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Manila Birthday

]The development is stopped
but feel free to use it as it is.

Manila Birthday generates a list of all contacts with an existing birthday / anniversary.
It calculates the age and the list can be used to create calendar entries.

@ all: before you ask or request for something - please read the whole thread or search the thread.

  • QVGA, VGA, WVGA support
  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • List from the beginning of the year
  • List for today on
  • show the count of days due to the birthday
  • show the age
  • show the outlook ContactPage after click on ListEntry
  • generate calendar entries without duplicates
  • calendar entries with reminder
  • search function
  • category filter
  • settings dialog
  • Languages Deutsch,Englisch, Español ... (26 languages)
  • supports AppToDate. You can download it here
  • shows the Facebook-Picture from a linked Facebook acount

  • show the manila ContactPage instead of the OutlookPage
    ( anybody who knows how to do this please contact me)
  • import Facebook contacts (if I know how to do this)

If you like my program donate me


20€: Harry Mazzolini
4€: quserdy
5€: hapid
10€: Albrecht Schnappauf
10€: Lagun
10€: Rudolf Kraus
10€: pink_floyd
5€: Alla Abdelhalim
5€: Jochen Bender

to michyprima for ManilaDotNetSDK
to tnyynt for the incredible icon

Something about version numbering: x.y.z
x: reserved for great improvements
y: reserved for minor improvements or bug fixes
z: reserved for language updates

Changelog of Version 2.x.y:
  • mod: some language entries
  • new: Slovak
  • update: German
  • update: Russian
  • update: French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
  • fix: load/save selection of calendarentries
  • update: French, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Czech
  • fix: modification for non standard screenresolutions
  • new: logging to get some info
  • new: configurable show contact on select entry
  • Update: Russian, Polish
  • Update: Hungarian
  • new: using ManilaDotNetSDK v3.0
  • new: show the Facebook-Picture if a Contact is linked to a Facebook acount and has no outlook-picture
  • new: if you have this ShoreDatePattern-Issue you can modify the ManilaBirthdayConfig:
    <UseFirstDate value="False" />
    <FirstDate value="01.01.1901" />
  • new: seperate anniversary calendarentry setting
  • new: configurable kinetinc scrolling velocity
  • known issue: only standard messagebox
  • fix: ShortDatePattern issue
  • update: tradi. and simple Chinese
  • fix: check CompactFramework Version >= 3.5
  • ManilaDotNetSDK Version in About-MsgBox
  • update:Romanian
  • new: language Ukraine
  • fix: sync problem with recurring calendarentries solved -> change the recurrence type from yearly to every 12 month (thx to Fab55)
  • new: checking CF Version
  • fix: Settingsoption "show age-if non recurring entry" not shown if subject is custom
  • fix: custom subject and recurring calendar entries -> %a will be substituted with "??"
  • new: Buttons in settings with pressed state
  • update: Swedish, Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin, Slovenian
  • update: Swedish
  • update: Greek, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian
  • new: option application titel without version
  • new: category-filter in birthdays
  • new: category-search in calendar-entries
  • new: language entries for new functions (thx for translation in advance)
  • new: header in calendar-entries count means (selected/shown in list/all)
  • new: if birthdaylist is filtered -> count is red
  • change: format of anniversary count
  • fix: issue when remaining days on second line
  • fix: show 3 past birthdays issue
  • fix: name selection issue
  • new : Language: Croatian
  • update: Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian,Italian,Netherlands, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian
  • new: option 3 past birthdays at beginning of the list
  • new: colored lines in Birthdaylist (I know the lines are to thin, but it's MichyPrima)
    • green : past
    • red : today
    • blue : future
  • new: custom calendar entry
  • new: load and save the calendar entries selection
  • new: remaining days in 2. line if 1. line is to long
  • fix: smaller font size in reminder settings
  • fix: OK/Cancel Dialog before deleting Calendar entries
  • fix: delete the correct amount of calendar entries
  • fix: translating menu-items
  • fix: App maximized or normal direct after apply settings
  • update: Czech, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, French, Hungarian
  • update: Portugues BR, Slovenian, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, French, Czech, Greek
  • new: search birthdays
  • new: search calendar entries
  • new: delete all recurring calendar entries
  • new: delete all nonrecurring calendar entries
  • new: option remaining days before Name
  • new: menu structure an naming (translators do a crosscheck against english)
  • fix: subject numbering fixed
  • fix: Ok & Cancel Button in Subject Dialog translated
  • update: French, Romania, Polish, Czech,Italian,Polish
  • update: Slovenian,Serbian Latin & Cyrillic,Swedish
  • some adjustments for QVGA
  • update: Norwegian, Russian, PortuguesBR, Serbian Latin, Serbian Cyrilic
  • corrected the count of birthdays
  • new MenuItem - calendar entries -delete all existing entries
  • some adjustments for Manila-Style and QVGA
  • update:Portugues BR
  • update: greek, russian, Polish, italian, hungarian
  • first release

If you generated calendar entries with v1.x.y, you have to delete this entries before installing v2.x.y.
Otherwise you get duplicates.

attached files:
(LanguageFile_V2.8.3 for the translators)

There is a new language Editor inside the zip-file.
Please try and give a feedback.

