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I've got a problem with my Nook Color (BNRV200)

Tired of searching for a thread that tells you what to do when you need to install, fix a problem, need a recovery, etc. I have compiled a number of links to various threads by developers and others that answer questions that get asked a lot. This post is intended to give a site that will make finding these answers easier than a regular search. It will have a list of threads and posts with various helps, have a topical list of problems and sites which address those topics, links to common sites and app needed to get what both Noob and seasoned members need to work with and on Nook Colors.

You choose to make changes, flash ROMs, etc. it is your choice. You assume all responsibility for what ever happens. I list these links because I know they have helped and work for me as well as many others. If you need help with a particular problem addressed in these links, ask on those threads.

If you use information in any of these links make sure to click on the thanks button both here and in those links. If you want to write a thank you note also, that to is fine, but does not add to the "Thanks" counter. These people have worked hard for free that we can have greater enjoyment and fun with our tablets. Most get nothing for their time and effort so "thanking them" is their greatest return and the least the rest of us can do in appreciation. Credit and kudos are given by Authors Names in Post #2
By Topic
Add Network speed to Status Bar. Post#3 force close or crash Click here Also make sure all Google apps are updated, defrost frozen ones, update in play, refreeze (Mine was Gmail) (Thanks bowguy)
Boot Loop Problems (2)
Bootable CWM Recovery SD (v5.5.0.4 and now v6.0.1.2) (1)
Change "Status Bar" or "Navigation bar" colors or heights (for two rows of status info). Post#3
Change perceived DPI, rotation behavior, fullscreen, permissions on a per app basis Post#3
Dual Boot Nook (12)
Faster bootup
To get faster bootup you can disable the boot animation and save about 30 seconds from boot up time by adding "debug.sf.nobootanimation=1" to the build property file in the /system folder. This is a pain though if you keep up with the nightlies regularly like I do. I got tired of editing the file for every update or reversion if there was a problem with the newer nightly. So I created a script that goes into the Userinit.d folder that checks build.prop on every boot and adds the line if needed without any further intervention. The first boot after installing a new nightly will have the boot animation but no more till the next install when the process will repeat all automatically. Download the in attached files below, unzip, follow the included instructions and enjoy.
Faster SD card access. Instructions bottom of Post#4
Freeze/Disable applications (1)
Google Play
says, "This app is not available for your device"
Get Xposed Framework in Post#3, download "PlayStore Fixes", set Fake density 240, Check No Restrictions Patch. Clear Google Play Store data, reboot enjoy.
Home button / icon stopped working, defrost / enable android Keyguard
How can I make my ROM run smoother, have more free memory or have longer battery life. Post#4
How to play flash video on Android 4.4 Kitkat in Dolphin Browser (14)
How to do a Logcat (13)
I wiped, erased, formated my /ROM (#2) partition (2)
Installing CM11 and get Status error 7 or other problems - Must use CWM or TWRP (Download below)
Installing new CM11 and latest Gapps and no Google Play. Problem /system is too small.
The Prefered way to fresh install latest nightlies: If you do a conventional (no repartition) install using the smaller 01/05 Gapps and install the other Goople apps through Google play. They install into the /data directory instead of the /system. You can do this also with Gmail, Sound search (ears), Google TTS and Hangouts.

Alternate experimental adventurous way.
There are two .zips available that will repartition your Nook and give you more /system space and /Data space.
Dweatons mod of Leapinlarswork,, is here and will yield 1.1Gb /System, 2Gb /Data, and 3.6Gb /Media.
Mine is here and will yield 1.1Gb /System, 4.5Gb /Data, and 1Gb /Media. You must get and use a reformat 5,6,7, after the running the for dweatons get Leapinlar's here. For mine get it here. the difference is for his you must install with CWM before, mine works with Reverts to B&N Stock /system are available here.
Installing CM on EMMC CM11 (8), CM10.2 (9), CM7 or CM10 (6)
Installing CM on SD (3)
Make Play Store show All apps in listings Post#3
Modifying partition sizes original (5) Modified for CM11 and CWM (15)
More SD card storage Use a 64 Gig SD Micro. Instructions bottom of Post#4
Nook won't boot (7)
Put Play Store link in App info window Post#3
Recovery boot loops (1)
Repairing partitions, blank screens and cannot flash new roms (2)
Restore Nook Color to Stock, (4)
Running Netflix app in CM 10 and 11 (11)
Screen touch sensitivity a little off. Try Nook Screen Recalibrate in Google Play
SD Card install tips Leapinlar's Tips post #2
Stock Nook Color Roms Leapinlars (1.4.3), Dizzy Dens (1.4.1)
Video Flicker in CM11 Crackle, Hulu and other video sites and apps, update to CM11 nightly 4/22+ or (10)
Volume / Sound to low. Try Speaker Boost in Google Play. Caution:
Mine works great @ 50% boost. Be very careful above 40%, go slowly and safely. If you want to rename the DSPmanager goto post #6. If you have CM 10.2+ (4.2.1) you must do the renaming since the DSP version since then throttles back the sound levels.
YouTube updated and asked for update for Google Play Services but Google play has no update. Get Version 4.2.43 here: (11) (At bottom of attached files) Latest (4/20/2015) New update on Youtube and / or Google Play problems. Solution here:
Where can I get:
Latest Nightlies
Recoveries (download in attached files below)
Stable versions
Older releases of CM 10 or CM11
List of Authors of Post
To whom credits and thanks are due!
See Post (#2)

