1 KB
ID:	2733983
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-09-00-47-07.png
Views:	186
Size:	109.6 KB
ID:	2733984
I can't imagine that any of this is necessary but you've got to remember I am not as Skillz as some of you guys so its just insurance.

This is where I am at now. I will be doing little to no work on my phone to keep it as close to this list as possible.
I would love comments out the WAZOO. Anything helps. I really don't want to take "Get a new phone" or anything of that nature because 1.) Money related options aren't really, well, an option. 2.) I hate giving up.

All info is good info
If you know how to fix this
I will kiss you

If you know another way around this, such as reliable means of WiFi communications
ummmmm I'll thank you?

If you can refer me to a specialist in my area-ish
If you can refer me to a website/forum admin
If you can give me contacts/emails/numbers
If you know how much At&t would charge me to sent my phone in
If you know if At&t will refuse/charge extra because my phone is rooted could you tell me and guide on how I may Un-Root my phone for fear of Bricking it myself without proper knowledge?
I will forever be in your debt

Anything you need from me I would love to do anything. If you need more info/pictures. Questions. 1-on-1 emailing. I will be checking this regularly.

Think of us as children on a playground. I have fallen and scraped my knee. This is the first time this has happened to me and I don't know what to do. And I'm a bit afraid. If you're a student like me go get one of the "Teachers". If you're a teacher. Help would be awesome.\

I hope that if this thread is helpful towards me, it may be full of information towards someone else in the same position in the future. So please.
LINKS LINKS LINKS LINKS. (if necessary) Oh and ya, I know I must sound really pathetic. I just like doing things right.

Thank You,
5/9/2014 - 2:33 A.M.
10th May 2014, 08:31 AM |#2  
Lubbock, TX
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Bro...too long. I skimmed, didn't catch anything about you attempting to go back to stock rom/kernel. So...did you? At this point, getting things to work may corrupt your install more than you may immediately notice. Start from the beginning, if your SIM card works there, it's a software issue. If not, it's a hardware issue that we will most likely not be able to fix.
10th May 2014, 09:54 AM |#3  
OP Junior Member
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Ya I know I just have a hard time knowing when to quit. Thanks for being quick. Um originally no-
Didn't know to.
But I couldn't get my sticky fingers away from my phone and now its worse.
Now I'm not necessarily looking for help.... i guess because i tried some more things today and now its Soft-Bricked ( i think).
I only get down loader and kies firmware screen. I can hear my comp find my phone through a notification. But android toolkit cant find it, and today I finally noticed my custom binary download count...... 8. I'm really not proud of myself.

Anyways i guuuueeeessss im still looking for help even though odin/conventional stock roms never "pass" anymore.
But i guess maybe i just need help finding what step i should take next. thanks
12th May 2014, 05:40 PM |#4  
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Flash stock img from sam mobile then flash skynote 9.3

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk

---------- Post added at 12:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:40 PM ----------

Happens to mine everyrime trying to flash dn3

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
13th May 2014, 09:01 PM |#5  
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I had precisely the same thing happen to me the first time I flashed a rom. I didn't know about all the different versions and flashed a rom for the 7100 rather than the 317 and it stopped detecting my sim. What I had to do was flash the stock rom, then flash the new custom rom (that you did research on and it is designed for your device). I am running CM10.2 now on my i317 with full functionality.
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