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Dirty Unicorns is a custom ROM built with stability in mind and optional customization. The idea to start this ROM began out of pure boredom around 4.1.2 on the EVO 3D and later turned into a form of an addiction (a good one) to see where we could go from there. We have since expanded to more devices to include the HTC One, Nexus 5, SGS4 and many more. We quickly realize that users loved what we were doing as well as other developers because it was done the right way. We've always had fun doing it and take pride in knowing that we've done it without having to bug the end user for donations to pay for server costs and/or any of those sob stories you hear. This ROM is 100 percent free and will remain that way.

Those wanting to use our ROM as a base are more the welcomed to do so but please maintained the credits/thanks below, do not ask for donations as it wouldn't be fair to do so considering and let us know as we often like to contribute to other projects.

As stated above, we love to maintain authorship but we also like to publicly praise those that have helped us along the way with our wonderful project. With that said, this wouldn't be possible without the work and help of those listed below THANK YOU ALL!!

| OmniROM | AOKP | CM | ChaOS | Paranoid Android | Slim ROMs | Preludedrew | Team Black Out | Official Testers / Translators |

Please check our gerrit/github for full credits/thanks of individual contributors

Believe it or not, we are human and we do forget things. If we have left someone out of the credit/thanks list, just PM us and we'll gladly add on to the list.

-- Built-in ad blocker (Ability to update hosts on the fly)
-- Ability to disable FC notifications
-- Download Center (Gapps, Xposed, etc)
-- Ability to force Expanded Notifications
-- Over 100 cloud based wallpapers
-- Immersive mode
-- Hot Reboot, NavBar options In Power Menu
-- Appbar (app sidebar)
-- Customizable quick settings
-- Customizable power menu
-- Customizable lockscreen shortcuts
-- App Ops access in Settings
-- TRDS (built in theme in Settings/Themes)
-- Statusbar Clock options
-- Custom NavBar Options
-- Halo (multi-tasking tool)
-- Halo size/color changer
-- Hardware key remap mod (only for HW button devices)
-- Battery Bar / Circle batteries/ JB style
-- Network speed indicators in statusbar
-- SuperSU (chainfire)
-- Build.prop mods
-- Init.d Tweaks
-- Active Display (Moto X notifications)
-- ListView Animations
-- Custom System / Toast Animations
-- Custom BusyDialog
-- Advanced Low Battery Indicator options
-- ScreenShot QuickTrash
-- Color Changing PhaseBeam
-- Gesture Anywhere
-- Button Light Notification
-- Statusbar Color options
-- OmniSwitch (multi-tasking tool)
-- Driving Mode 
-- Lockscreen theme options
-- Lockscreen notifications / options
-- System App Remover
-- Identicons
-- Suspend Actions
-- Wakelock Actions
-- SlimROM based recents
-- Contextual notif. panel headers
-- SlimROMs privacy guard
-- Blacklist calls/sms filter
-- Filter notifications 
-- Theme engine 
-- Heads Up notifications feature 
-- Floating windows 
-- Six bar signal bar option 
-- Weather header panel 
-- Over scroll effects 
-- Double tap screen options 
-- Left hand NavBar mode 
-- Various NavRing targets
-- Custom carrier label options
And much much more, just take a peek into Dirty Tweaks and ENJOY!!!


1. Make sure you're using the latest recovery for your device

2. Download the latest update for your device 
(either check or hit the TEST Builds tab here and find the latest)

3. Move anything that you think is important over to your Desktop or upload it to dropbox or whatever (pictures, music, etc)

4. Backup your apps via Titanium backup or equivalent app  and either upload them to dropbox or onto your Desktop

5. Reboot into recovery

6. Wipe everything. This doesn't mean just system or factory settings. This means EVERYTHING!

Tap on Wipe/Advanced Wipe and check the following and swipe to wipe

- Dalvik Cache
- Cache
- Data
- Internal Storage
- System
- MicroSD (some devices don't have this option)

7. Move the ROM zip over to your sdcard either by mounting USB storage or adb 

8. Flash the ROM zip

9. Let it boot 

10. Reboot back into recovery

11. Flash whatever GAPPS (as long as it's 4.4.X)

12. ENJOY!!

-- Have not seen any issues but if you do, please provide as much information as possible and/or a logcat

 7.5 - 06/14/14
-Update to 4.4.3_r1.1
-Enabled appointment details in Calendar
-Kernel Tweaker Removed
-Halo Color
-New HALO drawables for KK
-ART fixed (Thanks Google!)
-Show Seconds next to StatusBar Clock
-InCallUI: Add "Answer Via Speakerphone" Glowpad Target
-Launcher3: Icon pack support
-Launcher3: Add custom hotword detection
-OmniSwitch: Fixes and improvements
-Added JB-like battery icon
-Fix volume rocker to skip tracks
-New Ad blocker
-Implement App circle sidebar
-Multi-Floating windows
-Implement SIM card management
-DownloadManager: add support pause/resume/stop notifications