If you know of other Help, Info, etc sites post a reply I'll check it out and include it in the lists above. Even if the post are not on Nook Color forum, If it worked for you on your Nook, post a reply with your Rom version and I will check it out and consider adding it to this list.
The recoveries I have are listed below and can be downloaded in the attached files box. The MD5 sum files are in the MD5 sums for recoveries zip. Download it, un-zip it, and check with the approriate recovery. These are for the Nook Color (BNRV200)

CWM Recoveries - Good for CM7 Eyeballer or nemith - Good for CM7 thru CM10.2 Racks - Good for CM7 thru CM10.2 - LeapinLar - Must have for CM11 5-16+ Nightlies eMMC & SDCard installs - polymath257 - Latest Available - rjwil1086
TWRP Recoveries - From TWRP Site - Eyeballer - Must have for CM11 thru 5-15 nightly (use for pre CM11) - Eyeballer - Must have for CM11 for 5-16+ nightlies - rjwil1086
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18th February 2014, 10:09 PM |#2  
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[INFO][HELP][FIXES][HOW TO] Collection of Help - Pt2
By Author of Post

Dean Gibson

Repartitioning the NC to 1-5 Gb, 2-4Gb and 5-1 Gb: (5)

Install CM7 or CM10 + Recovery to EMMC: (6)

Tips: (1)
EMMC Repair: (2)
Nook Color Installation Guide for CM7/CM9/CM10/CM10.1/CM10.2/CM11 on SD: (3)

Running current Crackle TV 4.0.3 on CM11 Nightlies: (10)

Restore to Stock: (4)

Running current Netflix app in CM 10 and 11: (11)
Repartion and reformating zips for CM11 and CWM (15) (From Dean Gibson's work, also Leapinlars and Dweaton)

[Tutorial] How To Logcat (13)

Dummies Guide to Fixing 'My Nook Won't Boot' (7)

CyanogenMod 11 Nightly Builds for Nook Color: [Read first three posts]: (8)

[Guide][Flash]How to play flash video on Android 4.4 Kitkat - xda-developers (14)

Dual Boot (12)

CWM Touch Recovery Ramdisk (
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18th February 2014, 10:10 PM |#3  
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Customize Rom or Apps without being a developer - Xposed Framework
Customize Rom or Apps without being a developer - Xposed Framework

From Rovo89's thread

In this thread, I'm presenting a framework which gives you the possibility to modify your ROM - without modifying any APK (developers) or flashing (users)!

Get Xposed Framework and install instructions Click on "click to show content" box
For the framework:
  1. Download the Xposed Installer APK and install it
  2. Launch the Xposed Installer, go to the "Framework" section and click on "Install/Update"
  3. Reboot
  4. Done!l

You can verify this by starting the Xposed Installer again. If app_process jumped back to an older version (or none at all), you probably have a ROM with S-On or similar, which reverts any changes to /system after a reboot. Then you can try to flash this file:

For any modules you want to install:
  1. Download <module>.apk and install it
  2. Launch the Xposed Installer and go to the "Modules" section (you will also get there if you click on the notification warning you that the module is not enabled yet)
  3. Enable the module by checking the checkbox
  4. Reboot
  5. Done!
For information & help with Xposed Framework go to Rovo89's thread.

Once you have installed the Xposed Framework you can get many of the modules under the Download tab in the framework app.

There are also a large number of modules at this thread made for module developers to list their work. If the Modules indicate they are made for a specific phone or tablet they may not work on others. If you try and it does not do what it says it will do, contact the module maker, not rovo89, unless it is his module, ie: "Make Play store show all apps" or just un-install the module. No guarantees they will help. Some only have one tablet and only develop for what they have.

