SOLVED Cooking Issues in CC [!!! Look Here Before Posting a Question !!!]

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By Laurentius26, Inactive Recognized Developer on 29th June 2010, 11:00 AM
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A collection of threads with SOLVED cooking issues In Chef Central

Before you open a new thread with a question have a look here
because maybe it's already answered.

If you do decide to open a new thread and your question is solved rename
your thread title to '[SOLVED] your question' so we can add it to the index.


Here's a alphabetic INDEX of all solved cases in Chef Central to make it easier to find:


[SOLVED] Aligned the Wi-Fi wizard during the initial setup
[SOLVED] can i import a reg file using RunCC?
[SOLVED] Customization loop
[SOLVED] Disabling welcome screen
[SOLVED] How can I activate the Welcomecenter?
[SOLVED] How to skip first boot settings after a Hard Reset?
[SOLVED] Iexplore.exe automatically starts on boot
[SOLVED] No Customisation + Welcome.exe [email protected]
[SOLVED] Non booting rom? make a bootable rom
[SOLVED] Problem booting a ROM? make it bootable
[SOLVED] Red Text on First Splash Screen
[SOLVED] Rom not booting solving everyday
[SOLVED] Rom not booting with m2d
[SOLVED] Setting time to 24 hour by default on first boot
[SOLVED] Splash screen during first boot
[SOLVED] Startup Sound missing?


[SOLVED] Bluetooth discoverable or not choices are missing
[SOLVED] Bluetooth in Dutch ROM
[SOLVED] Bluetooth stack can't be started at hd2
[SOLVED] Can't answer incoming call with bluetooth

Build specific:

[SOLVED] Arabic Addition is OK in 21916 and does not work with 28244
[SOLVED] WM6.5.XXX fixes


[SOLVED] Include .cab in ROM?
[SOLVED] How to cook in a self registering dll from a cab file


[SOLVED] Topaz WM6.5.5 camera problem


[SOLVED] CommManager Button height


[SOLVED] CHT editor gives error at launch
[SOLVED] Cooking CHT 2.00 widgets and reg layout?
[SOLVED] Cookie home tab
[SOLVED] Help cooking CHT widget


[SOLVED] Config.txt cant restart the device

Date and time

[SOLVED] Patching device date and time

Device model:

[SOLVED] How do chefs change "Model No"?


[SOLVED] How to dump .BIN files
[SOLVED] How to find the OS Build version when dump


[SOLVED] Can i use Chainfire D3dm and Turbo 3d drivers with Neo Drivers 2010


[SOLVED] WM 6.5.x operator text bar


[SOLVED] Can't send/receive SMS
[SOLVED] How to cook a rom without HTCMessaging?
[SOLVED] Disable HTC Messaging Client sent notification
[SOLVED] Distorted Menu In Email
[SOLVED] How To Disable HTC Messaging And Use WM SMS?
[SOLVED] issue in Mailbox
[SOLVED] Message Enhancement don't work
[SOLVED] Message enhanchment from oboe
[SOLVED] Messaging not working at all with 28230 and latest Rhodium OEMs
[SOLVED] Missing Send Text on left softkey of MS Text and Email App (6.5.x)
[SOLVED] Outlook Domain text field Can't input text [FIX for 2016 Pkg added]
[SOLVED] Strange Problem With Email and Keyboard - Help Please
[SOLVED] Threaded Email not working


[SOLVED] How to cook end key replacement


[SOLVED] Resco Explorer in ext package


[SOLVED] Fix ezinput 2.1 position
[SOLVED] Registery key disable xt9 on startup HD2

FM Radio:

[SOLVED] FM Radio on HD2 with 3.04 base
[SOLVED] Oboe FM radio


[SOLVED] 6.5.X Bold Font Fix (EZINPUT & DIALER)
[SOLVED] Fixed bold font issue in COM3
[SOLVED] Small fonts after flashing


[SOLVED] How to disable My Location, Agree to terms
[SOLVED] QuickGPS not updating


[SOLVED] How to translate HEX initflashfiles


[SOLVED] Activesync Icon Option
[SOLVED] For some reasons some icons dont display on hd2
[SOLVED] Where does signal level icons are located?


[SOLVED] Kaiser - initflashfiles.dat


[SOLVED] Data Connection Not Being Configured On Initial Customization
[SOLVED] Internet Sharing - no IP address - help please
[SOLVED] No internet connection in some apps?
[SOLVED] WIFI and Activesync internet connection troubles


[SOLVED] Create working EXT for Swype ( from .cab )
[SOLVED] EzInput - removing arrows
[SOLVED] How to decrease keyboard vibration sensitive?


[SOLVED] CFC TF3d compresion how do I?
[SOLVED] Cooking Reg Tweaks: Some Keys Rom Does Not Work
[SOLVED] HD2 Kitchen Problem with low Program Memory
[SOLVED] [htcrt.exe Assistance] question pertaining to HD2 Tmobile
[SOLVED] platformrebuilder errorlevel: -1073740777
[SOLVED] Problem compiling rom in ervius kitchen
[SOLVED] Tool for converting .abi to .nbh?
[SOLVED] Warning!!! Found Module duplicate on Module...
[SOLVED] What is required for changing a ROM base?


