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By kurdacrunch, Member on 13th May 2014, 05:49 PM
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Top 20 Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Today, we’ll see some really good, and also popular, apps that can help you get most out of your Android device. As the very title of the present article makes it evident, all these apps require root access to function. And therefore, you must have a rooted device before you can use them.

So, here begins our list of some of the best apps, in no particular order, for rooted Android phones and tablet devices.

1. Superuser app

This is the ultimate root app, without Superuser app, there is no list of root apps actually. This application provides root access to other apps requesting it. It shows a prompt on screen when any of your app tries to have root access. This is the ultimate app which manages overall root rights. So this clearly is a must have app for rooted devices. This app is mostly installed automatically while rooting your device, many times it’s included in the root exploit toolkit. However, if you rooted your device and you cant find superuser in the menu, you need to insall this app. It’s there on Google Play.


Download @Google Play
App: Superuser
Developer: ChainsDD
Price: Free
2. JuiceDefender Ultimate

The bigger the screen, the better the fun, isn’t it? We all like a smartphone or tablet with a big screen that show everything with minutest detail and vivid colors. In most cases, OEM’s use battery according to the screen size of a device. Then why it is that the bigger the screen, the least the battery runs? You’ll hardly find a guy who is happy with the battery performance. In a situation where we cannot extend the capacity of the battery of our device, it’s wise to manage the battery power to get better performance out of it. Battery drain is the biggest concern of any smartphone user but if you have root, you can enjoy better performance using a 3rd-party power-save app.


While you can find hundreds of battery-saver apps at the Play Store, there are just a few that really possess the magic wand. And among such apps, JuiceDefender Ultimate is probably the king of all. It is a mighty power manager app packed with advanced functions that controls, checks and manages all features and resources that devour the battery juice of your device. The app employs a bunch of effective measures to give you the best possible battery backup, and it does so by intelligently managing the channels that suck the battery most. It features highly customizable options to curb battery drain and get it up to your expectations.

JuiceDefender - battery saver
Download @Google Play

App: JuiceDefender – battery saver
Developer: Latedroid
Price: Free
JuiceDefender Ultimate
Download @Google Play

App: JuiceDefender Ultimate

Developer: Latedroid
Price: $4.99
3. Xposed Framework

Root access on an Android device gives you the license to do almost anything and when it comes to personalization of your device, modifying the available features and adding new things to it, Xposed Framework is an ultimate tool. It is a custom framework that replaces the default framework of your devices and adds the ability to be modified via compatible modules.


The presence on Xposed framework and its modules ensure that you get the power to control the visual elements on your device in your hands. You can customize things like the statusbar items, notification panels, extend reboot menu options, enable call recording, manage connectivity features, install third-party icon packs on stock launcher and thousands of such tasks very easily without having the knowledge of editing system apps and XML codes. To read more about Xposed Framework and its modules, please head over to our detailed article.

Download Latest Xposed Framework Installer Here

4. Overclocking your phone

This one feature is bound to increase your phone’s overall performance. You might have heard of overclocking your computer’s processor or GPU. You can do the same with your Android devices too. Stock kernels does not allow you to overclock your phone, so in order to achieve that, one must have to flash a custom kernel which supports overclocking. Overclocking is a risky thing and can cause severe damage to your phone, one must not overclock it all the way high. After flashing a custom kernel, you must use any of the overclocking apps found on the Play Store. I will suggest using CPU Tuner. It’s free and gets the job done pretty easily, it can also help you underclock and can be a potential battery saver as well.

CPU tuner (Rooted phones)
Download @Google Play

App: CPU tuner (Rooted phones)
Developer: vogtp
Price: Free
5. The ultimate after root utility- ROM Toolbox

The name must be familiar to you. This is the app which will really make you believe that you have rooted your device for good. It combines all the great root apps into one simple and easy to use application. It has a beautiful and easy to use interface and it nearly has every tool to make your device fast and customized to your taste. It has already been featured on various respected sites. Some of the features include: Installing ROMs, custom themes, taking ROM backups, app manager, freezing and defrosting apps, removing system apps, cache cleaner, root explorer, scripts and terminal emulator, system rebooter (recovery, power down, bootloader, restart status bar, etc.), boot animation changer, CPU tweaker, SD booster and many more! Features list can hardly finish here. I’ll recommend getting a premium version of the app so it will unlock many features which are not there in the free version. Highly recommended!

