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CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) based port for HTC Liberty ("Aria/Gratia")

This is a port of CM9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) started by me for Liberty
Currently in Beta

Big thanks to:
CyanogenMod Team
Ganster41 (hardware video decoding)
gladiac(aka modpunk on xda) & Droste from marvel (EGL & HW acceleration, camera, GPS, kernel, and probably more)
munjeni (GPS, EGL & HW acceleration)
s0be (EGL & HW acceleration, kernel)
Qualcomm (ARMv6 ICS GPU drivers needed for EGL & HW acceleration)
Everyone who has shared their working ICS source


  • Pretty much everything not listed below

Partially working:
  • Backlight for navigation buttons (on static brightness) - Turns off with the screen, and only comes back on when the brightness is changed
  • Camcorder - Effects don't work, time lapse doesn't work, only one resolution @ 15fps
    Default camera app will output bad video. Use another app for camcoder until this is fixed
  • Panorama - Slow, preview freezes after capturing (switching to camera/camcorder then back will unfreeze it)

Not working:
  • Voice search and voice button on keyboard
    Solution: delete /system/app/VoiceSearch.apk & download Voice Search from the Play Store

Known bugs (that aren't listed above):

USB Mass Storage pops up in front of everything when USB is plugged in, and after "Preparing SD card" is done (while plugged in)

Sound behavior with headphones/headset plugged in:
Not sure if ICS is like this by design or not, but ringtones notifications and alarms are played through both the headset/headphones and the back speaker.
Media (like music or videos) is only played through the headset/headphones

Mobile data notification tray toggle: Sticks on enabled, but it still toggles the data correctly
Not sure if this is a problem with the button on CM's end, or if it's Liberty-specific.
Hitting another button will fix it

Inserting an SD card while running will sometimes show as damaged. A reboot will fix it

Watching videos for too long can crash the whole system

Emergency calling is untested



MediaFire mirror (slower, ads, captcha):

If Wifi isn't working, try this:

Google Apps for Ice Cream Sandwich:

ROM source:

Kernel source:

Old releases:

Install Guide:
Recovery version 5.* would probably be best

Old bootloader from 2.1 Eclair:
- Update to 2.2 Froyo and S-OFF -

Clean install (from CM7, sense, or any other ROM):
- wipe data/factory reset
- Install ROM package
- Install Google Apps package (optional)

Update from previous CM9 build:
- Install ROM package
- Reinstall Google Apps package (if previously installed)

Normal cache isn't used for anything that persists through reboots (from what I can tell), and the Dalvik cache is updated as needed upon booting (that's what the "Android is upgrading..." message is doing)
The ROM package is supposed to restore Google Apps, but doesn't sometimes, so I added that as a step

Tips & tricks:

FM Radio: Use Spirit FM (and allow any root requests)

Trackball wake:
Open Terminal Emulator and type:
then reboot.
To disable it, run the same thing again.

Release history:

BETA 7 - November 5th, 2012
--- Fixed USB debugging running while disabled
--- Trackball wake has been switched to a script (run "trackballwake" from Terminal Emulator)
--- Working hardware video decoding (huge thanks to Ganster41!)

- CM Team:
--- Lots? I haven't been keeping track of changes to CM9 (or even looking at them) since I started working on CM10

BETA 6 - July 19th, 2012
--- Autobrightness & light values fixed - if autobrightness wasn't working very well before, it should be better now
--- Barcode scanners fixed
--- Searching for network operators fixed
(thanks munjeni for finding these)

- Kernel changes (credit to gladiac):
--- SmartassV2 CPU governor added & set as default
--- Conservative & userspace governors removed (mostly for space savings)

- CM Team:
--- Added padding to status bar brightness control (to help huge devices, not really needed on liberty though)
--- Camera burst mode (up to 20 shots)
--- Increasing ringtone volume option
--- New Wallpapers from the CM Community
--- Power widget improvements (haptic feedback now works, etc)
--- etc

BETA 5 - June 14th, 2012
- CM Team:
--- Add option to enable notification counts on status bar (for example, if you have 4 unread emails there will be a 4 over the gmail notification icon)
--- Lock screen background customization
--- Lock screen calendar
--- Lock screen weather
--- Make status bar brightness control more responsive
--- Merge & update changes from Google (4.0.4_r2.1, IMM76L)
--- New ringtones & notifications - if you want to see their names
--- Screen OFF/ON animation settings (new screen-on animation looks fantastic gingerbread's was lame)
--- Updated boot animation featuring Cid
--- VolUp+VolDown now toggles the ringer
--- Lots more. These are just changes I thought were worth mentioning

BETA 4 - May 26th, 2012
--- Enabled the first listed change from CM below

- Kernel changes (this one credit to s0be):
--- Switched to newer/current zRam (the old one wasn't actually working.. it might be working in beta 3 though)

- CM Team:
--- Re-added stuff that improves GPU performance for us
--- Apollo music player
--- Snooze or dismiss an alarm by flipping the device (in alarm settings)
--- As always, etc.

