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First off, I must start off officially, Hello fellow flashaholics!! I am The SJSharksfan, and i am a flashaholic. I have been affected by this condition for the last 7 years, and this thread might just be the outlet i need to help alleviate the flashaholic tendencies that i (we) suffer from.. So, if you are a member also, feel free to let out some flashaholic stories here too.. Ah, that feels better. So, with that said, I just want to share my personal customizations with the android community. I am not building anything you find on this thread, I am simply making a few minor adjustments.

I have been using smartphones for quite some time now. My first taste of really customizing my device interface was when I was playing with my PalmPre 1 & then Pre2 using webOS. It was very fun. I had to move onto android and had switched over to the Epic Touch 4G. I rooted very fast and was flashing ever since. Now on my S4, the same amount if not more is available to tweak this device as well.

I do like TW based ROMs, but enjoy using AoSP based ROMs more.

The ROM I am currently on is CarbonKK, however since I am a flashaholic 100%, I can't help but test other AoSP based ROMs as often as I can. I started customizing on AiCP, but have always been a CarbonROM fan, so after I test the different builds, I usually land on CarbonROM for my daily. I will add customized builds of AiCP, PA, c-ROM, Vanir & SlimKat along side the Carbon builds though, so if you like those ROMs and my customizations, you can flash which ever you prefer.

Please note: I am not the dev for this rom. I am not building it at all. All I do is extract the directories, make the changes, re-zip, re-sign and create new md5sum.

I test every time I set up a build this way. I am always the first person to test. I then send it to 6 or 7 people that also make sure that it is stable. If it isn't stable, I don't upload to my Mega account. So, even though I am always confident in my customizations, I cannot be responsible if you run into problems. All devices are slightly different due to hardware differences.

Please Note: Any of these builds should be able to get dirty flashed over c-ROM, AiCP or other CarbonROM builds, however you might have to flash clean. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS nandroid before making any changes. With most of the newest builds, even within aOS 4.4.4, you might find that you need to flash clean with whichever build you are trying to flash. gApps also might need to be switched. I find some work better with certain roms than others.

Since this rom is AoSP based, you'll need to flash gApps as normally done for AoSP.

DPI I use is 115. It is very small, but I wear glasses already so I am able to use that low of resolution.

** Please note: this customized build is using the jflte unified base and I add the Sprint variant of the KT Kernel. So if you are on an S4 variant that is not compatible with the LTE unified builds, this will not work on your device. (If you want to use this ROM, you still can, you will just need to have the kernel for your carrier on your SD card when flashing. Flash after you flash the ROM. URL below to find your KT Kernel. If the link isn't working, click to view tkruzze's profile and started threads, he has threads for every carrier's kernels)

The small adjustments I make are as follows:
  • adding the KT Kernel - SPRINT version baked in!!!!
  • Custom boot animation (see 2nd post for screenshot)
  • superSU v2.14
  • Nova Launcher v3.2 (& Prime)
  • Apex Launcher (& Pro)
  • adding the sprint VVM app
  • working sVoice (you might have to remove and reinstall from the system/priv-app folder)
  • Xposed Installer for add-on mods, tweaks & more!!
  • quite a few sound options for ringtones and notifications. A few examples would be COD-BO2 theme music (MP & DubStep Menus), "Droid" alert, ViperAI, Robot28 (iPhone) & FamilyGuy Bag-O-Weed song clip to name just a few
    *** NEW!! Microbes LWP included in CarbonROM!! - The only CarbonROM build with it included!! *** (Starting at the 6/30 build)
  • as of 7/21, I will be changing the included tool apps due to the fact that they are installed as system apps and not user. This is not the best way and I don't want to keep causing issues with the extras I add.
*** PLEASE do not post questions for these versions in the official carbonROM thread. They do not want to support issues using this ROM. They gave me their blessing for starting my own thread, but said please no support questions. If you test this build on your device and see glitches, my thoughts are hardware differences between variants might be the cause. Please flash the official carbon to see if the same issues are there. Please also refrain from posting questions for these builds in the official threads for these builds. The devs for the official builds are not supporting any unofficial builds.

Some folks report some screen flickering at times. Parkourkid let us know that if you are having flicker issues with Hover (which is common with most ROMs including it now), increase their GPU mHz to 200+, he suggests to use 375.. If you look at the change log for the KT Kernel, the 7/12 update added the ktconservativeq gov that seems to address that issue specifically. If you are running the KT kernel and are on a previous version, just update the kernel with your KT Monitor app.