A Short list of some of the things you can do using Xposed Framework and modules.
These do all work with CM11 current nightlies and CM 10.2 last nightly, 1/19/14
For more info on Modules listed install Xposed Framework and click on Download tab
  1. Change color of status bar / notification bar. Xposed Framework - X Blast tools. Plus lot more. By femblack.
  2. Network Speed Indicator - by fatminmin. With 123 below the up down speed can be shown in two readable rows. ** This will not work with CM10.2 Stable with the 3.0.8 Kernel or the updated hack fix kernel
  3. Play Store link in app info - by qwerty12 - Does what the title says
  4. App settings - by Tungstwenty & Rovo89 - What it is: This is an Xposed module that allows changing generic settings on a per-app basis. "Generic settings" means settings that are global to all applications, such as: perceived DPI, rotation behavior, fullscreen, etc..
  5. Play Store Fixes - Rovo89 - Make play store show all apps
  6. Enable SwiftKey predictions in more places - by qwerty12 - Email address website and filter list fields.
  7. 123 Dimension Editor. - by Hamzahrmalik - Change various UI dimensions: Status bar height, Navigation bar height and others. I doubled the height of my status bar and shrunk my navigation bar.
  8. Cool Tool: - by Deviant Studio Software - Monitor various system info in floating window or in Status Bar. I have time, day, date, Free Memory and Battery Temp in two rows of my status bar.
  9. Status bar volume. - by Niko001 - Move the volume bar over the status bar.
I do like things my way. That is what Android is noted for.

This Module "Workaround for Netflix on CM10/CM10.1" works on most any CM10 thru 10.2 Rom.
From Kaepernick's post.

"Well, thanks to Entropy512's help, I was able to modify his Xposed hack to work on CM10 (based on Android 4.1) and CM10.1 (based on Android 4.2) for the Incredible. Using the newest Netflix app and it's working well without issue.

Get it here.

*** Make the Xposed Framework persist through a CM ROM update with script "" (in the, put the ".sh" file in the /system/addon.d/ folder. Available here See Post #4 there for specifics here***

Image 1. Cyan status bar & navigation bar, network speed indicator & X blast options.
Image 2. Play Store button in app info.
Image 3. App Settings screen.
Image 4. Home screen with dual line expanded status bar, Cool tool info and Net work speed.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-02-22-16-00-17.png
Views:	397
Size:	72.1 KB
ID:	2600789   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-02-25-21-12-28.png
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Size:	105.8 KB
ID:	2600792   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-02-25-21-21-24.png
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Size:	73.2 KB
ID:	2600818   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-29-12-47-09.jpg
Views:	254
Size:	93.9 KB
ID:	2769548  
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Run CM10 & 11 smoother and get more free memory
Tips to help CM10 and CM11 run smoother, less laggy, etc.,
and have more free memory on your Nook Color
and maybe even a little longer battery life.

These are a collection of tips that have been collected from various post in XDA, personal sharing with others, and as a result of my own desire to try to improve things where I can. I have tried everything listed here and each adds a little to smoothness(s), free memory(f) or battery(b) life. My CM11 flashed Nook runs quite smoothly, with free memory at desktop running from 110 to 160 Mb and six to eight hours of battery life depending on type of constant use. This is on a nearly three year old tablet. I have partitions set to 5Gb data and 1Gb media. All apps are in the tablet. I also have a 32Gb Sdcard. I also have over 220 apps including system apps. I use my tablet from 6-8 hours or more a day.

Unless noted all apps mentioned are available through Google Play. I recommend the apps, etc., because they work for me. I get nothing out of it except the joy of helping others. Like everything try at your own risk. This includes app I have on my Nooks. If you have other programs you can try adjusting them as I have and see how it helps, or not. Trying and finding out what does and doesn't work is half the fun.

Free and simple

On all CM10 and CM11: (s) Try lowering your maximum clock speed to 1000, or even 800mhz in System, Performance Processor, Maximum CPU frequency. Many have reported improved smoothness at slower speeds. Faster can run ahead of itself and actually make things jittery. Make sure to check Set on boot to retain settings.

CM11: Use 5/17+ nightly.

On all: System Settings ( some may only apply to CM10 or 11 List:
Wifi, advanced,
Uncheck Network Notification (b)
Keep Wifi on during Sleep, only when plugged in (b)
Scanning always available, uncheck (b)
Wifi Optimization, checked (b)
Set quiet hours (your sleep time)(b)
Touch sounds, screen lock sound, volume adjustment sound and Charging Sounds, Enable, all unchecked (b)
Sleep (set time for max time you want screen to stay on before going to sleep, shorter time saves more battery)(b)
Developer Options,
Kill app back button, checked, (Allows you to kill kill app by long pressing back button)(b)
CPU governor, (Lower on list will give faster response but use more battery, Default is "ondemand". Try the others and stick with what suits you the best.) Make sure to check Set on boot to retain settings.
If you haven't activated the "Developer Options list":
In "About Tablet, Build Number, tap ten times till it states "Developer Options turn on."
AdFree: (b) Available on Stops adds in browsers and most all App with add banners. Saves time by not downloading the adds.

