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Change Region, Debrand or Rebrand 1.6 and 2.1 via CDA

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By arkedk, Senior Member on 31st October 2010, 09:38 PM
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1.6 Method

Debrand to Nordic Combined (B) firmware, quick and easy.
This will only work for Rooted X10i, Android 1.6
NOT FOR X10a, SO-01 or Mini (Pro)

You need to have Root Explorer installed
Edit you current system/default.prop file with Root Explorer.

Go in your system folder, press the Mount R/W button in the top right corner.
Long press the default.prop file > Open in Text Editor

Replace the numbers (XXXX-XXXX) in these 2 lines:

With the Nordic Combined (B) numbers which is:

X10i CUST-NBC GENERIC 1234-8465
Save & Exit.

Clear out your db folder in either PC Companion or SEUS, which ever one you use.
Press your Windows Key+R or type "run" in your start menu.
Then insert the path to what ever program you use and press enter.
Then delete the folder named with numbers in it.

SEUS db folder can be found here:
%programfiles%\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\
PC Companion db folder can be found here:
%programdata%\Sony Ericsson\Update Engine\db\
Reboot your phone and use SEUS to re-install your phone to 2.1.
Voila, you should now be on 2.1

2.1 Root Explorer Method only for Rooted Devices

Follow the steps as in 1.6 method.
And replace the numbers in the /system/build.prop file in the lines as 2.1 ADB Method descibes.

2.1 ADB Method only for Rooted Devices

Download Android SDK from HERE

Extract to your C:\

Remember to turn on USB Debugging (Go to your Settings>Applications>Development>Check USB Debugging).

Unmount your SD-Card from your computer (Pull down the notification bar on your phone and press the "Turn off USB Storage" and press "Turn Off")

Start cmd.exe, and go to your "C:\android-sdk-windows\tools" folder.
adb shell
then type:
Remember to keep your screen unlocked. Superuser App will ask for rights here. Allow it to have Super User rights when the pop up comes.
then type:
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
then type:
busybox cp /system/build.prop /sdcard/build.prop
Keep the adb shell running.

Remount your SD Card on your computer (Pull down the notification bar on your phone, and press "USB Connected" and press the "Mount" button")

Open the build.prop file on your computer using Notepad++

And replace the XXXX-XXXX with the ones desired (complete CDA list can be found below. Remember to only use X10i CDA for X10i models and vice versa, or else SEUS or PC Companion won't recognize your device)


Save the file and close down Notepad++

Now unmount the SD Card from the computer by bringing the Notification bar down on you phone and pressing the "Turn off USB Storage" and press "Turn Off"

Go back to the adb shell console and write.
busybox cp /sdcard/build.prop /system/build.prop
then type:
Your phone should now reboot. When complete clear out your "db" folder (described longer up) and run SEUS or PC Companion to change region, rebrand or debrand to the region you chose.

Added complete CDA list below, for all X10i and X10a.
First set of CDA applies to both Luster White and Sensuous Black.
The 2nd and 3rd sets codes is SI numbers for Luster White or Sensuous Black (The numbers behind the battery).
Remember to stay within your Model type, if it's a X10a then use CDA codes for X10a and vice versa.

The ones marked in RED is Generic Unbranded firmwares.