Stable Builds
Customized CarbonROM

Updates 10/25/14:
~ updated superSU to v2.16 (& Pro)
~ updated Nova Launcher to v3.2 (& Prime)
~ Added ADW Launcher (EX)
~ Apex Launcher (& Pro)
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
  • MD5: 8d7b83de9822e940ad80570ecfedb678
    SHA-1: eb85dc25f550786942dd71924cc571fe72c9b4ca
    **Please Note: The KT kernel used in this build was the 6/19 build, please update your kernel with the KTweaker app to the latest KT kernel - 7/12
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
  • MD5: d7bdaa29a997eb4eb7844ce66ad9655c
    SHA-1: a05386080f4c1ef73dd3a71781f862bd8d2fd042
    **Please Note: The KT kernel used in this build was the 5/28 build, please update your kernel with the KTweaker app to the latest KT kernel - 7/12
4.4.4 - Customized Vanir4.4.4 - Customized c-ROM4.4.4 - Customized SlimKat
Please Note: These builds require a clean flash. Updating on top of any other rom besides other slim builds will result in bootloops. Root access is obtained after flashing rom, activating developer options in settings and turning on root access. Either apps only or apps & ABD will work.
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>- Latest (uploaded 1/26/15)
    MD5: 33a02426f0e57b74beee55561fba1fdf
    SHA-1: 289bacb3e0d797d95cd9dd628303b718edf568be
    Update: for me, I've run for 36 hours so far, very stable. I removed many of the extra apps, but the few that I left in MAY need to be switched back to user apps, but for the most part, this build is very stable and has few if any bugs. No bugs from my changes it seems so feel free to test and let me know how its running for you.
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
    MD5: 9e294c8be6369338a419b598174eb882
    SHA-1: e7def9bd78a75e3d47f331f16e9e832c3904cbb4
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
    MD5: e4a5795bbc82517cd7c54ecab709a7fa
    SHA-1: 4dc6d6e539ca6fda26e85ed443c63479866fa36a
4.4.4 - Customized AoSPA
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
    MD5: 293c3d69384f9c0bb8e8072bc417984f
    SHA-1: 86aa02f593b7af58814e6f5dfaa86e0f057971a6
    ** A HUGE thanks to ParkourKid93 for testing this build for us! **
    **Please Note: The KT kernel used in this build was the 6/19 build, please update your kernel with the KTweaker app to the latest KT kernel - 7/12
4.4.4 - Customized AiCP - SOLID BUILD!!
  • <Mod Edit - Link Removed>
    MD5: 15424d9a76888564899cda85f2db1d25
    SHA-1: 4daf7e7594beea29b9bee04f0dbe3e3a9853be72
    **Please Note: The KT kernel used in this build was the 6/19 build, please update your kernel with the KTweaker app to the latest KT kernel - 7/12
gApps OptionsKT Kernel Options*** aGPS patch if you're having GPS issues

** I like to use very low DPI settings, so the small boot annination is how I prefer it. But, if you would like a larger version of the boot anni I use, feel free to download it from my DropBox here

Testing Builds (Found In Post #3)

Old Builds - Customized (Found In Post #4)

I use philZ custom recovery but CWR will work as well, use latest version if at all possible.

MOD - Customize your boot animation!
I've been working on a custom boot animation for DreamXtreme and I thought I'd share it. I tested it already and it works great. There is a slight hiccup in the middle of the animation, but not major. I haven't created a flashable zip yet, but you can set it manually on any rom and it will work. If you need to know how to change boot animations manually, the process is as follows:
  • DownLoad the animation from my DropBox here
  • Rename the current file in system/media folder to
  • Copy the downloaded zip to your system/media folder using a file explorer with root priviledges (I use ES)
  • Change the priviledges forbthe new file to match the previous files settings (should be rw-r--r--)
  • Reboot
  • Profit
This process will work with any boot animation you may already have. As long as the file name and permissions are correct, the process will be the same. If you want, I have a bunch in a DropBox folder, feel free to grab any and test or use.. these are some of the ones I think are pretty cool

ROM Installation Process
For first time installation:
  • WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition)
  • Select Rom Zip & Flash
  • Select gApps Zip & Flash
  • Reboot & Enjoy
  • Reflash superSU if you use that superuser app (recommended)
For updating build installation:
  • WIPE (wipe cache & dalvik cache partitions)
  • Select Rom Zip & Flash
  • Select gApps Zip & Flash only if coming from a lower os version, no need to if only updating within the same os versions
  • Reboot & Enjoy
  • update superSU bianaries
Official CarbonROM thread
Please feel free to look at the official CarbonDev GitHub. and on their Gerrit CarbonDev Gerrit
** My customized builds will reflect the same changes as the official nightlies but always with my same customizations each time.

I will update with info I might have missed in this op and I will answer any questions anyone might have about the customizations I made.

All I am doing on this thread is sharing a custom build that I use for my daily driver. Anyone is welcome to use it. Please remember that I am not the developer for the base rom, so if for any reason you find issues or glitches, more than likely you shouldn't use this build. For some reason, I am able to run it without 1 single issue, hence why I posted it. (I am also playing with Mahdi and trying to put my customizations on it as well. If I get it perfect, I will share it as well)

Future Build Ideas - POSSIBLY!!

So, I'm not even sure if anyone is even flashing my builds.. But I will continue to upload my customizations as long as I am running carbon.



Sent from my Customized S4 (SPH-L720) on SlimKat v9 12.26.14 aOS 4.4.4 with KTkernel 12.9.14 using XDA Premium HD Pro Mobile App
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