[JB] CM10 Android 4.1.2 for the Defy(+)

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28th July 2014, 10:58 AM |#17821  
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Most stable Motorola Defy+ MB526 Custom ROM.
Originally Posted by marcospulido

Here's some steps I did to achieve better performance and better battery consumption.
With this configuration the phone was quite fast and responsive and this battery lasted 2 and a half days and still has 30%.
No lags, no FCs, no ringtone bug.

I did this walkthrough to a friend, so ignore obvious parts.

The first two times after installing the ROM, the battery drained very fast and with a few drops. After the third cycle the battery completely normalized.

Thanks and credits to the developers! Not to me! =)

Hello! And greetings for all good good work!

I have a rooted Motorola Defy+ MB526.
Systemversion 45.0.2310.MB526.NordicRetail.en.EU.
Android version 2.3.6
[email protected]#1
Version 4.5.1-134_DFP-231

Now i want to update to any of the 4.X.X custom ROM. I don´t care about the latest KitKat i found in this forum, what i need is the most stable 4.X.X of them all, of course the newer system the better, but most important for me is stability and less bugs. So i wonder what/wich version to recommend? And if there is a good guide how to do the flashing of that recommended ROM. And if there is possible to revert back to stock Gingerbread if something goes wrong.

Would really appreciate help with this, or if someone here is willing to help.
Thank in advance Marc.

(Note, i am noob to flashing, i have only rooted my Defy+ and my Xperia Z1 with simple one-root tools)

28th October 2014, 08:26 PM |#17822  
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Quarx can you resize system partition in this CM10 like you did in CM11 ? I`m using this ROM from few days and is very stable i like no screen lag at incoming call
1st November 2014, 01:26 PM |#17823  
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Info 2 Need an info
Originally Posted by Quarx

Android 4.1.2 Jellybean for Defy and Defy+

Download Link:
Epsylon3 Builds:
Minimal gaaps(Gmail,Market,Gtalk,Synchronisation)
Gapps + Working Google Now -

12.07: Boot up
14.07: Phone, Mobile Data, USB, Mass storage, Sensors, Camera(Photo), GPS/AGPS.
18.07: Audio (thanks to maniac103), Video rec/play, Panorama, FM-Radio.
19.07: Install app to sdcard, mp3 codec, video codec fixes, rework fm-radio, cyan update.
22.07: Usb fixes, USB Tethering, Data Usage, Preferred Network (umts/cdma) selection, CrystalTalk
23.07: Fix audio lock-ups (thanks to nadlabak), a2dp, fix volume change, OS FMRadio and fm volume change in background by maniac103, leds
26.07: Themes, button backlight, fix lag bootanimation, imei/mac... cyanogen updates.
28.07: re-fix button backlight, holo fm-radio, Option for enable/disable On-Screen Button(36dp)
04.08: Fix volume rocker music controls, Realtime switch of OnScreenButtons and size of it, Phone/SMS apps now in memory all the time, Enable CPU TLS Register, Auto-Backlight Settings, Boosted governor by default... maybe forgot some more..
08.08: Improved stablity of camera (bayer have problem with sound), DroidSSHD, Trebuchet, common stablity fixes.
10.08: update Moto RIL to v4, fm-radio to lockscreen, hwui blacklist on mb525, fix realtime OnScreenButtons, Fix MotoPortal, Disable get local ipv6 adress.
12.08: Auto-backup battd, Port phone features from cm9, Add national data roaming and make it optional (from AOKP).
22.08: Fix ability change brightness of buttons(Defyparts), compass fix, Apollo intent fix (which fixes etc), dalvik heap 128mb -> 48mb, wifi changes
25.08: Disable lock in memory Phone and sms apps(by users requests), fix OnScreenButtons, ipv6 tweaks.
28.08: Fix 00:00:00:00:00:00 SSID in apps, fix audio routing in dock modes
03.09: Fix Audio in video rec(not ideal) and decrease fps in preview camera (not in video), 2Channels for audio, DSP-Manager in software which support JB (ex, apollo) it's not a bug, support multiboot, wifi-tethering (thanks ot devs of ml2, maybe have bugs, not tested)
04.09: Fix compass, update sgx libs to JB, fix wallpapers, improve video perfomance, new touch driver (for test, only 2 fingers for now, more will be enabled in next build).
12.09: Fixed touch driver (allow touches upto 10), Fix for data connection, thanks to SlugZero, also some more fixes for stability ril, disable fps limit in preview.
24.09: Video rec fixes, add 720p rec (not by default, unstable),cyanogen updates.
2ndboot builds: one build for mb525&526
10.10 Android 4.1.2, CRT-Animation , custom kernel, experimental. Included patch for flashlght(not tested, but shouldn't burn it)
11.10 Fix red camera, updated 2ndboot.ko, fix pds mount and permissions.
18.10 Kernel update:fix wifi tether(reboot), reduce battery drain, fix charge only mode, cleanup unused drivers, fix button lights, fix slow boot and lags after boot.
02.11 Add power hal, interactive governor+bootpulse(should be default in bootemnu for correct work power hal),kernel fixes from upstream, cleanup/disable unused drivers, fix SGX clocks, add bp_ptc service(only service), fix battery drain, add fuse rw-ntfs/extfat fs support(not tested, but should work), fix backlight settings, fix small problem with fm-radio on notfication drawer, add cm file manager(can work incorrect), restore live wallpapers, cm sync....