7.6 - 06/21/14
- Update to Android 4.4.4
- Added few toggles/tile (ad-blocker, halo, camera, compass, navbar, etc)
- QS Fliptile animation
- Pattern size upgrade for pattern lockscreen
- Option to reset battery stats
- Fixed Italian camera derp
- Updated SuperSU to v2.00
- Many under the hood changes

7.7 - 07/06/14
V7.7 - 07/07/14
--Updated the ASCII art for flashing
--Theme chooser
--Heads up
--Ability to disable immersive messages
--Blacklist/configurable timeout for heads up
--New sound recorder
--Roboto Fonts from Android L
--Updated SuperSU to v2.01

7.8 - 08/03/14
- Update to android-4.4.4_r2
- New Bootanimation
- Left handed navbar during landscape mode
- CPUFreq Tile
- Fix hot reboot
- Fake Id vulnerability fix
- Allow changing theme to Holo.Light without crashing
- Themes: Make notification list bg themeable
- Move LCD density from build.prop to it's own category
- Fix holo dark background
- DU about app: Add/Remove People/Devices and General Cleanup
- Moar Double tap to sleep options
- Back to kill app mod
- Fix crash when set .gif as wallpaper
- Fix themes not sticking on reboot if using Xposed framework
- Weather panel
- Fix SwiftKey disappearing issue
- Fix QS layout for camera tile
- Many device specific fixes/changes (Thanks Dorian)

7.9 - 08/21/14
- MIUI Style carrier text in the statusbar
- Bring Slim Recents up-to-date with SlimROM
- Show notification when charging
- Modify Location Tile
- Filter spam notifications
- Move Dark UI into themes
- Theme chooser fixes
- Toggle boot audio on and off
- Add ability to play audio to Boot Animation
- New shutdown animation and busy dialog
- 6-bar signal icon style
- Overscroll effects
- Add moar Gapps to the Download Center
- Make navigation bar and status bar transparent
- User defined wifi/usb tether network
- Toggle nav bar through power menu
- Add hardware tunables for some devices
- Show plugged type (AC / USB) on QS battery tile
- Option to always show heads up in expanded mode
- Option to disable heads up in lockscreen
- G+ system ui f/c fix
- DU Neon Clock
- Add option for setting device phone number
- Removed redundant features from tablets

8.0 - 09/26/14
- Camera: exposure time support
- PIE from ParanoidAndroid added
- PIE color settings
- More PIE targets
- NavBar keyboard arrows toggle
- WiFi power menu
- Calendar enhancements and fixes
- Dirty Tweaks tile
- Added Power Menu / Quick Settings button in pulldown
- Theme engine improvements and fixes
- Add moar default tiles/toggles
- Quiet Hours up to date with slim rom
- Gallery enhancements and fixes
- Show Heads Up on Bottom
- Carrier logo statusbar option
- Complete translations for five languages added
- Rebase to cleaner looking traffic indicator
- Remove blur lockscreen
- More DU wallpapers added
- Heads Up background color/transparency
- Vibration options
- Keyguard: Bring back fast unlock
- Custom Tile
- Lots of msm8960 kernel fixes

8.1 - 10/17/14
- Call Recording
- Wifi notifications: notify when wifi connects
- Make InCall Dialog themeable
- Dynamic Color Changer Mod
- Hide carrier in keyguard option
- Improve floating window functionality
- Hide features not being used by certain devices
- Call Recording format selection
- Lots of msm8960 kernel fixes

8.2 - 11/04/14
- Disable/Enable screenshot sound
- Navbar:Custom Glow Time
- SystemUI:Fix crash during notification/theme change
- Bring back color changer for MIUI-like carrier label
- Fix carrier label not sticking after a reboot
- Fixed clear-all button Bug
- Fix auto rotation/battery tile long press
- Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
- Add Voice Dialer back
- Support full size application screenshots
- Fix bootanimation cut off on HDPI devices
- NavRing:Last App
- Fix longpress app circlebar QS tile

For a more detailed changelog, feel free to check out our Gerrit,n,z




Google+ community -
Please keep in mind that in our Google+ community, we like to post test builds to fix bugs and/or gauge what the user would like to see in this ROM.
With this said, if you would like to test out an experimental build (might not be stable) please check out our G+ community.

Github source (4.4.4) -
Gerrit review -
Jenkins -

If you would like to submit a patch to our ROM, please use our gerrit as pull requests often go unnoticed.
All patches are welcomed and reviewed in a timely matter

For more screenshots, please visit this imgur gallery -

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