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XT912 BL Unlock Moto Rep Chat

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By tristar, Member on 22nd May 2014, 12:24 AM
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Interesting Read-- Mods not sure if this can be posted, if it's a violation of any kind, please delete if it's inappropriate.
Motorola Rep (Listening)
Motorola Rep: Hi, my name is Motorola Rep. How may I help you?
Motorola Rep: Good Afternoon!
ME: Hello Motorola Rep, I have a question regarding my XT912
ME: Good Afternoon !
ME: I see Boot loader unlock for other Motorola phones, but don't see one for my model
Motorola Rep: I see, well you know the problem is that at least with us it can only be unlock on certain models
Motorola Rep: And the only support that we can offer is the link that you most already have to follow the steps to unlock it
ME: Yes, I am at that link, but don't see my model. My Verizon contract has been paid and they directed me to you saying this needs to be done by Motorola
Motorola Rep: The problem is that we dont provide any support regarding the bootloader.. because it voids any remaining warranty on the device.. so we are not able to help you with that.. the only thing that we can do regarding the bootloader is provide that link that you already have, im really sorry
ME: There is no warranty on this device, my phone is almost 2 years old..
ME: I am willing to sign a not which indemnifies you in case the code does not work..
Motorola Rep: Yes but the remaining warranty i was telling you about is that we always provide support on any motorola device, no matter how old is it, we provide support through the chat or through the phone, but when it comes to the boot loader or if you already unlock it, we are not able to assist you with that at all
ME: I am willing to forego the support
ME: This is the first time I've ever contacted Motorola for support and if you unlock my bootloader, I will ensure I never contact you again
Motorola Rep: I understand, but as i was explaining before.. we dont provide any support regarding the bootloader, we are not able to do it, is not that we dont want to, is that we dont provide support for it
Motorola Rep: If you are able to request the code and you dont receive it by email, we can provide you that, but if you already request it of course
ME: So what you're saying is I have purchased a device which is locked by you and you CANNOT unlock the device even thought the device is paid in full and there is no liability tied to the phone ?
Motorola Rep: Im sorry but we dont provide any support for the boot loader, we wont be able to assist you with that
ME: I don't need support for the Bootloader unlock, I'm trying to understand why you CANNOT unlock my Bootloader. You have locked the device, the device is more than a couple of years old, so there is no warranty and the contract with my provider is also paid.
ME: There is no reason why Motorola should keep my phone locked..
Motorola Rep: It has nothing to do with your provider, this is a motorola policy, remember that when you unlock the boot loader your device becomes rooted, meaning that you change the administrative rights from the phone and everything on it, that's why we dont provide any support for it
ME: Fyi, the phone can be rooted without the BL unlock..
ME: How does it make a difference ? It's my device, it's all paid for, why should Motorola still have control over it..
Motorola Rep: Of course, but regarding your question, that's why we dont support that
Motorola Rep: You can even check on the motorola forums, we dont provide support for that
ME: Again, I don't need support for it..
ME: Can you Unlock the Bootloader for this device ? If not, Why ?
Motorola Rep: As i was explaining we provide the list and the steps for some devices, if your device is not on the list, im sorry then you are not able to unlock it, if you are not ok with that im really sorry, but we wont be able to help you with that
ME: Why ?
ME: I buy a computer, if it's paid for in full, the manufacturer of the computer has no business to restrict my usage of the computer..
ME: The same for a phone..
ME: Why can't my device be unlocked ?
Motorola Rep: That is just part of the motorola policies.. we dont give support, we cant help you unlock it in some devices, this is to prevent the usage on some users that dont know exactly how it works
Motorola Rep: Im not saying you are one of those users of course
Motorola Rep: But we are not able to help you with this
Motorola Rep: If you want you can look for that online
ME: "Prevent usage on some users", so why unlock the other models ?
ME: Why not my model ?
Motorola Rep: There are people or service centers that can do it for you, but we are not able to help you with that
ME: Motorola Service Centers ?
Motorola Rep: Nop, nothing to do with motorola at all
ME: You're saying 3rd party service centers are able to unlock an XT912 and Motorola can't
ME: ?
ME: Unlock=Bootloader Unlock
Motorola Rep: That we dont do it and we dont provide the steps is one thing
ME: So you're saying you CAN unlock the Bootloader for the device, but you Won't provide the steps for it ?
Motorola Rep: Ok, im sorry, we are going around the same over and over.. so please, just understand, some models are not supported by us to unlock the boot loader, as simple as that, you can unlock it on most devices from android of course, but we dont support some of those models.. if you are not interested at all on the remaining warranty, then just look for the steps or how you can do it online, or if someone can do it for you, just keep in mind that you might need to have the firmware of the device in case you need to flash it so that you can have back to the standard of it
ME: WE are not going over and over, You are going over and over.. I'm asking a straightforward question..
ME: you're saying you CAN unlock the Bootloader for the device, but you Won't provide the steps for it ?
ME: It's a Yes or No Answer..
Motorola Rep: No we cant
ME: Thank you!
ME: Do you wan't me to go off the record for a better answer ?
ME: I can do that
Motorola Rep: Great, just wanted for you to understand that motorola doesn't do that on any of the devices
Motorola Rep: Of course there are ways to do it, but we dont do that on any of the phones
Motorola Rep: That's why we provide the links for some models
ME: If you could guide me as to who can do that, that would be great too.. I am trying to install and application which requires certain framework only available on a specific 3rd party Kernel.
ME: This is to protect my privacy on the device.
ME: If you can suggest someone who can do that, you can send it to me Off the record too..
Motorola Rep: The problem is that no one in motorola will assist you on that, i understand what you are trying to do.. but that's what i wanted you to understand, is not that we as motorola cant do it, is not that me personally cant do it, is that as part of motorola policies we dont do that
ME: But there are other models you are offering to unlock ? At user's risk, which I understand.
ME: Let me ask you this, who out of these 2 folks is the right contact to escalate this ?
ME: Iqbal Arshad
Steve Horowitz
Motorola Rep: Mmm well is up to you because Iqbal Arshad is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Steve Horowitz leads the global software engineering
Motorola Rep: So you wont get the response that you want regarding this issue
ME: I know their roles, it's listed on the web, but who would be the right contact ?
ME: You can atleast help me with that..
Motorola Rep: You can try any of them but i dont think that is the right path to escalate an issue
ME: Ok, then what is the escalation matrix ?
Motorola Rep: But if you want to try, try with Iqbal Arshad
Motorola Rep: Actually we send that feedback
ME: I'm sorry, I didn't get your last statement, "We send that Feeback"
Motorola Rep: Yeah, that's right, if you want to present a complain, you provide us the info and then we send that feedback to a supervisor
ME: You already have my email and the request, are you able to escalate ?
Motorola Rep: Sure
ME: ok, what is the ETA for a response ?
Motorola Rep: Between 24 - 48 hrs
ME: Ok, can you also give me Iqbal's email address ?
Motorola Rep: Actually we dont have that info available, im sorry
ME: Ok, I guess I just wasted your time and mine..
ME: You said you Can't unlock the bootlooader, is there a possibility in the future ? or do I just scrap the device and get a different model for which BL can be unlocked ?
Motorola Rep: It might be better if you get a different one because is kind of an old device so they might not include it on the list later on
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