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RAZR M - XT905 with identity Issues

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By DiamondJohn, Senior Member on 21st May 2014, 12:15 PM
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I recently purchased a Motorola RAZR M 4G (LTE) here in australia from a local retailer. The details of which can be found at:

I have since unlocked the bootloader (I think it may of actually came pre-unlocked anyway), rooted and flashed Carbon KitKat ROM onto the phone.

In flashing Carbon I thought that for an XT905, I should of used the unified moto_msm8960 build. However, the install zip starts with an assert to check that the phone is correct for the ROM and thereby has a check (with others) for "scorpion_mini". But, my phone was returning "scorpion_mini_u". So, I editied the install zip to enable it to flash, and it all went smoothly and has been working fine. But, recently I looked at some logs generated by my phone, and it is showing up as msm8960dt; which if I am not mistaken in used by a MOTO X (among others).

So, it would appear that my Motorola RAZR M thinks it is not a scorpion_mini but a scorpion_mini_u, and it also thinks its a Moto X (msm8960dt ), but is "happy" to run a moto_msm8960 ROM, instead of an msm8960dt ROM.

I guess my questions are:
1. Has anyone else come across the above mix of identities? and understands whats going on?
2. Although the ROM appears to be running well, should I really only be flashing the "dt" ROMS onto my phone? either way, it does NOT match the available options in the assert statement for either ROMs.
21st May 2014, 02:41 PM |#2  
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I don't know if this helps anyone explain the above, but I found this thread:

and when I checked the CPU Info

root@smq_u:/ # cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo
Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)
processor : 0
BogoMIPS : 13.53

Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4
CPU implementer : 0x51
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x1
CPU part : 0x04d
CPU revision : 4

Hardware : msm8960dt
Revision : 82a0

21st May 2014, 02:55 PM |#3  
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I've pushed for the scorpion_mini_u assert.
I'm not surprised it's confusing for you. The "dt" in "Machine: msm8960dt" you see in dmesg actually means "device tree".
In the case of moto_msm8960dt family (Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini), msm8960dt refers to SoC - MSM8960DT.
SoC used by moto_msm8960 family (Razr HD, Razr M, Atrix HD, Photon Q) is MSM8960.

Builds for your Razr M are moto_msm8960. moto_msm8960dt builds wouldn't boot on xt905 at all.

EDIT: yes, the thread you've found is about the same matter.
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22nd May 2014, 06:54 AM |#4  
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Thanks. When trying to find references to the scorpion_mini_u on the web, I also came across references to the "scorpion_mini_t"
29th May 2014, 02:26 AM |#5  
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I just came across the following web site whuich details some of the mapping between the codes, which may help in fuirther improving the cross over of the unified build.

