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Follow @SlickUI on Twitter for the latest updates!
Visit for the official website.


Dockbar Preview-video is up!

Note: The dock and assets in this video are outdated already. Take a look at the new screenshots below to see what we have improved.

Update 2: Official website now online!
Update: Added feature-descriptions.



So, what is 'Slick UI'?
Like other apps, such as LauncherPro or ADW, Slick UI is a Homescreen-replacement Launcher. It will replace your stock homescreen and add in some great new, more functional and aesthetically pleasing features to make the everyday use of your Android-phone more... well, fun!

The goal of this project is to make the Launcher silky smooth, functional and highly customizable.

Sounds great, but how does it look?

UPDATE: Deleted old screenshots and added new below. Notice the enhanced/space-saving 'WonderWheel' and the redesigned app-drawer.
No more 'pull'. The app-drawer will be full screen. We needed this space to include the full featureset. A full screen app-drawer also opens up a lot of possibilities for eye-candy/animation.

Let us know what you think!

How far along is the project?

As you can see in the video about our dockbar, we have made some decent progress on the development. Things are going very well. But remember; we're a small team, so we can only do so much in our spare time.

In the future, we might require some testers to report back on bugs etc, but for now I'd like you to just tell us how you think it looks and let us know what features you would like to see implemented. Please stop asking for the Beta through PM's.

Currently announced features

Feature: Innovative app-drawer - videodemo demo coming later
We're aiming to make the app-drawer the most powerful ever seen in an Android Launcher. Some of the features will be:
• Support for tags. Tag your apps, choose a tag-color and quickly access all apps assigned to that tag just by tapping on a shortcut.
• Side-swiping withing the drawer. By default, the app-drawer will show all apps on your phone (there will be an option to hide certain apps). Swipe right to browse through your tags, swipe left to access the 'Recent apps', 'Most popular apps' and 'Memory info' (Number of apps installed, available memory etc). A great example of this can be found in Tweetdeck.
• Re-arrange your apps within these tag-'columns' by holding an icon and move it over the grid. Other apps will 'automagically' move out of the way.

Feature: Customizable dock
Like in Launcher Pro, there will be a custom dock at the bottom of your screen in which you can drag-and-drop your shortcuts. You can either directly drag-and-drop them from the homescreen, as well as from your app-drawer. This will not be limited to applications. Any kind of shortcut can be dropped into the dock, such as contacts, bookmarks and even 'tags'. Clicking on a tag will automatically open the app-drawer and swipe to the appropiate tag-'column'.

Feature: Customizable content-wheel (WonderWheel)
Coming soon. Currently working on this.

Also, you can have up to seven homescreens, and we're aiming to add in the popular 'birds eye view' feature as well, making it easy to quickly navigate to the desired homescreen and organize the order in which they are displayed.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: "Please do folders in Slick UI!"
A: There will be folders in Slick UI. Both our own interpretation and Android native folders will be supported.

Q: "Can I be a Beta tester?"
A: Yes, but right now, we're far from providing you with a working code. When we feel confident in sending out Betacodes, there will be a seperate Beta sign-up page which you will be informed about through XDA and the official Twitter-account for Slick UI.

Q: "Do you have a releasedate?"
A: Currently, we dot not have a releasedate. The project is still in it's very early stages.


If you want to help us out, because you have mad coding skills and experience with Android, be sure to send me a PM.
I'll be doing most of the graphics, but if you feel like helping out with things like icons or other stuff, just let me know!

Note: I cannot respond to all private messages at XDA, as there are too many coming in right now. I appreciate all the feedback and Beta help offerings, but I have over 100 requests already.
Don't worry, if your PM is important, I will get back at you ASAP.
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