Important Notes!

.NetCF 3.5 is required

@ all who had the ShortDatePattern issue!
The exeption will be catched and a MessageBox shows the Info. Please give the Info back to me - thanks

@ all who offers me a translation, please take the attached zip-file, modify it and give it back to me - thx
Now we have 26 languages this is really great - thanks to all supporters - go on translating


Changelog of Version 1.x.y:
  • solves an issue with the Hungarian ShortDateString
  • update: Dutch
  • new: Hungarian
  • update: Romanian, simp. chineese
  • update: czech, greek, simp. chineese, swedish, polish
  • removed the inaktive menu-entries
  • fix: once more the 29.02 issue
  • new: ShortDatePattern
  • new: portugues BR
  • fix: the wrong sorted list
  • update: russian
  • Update: Greek, Slovenski, French
  • New: AppToDate integration
  • update: Polski
  • Fix: Hebrew
  • fix: BusyStatus of calendar enrties set to free
  • fix: consider the aspect ratio of of contact pictures
  • update: Frensh, Polski, Română
  • new: Hebrew
  • update: Romanian
  • new function: refresh
  • new function: unselect existing calendar entries
  • fixed: avoid duplicate calendar entries
[Ver. 1.12]
  • fix: "from beginning" function did not work
  • update: french, nederlands, greek
[Ver. 1.11]
  • fist release of "calendar entries" functionality
  • show anniversaries / show birthdays selection
  • fix: for 29. Feb. issue
  • new entries in languages
  • language-entries sorted
[Ver. 1.10]
  • some minor bug fixes
  • fix: calculation of age (sorry for that)
  • sorting languages athletically
  • new: Polish, Português, russian, serbian
  • update: Dansk, Türkçe translation
[Ver. 1.9]
  • Contact Picture resizing to fit QVGA
  • new: Cesky, Norsk, Nederlands
  • update: French
[Ver. 1.8]
  • new greek, TradChinese, SimpChinese
[Ver. 1.7]
  • new: swedish, romania, bulgarien
[Ver. 1.6]
  • new: danish, slovenian, italian
[Ver. 1.5]
  • new: spanish
[Ver. 1.4]
  • translation
  • configuraton saving
  • pattern modified
[Ver. 1.3]
  • fix: the Error is gone
[Ver. 1.2]
  • mybe the Error is gone
  • change 'for' to 'in'
[Ver. 1.1]
  • new icon - thanks to tnyynt
[Ver. 1.0]
  • first release
24th December 2009, 03:07 PM |#2  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 5
Thx for the app. I didn't try it yet, but am wondering if it's implementable with the calendar, so one can see the birthday of the current day in agenda so to speak, or do you have to open the app in order to find out if someone has a birthday for a certain day?
24th December 2009, 07:22 PM |#3  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Thanks for the app and Merry Christmas to you
24th December 2009, 08:38 PM |#4  
Jibreil's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Mumbai
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Thank you for this must needed app! Merry Christmas to you :)
25th December 2009, 03:00 AM |#5  
claus1953's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 89
If you manage that the birthdays will show up as calendar entries, we can use M2D_Today to show it in any Manila tab with Calendar+, for example in Operator tab or TV tab.
25th December 2009, 06:47 AM |#6  
tnyynt's Avatar
Retired Senior Moderator
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Great app!
Here's a nice icon you might consider:

Merry Christmas!
25th December 2009, 12:29 PM |#7  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Great app. If you could possibly integrate it with the Manilla Calendar app, that would be brilliant. Also, since a lot of my friends have their birthdays taken from their Facebook account, is it possible to take their birthdays from the Sense Contacts app?
25th December 2009, 12:50 PM |#8  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 5
Although I have .Net CF 3.5 installed I get the error that I should install "".
25th December 2009, 06:19 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
I am offering you slovenian translation
25th December 2009, 08:01 PM |#10  
davidguate's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 2
Originally Posted by umiss

Although I have .Net CF 3.5 installed I get the error that I should install "".

Check this out, also tip # 13

Lycka till!
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