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Rant about quality of ROM developers

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When I started using xdadevelopers in 2008, I was mainly a lurker but enjoyed the conversations between others and finding answers.

Now in 2014, specially with the Android movement, the quality of the developers here has just turned into complete crap.
This does not mean that ALL developers are crap, I respect many, but there are so many that just ruin the Android community.

To fully support what I am trying to say, it appears the biggest problem with Android now is that everyone and their mom is creating ROMs. Each ROM is fuelled with users that will "live by the ROM, die by the ROM". Make a complaint about a ROM and get bashed, even if its due to a simple bug.


1st user: Hey, I am getting a force close on this

I know this is an extreme example, but its literally the idea of how these things though.

Another issue I have is that ROM developers will slam donating to them ALL over their page, while sitting there saying they don't care about the money but appreciate the support. Okay, so donating isn't bad, but half of the developers treat their users like crap. Have a suggestion? Be prepared to get slammed by the developer for that (Oh, you donated $50 dollars to me, but **** you, I'm not your personal developer). NO, I am not saying donating makes the developer a slave to you, but I am saying that maybe you should appreciate your loyal users a little better and be a little more open minded.

May I point out, that its obvious half of the Android ROM developers here are doing this simply for self gratification, to make them feel important. Thats why quality of ROMs has degraded. Just throw something crappy together and give it to users. Made a change to the Android system? OMG I'M A ROM DEVELOPER!!11!

OH, and here's a good one to rant about. I've used several Roms in the past in which 1 person pissed the developer off so he just canned the entire project leaving all his other hundreds of users high and dry while the developer runs off with all the money they donated.

I honestly can say that these developers have ruined a lot of donations for developers that deserve it. I donated a lot to other roms in the past, but rarely do so lately because the same thing keeps happening. I donate to a ROM, ask a question, get slammed down, oh well. Donate to another ROM, guy pisses developer off, project gets deleted, oh well. Donate to a ROM, watch developer just slam down other users... makes me sick. It's a never ending process.

If you are going to write a freaking ROM, and you don't want requests, you don't want people bitching about bugs, don't want to deal with all the crap that is involved in the process then keep it to yourself. Don't waste people's time with your poor quality controlled roms.

I apologize in advance if this all offends people, but its just something I am so sick of seeing and just wanted to rant about it to get it off my chest. This is the Off-Topic forum, right?

Thanks for you time
10th June 2014, 10:12 PM |#2  
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Being that roms are free of charge and no one's forcing you to use them, I'm not getting why you're ranting. Please remember you're not entitled to anything. Putting roms together is not a full time job, but it's a lot of work. People do this kind of thing in their spare time and it's an often thankless job. Take it or leave it. If you don't want to donate to them, then don't. Please read this and this

I'm glad you were able to get things off your chest but respectfully, I will have to close this because there are more than enough rant threads and posts about developers and what people think they owe them flooding the XDA ecosystem.
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