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READ FIRST! - Rooting, Solutions to Problems, the Answer to Life (Updated:11/29/11)

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By sekigah84, Senior Member on 8th December 2010, 05:10 AM
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Don't forget to thank people who made the ROMs, Root Methods, etc. They put in a lot of work and take a lot of time helping people. All it takes is a click of a button. One for me too! It's a lot of work trying to keep everything updated. =P

This will and always will be a work in progress. If you feel something should be added, clarified, or corrected feel free to PM me. I'm not perfect and I can't read everything so any and all help is appreciated. (Yes of course I will credit you. Just no plagiarism!)


I made this guide to be a collection of information for the latest rooting methods as well as common questions and problems that arise from rooting/flashing/etc. Please read the entire guide if you are new to rooting. Also the common questions and problems are found in posts 2 and 3 of this thread. I hope you find this to be helpful. Happy and safe rooting.


Rooting Information

What is rooting and why should/shouldn't I do it?
Rooting is a way of gaining access to the root directory of your phone enabling you to change every aspect of your phones software that the manufacturer has locked. This enables you to do many things with your device that the manufacturer did not intend. Here are some reasons why people root and why people don't.

Reasons to root:
Get the latest versions of Android on your phone before anyone else.
Try faster and more optimized versions of your phone's software.
Overclocking and underclocking your phone.
Longer battery life.
Theme your phone a lot more.
FREE Wireless Tethering.
Remove unwanted Sprint software.

Reasons to NOT Root:
Not comfortable with troubleshooting your phone and phone problems.
Do not have the time to spend going through countless forums to find solutions to problems.
Possibility to break your phone permanently causing you to go back to Sprint (IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE) to get another one or buy another if you don't have insurance.
Very time consuming and addicting.
Do not know what a "driver" is for a computer.
Have no knowledge of DOS.

So how do I root?
-Don't use any method just because the guide says "ROOT METHOD". Make sure its the latest root method used for your situation. Even this guide will get outdated one day (I'll try my best to keep it up to date).
-Rooting will cause all your information to be lost if you did not properly back them up. You will lose anything saved on the phone, such as contacts (not synced to Google) and applications and settings. Anything on your SD card will still be there such as music and pictures and video.

Basic terminology:
ROM - The phone's software
Flashing - Installing. Pertains to ROMs, kernels, radios, themes, etc.

0) Make sure you have at least 30% battery. You do NOT want to have your phone die when flashing. Your phone will turn into a very pretty and expensive paperweight.

1) Turn on your phone and hit Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software information. Make a note of your Baseband Version, Kernel version, Software Number, and PRI Version. Now press your BACK button and go to Hardware information. Look for your 4 digit Hardware Version. Write this down too. This information is helpful when troubleshooting issues you may have.

2) Power your phone off. Hold VOLUME DOWN and your POWER button till you see the following screen

This is called the Bootloader Screen. Remember it. You will see it very often. There are two pieces of crucial information on this screen that you will be concerned with. On the first line, you will see S-ON. This stands for Security-ON. It means you are not rooted more or less. On the second line you will see "HBOOT #.##.####" This is your HBOOT version number.

3) Now that you have this information, it is time to pick your root method. You only need to root once and only need to pick ONE of the following methods.

Revolutionary: - This will unlock the bootloader for the latest stock GB. Follow all instructions to the letter.




How do I know if I am rooted?
Go into Bootloader. If you see S-OFF at the top, you are fully rooted.

I am rooted now. What can I do?
A nandroid backup basically takes a snapshot of your phone which you can restore. While it will fix most problems, it is not a cure all. It will fix most if not all ROM flashing blunders.

How do I make a Nandroid Backup?
1) Power off your phone.
2) Hold VOLUME DOWN and POWER to till you see the Bootloader screen.
3) Use VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN to navigate to RECOVERY and push the POWER button to select.
4) Once in Recovery, Look for an option that says NANDROID or NANDROID BACKUP.
5) Select that and hit power.
6) Wait till your NANDROID BACKUP is finished and then proceed to flashing anything you want.
8) If you run out of space on your SD card, your backups are saved to your SD card under the Nandroid Folder. Back up this folder to your PC.

