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[Discussion] [I9505][Rom][Aug02][4.4.4][KTU84P][CM11][HOVER/HALO] crDroid [Build 27]

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By HeathenMan, Senior Member on 27th May 2014, 10:36 PM
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This is the crDroid Discussion Thread for Galaxy S4 I9505 jfltexx
"crDroid build will always be based on CyanogenMod with some extra and few features (Cool and useful)."



Developer Support only >>here<< (g+)

Always take a look into the google+ page for official links, downloads on your own risk!

It would be nice to keep the main release structure alive, remember this please if you want to link new version
Clean Thread! Post only one Release



Build 27 - (02/08/2014)



Build 27 - (02/08/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until build time (build.prop time);
- Separate category in setting headers for notification services (heads up, hover and halo);
- Switch to SlimRoms Heads Up;
- Heads up content:
* Launch in floating window
* Option to show always expanded
* Show updates from pending background apps
* Show at bottom of the screen
* Snooze time
* Notification time out
* dismissing to right keeps notifications in notif panel and to left dismiss notifications form all
- No more heads up switch to enable/disable and instead of this you need to go into Settings -> Apps and choose an app that you want to receive notifications from Heads up!
- Long pressing an app from notification drawer also show an option to receive notifications from Head up!


Build 26 - (29/07/2014)
- Up to date whit CM commits until build time (build.prop time)
- Fix preload slimrecent with PIE (blank panel)
- Change PIE icons on the fly on theme changes
- Option to launch Heads Up in floating window
- HeadsUp timeout
- Hover touch to hide

Build 25 - (17/07/2014)
- Synced with CyanogenMod sources until build time (build.prop time);

Build 24 - (07/07/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until today (build.prop build time);
- All theme manager new commits;
- SystemUI: add left and right virtual buttons while typing;
- Smart cover wake: disable CyanogenMod codes to fix, for now, this feature.
- Add missing mNavigationBarView.updateResources(getNavbarThemed Resources()) and re-organize nav bar code;
- Do not launch floating window when on default launcher;
- Lockscreen notifications: Some fixes & cleanup;
- Lockscreen notifications: Fix FC on launching hangouts notification;
- Lockscreen notifications: beautify;
- New navring icons for power menu and last app. Let's follow CM changes;
- Fix navbar bad behavior when rotating to landscape;
- More kernel updates from upstream;

Build 23 - (02/07/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until today (build time);
- Hover: Don't process and/or show foreground app notifications;
- Hover: underp tick not animating when app is blacklisted;
- Hover: Respect screen limits when adding view;
- Hover: Don't treat touch outside event as true if is animating;
- Slim Recents: Option to show topmost task;
- Slim Recents: Always show topmost task collapsed;
- SlimRecents: Rework show top most task feature;

Build 22 - (25/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build time);
- Merged android 4.4.4 KTU84P;
- New heads up from CM;
- Heads up blacklist interface;
- Back with Halo;
- Halo master switch;
- New settings rework to follow latest CM changes;
- Slim recent: fix misbehavior when launch floating window;
- Slim recent: add support for blacklist interface;
- Hover: exclude from insecure lockscreen;
- StatusBarView: Ensure to not overload in/out animations (affects Hover);
- ExpandHelper: Improve one finger expanding forced handling (affects Hover);
- StatusBarView: Avoid unnecessary calls to (affects Hover);
- Blacklist: Avoid crash when dialog dismissed via back button;
- HOVER: Match notification width on tablets too (not affect N5);
- HOVER: Ensure to clear after re-parenting all notifications;
- HOVER: Fix notification content not being updated;
- Some more stuffs that i can't remember;

Build 21 - (19/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build time);
- Align small tiles and shrink a little text labels;
- Slim recents development;
- Slim recents floating window;
- Hover - theme Engine compatibility and some resources tweaks;
- Hover - require full screen mode;
- Hover - hide non-clearable;
- Hover - exclude low priority;
- Hover - configurable notif timeout;
- Haver - exclude topmost app;
- More PT-BR translations;

Build 20 - (14/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until today (build time);
- Fix NPE in floating window;
- Fix SysUI force close when using lockscreen notifications;

