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Manila Birthday

]The development is stopped
but feel free to use it as it is.

Manila Birthday generates a list of all contacts with an existing birthday / anniversary.
It calculates the age and the list can be used to create calendar entries.

@ all: before you ask or request for something - please read the whole thread or search the thread.

  • QVGA, VGA, WVGA support
  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • List from the beginning of the year
  • List for today on
  • show the count of days due to the birthday
  • show the age
  • show the outlook ContactPage after click on ListEntry
  • generate calendar entries without duplicates
  • calendar entries with reminder
  • search function
  • category filter
  • settings dialog
  • Languages Deutsch,Englisch, Español ... (26 languages)
  • supports AppToDate. You can download it here
  • shows the Facebook-Picture from a linked Facebook acount

  • show the manila ContactPage instead of the OutlookPage
    ( anybody who knows how to do this please contact me)
  • import Facebook contacts (if I know how to do this)

If you like my program donate me


20€: Harry Mazzolini
4€: quserdy
5€: hapid
10€: Albrecht Schnappauf
10€: Lagun
10€: Rudolf Kraus
10€: pink_floyd
5€: Alla Abdelhalim
5€: Jochen Bender

to michyprima for ManilaDotNetSDK
to tnyynt for the incredible icon

Something about version numbering: x.y.z
x: reserved for great improvements
y: reserved for minor improvements or bug fixes
z: reserved for language updates

Changelog of Version 2.x.y:
  • mod: some language entries
  • new: Slovak
  • update: German
  • update: Russian
  • update: French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
  • fix: load/save selection of calendarentries
  • update: French, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Czech
  • fix: modification for non standard screenresolutions
  • new: logging to get some info
  • new: configurable show contact on select entry
  • Update: Russian, Polish
  • Update: Hungarian
  • new: using ManilaDotNetSDK v3.0
  • new: show the Facebook-Picture if a Contact is linked to a Facebook acount and has no outlook-picture
  • new: if you have this ShoreDatePattern-Issue you can modify the ManilaBirthdayConfig:
    <UseFirstDate value="False" />
    <FirstDate value="01.01.1901" />
  • new: seperate anniversary calendarentry setting
  • new: configurable kinetinc scrolling velocity
  • known issue: only standard messagebox
  • fix: ShortDatePattern issue
  • update: tradi. and simple Chinese
  • fix: check CompactFramework Version >= 3.5
  • ManilaDotNetSDK Version in About-MsgBox
  • update:Romanian
  • new: language Ukraine
  • fix: sync problem with recurring calendarentries solved -> change the recurrence type from yearly to every 12 month (thx to Fab55)
  • new: checking CF Version
  • fix: Settingsoption "show age-if non recurring entry" not shown if subject is custom
  • fix: custom subject and recurring calendar entries -> %a will be substituted with "??"
  • new: Buttons in settings with pressed state
  • update: Swedish, Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin, Slovenian
  • update: Swedish
  • update: Greek, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian
  • new: option application titel without version
  • new: category-filter in birthdays
  • new: category-search in calendar-entries
  • new: language entries for new functions (thx for translation in advance)
  • new: header in calendar-entries count means (selected/shown in list/all)
  • new: if birthdaylist is filtered -> count is red
  • change: format of anniversary count
  • fix: issue when remaining days on second line
  • fix: show 3 past birthdays issue
  • fix: name selection issue
  • new : Language: Croatian
  • update: Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian,Italian,Netherlands, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian
  • new: option 3 past birthdays at beginning of the list
  • new: colored lines in Birthdaylist (I know the lines are to thin, but it's MichyPrima)
    • green : past
    • red : today
    • blue : future
  • new: custom calendar entry
  • new: load and save the calendar entries selection
  • new: remaining days in 2. line if 1. line is to long
  • fix: smaller font size in reminder settings
  • fix: OK/Cancel Dialog before deleting Calendar entries
  • fix: delete the correct amount of calendar entries
  • fix: translating menu-items
  • fix: App maximized or normal direct after apply settings
  • update: Czech, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, French, Hungarian
  • update: Portugues BR, Slovenian, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, French, Czech, Greek
  • new: search birthdays
  • new: search calendar entries
  • new: delete all recurring calendar entries
  • new: delete all nonrecurring calendar entries
  • new: option remaining days before Name
  • new: menu structure an naming (translators do a crosscheck against english)
  • fix: subject numbering fixed
  • fix: Ok & Cancel Button in Subject Dialog translated
  • update: French, Romania, Polish, Czech,Italian,Polish
  • update: Slovenian,Serbian Latin & Cyrillic,Swedish
  • some adjustments for QVGA
  • update: Norwegian, Russian, PortuguesBR, Serbian Latin, Serbian Cyrilic
  • corrected the count of birthdays
  • new MenuItem - calendar entries -delete all existing entries
  • some adjustments for Manila-Style and QVGA
  • update:Portugues BR
  • update: greek, russian, Polish, italian, hungarian
  • first release

If you generated calendar entries with v1.x.y, you have to delete this entries before installing v2.x.y.
Otherwise you get duplicates.

attached files:
(LanguageFile_V2.8.3 for the translators)

There is a new language Editor inside the zip-file.
Please try and give a feedback.

Important Notes!

.NetCF 3.5 is required

@ all who had the ShortDatePattern issue!
The exeption will be catched and a MessageBox shows the Info. Please give the Info back to me - thanks

@ all who offers me a translation, please take the attached zip-file, modify it and give it back to me - thx
Now we have 26 languages this is really great - thanks to all supporters - go on translating


Changelog of Version 1.x.y:
  • solves an issue with the Hungarian ShortDateString
  • update: Dutch
  • new: Hungarian
  • update: Romanian, simp. chineese
  • update: czech, greek, simp. chineese, swedish, polish
  • removed the inaktive menu-entries
  • fix: once more the 29.02 issue
  • new: ShortDatePattern
  • new: portugues BR
  • fix: the wrong sorted list
  • update: russian
  • Update: Greek, Slovenski, French
  • New: AppToDate integration
  • update: Polski
  • Fix: Hebrew
  • fix: BusyStatus of calendar enrties set to free
  • fix: consider the aspect ratio of of contact pictures
  • update: Frensh, Polski, Română
  • new: Hebrew
  • update: Romanian
  • new function: refresh
  • new function: unselect existing calendar entries
  • fixed: avoid duplicate calendar entries
[Ver. 1.12]
  • fix: "from beginning" function did not work
  • update: french, nederlands, greek
[Ver. 1.11]
  • fist release of "calendar entries" functionality
  • show anniversaries / show birthdays selection
  • fix: for 29. Feb. issue
  • new entries in languages
  • language-entries sorted
[Ver. 1.10]
  • some minor bug fixes
  • fix: calculation of age (sorry for that)
  • sorting languages athletically
  • new: Polish, Português, russian, serbian
  • update: Dansk, Türkçe translation
[Ver. 1.9]
  • Contact Picture resizing to fit QVGA
  • new: Cesky, Norsk, Nederlands
  • update: French
[Ver. 1.8]
  • new greek, TradChinese, SimpChinese
[Ver. 1.7]
  • new: swedish, romania, bulgarien
[Ver. 1.6]
  • new: danish, slovenian, italian
[Ver. 1.5]
  • new: spanish
[Ver. 1.4]
  • translation
  • configuraton saving
  • pattern modified
[Ver. 1.3]
  • fix: the Error is gone
[Ver. 1.2]
  • mybe the Error is gone
  • change 'for' to 'in'
[Ver. 1.1]
  • new icon - thanks to tnyynt
[Ver. 1.0]
  • first release
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