[SOLVED] COM3 standard WM lockscreen?
[SOLVED] How to disable htc hd2 lockscreen?
[SOLVED] How to have latest LockScreen working on COM5
[SOLVED] Lockscreen WM6.5 not unlocks in HTC Diamond
[SOLVED] Looking for HTC Lockscreen 2017 Traduction


[SOLVED] Cant update album art in manila
[SOLVED] Doc tab problem with Manila 2015
[SOLVED] Doc tab shows Please insert sd card
[SOLVED] Digital Compass in footprints
[SOLVED] Drag and Drop in People/Internet tabs
[SOLVED] Hide tabs in Sense
[SOLVED] How do I ?.... Disable Manila Flip, Personalize GSM Provider
[SOLVED] How to add extra tabs to sense?
[SOLVED] How to diable default cities in manila weather
[SOLVED] How to edit 26948339_manilla file & anybody has the physicsengine.dll
[SOLVED] How to edit the quick link Icons sense 2.5
[SOLVED] How to enable normal settings with HTC Sense
[SOLVED] Htc sense 2.5 1019 home page "My Location" and "Temperature"
[SOLVED] HTC Stock rom with sense 2016 included?
[SOLVED] Icon problem in Quicklinks of manila
[SOLVED] Internet Tab without Snapshots
[SOLVED] Latest Manila Home RSS removed
[SOLVED] Latest 2.5.20153712.0 Manila with Twitter / Documents / Stock tabs
[SOLVED] Manila 2017 Contact editor problem
[SOLVED] Manilla 2.5.20191914.0 : Save to contacts problem
[SOLVED] Manila 2018 does not shown My RSS feeds
[SOLVED] Manila Stocks Tab - Question
[SOLVED] Please help?! Problem with updating Sense 2.5 packages from 2012 to 2015
[SOLVED] Problem with sense 2.5 on Xperia X1
[SOLVED] Removing sense-tabs - dependencies
[SOLVED] RSS reader in Manila 2.5 Home tab?
[SOLVED] Sense Music Tab stops playback randomly
[SOLVED] Sense 2021 issue RSS reader not displaying properly
[SOLVED] Twitter certificate


[SOLVED] How can I translate Enhanced Menu SoftKeys
[SOLVED] Menu Enhancements issue


[SOLVED] Looking for mp3 trimmer for leo in cab/EXT package


[SOLVED] How to disable notification dropdown bar in 6.5.5
[SOLVED] Task manager in notification menu


[SOLVED] IMEI not showing


[SOLVED] How to use Manila OObe


[SOLVED] Slow typing problem in Opera 10


[SOLVED] 'Add Contact in 6.5.3
[SOLVED] 'new contact card' position fix


[SOLVED] Cannot modify phcan overbmp file
[SOLVED] Dialers
[SOLVED] How Can Cook the Default Dialer of HD2 on COM3??
[SOLVED] Huashan/Oboe Phone Dialer for WM6.5.3
[SOLVED] Incoming call avatar problem
[SOLVED] Incoming call position fix and here too
[SOLVED] LEO answer key rotates phonecanvas during incoming call
[SOLVED] Missing Phone Settings?
[SOLVED] Phone Canvas - Contact icon OEM Package


[SOLVED] manual backlight adjust not working
[SOLVED] Power_service.dll Question
[SOLVED] Quick List & Power off -> SYS 21898 problem!!!
[SOLVED] Screen does not turn off automatically


[SOLVED] Adding favs to provxml in operatorpkg
[SOLVED] Delete files in ProvXML doesn't work
[SOLVED]First boot customization doesn't start


[SOLVED] Trouble with the rilphone.dll in my ROM


[SOLVED] Enabling 576MB in TMOUS HD2


[SOLVED] Registery key to disable tactile feeback hd2
[SOLVED] Registrydump ppc
[SOLVED] Where can I Edit Phone Registry Hives?


[SOLVED] Cannot change ringtones on new builds ported. (stuck in phone settings)


[SOLVED] Change date of the ROM version?


[SOLVED] Kinetic Scroll in WM6.5.X


[SOLVED] SIM Manager issue
[SOLVED] Sim Manager wont work after update to manila 2017


[SOLVED] No softkey bar on today
[SOLVED] Soft Keys not visible in Photo crop when selecting Contact picture

Start menu:

[SOLVED] Double start menu settings icon
[SOLVED] How to set a start menu location for an added package?


[SOLVED] Stock Packages/What does what?


[SOLVED] Driver for 6.5 rom
[SOLVED] Latest WM 6.1 build SYS, XIP and LangPacks
[SOLVED] WM6.5.3 personal settings missing
[SOLVED] WM6.5.x INDEX of fixes


[SOLVED] IDS_XXXX tags in some HTC menus


[SOLVED] TaskManager HIDE


[SOLVED] Cooking the GTX theme into my ROM
[SOLVED] Cooking themes into ROMs
[SOLVED] Custom cooked SoftKey bar only activates on second boot (6.5.x, 28244)
[SOLVED] How to change a specific system color?
[SOLVED] How to make a wvga file of a vga file?
[SOLVED] Spb mobile shell breaks the theme in 21680


[SOLVED] Cooking without Titanium (Chome)


[SOLVED] Enabling 576MB in TMOUS HD2
[SOLVED] Is safe to use TMOUS 2.13 ROM as base to cook WWE?


[SOLVED] Cooking HD-Mini style toolbar in 6.5.x?


[SOLVED] How can I translate Enhanced Menu SoftKeys


[SOLVED] ROM Vibrates Randomly


[SOLVED] HTC Volume control on 6.5.3 (com 3) working on Blackstone/X1/old devices
[SOLVED] return to classic microsoft volume control
[SOLVED] Volume control buttons for Music tab in Manila missing


[SOLVED] COM5 Expire watermark


[SOLVED] welcomehead and welcomehead.192 problem...


[SOLVED] Wireless Network Found Bug in 23554, 21646, 23112


[SOLVED] Aligned the Wi-Fi wizard during the initial setup


[SOLVED] Cant get windows live messenger to work!


[SOLVED] youtube slow motion


[SOLVED] UC cant install a cab Sleuth's UC
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