201M (scorpion_mini_t/201M)
A1680 (umts_lucky/A1680)
Atrix (olympus/MB860)
Atrix (olympus/MB861)
Atrix (olympus/ME860)
Atrix HD (qinara/MB886)
Backflip (motus/MB300)
Backflip (motus/ME600)
Charm (umts_basil/MB502)
Citrus (cdma_ciena/WX442)
Citrus (cdma_ciena/WX445)
Citrus (cdma_ciena/XT301)
CLIQ (morrison/MB200)
CLIQ (morrison/morrison)
Cliq-XT (zeppelin/MB501)
Cliq-XT (zeppelin/ME501)
Defy (umts_jordan/MB525)
Defy (umts_jordan/MB526)
Defy (umts_jordan/ME525)
Defy (umts_jordan/ME525+)
Defy (umts_jordan/unknown)
Devour (calgary/calgary)
Devour (calgary/Devour)
Droid (miler/A854)
Droid (sholes/Droid)
Droid (umts_sholes/A853)
Droid (umts_sholes/Milestone)
Droid (umts_sholes/umts)
Droid (umts_sholes/XT701)
Droid (umts_sholes/XT702)
Droid (umts_sholes/XT720)
Droid 3 (cdma_solana/DROID3)
Droid 4 (cdma_maserati/DROID4)
Droid Bionic (cdma_targa/DROID BIONIC)
Droid II (cdma_droid2/A955)
Droid II (cdma_droid2/DROID2)
Droid II (cdma_droid2we/DROID2 GLOBAL)
Droid MAXX (obake-maxx/XT1080)
Droid Mini (obakem/XT1030)
Droid Pro (cdma_venus2/DROID PRO)
Droid Pro (cdma_venus2/DROID Pro)
Droid Pro (cdma_venus2/Milestone PLUS)
Droid Pro (cdma_venus2/XT610)
Droid RAZR (umts_spyder/XT910)
DROID RAZR HD (vanquish_u/XT925)
DROID RAZR i (smi/XT890)
DROID RAZR M (scorpion_mini/XT907)
Droid Ultra (obake/XT1080)
Droid X (cdma_shadow/DROIDX)
Droid X (cdma_shadow/MB810)
Droid X (cdma_shadow/ME811)
Droid X (cdma_shadow/Milestone X)
Droid X (cdma_shadow/MotoroiX)
Droid X2 (daytona/DROID X2)
Droid X2 (daytona/Milestone X2)
DROID4 (cdma_maserati/DROID4)
Falcon (falcon_cdma/XT1031)
Falcon (falcon_umtsds/XT1033)
Flipout (umts_ruth/MB511)
Flipout (umts_ruth/ME511)
Flipout (umts_ruth/MotoMB511)
Glam XT800 (titanium/XT800)
i867 (destino/i867)
i940 (fawnridge/i940)
Iron Rock (umts_irock/XT627)
IS12M (cdma_spyder/IS12M)
Master Touch (umts_primus/XT621)
MB200 (morr/MB200)
MB501 (zepp/MB501)
MB508 (umts_sage/MB508)
MB520 (umts_kobe/MB520)
MB610 (umts_begonia/MB610)
MB611 (umts_begonia/MB611)
MB612 (cdma_kronos/MB612)
MB632 (umts_elway/MB632)
MB865 (edison/MB865)
ME632 (umts_elway/ME632)
ME863 (umts_solana/ME863)
ME865 (edison/ME865)
Milestone (A853/Milestone)
Milestone2 (umts_milestone2/A953)
Milestone2 (umts_milestone2/ME722)
Milestone2 (umts_milestone2/MotoA953)
Moto E (condor_udstv/XT1025)
Moto E (condor_umts/XT1021)
Moto E (condor_umts/XT1023)
Moto E (condor_umtsds/XT1022)
Moto G (falcon_cdma/XT1028)
Moto G (falcon_cdma/XT1031)
Moto G (falcon_cdma/XT937C)
Moto G (falcon_umts/XT1008)
Moto G (falcon_umts/XT1032)
Moto G (falcon_umts/XT1034)
Moto G (falcon_umts/XT939G)
Moto G (falcon_umtsds/XT1033)
MOTO G (falcon_umtsds/XT1033)
Moto G Google Play edition (falcon_umts/XT1032)
Moto X (ghost/XT1049)
Moto X (ghost/XT1050)
Moto X (ghost/XT1052)
Moto X (ghost/XT1053)
Moto X (ghost/XT1055)
Moto X (ghost/XT1056)
Moto X (ghost/XT1058)
Moto X (ghost/XT1060)
Motoroi (sholest/Milestone XT720)
Motoroi (sholest/Motorola XT720)
Motoroi (sholest/XT720)
MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY 2 (cdma_yangtze/XT881)
Motorola Master Touch (umts_primus/XT621)
Motorola Master Touch XT621 (umts_primus/XT621)
Motorola MOT-XT681 (ironmaxct_cdma/Motorola MOT-XT681)
MOTOROLA RAZR M (smq_t/201M)
Motorola RAZR MAXX (cdma_spyder/Motorola RAZR MAXX)
Motorola Razr V (umts_yangtze/XT885)
Motorola Razr V (umts_yangtze/XT886)
Motorola XOOM 2 (fleming/MZ609)
Motorola XOOM 2 (pasteur/MZ617)
Motorola_i1 (iDEN/Motorola_i1)
MOTWX435KT (Triumph/MOTWX435KT)
MT620 (TAHITI/MT620)
MZ505 (Graham/MZ505)
MZ505 (graham_wifi/MZ505)
MZ604 (wifi_hubble/MZ604)
MZ605 (umts_hubble/MZ605)
MZ607 (fleming/MZ607)
MZ608 (fleming/MZ608)
MZ609 (fleming/MZ609)
MZ616 (pasteur/MZ616)
MZ617 (pasteur/MZ617)
Opus One (rubicon/Motorola Titanium)
Opus One (rubicon/Titanium)
Photon 4G (sunfire/ISW11M)
Photon 4G (sunfire/MB855)
Photon 4G (sunfire/Motorola Electrify)
Quench XT3 (XT502/Motorola-XT502)
RAZR D1 (hawk35_umts/XT914)
RAZR D1 (hawk35_umts/XT915)
RAZR D1 (hawk35_umts/XT916)
RAZR D1 (hawk35_umts/XT918)
RAZR D3 (hawk40_umts/XT919)
RAZR D3 (hawk40_umts/XT920)
Spice (sesame/XT300)
XOOM (stingray/Xoom)
XOOM (umts_everest/MZ601)
XOOM (umts_hubble/MZ601)
XOOM (umts_hubble/MZ605)
XOOM (wifi_hubble/MZ604)
XOOM (wifi_hubble/MZ606)
XOOM (wingray/Xoom)
XOOM 2 (pasteur/XOOM 2)
XOOM 2 ME (fleming/XOOM 2 ME)
XT303 (silversmart_umts/XT303)
XT305 (silversmart_umts/XT305)
XT311 (XT311/XT311)
XT316 (dominoq_umts/XT316)
XT316 (XT316/XT316)
XT317 (XT317/XT317)
XT319 (XT319/XT319)
XT320 (tinboost_umts/XT320)
XT321 (tinboost_umts/XT321)
XT389 (argonmini_umts/XT389)
XT389 (XT389/XT389)
XT390 (XT390/XT390)
XT530 (XT530/XT530)
XT531 (XT531/XT531)
XT532 (XT532/XT532)
XT535 (tinboostplus_umts/XT535)
XT535 (XT535/XT535)
XT550 (ArgonSpin/XT550)
XT550 (argonspin_umts/XT550)
XT555C (tinboostplus_cdma/XT555C)
XT556 (tinboostplus_cdma/XT556)
XT557 (tinboostplus_cdma/XT557)
XT560 (tinq_umts/XT560)
XT560 (XT560/XT560)
XT603 (cdma_pax/XT603)
XT605 (umts_jorian/XT605)
XT610 (umts_venus2/XT610)
XT615 (ironmax_umts/XT615)
XT615 (XT615/XT615)
XT626 (umts_irock/XT626)
XT627 (umts_irock/XT627)
XT687 (ironmaxtv_umts/XT687)
XT701 (choles/XT701)
XT711 (choi/XT711)
XT800+ (cg_tita2/XT800+)
XT800W (ttu_skt/XT800W)
XT806 (qilin/XT806)
XT860 (umts_solana/XT860)
XT882 (swordfish/XT882)
XT897 (asanti_c/XT897)
XT897S (asanti_c/XT897S)
XT901 (solstice/XT901)
XT905 (scorpion_mini_u/XT905)
XT910 (umts_spyder/XT910)
XT910K (umts_spyder/XT910K)
XT910S (umts_spyder/XT910S)

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