BETA 3 - May 15th, 2012
--- Fixed panorama (thanks to the ZTE Blade devs)

- Kernel changes (not me):
--- Increased maximum memory size for KGSL (this should help with the force closes)
--- Disabled KGSL_PER_PROCESS_PAGE_TABLE - this means KGSL will take up less memory (will help with FCs too)

- CM Team:
--- Themes
--- Custom lockscreen shortcuts (system icons work, application icons don't yet)
--- PowerWidget icons now glow when tapped
--- New CM-specific icons in various places (they seem to be converting everything to Cid)
--- etc

BETA 2 - May 5th, 2012
--- Fixed bluetooth tethering
--- Fixed inverted colors on camera preview
--- Fixed camcorder (output fix & other stuff thanks to Droste)

- Kernel changes (credit to gladiac):
--- Enabled stuff needed for data usage limit & warning (in other words "Fixed data usage limit & warning")
--- Memory optimizations & other stuff like swap, zRam, KSM.. all of which need to be manually enabled (see Tips & tricks above)
--- Available CPU frequiencies have been changed to 120-806mhz (from 245-864. If you want the insane ones back, you'll have to build it and take the risk yourself :P )

- CM Team:
--- Ad-hoc network support
--- Slide lock delay (other half merged)
--- Lots of other stuff

BETA 1 - April 25th, 2012
--- Partially working camera (thanks: gladiac & Droste)
--- Fixed GPS (thanks: munjeni & gladiac)
--- Fixed WiFi icon (and may have fixed/improved wifi sleep)
--- Temporary trackball wake until CM adds it
--- CM team - Notification light settings, [optional] extended volume popup, etc

ALPHA 3.1 - April 13th, 2012
--- Fixed remaining [known] rendering bugs
(one still slightly remains with force gpu rendering turned on - fading marquee on old[not updated for ICS] apps renders with black boxes)

ALPHA 3.0 - April 9th, 2012
--- Working GPU rendering (aka "EGL")
--- Working hardware acceleration
--- Enabled USE_OPENGL_RENDERER, which makes things look pretty
--- Built-in data usage meter fixed (limit & warning don't work yet)
--- Improved wifi sleep.. it still doesn't wake up sometimes
--- Default wallpaper changed to Phase Beam live wallpaper
--- Enabled electron beam screen-off animation
--- CM team: Updated to Android version 4.0.4, New CM9 boot animation, etc
New bugs:
--- Parts of screen sometimes go inverted (status bar icons are most noticeable, they turn orange)

ALPHA 2.3 - March 9th, 2012
--- Changed default wallpaper to ICS one
--- Headphones(maybe headset too) [partially] fixed - no icon yet
--- WiFi & USB Tethering fixed (Bluetooth untested)
--- CM team added stuff, such as: CM ringtones, facebook contact support, profiles, etc

ALPHA 2.2 - February 9th, 2012
--- SD-EXT (with S2E) working great
--- Enabled signal icon to show H (when available)
--- CM Team added stuff: status bar brightness control now functions, etc
--- Behind-the-scenes changes that may help with getting EGL

ALPHA 2.1 - February 4th, 2012
--- Atmel touchscreen fix, Round 3 - Confirmed working!
--- Trackball button now functions correctly
--- More changes by CM Team (such as: CPU overclock settings now function)

ALPHA 2.0 - January 28th, 2012
--- Atmel touch screen fix - Round 2
--- Better scaled boot animation
--- Bluetooth fixed (lightly tested)
--- Phone signal fixed
--- USB Mass Storage fixed
--- CM stuff added by CM team (such as: status bar settings, notification tray settings, etc)

ALPHA 1.1 - January 19th, 2012
--- Fix for atmel touchscreens, change trackball to navigation [how it is in Gingerbread].. button on trackball still doesn't work perfect
--- Remove for partial EGL fix (slow, uses software rendering) - Gallery now opens but still has problems, Boot animation shows, Maps isn't black anymore. Some other stuff might work now like games

ALPHA 1 - January 17th, 2012
--- Initial release
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