X10a 3-AU NAM1 1234-4828	1232-4469 3 AU/Sensuous black
X10a CLARO-BR NAM1 1233-6927	1232-4519 Claro BR/Luster white, 1232-4520 Claro BR/Sensuous black
X10a CLARO-CL NAM1 1234-4838	1234-4397 Claro CL/Sensuous black
X10a CLARO-GT NAM1 1234-4844	1234-4392 Claro GT/Sensuous black
X10a COMCEL-CO NAM1 1234-4846	1234-4390 Comcel 3GSM CO/Sensuous black
X10a CUST-AR NAM1 1237-1014	1236-2474 Customized AR/Sensuous black
X10a CUST-BR NAM1 1234-4836	1232-4526 Customized BR/Sensuous black
X10a CUST-GEL NAM1 1234-4820	1234-4388 Customized GEL/Sensuous black, 1234-4389 Customized GEL/Luster white
X10a MSTAR-AR NAM1 1237-0939	1236-7274 Movistar AR/Sensuous black
X10a MSTAR-CL NAM1 1234-8447	1232-4531 Movistar CL/Luster white, 1232-4532 Movistar CL/Sensuous black
X10a MSTAR-GT NAM1 1234-4816	1234-4395 Movistar GT/Sensuous black
X10a MSTAR-PE NAM1 1234-4834	1232-4538 Movistar PE/Sensuous black
X10a MV-VE_NAM1 1234-4818	1237-3881 Movilnet Venezuela/Sensuous black
X10a ROG-CA NAM1 1233-6929	1232-4506 Rogers Wireless CA/Luster white, 1232-4507 Rogers Wireless CA/Sensuous black
X10a TCEL-MX NAM1 1233-6931	1232-4543 TELCEL GSM MX/Luster white, 1232-4544 TELCEL GSM MX/Sensuous black
X10a TCNZ-NZ_NAM 1234-4822	1233-1074 Telecom New Zealand NZ/Sensuous black
X10a TELEF-CO NAM1 1234-6245	1232-4534 Movistar CO/Sensuous black
X10a TELSTRA-AU NAM1 1234-4824	1232-4505 Telstra AU/Sensuous black
X10a TIM-BR NAM1 1234-4840	1232-4546 TIM BR/Sensuous black
X10a VIVO-BR NAM1 1233-6925	1232-4516 Vivo BR/Sensuous black
X10i 3-AT GENERIC 1234-4748	1232-4384 3 AT/Sensuous black
X10i 3-DK GENERIC 1234-6544	1232-4364 3 DK/Luster white, 1232-4365 3 DK/Sensuous black
X10i 3-HK GENERIC 1234-6546	1232-9913 3 HK/Luster white, 1232-9914 3 HK/Sensuous black
X10i 3-IE GENERIC 1234-4750	1235-0102 3 IE/Sensuous black
X10i 3-SE GENERIC 1234-4752	1232-4366 3 SE/Luster white, 1232-4367 3 SE/Sensuous black
X10i 3-UK GENERIC 1232-9592	1232-4287 3 UK/Sensuous black
X10i BOUYG-FR GENERIC 1233-7025	1232-4305 Bouyges Telecom FR/Luster white, 1232-4306 Bouyges Telecom FR/Sensuous black
X10i CHT-TW GENERIC 1239-2540	1238-4530 CHT TW/Sensuous black, 1238-4531 CHT TW/Luster white
X10i CONN-RO VFE 1234-6156	1232-4446 Vodafone RO/Luster white
X10i COSMO-GR GENERIC 1234-7536	1234-2560 Cosmote GR/Sensuous black, 1234-2561 Cosmote GR/Luster white
X10i CUST-AE GENERIC 1238-8010	1238-7987 Customized AE/Sensuous blac, 1238-7988 Customized AE/Luster white
X10i CUST-AU GENERIC 1234-6150	1232-4473 Customized AU/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-BE GENERIC 1238-0870	1232-4403 Customized BE/Luster white, 1232-4404 Customized BE/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-CH GENERIC 1237-0688	1232-4387 Customized CH/Luster White, 1232-4388 Customized CH/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-DE GENERIC 1235-7836	1232-2949 Customized DE/Luster white, 1232-2950 Customized DE/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-GBA GENERIC 1238-3757	1236-2484 Customized GBA/Sensuous black, 1236-2485 Customized GBA/Luster white
X10i CUST-HK GENERIC 1234-6286	1232-9912 Customized HK/Sensuous black, 1232-9915 Customized HK/Luster white
X10i CUST-ID GENERIC 1237-0687	1232-4474 Customized ID/Luster white, 1232-4475 Customized ID/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-IN GENERIC 1237-0692	1235-2964 Customized IN/Sensuous black, 1235-2965 Customized IN/Luster white
X10i CUST-IT GENERIC 1237-0326	1237-4062 Customized IT/Sensuous black, 1237-4063 Customized IT/Luster white