17.11 Update kernel to 2.6.32-60, backport some optimisation from 4.2, fix mount options for ext4, cyanogen update, restore conversion to RGB->YV12 for video.
18.11 Apply many optimisations: Android compiled with latest Linaro toolchain GCC-4.7, kernel compiled with Linaro toolchain GCC-4.5.4. Little wifi fixes.
28.11 Disable linaro for android, fix adhoch, new battd, fix bt.
04.12 Partial linaro, Fix upnp/dlna(thanks to nadlabak), fix reboot in bootmenu/recovery, cyan fixes.
05.12 Fix root, fix adb, fix ROOT/ADB settings from dev menu , cyan fixes.
22.12 Stability fixes, cyan updates.
23.12 Fix shutdown, built-in call rec function(thanks to nadlabak).
29.12 Revert to .9 kernel (for audio tests and stability), fix root permissions on CMFileManager, adb can be disabled now, bootmenu now has only one custom recovery option.
30.12 Restore .60 kernel, some fixes in android which can cause ringing problems.
07.01 Again fix root permissions on CMFileManager, fix battery when ADB disabledl, again some fixes which can cause ringing problems.
17.02 rgnd service, increase performance of camera.
07.03 Fix for deskclock (from YetAnotherForumUser). Based on clean 2.6.32 moto tree, should fix many random problems... or add more
24.03 Completely new wifi/wifi-ap driver, switch to wpa_supplicant8, Wifi ap AP - 72mbps
25.03 Some fixes in wifi, fixed MAC, WiFi direct implemented
26.03 Improved stability of wifi.
09.04 Suspend optimization.
11.05 Updated USB-Gadget to native for 4.x, fix mtp/ptp/storage/tethering. Removed usb.apk/usbd.
16.05 Very experimental build, contain a lot of updates from kernels 2.6.33 - 3.1. Increased performance, added swap. Memory management updated to 2.6.39(3.0) state. Some parts updated to 3.1. Blechd0se patches for interactive gov.
22/23+ experimental.
16.06 Updated wifi driver & wpa_supplicant, improvement in interactive governor by @Blechd0se. Updated kernel with some patches from upstream.
09.07 Stability fixes. Updated bootmenu. This build not contain ZCache/Zram/Swap
30.10 Fixed Video playback, latest kernel changes(same as 10.2), gpu 266mhz...

TIPS: LG Camera app works better with video rec.
Do not enable "Allow purging of assets" - it makes many lags.

Some users ask about new donate app,

Just funny video
Attachment 1193860Attachment 1193861Attachment 1193862

Hello Quarx,

Can we install this on Motorola Defy XT 535 ?
1st November 2014, 01:47 PM |#17824  
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Originally Posted by defy_xt_535

Hello Quarx,

Can we install this on Motorola Defy XT 535 ?

1st November 2014, 02:51 PM |#17825  
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Originally Posted by cyrusct82


Thanx for reply.
And is there any chance to install custom ROM of android 4.2 for DEFY XT 535 ?
18th December 2014, 10:37 AM |#17826  
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Originally Posted by defy_xt_535

Thanx for reply.
And is there any chance to install custom ROM of android 4.2 for DEFY XT 535 ?

not sure which thread am supposed to post in but am using your 4.2.2 rom(just flashed it today)

Liking it alot but am having issues with market and play services.... services just crashes and market doesn't do anything other than ask me to reconnect... data is working fine (wifi is a little poor with regards to strength, any ideas here?)

which gapps is actually working for this rom as tried the ones in first post and have issues mentioned

never mind sorted it out you need to search for 4.2.2 minimal gapps...the link leads to 4.1.1
17th December 2016, 08:54 PM |#17827  
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Buttons backlit is always ON
On Motorola Defy+ CM10 20130217 + JellyX kernel I've found that backlit of buttons is ON when display is OFF. Density of light is VERY low. It is noticeable in complete darkness only, after eyes are adapted. The better way is to use peripheral vision.

Can I turn backlit off? If no, is it fixed in latest ROM version?

UPD: On 20131030 same issue.
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