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This is a guide that will help you save battery. After searching many forums and websites i came across a few tips that worked and a few that didn't. These tips are based on my own personal experience and therefore may not apply to everyone.

WARNING: Battery calibration is a big no-no. This can reduce your battery's life and in most cases does not work. I tried it a few times and one of my batteries went bad and had to be replaced. Also, task killers are not recommended at all. This is because android is based on a linux kernel which keeps apps running in the background by default. By killing these apps, many experts say that there is an actual decrease in battery life.

Also avoid battery saving or startup managing apps...

Apps that clear cache are ok and would not result in loss of battery life.

Remeber: do these at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage cause to your device.


The following tips do not require you to be rooted:

1. First and foremost, you must do the obvious stuff:

- Set screen brightness low
- Turn off 3G, packet data and WIFI if not in use
-use 2G networks if you don't use data
-turn off auto-sync
-allow Wifi to sleep when the phone is asleep (Go to the Wifi settings in your phone, press the Menu Button, press advanced, press Wi-Fi sleep policy and change it to "When screen turns off")

-Uninstall unused or unwanted apps
-Remove unwanted widgets from your homescreen

2. This is a trick i have tested and has given me excellent results:
-remove your battery and take a knife or another sharp object and scrape the metal contacts with it and also scrape the metal contacts in the phone's batter compartment. This allows for the batter to be in good contact with the contacts (avoid shortage).

The following tips require you to be rooted or have experience with using ADB:
1.Unwanted Files and Apps
-It is recommended to use root explorer to delete any system apps that you do not need
-What many people seem to neglect is also clearing out the "left-behind" data files of these apps. You must clear these by finding the corresponding folder in the director /data/data with RootExplorer etc.
-After uninstalling apps I highly recommend that you clear the dalvik-cache folder and reboot.
-Many unwanted samsung apps or sync apps cause battery drainage and should be deleted.
-Remember Google is your friend, if you see an app of which you are unsure if to delete, Google it!!

2.Build Prop Tweaks
-I am unsure about how well these work but i have them in my build.prop anyway.
In rootexplorer go to the directory: /system and you will see a file called build.prop. Open that file with the text editor (Ensure the partition is mounted as RW) and add these following lines to the end of the file:

3. Avoid some init.d scripts
-I have no intention of bashing developers but some zipaligning and sqlite tweaks have been proven to cause battery drain. This is very unnoticeable though and if you want, you can keep those

-A ram managing tweak is highly recommended. Google "Flyon Mod" or "V6 supercharger"
these allow your phone to store apps in ram for faster access and prevents the ram from becoming overloaded.

4. Use a good CPU governer, IO Scheduler and Cpu freqencies
- These can be adjusted using apps such as: SetCPU and No-Frills
- More info about these can be found at: CLICK

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