X10i CUST-NCB GENERIC 1234-8465	1235-5522 Customized NCB/Sensuous black, 1235-5523  Customized NCB/Luster white
X10i CUST-NL GENERIC 1234-8547	1232-4405 Customized NL/Luster white, 1232-4406 Customized NL/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-PH GENERIC 1237-0696	1236-2477 Customized PH/Sensuous black, 1236-2478 Customized PH/Luster white
X10i CUST-RU GENERIC 1233-2792	1232-4428 Customized RU/Luster white, 1232-4429 Customized RU/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-SG GENERIC 1237-0334	1232-4480 Customized SG/Luster white, 1232-4481 Customized SG/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-TH GENERIC 1237-0336	1235-4248 Customized TH/Sensuous black, 1235-4249 Customized TH/Luster white
X10i CUST-TW GENERIC 1233-7027	1232-4484 Customized TW/Luster white, 1232-4485 Customized TW/Sensuous black
X10i CUST-UK GENERIC 1235-7379	1231-8220 Customized UK/Sensuous black
X10i CUSTO-IBE GENERIC 1238-3760	1233-8170 Customized IBE/Sensuous black, 1233-8171 Customized IBE/Luster white
X10i CUSTOMIZEDARO-ARO GENERIC 1241-1846	1240-7824 Customized ARO/Sensuous black, 1240-7825 Customized ARO/Luster white
X10i CUSTOMIZEDCE1-CE1 GENERIC 1237-8344	1235-5526 Customized CE1/Sensuous black, 1235-5527 Customized CE1/Luster white
X10i CUSTOMIZEDCE3-CE3 GENERIC 1236-4636	1234-6290 Customized CE3/Sensuous black, 1235-5528 Customized CE3/Sensuous black, 1235-5529 Customized CE3/Luster white
X10i CUSTOMIZEDSA-SA GENERIC 1238-6349	1238-7363 Customized SA/Sensuous black, 1238-7364 Customized SA/Luster white
X10i CUSTZA-ZA GENERIC 1238-3758	1234-2565 Customized ZA/Sensuous black
X10i CYTA-CY VFE 1234-6146	1236-2482 Cytamobile Vfe CY/Sensuous black
X10i E+-DE GENERIC 1234-4754	1232-2951 E-PLUS DE/Luster white
X10i GBUL-BG GENERIC 1236-5705	1234-3046 GloBul BG/Sensuous black, 1234-3047 GloBul BG/Luster white
X10i GLOBAL-GGL GENERIC 1232-9897	1233-8175 Customized BAL/Sensuous black, 1234-6287 Customized CE1/Sensuous black, 1235-5525 Customized CE1/Luster white, 1237-1372 Customized BD/Sensuous black, 1237-1373 Customized BD/Luster white, 1238-3340 Customized UA/Sensuous black, 1238-4174 Customized UA/Luster white, 1238-6985 Customized UA/Sensuous black, 1238-6986 Customized UA/Luster white
X10i GT-FR GENERIC 1233-2796	1232-4307 Customized FR/Luster white, 1232-4308 Customized FR/Sensuous black
X10i KPNMOB-NL GENERIC 1234-8550	1232-4407 KPN Mobile NL/Luster white, 1232-4408 KPN Mobile NL/Sensuous black
X10i M1-SG GENERIC 1237-0329	1232-4490 M1 SG/Luster white, 1232-4491 M1 SG/Sensuous black
X10i MEDI-MA GENERIC 1238-7218	1234-3041 Medi Telecom - Meditel MA/Sensuous black
X10i MENA AR-MEA GENERIC 1238-3759	1232-4557 Customized MEA/Luster white, 1232-4558 Customized MEA/Sensuous black
X10i MENA LA-MEL GENERIC 1238-3756	1232-4556 Customized MEL/Sensuous black, 1232-4559 Customized MEL/Luster white
X10i METEOR-IE GENERIC 1234-4756	1235-0099 Meteor IE/Sensuous black
X10i MKOM-AT VFE 1234-4583	1234-3040 Mobilkom A1 AT/Sensuous black
X10i MSTAR-BE GENERIC 1236-0132	1232-4409 Mobistar BE/Luster White, 1232-4410 Mobistar BE/Sensuous black
X10i MSTAR-ES GENERIC 1234-7515	1233-8168 Movistar ES/Sensuous black, 1233-8169 Movistar ES/Luster white
X10i MTEL-BG VFE 1234-6171	1234-3043 MobilTel EAD BG/Sensuous black, 1234-3044 MobilTel EAD BG/Luster white
X10i O2-DE GENERIC 1233-2794	1232-2957 o2 DE/Luster white
X10i O2-IE GENERIC 1234-4760	1235-0097 O2 IE/Sensuous black
X10i O2-UK GENERIC 1234-4762	1232-4289 O2 Pay monthly UK/Sensuous black