OK. I made my Nandroid Backup. What can I do now?
You can now flash custom ROMs, kernels, radios, themes, etc.

If you aren't sure what a ROM/Radio/Recovery is check out ricsim78's post here:

Here is a great guide on kernels. Kernels are what you want to flash if you want to improve battery life. - Kernel information. What each does and what each stands for?

Here is where you can find most of the goodies here on XDA for the Evo:
Head on over to the Android Development forums for Custom ROMs/Kernels/Radios/Recoveries.
If you want themes, clocks, widgets, UI, etc, head on over to the Themes + Apps forum. Make sure you flashed a "Deodex" ROM for theming.

How do I flash a ROM/Kernel/Theme/etc
99% of all ROM's, kernels and radios come flashable (will be a .zip file).
1) Plug your phone into your computer and connect it as Disk Drive.
2) Place your ROM/Kernel/Radio/Theme/ETC into your SD card. (If you have the 4 in 1 option skip to step 5)
3) Power your phone off. Hold VOLUME DOWN and POWER at the same time till you load into Bootloader.
4) Select recovery by using the volume buttons to move and hit the power button to load into Recovery.
5) Once in recovery, make a NANDROID BACKUP and wipe your data/cache/dalvik! If you are flashing an update to your ROM and want to keep your apps, don't wipe your data. If you run into errors or FC (Force closes), wipe your data/cache/dalvik and flash again.
6) Flash your file by going to Install/Flash zip from sdcard.
7) Select your file and hit the power button. Press power again to confirm if needed.
8) Wait till the flash is complete and reboot.

How do I return to stock (unroot)? Go down to the FAQ. Your answer lies there.

How do I backup my apps?
Use MyBackup. You can use this to backup and restore your apps without the need for rooting. (Thanks teh roxxorz)

Appbrain is good if you are using market only apps. However app data won't be saved.

Titanium Backup is also good if you are rooted.

teh roxxorz aka time traveler, xHausx, ricsim78, zikronix, djR3Z, mroneeyedboh for their work on the guides I linked and to all the devs out there cooking up ROMs/Recoveries/Themes/Kernels/ETC to bring everyone rooting joy.
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8th December 2010, 05:25 AM |#2  
Common Questions

I am getting an Over the Air (OTA) update from Sprint. Should I accept it if I am rooted?
This is what a Sprint OTA update looks like.

This means that your phone's software is not up to date and it is telling you to update. You must download a ROOTED version of the update and manually flash it. Accepting this will cause you to lose root and worst case, brick your phone. SO DON'T DO IT! lol

This is the link to the latest OFFICIAL ROOTED Sprint ROMs. This will flash a ROOTED 100% stock phone. Meaning it will be rooted but it will be just like your how your phone was before you rooted it. You can NOT remove the Sprint bloatware on the phone. You can also flash a custom ROM with the newest update as its base.

Newest Stock ROOTED RUU - 4.22.651.2
3.70.651.1 + Radios NEWEST ROOTED OTA. Use the First link for the Radios.
3.30.651.3 + Kernels
3.30.651.2 + Kernels

I rooted using ABC's method. Do I need to root again using XYZ's?
No. Once you are rooted, you are good to go.

I turned my phone into a paperweight/bricked it/"borked" it/its just not working no matter what I do. What can I do?:
If you can still get into your bootloader then you are not bricked! But if you can't get into bootloader and if you have Sprint's Total Equipment Protection Program, you are in luck. They changed their policy on October 23rd. Here are the details of what it covers.
If the phone is beyond repair, you will have to go through Asurion and pay the $100 deductible. TEP does not cover rooted phones. You have to go through Asurion.

If you don't have TEP, everything except water/fire damage and lost phone replacements cost $35 per incident as long as the phone is not beyond repair. If it is beyond repair, you will have to buy a new phone.

What is PRL?
PRL stands for Preferred Roaming List. Its a list of roaming towers in your area. Its best to keep this updated in crappy coverage areas.

What is PRI? <- Debate on what it stands for. (REALLY?!)
In actuality it is called "Product Release Instructions" and is essentially a list of settings for the radio. It's the PRI which uses the PRL to enable data roaming by connecting it to towers/cell sites listed in the PRL and for other things such as to allow calls to interrupt an active data session (ring-through).

