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By svetius, User Experience Admin on 3rd July 2013, 06:51 PM
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5th July 2013, 06:16 AM |#11  
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This is a great idea and one I've wanted to see in XDA or any other forum for a long time. Since I own a Note 2 N7100, I contributed my part by using Google docs and forms to provide much of the same information in the DevDB for the Note 2. I would say now much of my work is obsoleted, but I agree it is a good thing for XDA.

However for improved granularity, instead of just 1 ranking rating, can DevDB also include 1 other rating for Screen On Time as an indicator for battery life?

My sig links to the thread where I made the index, you can see what I've done.
5th July 2013, 04:17 PM |#12  
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Good feedback, guys. Keep it coming
5th July 2013, 05:09 PM |#13  
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Well, more of the same, haha:

Threads are great for a few users having a semi-cohesive discussion. With many users, many important issues are somewhere within hundreds of pages.

A user-editable FAQ would fix that. I'd like to also stress the importance of having the FAQ as a tab and NOT a link, as otherwise we'd have fewer users editing and fewer users reading.

It doesn't have to use the exact wiki format. But, maybe, a community-editable post that is otherwise normal.

Some threads that could've used it:

Galaxy SIII Annoyances Megathread

The AT&T Jelly Bean Release Thread (4.1.1 released; Kies and OTA)

[HOWTO] [ROOT] No Tripping Flash Counter - [ATT / Bell / Telus / Rogers / Sasktel]
5th July 2013, 08:24 PM |#14  
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Mention @ tags don't work with DevDB.. Rest it ok needs improvement though
5th July 2013, 09:34 PM |#15  
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Not the s3? wow.
6th July 2013, 01:27 AM |#16  
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Originally Posted by AdamOutler

that's a weird binary character. It's actually a hexadecimal representation of a character which is not present in the font you are using.

I have a few issues to address. What about tools which can be used for all devices? The CASUAL project just started a new IDE called CASCADE. It will eventually allow for users to create their own CASUALs easily via guided use of the CASUAL language. Also, there's plenty of CASUAL scripts which will work on all, many, some or one device. Is it possible to link these tools cross-forum?

Actually we are considering this as some tools are multi or pan-device. Working on a way to show this correctly across multiple devices without getting confusing. Honestly we wanted to make sure that this system works in the first place, find out where we need to expand it, and then do it. @AdamOutler don't know if you noticed but one of the download options (if you have edit capabilities on a download file) is to set it as a CASUAL file. You can also set a specific board for the download. Our API will allow you to ask XDA to "send me all CASUAL package files for 'mako'" and then allow you to download those directly. More TBA.

Originally Posted by Mazda

Hopefully this isn't looked on as the ultimate sin or put me on any list hahaha BUT I have a question for any admin/moderator that's directly involved in this project....

How is this helping the developer?

I see a lot of things that users would love and want because they see this site more of a ROM shop then a development site but I don't see how this helps the developers, the ones doing the actual development.

I mean, judging from threads like the NOVA thread which ikjadoon pointed out above....users don't read or even search before posting which in turn causes developers to take more time away from the development process to answer questions that have been asked and answered about 100000 times if not more.

They also ignore warnings in OPs unless they're in BIG RED letters. They post in the wrong sections time after time even though there are stickies and is written in the XDA rules. The list goes on and on and on, how users repeatedly prove that they can't read 2-3 paragraphs if not less of information that will help them and/or follow simple instructions.

I'm not on any high horse here but if you ask anybody that's willing to be truthful if this is true or not, they will answer HELL YES.

With that said, by encouraging users to be even more lazy and giving them tabs is not only making it more difficult for the developer(s) by having him or her fill out these tabs BUT is not in my opinion going to fix the clutter/searching before posting issue.

This will also (in my opinion) send a wave of users harassing developers if they chose NOT to take part in the whole tabs project.

I don't have all the answers nor do I expect any of the admins/moderators that are directly involved in this project to have them BUT I believe this would be a step in the wrong direction if organizing the forums is the ultimate goal here.

ONCE again, this is my opinion. At the end of the day, is your site and you will do as you want. I'm just a member throwing my two cents in...don't shoot!

