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for now there's no dedicated Kzoom forum so this will have to do.
I'd like to start a thread where we can discuss ways we can get the most out of our rootless camera phones.
the discussed tips and tricks are for the Galaxy K Zoom, but some can be usable on other devices too.

[Memory card madness] applies to all kitkat devices with memory cards but no root.
kitkat has severely limited the micro SD access we have on our phones, our phone even blocks all workarounds.
here are some tricks to make it usable:

I recommend using FX file explorer with pro plugin, and Samsung's "my files" app to manage files.
set "my files" to show hidden files, and delete the .nomedia file in /Android/data/ on your memory card
in FX create a new .nomedia file in /Android/data/nextapp.fx/files on your sdcard which you can copy to data folders if you ever find game resources in your gallery app, or app/game sounds among your music.(you need to use "my files" to copy it)
now create a new folder on your sdcard /Android/data/nextapp.fx/SDfiles and create a bookmark/shortcut to this in both file managers, this will be your personal folder which you can use for movies, music, wallpapers, etc.
if there are any images, videos, or music files that don't show up in the media apps you can use the rescan media button on this folder in FX.
in "my files" you should also bookmark /Android/data so you can easily find sdcard folders specific apps have access to.

if you want to sync or edit files with an app you'll need to go through a few steps.
use the apps view in FX to find the internal name of the app that needs access to the file/folder, this is usually something like this: com.developername.appname
use "my files" to locate(or if necessary, create) a folder with that name on your sdcard at /Android/data
now use "my files" to move any files you need to access with the app to that folder, and tell the app to look there for files.(this is not needed if the app uses the media database)
using this method I got dropsync to sync my music to my memorycard, and let gameboid run and save gba games on my memorycard.

edit: a little warning, if you move an app to the sdcard it no longer has access to it's own sdcard data folder anymore.

[tripod? nopod!] applies to all phones(except S4 zoom)
you may have noticed the Kzoom has a very sleek design for a camera phone.
this is nice for a phone, but leaves little space for a tripod mount.

luckily there's a universal solution: smartphone tripod mounts.
several sites, sell carkit-like phone holders that have a tripod mount.
using one of these you can still use a tripod with your Kzoom, although most of these holders will block the flash or part of the screen.
I use the iStabilizer Mount XL.
it's a perfect fit, and it's open at the center so you can still make use of the flash.

[screen on, screen off] applies to all samsung phones
samsung makes a lot of assumptions.
like "if you plug something in, you must want the screen on"
but you shouldn't just assume.
if I plug in my headset i'll use my pebble or headset button to start the music, and I don't want to pull my phone out of my pocket for this.
using tasker I created a set of profiles that let you disable several automatic wakes.
unfortunately I can't prevent the wake, but these profiles will put your phone asleep the moment the screen turns on without your consent.
the profiles include:
Autowake blocker core - the part that does the blocking, don't disable this unless you want to disable the entire Autowake blocker.
Autowake Headset - when enabled, this will prevent your phone from waking up when you plug in a headset. great for when you use a headset with buttons to listen to music a lot.
Autowake Battery full - when enabled, this will prevent the "battery full, unplug to save electricity" notification from waking your phone in the middle of the night.
Autowake power plugin - when enabled, this will prevent your phone from automatically waking up when you plug it into the charger or any other power source.
Autowake power unplug - when enabled, this will prevent your phone from automatically waking up when you pull out the USB cable.

open this file with tasker to import it.

[what did you say? hearing aid? i don't need a hearing aid!] applies to certain recent samsung devices
this is an easily missed feature, but the Kzoom can help you test your hearing, and compensate for any hearing loss you're suffering from, just like a hearing aid would.
even if your hearing is considered good, it can still compensate for minor differences between your ears.
this feature can be activated through settings>call>personalize call sound>adapt sound
when you first visit this settings page it will guide you through a thorough "beep" hearing test to determine for each ear which frequencies you can and can't hear, and once done it will use this information to set up a 2nd equalizer that will correct music and phone-call sound for your ears.
this equalizer will be used when listening to music with a headset, and when making a phone-call with and without a headset.
you can use this together with samsung's "soundalive" equalizer, so there's no reason not to use it.

[what others have to say]
Root through Odin, provided by timduru

timduru has a solution for memory card madness that works much better, but requires root.

quickly wake to camera, found by dk206

apprentice teaching the master, he would like to point out some customization options samsung added for the settings screen.
i'd like to add to this that you can also bookmark some frequently used settings, which adds them to a new category at the top of your settings list.

if you have any tips for other Kzoom owners you can post them below and i'll add a link to them here.
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