On All: ((f,b) Freeze / Disable unused (unusable) apps in System.(b,s,f)
Don't delete them since any ROM update you install will replace them, freezing / disabling them will last through an update. The stock App manager allows you to disable most of these. Titanium Backup and Rom Toolbox Pro can freeze more but do cost, though I think they are well worth the price for what they deliver. There are some free "App freezer" programs available. I've only tried Chef's App Freezer, check the ratings and comments.
Android Keyboard (ASOP) - I use Swiftkey (lite is available)
Camera - (No camera in Nook, no need of file) No phone text.
Gmail and / or Email and Email Services (if you use another E-mail client, ie:K9)
File Manager ( if you uses another ie Root Exporer (Speedsoft) or Root Browser (Jrummy))
Google search - Definately slo-o-ows things down
Key Chain - if you don't use lock screen
Mobile Data and Mobile Network Configuration - No phone, no need
One time Init - only used on first install once
Picasa uploader - If you don't use Picasa
Print Spooler - If you don't use it.
Sound Recorder - No Microphone, no need
Sound Search for Google Play - If you don't use it
Talk back - If you don't use or need it.
Trebuchet - If you use another Launcher.
Voice+ - No Microphone or phone, no need.

If you use a different clock than stock, calendar etc you can freeze / disable the stock version. Example: I use Dejaoffice to link with Outlook on my PC so I freeze Calendar storage, calendar, and calendar sync.
Change app permissions: (f,b) (for apps that run at startup and then stay in memory even when you not running them.)
I use App settings, it requires Xposed Framework to run but once set up does it's thing in startup, changes permissions, and closes. To get the Xposed Framework go here.

The most common causes of this problem are the following permissions: receive boot completed, vibrate, and wake lock. Not all apps can have these turned of. App settings has the ability to launch the program from is menu. Try turning off a permission, save, menu (launch). If it works great, if not go back and turn that permission back on.
The following is a list of Apps I changed permissions on and which permissions I disabled to keep them from persisting / sticking in memory:
Advanced Task Manager: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
Alarm Clock Extreme: read phone state, receive boot completed, vibrate, and wake lock.
BusyBox Installer: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
CPU Master Pro: receive boot completed.
Crackle: receive boot completed, vibrate.
DejaOffice: vibrate.
Elixer: vibrate, and wake lock.
Evernote: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
Google Play Services: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
Kyo-Tux Aeon HD: vibrate.
News and Weather: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
Nook: receive boot completed, vibrate, and wake lock.
Pandora: receive boot completed.
RoboForm: receive boot completed
ROM Manager: receive boot completed, and wake lock.
The Weather Channel: receive boot completed, vibrate.
Titanium Backup:
receive boot completed, vibrate.
Winamp: vibrate.
YouTube: receive boot completed, vibrate.
Advanced Task Manager: (b,f,s) Put the widget in dock, set your ignore list in app. One press and all unwanted apps go bye-bye.
My Ignore List:
Adfree, Elixer Widget, Alarm Clock Extreme, K-9 mail, Nova Launcher, Swiftkey, Speaker Boost, Pie Pro, Earthquakes, AFWall+, Clipper+, DejaOffice, Tasker, 360 Security.

Not so Simple but worth the time, still free

Replace DSPManager with Speaker Boost: (f,b) Get more volume and save EMMC memory.(DSPManager 18Mg - Speaker Boost 1.7 Mg=16.3Mg saved) Get more info here.

Replace Trebuchet with Nova Launcher: (s) does more, has more adjustments. (Does take more memory but pays back in smoothness)

LagFix (fstrim) Free. (s) Use two to three times a week. (s,b)

Use Elixer widget to replace other widgets: (f,b) and save Memory 45 meg (for Battery widget, Wifi state and stats widget, free memory and CPU stats) - 12 Meg for Elixer = 33 Emmc memory saved.

Rom toolbox lite: Settings: (f,b,s) (some of these may need Pro)
Under performance.
Settings, Main Preferences, Boot Delay, 40 seconds.

