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[2017.08.02] DSLR Controller v1.05

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By Chainfire, Moderator Emeritus / Senior Recognized Developer - Where is my shirt? on 4th August 2011, 01:41 PM
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12th May 2015, 07:05 PM |#3631  
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HDR Feature Request
Request for GUI changes/Feature request after field work.

Apologies if any have been mentioned before!

Request 1 - Improved HDR layout
Hi I have been using the HDR/Exposure bracketing menu a lot in the field recently particularly when combining with panoramic photography as this is where such a remote device to control the camera really comes into its own and well worth the asking price. Such work is usually carried out in manual focus and exposure settings so the work flow is quite concise. I find the current HDR/Exposure bracketing option GUI layout a bit un-intuitive and clumsy.

I would prefer if there was an option similar to as found in the HDR/Exposure bracketing menu in the 5D MKIII where you can chose to perform a one off exposure with the selected settings or to retain the current HDR/Exposure bracketing settings for future presses of the normal shutter release button.

Currently when the live view shows on the android device you have to go into the menu option, select HDR, adjust settings as desired, press the capture button in that menu, view the photos and then backout using the android devices backout button to get back to the live view screen and repeat. It is very clumsy and wasteful.

It would be ideal for either the main capture button on the live view overlay to remember the HDR/Exposure bracketing settings if it has been activated for future captures or there should be a dedicated HDR capture button on the live view overlay if HDR is "active" so you can fire off the set exposure bracketing straight away.

Request 2 - Virtual level
No idea if this is feasible or not but wouldn't it be great if you could position a virtual level anywhere on the live view overlay so that you could align it against the horizons or objects actually composed in the current view rather than guess against a fixed overlay grid. Or even go a step further and have a rule that you draw out with your finger on the live view overlay and have it report back the angle.

Request 3 - Customisable Menus
A link to the mirror lockup options (if it exists, haven't been able to find this yet!) would be useful in the HDR menu, or have a custom menu page accessible on the main liveview overlay to hold your favourite menu options.
13th May 2015, 10:34 PM |#3632  
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Question Google Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi, 2013 version) ("flo") issue
Hello everyone, I am looking for your help for my Nexus 7 2nd gen tablet because DSLR controller doesn't work at all on it with my Canon 600D. My android version is Android 5.1.1 LMY47V.

I tried all of the steps that are on the official site ("Guide: Connection issues on the 2013 Nexus 7") but none of them were successful. I also try and another tip that I read here : changing the language to "English (United States), disabling the auto-rotate screen feature and disabling the unlock swipe animation, but it didn't work either.

The problem is very strange because I can mount any USB keys with my OTG cable + StickMount (my tablet is rooted btw). Besides, an another app called DSLR Dashboard works on my tablet. It detects my Canon 600D correctly and the live view works fine, but I can't record any videos, which is quite weird. Even if I'm pushing the record video button, nothing happens. But I won't use this app anyway because I have to much lags on it.

I tried DSLR Controller with my Huawei Honor 6 smartphone with the same cables and it works perfectly well with my Canon 600D. So the problem can't come from the cables I guess.

I hope you'll be able to find a solution because I tried all sort of tips but nothing works so far.

ps : I apologize for my English, it is not my native language.
16th May 2015, 11:37 PM |#3633  
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Would it be possible to access the smartphone / tablet camera and microphone in order to build something like the Miops trigger (trigger with sound, trigger with light)? Also, triggering by controller sensors would be awesome, such as GPS or accelerometer.
18th May 2015, 12:06 AM |#3634  
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I finally resolved my problem by downgrading the Android version of my Nexus 7 to Android 4.4.2 with Cyanogenmod11. Now it works without any problem. But I still don't understand why the app doesn't work with Android Lollipop...
24th May 2015, 09:09 AM |#3635  
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Thumbs up What's Next for DSLR Controller?
Dear Mr @Chainfire,

I am a professional architectural photographer and have adopted your DSLR app into my workflow. Thank you for the great design and amazing functionality. It is a pleasure to work with*.

I would like to know what the future holds for DSLR Contorller. I noticed you are not very active on this forum (last post on 2/26/2015), but wanted to encourage you to keep on developing because I, We need it!!!

It was good to see to you say,

... It's time for a major overhaul, and when that happens, perhaps Nikon compatibility (I do have some Nikon DSLRs already). I'm not sure when I'll have the time, though.

