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RoryB managed to compile a Mortscript that takes care of the boredom I feel when changing my today screen wallpaper.

Basically the idea is that every time you update weather in manila, the weather icon becomes the today screen. It is also very important to use the same images from manila due to the already super high file count.

Well, he cleverly managed to make it work! (Post 29) Now I got the images together.

* MORTSCRIPT 4.2 (attached)
* MANILA Update 23/MEGA
* MANILA GFX CAB (also attached)

OPTIONAL: I included my R TSK "R" is for R-type. install cab, run TSK, then re-run the script.
Patched Manila Mega 1919
Weather Patched Mega Manila for 6.5 only
Weather Patched Manila (Update 23) for 6.1
Manila2D WeatherCities Editor
Keep checking this thread for updates. There is a new script on post 2

Directions to edit the HTCHomeSettings.XML are also on post 2
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11th August 2009, 09:29 PM |#2  
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I have made a tweak to the script to shorten the time it switches to the weather tab to the absolute minimum. If you are looking at the M2D and the script runs, it just flickers for a second and that's all you see.

Start of original post by S.V.I
manila XML. these are the edits that You have to make:

Some of the lines in the home tab Have to be edited like below

The weather panel can be copied and pasted (solves landscape issues)
This is not the final weather tab. I still have to edit some stuff.
I have a feeling that the reason that some people are having issues not seing it on their today screen, is that the digital clock overlaps the background. so it has to be analogue.

The HOME tab xml (If you edit just the lines below) should fix your analogue clock for both analogue and digital.
Then you need to edit registry:

Originally Posted by Manila XML

<HTCHome version="3.00.0" device="OPAL" portrait="0,0,320,294" landscape="0,0,320,214">


<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_1STDIGIT_POS" id="3" value="39, 68" />
<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_2NDDIGIT_POS" id="4" value="77, 68" />
<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_SEPARATOR_POS" id="5" value="115, 68" />
<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_3RDDIGIT_POS" id="6" value="125, 68" />
<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_4THDIGIT_POS" id="7" value="163, 68" />
<Property name="IDHMWG_CLOCKBTN_AMPM_POS" id="9" value="200, 91" />

<Property name="IDHMWG_ANALOGCLOCK_CENTER_POS" id="81" value="119,93" />

<Property name="IDWEWG_LASTUPDATEBTN_RECT" id="0" value="160,40,70,15, 147,40,151,15"/>
<Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHERBTN_RECT" id="1" value="4,47,232,60, 4,47,312,60" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_LOCATIONBTN_RECT" id="2" value="4,51,232,200, 4,51,312,23" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_STATUSTXT_RECT" id="3" value="15,91,210,110, 15,51,290,60" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LOCATIONTXT_RECT" id="4" value="15,121,210,22, 15,136,290,22" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LOCATIONTXT_RECT" id="4" value="15,121,210,22, 140,60,210,22" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LASTUPDATETXT_RECT" id="5" value="90,53,150,18, 147,40,151,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LASTUPDATETXT_RECT" id="5" value="156,50,82,15, 204,40,82,15" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_ADDCITYTXT_RECT" id="6" value="15,51,210,60, 15,51,290,60" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_ARROWTXT_RECT" id="7" value="0,28,10,13, 0,28,10,13" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_TEMPERATURETXT_RECT" id="8" value="8,33,80,40, 15,33,80,40" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_TEMPERATURETXT_RECT" id="8" value="8,33,80,40, 8,23,80,40" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_DOWNARROWRELEASE_IMGID" id="9" value="83" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_DOWNARROWPRESS_IMGID" id="10" value="82" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_REFRESH_IMGID" id="11" value="84" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_IMGID" id="12" value="86" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_DOWNARROW_POS" id="14" value="212,118,307,74" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_UPARROW_POS" id="15" value="212,52,300,74" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_REFRESH_POS" id="16" value="220,116,300,10" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHER_POS" id="17" value="58,15,165,25" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHER_POS" id="17" value="30,-15, 30,-15" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_POS" id="18" value="0,210,0,210" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_HIGHTEMPTEXT_TODAY_RECT" id="19" value="8,78,65,15, 8,78,65,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_HIGHTEMPTEXT_TODAY_RECT" id="19" value="8,85,60,15, 8,65,60,15" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LOWTEMPTEXT_TODAY_RECT" id="20" value="8,93,65,15, 8,93,65,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LOWTEMPTEXT_TODAY_RECT" id="20" value="8,100,60,15, 8,76,60,15" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_DAYTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="27" value="0,4,100,12, 0,5,100,25" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_DAYTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="27" value="0,4,100,12, 0,4,100,12" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_HIGHTEMPTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="28" value="0,0,26,15, 175,5,30,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_HIGHTEMPTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="28" value="0,0,26,15, 175,0,26,10" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LOWTEMPTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="29" value="0,0,26,15, 210,5,25,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LOWTEMPTEXT_WEEK_RECT" id="29" value="0,0,26,15, 210,0,26,10" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_IMGID_P" id="30" value="116" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_POS1" id="31" value="50,143, 47,145" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_POS1" id="31" value="47,143, 170,82" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_POS2" id="32" value="0,166,0,168" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE_POS2" id="32" value="0,166, 0,100" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LOCATIONINDEXTXT_RECT" id="33" value="197,100,38,23, 0,0,0,0" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LOCATIONINDEXTXT_RECT" id="33" value="205,100,34,20, 285,29,34,20" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_FORECASTCONTROL_RECT" id="34" value="0,0,0,62, 0,0,0,62" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_LASTUPDATETITLE_RECT" id="35" value="90,38,150,15, 147,40,151,15" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_LASTUPDATETITLE_RECT" id="35" value="135,38,105,15, 183,28,105,15" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE1_IMGID" id="36" value="197" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_SEPERATELINE2_IMGID" id="37" value="198" />
<!--Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHERTEXT_RECT" id="38" value="0,141,240,22, 15,136,290,22" /-->
<Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHERTEXT_RECT" id="38" value="0,141,240,22, 123,80,240,22" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_UPARROWRELEASE_IMGID" id="39" value="85" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_UPARROWPRESS_IMGID" id="40" value="84" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHERNODATA_IMGID" id="41" value="239" />
<Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHERNODATA_POS" id="42" value="75,34, 40,45" />