How do I update my PRL/PRI?
Go to Menu > Settings > System Updates > Update PRL + Update Profile.

If that doesn't work (and for most, it doesn't), you can always download it from here. Mind you the above steps only work for Sense based ROMs. If you are on AOSP you have to download it from below.

To update your PRL Manually, go to this link (thanks to Noncorp)

Latest Information:
WIMAX: 27925
PRI: 1.90.003
PRL: 60677

I see "deodex" and "odex" ROMs. What are those?
Basically if you want to theme your ROM you want to use deodexed ROMs. Odexed ROM's are made to be streamlined. There is a performance difference. Deodexed ROM's will take longer to boot up because everything or almost everything is unpacked. Odexed ROM's will boot faster and be more responsive.
Google is your friend =P

FREE Wireless Tether:
***Some builds don't work with certain ROM's. Trial and error or searching within your ROM's thread will let you know which build numbers will work for you. Also note if you enable WIFI Encryption, the password is CASE SENSITIVE! Make sure you know that as you are typing the password in due to certain keyboards auto capitalizing. ***

ADW - Landscape on Home Screen, Customize Dock Bar, Customize Icons, Customize App Drawer, Free and Pro Versions.
LauncherPro - Landscape on Home Screen, Customize Dock Bar, Customize Icons, Customize App Drawer, Free and Pro Versions, Widgets (Pro Only)

Beautiful Widgets - Sense like clocks and weather. Make sure to download the animation package if you want animated weather.
OneSeven - A text based date widget
Tajm - A text based clock


Battery - Common Questions and Problems

What is the best ROM + Kernel combination for battery life?
There is no right answer for this. Battery life is affected by so many factors, the only thing you can do is trial and error. Here are most of the factors that can affect battery life:

-Phone Settings (Haptic feedback, screen on duration, auto sync, radios, etc)
-Overclocking + underclocking
-Signal strength
-Battery type
-Battery stats
-Calibrating the battery
-The water you drank the other day
-The **** you took just before

So how do I improve battery life?
#1 Go to the bottom:
#2 Adjust your brightness settings, turn off anything you aren't using, use Wifi if it is available (noticeable), set sync frequencies longer, and turn off haptic feedback.
#3 Get some Ebay batteries. They work decently for the price but you may not enjoy carrying multiple batteries around and doing the battery shuffle with your phone.
#5 Seriously go out and buy an extended battery. It is well worth it if you don't care about the increase in size. If you are like me and use the car dock you will get a bit ticked off that you have to switch back to the stock battery and stock cover when you get into your car but its worth it.
#6 You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!

I bought #3 when I got my Evo at launch. The damn aftermarket batteries lasted longer than my OEM.


ROM Information and Tips Poll of ROM usage:
Sense ROMs
There are a few flavors of Sense nowadays and you may be confused as to what it all means. If your Evo was fully up to date, it should be on Android 2.2 Froyo using Sense 1.0.
Lately there have been ROM leaks that have pushed it all the way up to Gingerbread 2.3.3/2.3.4 with Sense 3.0. The problem is these are unofficial updates of Sense.
Any leaked ROM will have bugs that must first be ironed out.

Sense 1.0 - Will have everything working. Most of these ROMs optimize performance and are themed with certain mods and tweaks.
Sense 2.0 - Will almost certainly not have 4G working along with other bugs because Sense 2.0 are ported over from other devices who don't use WIMAX. If you need 4G, don't bother flashing a Sense 2.0 based ROM.
Sense 3.0 - Currently there are two leaks that feature Sense 3.0, Kingdom (Evo 3D) and the Sensation leak. The Kingdom leak is the best bet as of now because it has both Android 2.3.3 and Sense 3.0 WITH WORKING 4G! The problem is that it was made for a 3D device so there are bugs that need to be ironed out.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:
If you want stability, stick with a Sense 1.0 ROMs.
If you want to experiment and can do without 4G or don't have 4G in your area, try a Sense 2.0 ROM.
Sense 3.0 is in no way ready for daily use without major bugs.

When picking your Sense ROM from the Android Developer section, make sure you read the titles and the Original Post (OP) by the author of the thread.
They will tell you what the ROM is based off of.