I second that overhaul part!!!! Nikon would be good because I might switch.

Have you considered crowd funding for the next (non-beta) release? I think you have ample support here to make a few grand. Or at lease something to help cover the development costs.

I'm sure you have noticed, but this thread has 3,633 replies and 772,370 views!!! That is very significant. With those view counts, this thread is in second place after CallRecorder in Paid Software Announcement and Discussion forums. Not only that, but you are in second place in replies as well. And the last stat, DSLR has 50,000 - 100,000 downloads on the Play Store. If my math is correct that $280K (400K less 30%).

Please consider a major release very soon!

* - I would like to see, first and foremost, most connection stability. Several times during a shoot, I suddenly receive the dreaded connection error. Each time, I usually have to power down the camera, unplug the usb, force close DLSR Controller, shut down the app and reconnect from scratch. Sometimes I have to do it a few time. Occasionally, I have to reboot the TL-MR3040. I would love to see more leniency with the connection procedure/order and more self healing/diagnosing when a error does occur. A debug/error log written to the tablet or camera for diagnosis whould.

I love the HDR functionality setup, please do not change the way HDR process set up. The interface is fine unless you wanted to make it look different (bigger buttons perhaps). I could use an option to change the beginning and ending shutter speed from the HDR menu.

Here's an idea for HDR. A split screen live view with the quickest shutter speed on one side, and slowest on the other, and the ability to change the shutter speed per side. Also the ability to choose Center, Pos, Neg, as well as the increments and other HDR options.

Last comment for the HDR. I don't need to see all the previews for the HDR sequence. Just need to see the first and the last (quickest and the slowest). Perhaps an option for this.

The overall interface is really good. I have no complaints. One improvement I would like to see is to the shutter speed selection method. If you could slide a dial, or rotary wheel and see it update real time, it would be faster to make a shutter speed selection. Instead of having to estimate the shutter speed you need and then, if it's the wrong one, reselect a new one.

Last comment for now. I would like to be able to customize the button layout, and choose what buttons are visible. I need the HDR button on the home screen. I don't need the the white balance, drive mode ect. If I could hide these and only have the ones I need that would be very helpful and uncluttered the interface.

I am using a DSLR Controller with a T3i and Nexus 7 (5.1).

Do you know if I can update to 5.1.1?

What mini usb to usb cable do you recommend for connecting the camera to the TL-MR3040? Found this one at Lindy. Or will any ole cable do?

Thank you again.

Please consider starting a crowd funding campaign.
30th May 2015, 11:00 AM |#3636  
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Bug:- DSLRController app and Canon 700D not working via Wifi
Just came across a bug and found a work around too. Thought I will report it here so that it may be useful for other users as well the developer may be able to correct this issue in the future versions.

One month back, I bough the DSLR controller app.

I also purchased the TP-Link's Wifi router and changed the firmware as per the instructions. While making the purchase I was using Canon 600D and everything worked as expected. I tested the app via Wifi only and it worked well.

Last week I bought a new Canon 700D, unfortunately the same DSLR controller did not work via WiFi.

When I open the DSLRController app, it gives the following message.

"Could not find a compatible camera on either Wi-Fi or USB. . . . . . . . . . . "

My phone is connected to the TP-Link router's Wifi.

I am using Samsung Note 4.

I tried the following
1. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled
2. Tried changing the memory card in the camera

Kindly note that everything worked as expected with my Canon 600D, but it is not working with Canon 700D via Wifi


I tried connecting the camera to my phone via cable, then opened the DSLRController app. The app detected the camera and worked. fine. Then I disconnected the cable and then tried to connect the camera via Wi-Fi, voila it worked.

2nd June 2015, 07:55 AM |#3637  
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Tried this app using MR3040, at first the apps crash constantly. it drove me nuts. so i replace the USB cable with Canon provided USB cable, voila, it works smoothly!

my gear is Canon 600D + Samsung Galaxy S4 (Omega ROM) + TP-Link MR3040 v2.2.
7th June 2015, 04:01 AM |#3638  
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Hello, I've tried to find an answer by searching but everything I found seems to be set correctly. I'm on the latest version of the app and a Galaxy Tab S8,4.