X10i OMUS-PT GENERIC 1234-6159	1238-5640 Optimus PT/Sensuous black
X10i OPTUS-AU GENERIC 1234-4764	1232-4493 Optus AU/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-CARAIB-FR GENERIC 1236-0134	1235-5920 Orange Caraibes FR/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-CH GENERIC 1234-4768	1232-4393 Orange CH/Luster White
X10i ORA-DO GENERIC 1234-6148	1235-5201 Orange DO/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-FR GENERIC 1234-4770	1232-4309 Orange FR/Luster White, 1232-4310 Orange FR/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-PL GENERIC 1234-9617	1232-4431 Orange PL/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-RO GENERIC 1239-5661	1239-6834 Orange RO/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-SK GENERIC 1236-0130	1238-8956 Orange SK/Sensuous black
X10i ORA-UK GENERIC 1234-6152	1232-4290 Orange UK/Luster white, 1232-4291 Orange UK/Sensuous black
X10i ORANGE-AT GENERIC 1234-4766	1232-4391 Orange AT/Sensuous black
X10i PANNON-HU GENERIC 1236-4638	1237-1559 Pannon HU/Sensuous black
X10i PLAY-PL GENERIC 1236-7213	1235-7418 PLAY PL/Sensuous black, 1235-7419 PLAY PL/Luster white 
X10i PLUS-PL GENERIC 1234-7169	1232-4433 Polkomtel PLUS PL/Sensuous black
X10i PROX-BE VFE 1234-4591	1233-8166 Proximus BE/Sensuous black
X10i PTC-PL GENERIC 1234-7484	1234-2566 PTC ERA PL/Sensuous black
X10i S-TEL-SG GENERIC 1237-0333	1232-4494 Singtel SG/Luster white, 1232-4495 Singtel SG/Sensuous black
X10i SFR-FR VFE 1234-8436	1232-4312 SFR FR/Sensuous black
X10i SKTELECOM-KR GENERIC 1236-4494	1236-2094 SK Telecom SK/Sensuous black, 1236-2095 SK Telecom SK/Luster white
X10i SMART-PH GENERIC 1239-6522	1239-4774 Smart Communications PH/Sensuous black
X10i STAR-SG GENERIC 1237-0330	1232-4496 Starhub SG/Luster white, 1232-4497 Starhub SG/Sensuous black 
X10i SUN-CH GENERIC 1233-2786	1233-8167 Sunrise CH/Sensuous black, 1235-2932 unrise CH/Luster white
X10i SWISSC-CH VFE 1233-7029	1232-4395 Swisscom CH/Luster white, 1232-4396 Swisscom CH/Sensuous black
X10i TDC-DK GENERIC 1234-9751	1233-8176 TDC Mobil DK/Sensuous black, 1233-8179 TDC Mobil DK/Luster white
X10i TELIA-DK GENERIC 1234-9747	1232-4375 Telia DK/Sensuous black, 1235-6166 Telia DK/Luster white
X10i TMN-PT GENERIC 1237-0324	1236-0796 TMN PT/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-AT GENERIC 1234-7482	1232-4382 T-Mobile AT/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-CZ GENERIC 1234-7489	1232-4435 T-Mobile CZ/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-DE GENERIC 1232-6435	1232-2953 T-Mobile DE/Luster white, 1232-2954 T-Mobile DE/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-HR GENERIC 1234-7486	1232-4437 T-Mobile HR/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-HU GENERIC 1234-7487	1232-4439 T-Mobile HU/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-NL GENERIC 1233-7031	1232-4402 T-Mobile NL/Sensuous black, 1232-4413 T-Mobile NL/Luster white
X10i TMOB-SK GENERIC 1236-4639	1236-2481 T-Mobile SK/Sensuous black
X10i TMOB-UK GENERIC 1238-8324	1232-4293 T-mobile UK/Sensuous black
X10i TNOR-DK GENERIC 1234-9749	1233-8174 Telenor DK/Sensuous black, 1235-6167 Telenor DK/Luster white
X10i TNOR-NO GENERIC 1234-7530	1232-4370 Telenor Mobil NO/Luster white, 1232-4371 Telenor Mobil NO/Sensuous black
X10i TNOR-SE GENERIC 1232-9594	1232-4372 Telenor SE/Luster white, 1232-4373 Telenor SE/Sensuous black