AOSP ROMs (Vanilla ROMs)
AOSP/Vanilla ROMs do not have Sense and is based off the original Android UI. Sense can limit performance and use certain resources. The following two ROMs should be your starting points for AOSP based ROMs as most of them for the Evo are based off Cyanogen Mod (CM). While these have come a long way for the Evo, some functions aren't working such as 720p video recording. CM7 + 4G + HDMI Mirroring MIUI NO 4G

** These have been found to be stable for daily use. Read through each thread to know what is and is not working. There are many other ROMs out there that are in beta that are not listed here. **


ADB - Android Debug Bridge

A great guide to ADB.
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8th December 2010, 05:25 AM |#3  
Common Problems:

Standard Troubleshooting For Many Flashing Problems:
-Try Rebooting. Most problem will be solved this way.
-Was it fine before your Nandroid Backup? If so, restore your backup.
-If you flashed something and are having issues, did you wipe your data/cache/dalvik? If not then do it and reflash.
-If you are still getting problems, the file is most likely corrupt or outdated. Try redownloading and making sure the file is updated for your ROM + Version #
-If the file is updated and NOT corrupt, SEARCH FIRST IN THE FORUMS OR GOOGLE! You will be surprised on the answers you can find in 15 seconds of searching.
-Can't find any solution or workaround? Then make a post in that thread with details of your problems, as well as ROM, Hardware version, Hboot #, error messages, etc.

I am getting a picture of an Evo with a Red ! inside of a triangle HALP!
You mean this?

This means your recovery is not flashed to a custom one such as Amon RA or Clockworks. If you do have one flashed, try hitting VOLUME UP and the POWER button. See if your screen pushes into recovery. If not then you will have to reflash your recovery again.

I am getting a picture of an Evo with a Green arrow with a circle HALP!
You mean this?

This means whatever you just flashed is being updated and you should let it run its course. It will go away after a few minutes and by the time you finish reading this it might be done! If its running for a LONG TIME. Pull your battery and load back into recovery. Wipe your data/cache/dalvik and then reboot again. You might see this screen again but it should run through this time.

I am getting a red ? image what does that mean?
You mean this?

The "WTF" (courtesy of xHausx) icon, it will show that if it gets a bad auto update command or a bad update package. Try to go back into recovery, wipe your data/cache/dalvik and try again.

I am getting a red triangle with an !
You mean this?

The Last one I'm guessing you'll see if there is an error within the recovery itself, I've never seen it be used before. - xHausx

I am getting random Force Closes (FCs) after flashing ****.
Did you wipe your data/cache/dalvik? If not do a Nandroid Restore to the backup you should have done before flashing and then wipe data/cache/dalvik and then reflash. See if you still get a FC. If you do, there might be a problem with whatever it is you flashed with the ROM you are using. Check on the thread you downloaded it from for support.

I am stuck in a boot loop.
If you flashed a new ROM and you are stuck in a bootloop, you probably didn't erase your data/cache/dalvik. Try that and reflash your ROM. This will fix most boot loop issues. If it was from something else, make a post in your respective threads or in Q+A.

I am stuck in a NAND Backup! Lots of "..............."
Pull your battery and restart the backup. You might also want to erase the NAND backup that failed by going to your respective NANDROID backup folder on your SD card.

My 4G isn't connecting and I'm in a 4G city.
Enable your 4G radio. Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks and look under 4G. If you see Scanning... > Connecting to Sprint > Authorizing > Scanning and it keeps repeating, you might have lost your RSA keys. Go back to your home screen, hit Menu > Settings > About phone > Hardware Information > 4G MAC Address. Does it say 00:16:08:00:24:05? If not you are fine and probably don't have a strong enough signal. 4G doesn't penetrate as well as 3G because there isn't that much signal saturation. Also because 4G runs on a higher frequency than 3G and therefore doesn't penetrate as well. (kudos to for reminding me nuformzdesign) If so, you lost your MAC address. Now you need to check if you have your RSA keys.

Go to the Market and download RSA Key Checker by joeykrim. Use this to see if you still have your RSA keys.

If you still have your RSA keys and only need to fix your MAC address IF it is 00:16:08:00:24:05. Go here:

If you lost your RSA keys, there is a restore method but I am not sure if it works. At this point it is your only choice beside returning it to Sprint.