I've transferred/downloaded photos via the app but they will only show through the DSLR Gallery app, and aren't visible anywhere else on the device. Photos are being stored on the microSD card, could this be an issue? I've changed the settings to show them through Gallery and the transfer dialog scrolls through copying them, but still they're missing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
11th June 2015, 01:49 PM |#3639  
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Donate to Me
Originally Posted by nickzee

I am a professional architectural photographer and have adopted your DSLR app into my workflow. Thank you for the great design and amazing functionality. It is a pleasure to work with*.

I would like to know what the future holds for DSLR Contorller. I noticed you are not very active on this forum (last post on 2/26/2015), but wanted to encourage you to keep on developing because I, We need it!!!


DSLR Controller was originally built for Android 2.x years ago, and a lot of things have changed both in the camera world as well as the mobile world. Despite bolting on many improvements, the code shows its age. To take it to the next level and get everything I want into it (customizability, compatibility, portability, speed, etc), a lot of the core needs to be changed, the UI needs to be changed (if not in appearance or functionality then certainly how it's been coded), etc. It pretty much comes down to not just overhauling major parts, but completely redoing it from scratch, and rebuilding it as envisioned from the ground up.

This brings with it a number of issues. It is a lot of development time (and thus money) investment up front, of which you will see no results, until it is almost done. In the mean time, you can't really release anything that isn't up to par with the current version of DSLR Controller, and you can't just replace the current version as old users/devices may no longer be compatible, stranding paying customers. A lot of additional equipment needs to be gotten and tested with to ensure compatibility and portability (remote and end-user testing isn't really workable with apps like these). Not to mention that DSLRs are pretty much doomed, and this is definitely being reflected in daily sales.

The past year hasn't been very good on a personal level, which isn't your problem of course, but it is one reason for the lapse in development of certain apps. This one adds to the fact that in light of the above, it feels like a waste of resources to spend a lot of time on improvements in the current app. There have been talks with a team (from a big brand in the camera world) to take over the IP, pretty much solving the resource problem, but ultimately that fell through, after the talks taking up a large part of my time for months.

Also, I know it seems like DSLR Controller has generated a lot of funds, but spread out over the years its been available, subtracting equipment costs, corporate taxes, wage taxes, etc, you wouldn't be able to hire one(!) half-competent coder for the money left at today's going rates, not to mention the risks involved with hiring people. Even though I do get paid and get all these toys to play with, wanting to build it has always been a large part of this, as there are definitely more profitable ways to spend the time. At the same time having to compete with $300 equipment, and people still complaining about the $8 price.

This app is also a complete nightmare to support, as by far the bulk of the connection issues are not due to the app itself, but due to camera configuration, phone configuration, hardware incompatibilities, firmware incompatibilities, etc. That is, excepting the case where DSLR Controller just hangs, which sometimes (but definitely not always) is an issue with the app. Not to mention the droves of questions and reported issues by people who simply don't understand how their cameras work.

All of that being said, I do believe there may be a business case where a rebuild with additional features and support for Nikon and/or Sony and/or (insert other brands here) and other OSs like Linux, iOS, OS X, Windows, etc using a shared core may at least break even. That is, providing I can find competent developers to do it (as there is no way I can pull this off by myself), and finding said competent developers with at least somewhat relevant skills might in fact be the biggest problem to solve. Still, even in the best case scenario, I don't believe any work will get started before end-of-summer.

Don't mistake the lack of visible activity for lack of interest. What to do with DSLR Controller and how to get there is something I consider every day, as in the end, it's still the app I've enjoyed most developing over the years. But if the solution means spending more resources updating the current app, developing a new one, or investing funds to get a whole new company off the ground with a handful of people to cover both major brands and major OSs - that I don't know yet. But I do hope to have an answer to that sooner rather than later.

(this post was written in a rush as I need to run for another appointment but I didn't want to leave this unsaid, so if it's jumping here and there and not fully coherent, that's why)
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11th June 2015, 05:27 PM |#3640  
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Android bluetooth remote shutter controller
Hey Guys,

Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything in the thread.

I know there is support for anrdoid wear to trigger the shutter remotely but I am wondering if any of the normal bluetooth shutter clickers work with DSLRController, for example the AB shutter.

Be handy to just be able to pair one of these little clickers and trigger remotely. I know a lot of them require downloading third party apps but some of em work with many different apps. Just wondering if anyone has tried with DSLRController?


11th June 2015, 10:43 PM |#3641  
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Hi CF, i need information about 7d mark ii, thx
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