ROM Toolbox Lite
Download @Google Play

App: ROM Toolbox Lite
Developer: JRummy Apps Inc.
Price: Free
6. Tasker

Extending our list of best apps for rooted devices, I’m now going to talk about an app that hardly requires any introduction if you not a novice with Android. Tasker for Android is a must have app if you are an advanced or power user, but it offers much even if you are new to it. It is a kind of personal genie that is capable of granting your daily mobile wishes.


Tasker is a task control and automation tool that, if used wisely, can multiply your mobile experience many times. The app has lots of advanced features that let you program your devices by adding tasks to make your device do things according to the rules defined by you. It lets you determine the behavior of apps and features as you might wish them to behave, whether it be to assign a task based on sensors, schedule app automation, control data and network connectivity and so on. It can do almost anything you can imagine. If you are a hardcore Android user, Tasker might prove a dream app for you.

Download @Google Play

App: Tasker
Developer: Crafty Apps EU
Price: $2.99
7. ROM ToolBox Pro

ROM ToolBox Pro is a perfect example that shows the immense possibilities offered by root access on Android. As its very name proclaims, it is not just a tool for rooted Android devices, but a collection of various advanced useful tools with plethora of options for customizing the performance and user interface of your phone or tablet.


Here is a list of the major tools that Root ToolBox Pro combines:

App manager
ROM management
DNS changer
Terminal Emulator
Task manager
Root file browser
SD Booster
build.prop editor
CPU control
Kernel tweaks
Font installer
Theme manager
Theme chooser
Boot animation changer
Icon changer
Reboot manager
Lots more

On expanding each of the listed tools, you’ll get more options related to specific tools. Any app that has so much to give you at the price of one is definitely a good

ROM Toolbox Pro
Download @Google Play

App: ROM Toolbox Pro
Developer: JRummy Apps Inc.
Price: $4.99
8. Greenify

While apps like JuiceDefender Ultimate and ROM ToolBox Pro aim at giving you better battery life and enhanced performance on your Android device respectively, Greenify targets both ends at the same time. Greenify lets you select apps that remain active and run as background processes even when they are not actively running. Now, such apps not only eat your phone’s ROM, making it slow and laggy, but also keep draining the precious battery juice continuously.


If you are one who is fond of installing a lot of apps, Greenify can save you from being worried about performance and battery life. It lets you identify rogue apps and allows you put them in hibernation mode so that they do not keep eating CPU and RAM resources and leeching battery power. The app is pretty easy to use. Simply add the applications you want to hibernate when they move to the background, and let Greenify do its spell. To read more about Greenify, click here.

Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone
Download @Google Play

App: Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free
9. Clean those bloats!

This is a dream feature for rooted users. Having the bloatwares that comes pre-installed when you buy a new device can be a real pain. These bloatwares are not regularly installed apps, they are installed in system partitions which has read-only access and cannot be uninstalled using the normal uninstall procedure. When you are rooted, you get the power to clean the unnecessary, unused apps. Procedure is very easy, just install any of the root uninstaller apps and get those bloats removed.

Root Uninstaller
Download @Google Play

App: Root Uninstaller
Developer: Root Uninstaller
Price: Free
Root Uninstaller
Download @Google Play

App: Root Uninstaller
Developer: dohkoos
Price: Free
10. Titanium Backup

Good battery life, awesome performance and cool customization— we have seen one or more apps for these things. Now let’s see another must have and one of the most rated apps for rooted Android devices. If you got root privileges on your device, Titanium Backup is a highly recommended app for you. You might find a number of backup apps at the Google Play Store, but none of them does the job so perfectly and nicely. The only negative thing about the app is it user interface that feels outdated, but when it comes to functionality, Titanium Backup surpasses them all.


This best in class app can backup all apps (including system apps) and games on your apps with all app settings and data. You can backup apps individually, in groups or all at once. Also, before backing up or restoring the apps, you can choose whether to do the operation just with the apps, settings and data or a combination of all three. Besides, it also lets you schedule your backups. If you purchase the Pro key, you will also be able to use some premium features like—

Data migration (important for those who are fond of switching ROMs)
Dropbox sync and restore
Multiple backups per app support
Zero-tap batch restore
App freezer for keeping an app unchanged
Backup apps without closing any app
And more.
Titanium Backup ★ root
Download @Google Play

App: Titanium Backup ★ root
Developer: Titanium Track
Price: Free
11. Expand your internal storage for more apps

This feature is a life saver for devices with low internal storage space like Xperia X8, LG Optimus P350, P500, etc. You can’t install more apps when your device has a low internal storage. You can overcome this by partitioning your SD card and moving apps from internal storage to partitioned SD card space with an app called Link2SD. This needs root and CWM recovery installed on your device.