OK. That didn't work. What do I need to do before I return this to Sprint?
Unroot your phone using the method above. Return it to Sprint, and tell them you can't connect to 4G and continue playing dumb. Say that you turned it off and turned it back on and no 4G. Also make sure you remove your SD card. If their tech is smart, he will look for signs of root like busybox or SU. So just keep it simple and take your SD card out and give them your phone.

I still have my RSA keys and my MAC address but I still can't connect to 4G.
Go to Menu > Settings > Update Phone > Update Profile. Also do Update PRL. Reboot your phone and try to connect again. If you can't go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks. Look under 4G and see if it just gets stuck on Scanning and does NOTHING else. If it does, are you underclocking/undervolting? If so you might have been too aggressive. Revert back to a stock kernel. Check to see if you get your 4G back.

My 4G takes forever to connect. What can I do?
Take a look through this. What this does is basically make your phone check every 15 seconds instead of 300 seconds. Which is why your 4G takes forever to connect when you know you have a strong signal. Be warned however as this will cause your phone to die faster when 4G is on. Or you can update to 3.70.651.1. It has a "widget" that allows you to manually reconnect.

My USB port/SD Card is not found or not working. What can I do?
Go through this post.
Also this happened to me once because I unplugged in disk drive mode and I couldn't access anything on my SD card. I reconnected it to my PC in disk drive mode and then ejected the drive from Windows. This restored functionality.

I am a MAC user and I downloaded ____'s ROM and it doesn't work.
Macs will recompress the file. Use Firefox to download and make sure it doesn't recompress the file. It should work then. Either that or use a Windows based PC.

I tried to NANDROID BACKUP and I got an error message saying "Run '' via adb!"
Your SD card is full. Mount your phone in recovery using the USB-MS option (Amon-RA) and clear off your SD card. Your Nandroid Backup folder is called nandroid (Amon-RA). Move that to your PC.

I see these weird multi-colored lines that look like static. Is something wrong?
This is a very common issue that happens to a lot of people. You don't need to worry. Nothing is wrong. Sometimes it will persist after you flash a ROM. Restarting your phone will fix the issue. It will always come up when flashing a ROM or restarting. However it won't impede you from using your phone. So the bottom line, don't worry about it.
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8th December 2010, 05:40 AM |#4  
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Very Helpful SHould Be Stickied!
8th December 2010, 11:29 PM |#6  
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stickied stay on topic. @OP ball is in your court. good job
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9th December 2010, 01:32 AM |#7  
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Thank you for this! There have been a few tweaks to some of the root and unroot methods/guides...nice to have them in one place
9th December 2010, 09:33 AM |#8  
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I have a question. I rooted my phone using these 2 web pages,, which are pretty much the same while i watched the videos djrez has on how to root the evo. I just noticed those 2 threads were posted a while back. Does that mean i should root my evo again using your method?
9th December 2010, 02:14 PM |#9  
Originally Posted by LuvThyMetal

I have a question. I rooted my phone using these 2 web pages,, which are pretty much the same while i watched the videos djrez has on how to root the evo. I just noticed those 2 threads were posted a while back. Does that mean i should root my evo again using your method?

If you are rooted already, you do not need to update your Root method. You only need to update your ROM.
9th December 2010, 11:19 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by sekigah84

If you are rooted already, you do not need to update your Root method. You only need to update your ROM.

Thank you. Are you talking about the recovery Rom? Sorry I'm new to this stuff

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App
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10th December 2010, 01:22 AM |#11  
Originally Posted by LuvThyMetal

Thank you. Are you talking about the recovery Rom? Sorry I'm new to this stuff

Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App

No. Recovery is different from a ROM. A ROM would be the equivalent to the flavor of OS you are using. Whether it be CM6, Ava v10, Myn's ROM. Look under the Android Development section and go through some of the posts labeled as [ROM]. They have screen shots of the ROM's appearance and some have videos of their use and features.

Some just change the appearance, others increase performance, include apps such as Swype and Hulu, and some change it back to vanilla/ASOP which is a non-Sense ROM that goes back to the traditional Android OS.
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