Task Manager, Tap on Task Manager on top left of screen.
You can change the Minfree memory settings, with CM10 I found strict to work the best. So far with CM 11 custom settings of 30 FA, 40 VA, 65 SS, 75 HA, 90 CP, and 100 EA setting works well.) I set them then save them into custom settings). Make sure to update to 5/17 nightly.
Start up killer, add Elixer, Google play services, The Weather Channel, and YouTube. (keep them out of active (service) memory or minimize there active size.)
Ignore List. 360 security (or your antivirus app), AdFree, AFWall+, Android system, Clipper+, Earthquakes, Elixer Widget, K-9 Mail, Mobile Data, Nova Launcher, Pie Pro, Rom Toolbox Pro, Speaker Boost, System UI, Tasker.
SD Boost. You can change the size of the cache to both internal and external SDcard. I find with my class 4 Sandisk SDcard a setting of 4096KB works best. A benchmark is available to test your settings. If you have a faster card ie: Class 10 you can try larger cache sizes and save as custom.
Not Free but worth it (IMHO)

Upgrade to Nova launcher Prime:
In Nova Settings: (s)
Look and Feel, Scroll and Animation speeds (faster than light) (s)

New Apps - check Auto Add Short cuts, (make sure to turn off auto add in Google Play.)

Labs - Check the following, Big Grid size options, Widget Image Async List, Widget Image Cache, Restore Widgets Faster. (s)
Upgrade to Rom Toolbox Pro, LagFix (fstrim) Premium (scheduling trims): Get more bells and whistles and help support the developers.

Upgrade to 32 or 64Gb Class 10 SD card - Buy a 32Gb Class 10 SD card, about $20.00 + ship, prepare as usual and you'll cut your access time to the SD card buy about half. I can do a 2Gb recovery backup in about 5 and 1/2 min. With my Class 4 it takes just shy of 11 minutes.

More Memory Buy a Sandisk 64 Gb Class 10 Micro SD card, about 40.00 + ship, and partition the whole card as one Primary partition, format as FAT32, Sectors/ cluster 32 (16384 bytes) using "MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition" available for free here. I have donated to MiniTool since I use it for all kinds of partitioning,(resizing, moving, copy, etc.), on PC's and all kinds of flash memory. I started with the partition set to 30,451.33, copied my data from my 32G sdcard. It worked great and with SD boost set to 4096 all SD access was noticeably faster. So I used Partition Wizard to resize the card to the full capacity, the program changed the size and copied all the files in about 20 minutes. Plugged it into the Nook Color and went from 17 GB free to 47 Gb Free. It is a bit slower than the 32Gb & and the bootloader doesn't list CWM or TWRP recovery kernel or ram on the SD, but oh the storage. I can put over 40, 2 hr AVI or MPEG movies on the card and still have better than 20Gb free.

If you have other Apps, tricks, tweaks that you have tried and found to help. Please reply and I will try them out and list them if they do add to the smoother, longer, freer Nook.
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20th February 2014, 08:42 PM |#5  
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Netflix on CM11 on SD
Good source of info. Thanks! Confirming that latest Netflix is working on SD. See that thread
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4th March 2014, 12:15 AM |#6  
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If you use Speaker Boost try this to save memory.
Ever since CM7 and Nook Color Tweaks, in has been necessary to find a way to boost the sound output of our little wonder tablet. I tried several an ended up using Speaker Boost. I have found that I no longer need to use DSPmanager. The problem is that freezing or disabling the app doesn't keep it from installing in memory and using 18meg of precious RAM. Renaming the file with.bak extension or deleting it works after a reboot but, if you like to keep up with the nightlies like I do it is re-installed with every update. It gets to be a pain using a file manager to do this every day. So let your Nook do the repetitive work.

So I have worked up three quick and easy ways to rename the file.The best and easiest is the last.

1. Is a Tasker task. This was the first one I used and I setup a widget so I. Can rename with one tap. The.xml file can be imported as a task into Tasker.

2. Is an apk made from the Tasker task. It works the same way just doesn't need Tasker to work.

3. A script file that can run at every boot, check if DSPManager.apk exists, and rename it. This eliminates having to rename it and reboot after every ROM update as it is renamed before the app is loaded. It is only 279 bytes and is the only file that has to remain to work. In the 90RnamDSP below are three files. One that goes into userinit.d folder, an instruction.txt file and an installation script that sets everything in place just by running it.

I want to thank LeapinLar for the help he gave debugging the rename script. This was my first script and had to get everything in proper order and get the syntax correct. What I learned help me build and debug the installation script in a few hours.

Download, unzip, import, install, etc, and enjoy.
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (842.4 KB, 33 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.2 KB, 64 views)
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