Build 19 - (12/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build time);
- Reverted QS per row from SlimRoms and included CM Small tiles (still need some love);
- Removed HALO;
- New PA's HOVER;
- Fix for force close in Display & lights -> Pulse notification light and Battery light when trying to change colors;
- New blacklist way for hover, peek and floating mode (all in one button);
- Revert "QS tiles custom background (it was preventing some themes to apply their changes in QS tiles background);
- NotificationHelper: We shouldn't use logical here, one case is enough no matter the order;
- NotificationHelper: Create broadcast receiver for Peek app;
- NotificationHelper: Define Peek app broadcast intents;
- Some other fixes and enhancements that i can't remember now (check my git for more info);

Build 18 - (07/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build time);
- Merge Android 4.4.3 KTU84M;
- Fix navbar not showing in bottom swipe when in expanded desktop mode;

Build 17 - (04/06/2014)
- Up to date with CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build hour);
- Add support for PEEK app;
- Allow all widgets on keyguard;
- Add user protection to pie and navbar;
- Fix equalizer tile in extended QS options;
- PIE: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger height if IME shows up;
- PIE: give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME keyboard shows;
- Adjust PIE trigger to better action and set new sensitivity values;
- Fix derp in app sidebar and gesture everywhere implementation;
- PIE: only preload recent on button press down;
- PIE: turn on HA on highEndGfx devices;
- SlimRecents: add 1dp more bottom padding;
- New HALO drawables;
- HALO: change holo blue to holo grey matching new drawables;

Build 16 - (30/05/2014)
- Up to date with latest CyanogenMod commits until yesterday (build time);
- Toggle navbar on/off through power menu (it's easier to use PIE);
- Merge latest device specific updates from CyanogenMod;
- More PT-BR translations for homies

Build 15 - (27/05/2014)
- Up to date with CM commits until today (build hour);
- Fix soft reboot in power menu;
- Initial port of SlimPIE;
- PEEK wake timeout;
- Fix typo causing FC on Russian language;
- DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager;
- DocumentsUI: Allow open files instead of URIs
- Smoother Upload and Download Animation;
- Keep app when opening floating window from recent panel;
- Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed;
- SystemUI: Smart Pull-Down - Any Notification
- Navring last app toggle;
- Up to date with all CyanogenMod commits until today (May 14 2014 - build time);
- Fix some force closes in new Theme manager due a missing commit that i let pass
- Disable Lockscreen Notifications by default on clean installations;
- Kill app long press timeout: fix indiscriminately killing in clean installations;
- PEEK pick up timeout: ensure stock value on clean installations and also show summary of it;
- Up to date with all CyanogenMod commits until today (May 09 2014 - build time);
- New Theme Manager UI;
- Launch floating window from recent panel (long click);
- Fix for launch app in floating mode from recents;
- Halo: allow choose notifications on floating window or not;
- More a bunch of commits related with new UI for theme manager;
- PEEK configurable pickup timeout;
- Halo: allow user to choose between floating window or not on halo notifications;
- Launch floating window from notification panel (long click);
- Kill floating activities running in the same thread when tapping outside;
- Bring floating window in line with PA implementation;
- Align halo icon (disable state) in expanded status bar;
- Back with CM Location tile. Now it's working as it should;
- New icon for gps battery saving state;
- Option to enable/disable hepatic feedback on tile click;
- More PT-BR translations;
- Some other things i probably forgot;

Build 14 - (01/05/2014)
- Up to date with all CyanogenMod commits until today (April 30 2014 - build time);
- New CyanogenMod Theme Manager;
- PA PEEK (Working as a different option with Lockscreen Notifications);
- Appbar from ChamelenOS;
- Open apps from Appbar in floating window by long pressing;
- Some general fixes in Appbar to avoid JB days when it disappear for unknown reason;
- DSP Manager: Center frequency param to bassboost;
- DSP Manager: Stereo widener effect;
- Made bolt and % text of battery bar icon full black instead of 70%. It's better for the eyes when battery is almost empty;
- Gesture based lockscreen;
- Pause, resume and stop downloads from notification drawer;
- SlimRecents: fix sometimes missing first task;
- Latest Slim Recents updates;

"[...] I9505, please, don't enable Lockscreen Notifications until new builds.

Thanks to the log of +Paulo Calvo the SysUI force close was detected and already fixed

" - Cristiano Matos

Ill try to update first post as soon as possible for an organized overview
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