X10i TSON-SE GENERIC 1234-9753	1232-4363 TeliaSonera SE/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-AU VFE 1234-4575	1232-4503 Vodafone AU/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-DE VFE 1234-4587	1232-2955 Vodafone DE/Luster white, 1232-2956 Vodafone DE/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-DE VFE 1239-2736	1232-9883 Retail demo/Vodafone DE/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-ES VFE 1234-6163	1232-2966 Vodafone ES/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-GR VFE 1234-4581	1234-2558 Vodafone GR/Sensuous black, 1234-2559 Vodafone GR/Luster white
X10i VFE-HU VFE 1234-6167	0000-0000 Vodafone HU/Sensuous black, 0000-0000 Vodafone HU/Luster white
X10i VFE-IE VFE 1234-4577	1235-0095 Vodafone IE/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-IT VFE 1240-1465	1239-7590 Vodafone IT/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-NL VFE 1234-4593	1233-7828 Vodafone NL/Sensuous black, 1233-7829 Vodafone NL/Luster white
X10i VFE-NZ_VFE 1234-6142	1235-5919 Vodafone NZ/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-PT VFE 1234-4585	1235-2669 Vodafone PT/Sensuous black
X10i VFE-UK VFE 1234-4579	1232-4285 Vodafone UK/Sensuous black
X10i VIP-HR VFE 1234-6169	1238-8955 Vipnet HR/Sensuous black
X10i VODAC-ZA VFE 1234-4589	1234-2564 Vodacom ZA/Sensuous black
The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to arkedk For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift arkedk Ad-Free
31st October 2010, 09:42 PM |#2  
Senior Member
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Man... never anything for x10a. useless I should've bought an x10i and go with wind.
31st October 2010, 09:44 PM |#3  
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Testing as I didn't move to Nordic for this very reason
31st October 2010, 09:45 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Flag Hyderabad
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can u tell me how to root the phone pls im new to all dis
31st October 2010, 09:48 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by vickysud

can u tell me how to root the phone pls im new to all dis
31st October 2010, 09:48 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by vickysud

can u tell me how to root the phone pls im new to all dis

One-Click root is the easiest way.
31st October 2010, 09:49 PM |#7  
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I didnt have this line in my default.prop, changed the other one, and SEUS reported no new software
31st October 2010, 09:52 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by downesey

I didnt have this line in my default.prop, changed the other one, and SEUS reported no new software

Are you sure you didn't edit the default.prop file in the root folder and not the system folder?

I've jumped to 3 different region builds in the past 2 days by doing this.
31st October 2010, 09:55 PM |#9  
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my stupidity jumped 3 different regions then. Ive found it now

Do i change the entire line, or just the X's?
31st October 2010, 09:55 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by downesey

my stupidity jumped 3 different regions then. Ive found it now

Do i change the entire line, or just the X's?

Only the X's
31st October 2010, 09:56 PM |#11  
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thanks so much i was afraid of using the nordic flasher but this just made it so easy.
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