Reboot to CWM recovery
Go to Advanced-> Partition SD Card
You will be provided with the options to choose the size of the partition from 128,256,512,1024, 2048 and so on. Provided sizes are in MBs. Select your desired one, say 512. Then select swap size as 0.
That’s all, it will partition your sd card, be noted that this will totally format your SD card so better take a backup before this process.
After this, start-up your phone and get Link2SD from Google Play which is available for free.
Start the app, it will search for the second partition on your SD card, choose ext2, ext3 or ext4(depends on what partition is it on your SD card). Now it will ask you to reboot your device.
After rebooting, start the application and you can start moving your apps to SD card’s second partition which will also be considered as internal storage.
Download @Google Play
App: PlayLink2SD
Developer: Bulent Akpinar
Price: Free
12. Add true Linux commands to your device

‘Busybox’, is what I am talking about. This thing is often referred as, “the Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux”, because that’s what it really is. It’s not really an app but it installs the Linux/Unix commands in your phone. It achieves this by placing scripts in your phone. Unless you have installed Busybox, apps like Terminal Emulator are nearly worthless. This app is very useful for some experienced-advanced users.

Download @Google PlayBusyBox

Developer: Stephen (Stericson)
Price: Free
13. GooManager

If you are not new to Android, you must be familiar with the website that is one of the most popular hubs of Android custom ROMs, Google apps packages and popular custom recovery like TWRP. The GooManager app is a front-end app for users of rooted Android devices that can perform various tasks very easily. If you have root, you can install and update TWRP Recovery (if available) through this app. Since most custom ROMs for Android are hosted or mirrored at the site, the app is also capable of installing and updating ROMs on your device.


You can browse compatible ROMs and Gapps and download all available files directly on your phone or tablet. The app also works like a reboot manager that lets you get your device into recovery mode without using the hard-keys combination.

Download @Google PlayGooManager

Developer: Snipanet Apps
Price: Free
Some More Apps

The list of best apps for root users is not yet complete. I have more apps in mind which I wish to include. Just exhausted by the length of the post, so here are some more apps without details to save time and space:

14. Trickster Mod Kernel

Trickster MOD Kernel Settings
Download @Google Play

App: Trickster MOD Kernel Settings
Developer: Team Trickster
Price: Free
15. Root Browser

Root Browser (File Manager)
Download @Google Play

App: Root Browser (File Manager)
Developer: JRummy Apps Inc.
Price: $0.99
16. Full!screen

Download @Google Play

App: full!screen
Developer: tsorn
Price: Free
17. Settings Extended

Settings Extended
Download @Google Play

App: Settings Extended
Developer: halfbit
Price: Free
18. GMD GestureControl

GMD GestureControl ★ root
Download @Google Play

App: GMD GestureControl ★ root
Developer: Good Mood Droid
Price: $5.56
19. Root App Delete

Root App Delete
Download @Google Play

App: Root App Delete
Developer: TopDev
Price: Free
20. App Quarantine Pro

App Quarantine Pro ROOT/FREEZE
App: Download @Google Play

App Quarantine Pro ROOT/FREEZE
Developer: ramdroid
Price: $2.02
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You forgot to mention ES File Explorer I believe!
Actually, you only need to remount /system partition as read-write and modifing those files couldn't be easier!
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best apps for rooted android
Rooting is the process which can allow Android mobile operating system users to attain privileged control within Android sub system and rooting can give you opportunity make your phone more powerful like speeding it Up and wireless tethering.
8th February 2015, 06:01 AM |#4  
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best rooted apps
Rooting your android giving user elevated permissions, after rooting process user can do anything to any file or folder in the system. Rooting is also compared to Jail breaking. It is like a modification process to your Device. Rooted phone will boost battery life and increase the performance of your phone. Today I will write about 35 best apps for rooted android. here you get the best rooted apps.
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Any reviews on KingoApp?
17th August 2018, 12:21 PM |#6  
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Here are some of the best apps i think and are not listed above...
2)Root Essentials
3)Kernel Adiutor
4)SD Maid
6)3C toolbox
10)EasyBackup & Restore by mdroidapps
11)Partitions Backup
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