Attached Files
File Type: zip NEW WEATHER - [Click for QR Code] (949.5 KB, 641 views)
File Type: txt WxWallPaper.mscr.txt - [Click for QR Code] (2.6 KB, 231 views)
11th August 2009, 09:44 PM |#3  
scilor's Avatar
Senior Member
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I am not familiar with Mortscript, but isnt it an idea to read out the current weather from the registry, and depending on the values change the wallpaper
11th August 2009, 10:29 PM |#4  
Flag So Cal
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This has been accomplished somewhat before, with Manila I believe, but the previous poster was right, its a MortScript that pulls weather information and based on the results, changes the default wallpaper image.
11th August 2009, 10:32 PM |#5  
Senior Member
Flag Pittsburgh
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yea jmltoday for titanium does it but im not sure about manila.
12th August 2009, 01:24 AM |#6  
S.V.I's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 27
right. thats the idea. for manila, the best wallpaper change would be the title line as it is the only graphic that can be in the back of all the other elements nd can have the transparencies to keep whatever background anyone wants to choose.

I tried to make the weather tab with full screen weather, but it covers up the city name and weather description text... but looks really cool.

I am going to tr to figure this out within the manila xml.. something that I have not tried yet... however I dont have much hope for it. :/
13th August 2009, 06:10 PM |#7  
RoryB's Avatar
Inactive Recognized Developer
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It could be a mortscript that checks the value for the icon in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila2D\Weather\0]
If it has changed since the last time it checked, it can set a variable to that icon name and reset the wallpaper registry to call a file with a similar name that is the right size.
It would then sleep for a period of time and then repeat the process.
This probably means a separate folder or group of image files that do not mess up the weather tab.
27th September 2009, 01:14 AM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 0
great idea how to get weather into home tab. since the new manila version doesnt work on my device, i played a little bit with you script.

if its ok for you, i may upload my stuff so other people can use it too.
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Name:	how it is.jpg
Views:	96
Size:	15.6 KB
ID:	231912  
30th October 2009, 09:17 PM |#9  
RoryB's Avatar
Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Lexington
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For those of you that do not want weather on the today background, but want to have weather update automatically in the "background". Remove the ".txt" copy to PDA and run script.
Attached Files
File Type: txt WxUpdater.mscr.txt - [Click for QR Code] (1.2 KB, 27 views)
31st October 2009, 07:29 PM |#10  
Junior Member
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I've been searching now for a long time to find a solution for automatically updating the weather in background on WM6.5.

I've reviewed your script, but the registry structure seems to be changed in manila 2.1 on WM6.5. Can't find any information about the actual visible manila page and so on in the registry.

I don't have any solution yet, but maybe someone has the samel problem with manila 2.1 and has additional information.
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