Hey @Mazda, this is ddrager from Twitter.

Well these are all good points. We did a lot of thinking about what XDA does, what we stand for, and what we provide for developers. For a developer, we are oftentimes not only for discussion but also a platform both for distribution and for feedback on ROMs and other applications for mobile devices. In this regard, DevDB is a platform for users to find the right ROMs and applications for their devices, which hopefully keeps them off of the threads with questions about downloads and whatnot. Sure, we can complain all we want that n00bs don't read, don't search etc... but complaining about it doesn't fix the issue. We wanted to present a way that is easier to follow for those looking for new ROMs and how to modify their devices. A sort of 'device central' where you can get all the information on your device for everyone from those new to Android to those who are veterans at flashing ROMs.

For developers, not much has changed. You still have the development forums, and this is totally optional. DevDB adds some features like built-in reviews, bug reports, a torrent tracker/download system etc. This is mainly for those devs who wish to have additional promotion of their projects, and to make it easier for end-users to find and interact with those projects.

Regarding the issue of users not reading, this isn't a problem unique to XDA. You can point people to search as much as you want but there are 10 people behind them asking the same questions. We've all been guilty of this to some extent at one time . What we can do as a site is make the important information as easy to see and find as possible to help reduce the amount of extraneous questions sent to developers, that have already been answered.

XDA is a site full of information overload, and the best thing we can do is make that information categorized and easy to read.

Originally Posted by ikjadoon


Some of your points are EXACTLY the reason I think each of these threads needs a user-editable (aka wiki-style) FAQ.

The developer, here, does NOT need to create and edit the FAQ themselves. Many knowledgeable users can do that and the developer is free to simply curate it.

If the FAQ is readily available in a tab, I think you will see a significant decrease in thread noise.

This has been brought up a few times. I think what it comes down to is that we currently have a wiki, and nobody really uses it for something like that (that I know of). You can create a page on there and link it to the thread as it is right now.

Great feedback all, keep em coming!
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7th July 2013, 08:48 PM |#17  
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awesome feature. when can we expect it to be available on other forums
not asking for an eta although
8th July 2013, 12:07 PM |#18  
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Just wanted to say this is AWESOME!

I browsed around a bit in the "db-test-areas" and I really like it! The benefits are clearly visible:
  • Better overview
  • makes it easy finding stuff for your device
  • no need to browse pages and pages of devices sections when you are searching for something specific

I'd love to find it in the whole forums!! Keep it on!
8th July 2013, 01:21 PM |#19  
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As much as the users will benefit from this, this is a great boon for developers as well.
The Bug reports tab seems to help organize most of the mess.
It would be really interesting how all of this pans out in its final stages.
Definitely a Thumbs up from here!

Cheers XDA!
8th July 2013, 06:20 PM |#20  
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Originally Posted by bitpushr

This has been brought up a few times. I think what it comes down to is that we currently have a wiki, and nobody really uses it for something like that (that I know of). You can create a page on there and link it to the thread as it is right now.

Great feedback all, keep em coming!

Again, nobody uses it because it's too far away (one click is too much). Imagine if all screenshots were links instead of embedded into posts: loads fewer people would see the screenshots! It's just too far.

Look, even the great wisdom of XKCD agrees with me:

See the title/alt text! Sound familiar? But, it's not just for orphaned threads.

If you have a globally-editable tab in a large thread, you're going to have a much cleaner and happier forum experience.

Look at Wikipedia: if you invest in a community, look at what great things can happen.

We all know repeatedly asked questions are the bane of clean forums. The FAQ is the universal answer: look at ANY site ever. FAQs are the answer. Now, one issue with FAQs is that they soon become out of date and creating/updating large ones is a PITA. Thus, let the community update them.

I realize you all are afraid users will ignore or/and not contribute to the wiki FAQs. But, make them important by referring to them often, we knowledgeable people can pitch in, give developers/OPs full control so far as to disable it.

It's not going to be useful on little threads or small projects, but it will SUBSTANTIALLY improve all large threads.

You guys have a vision: don't these wiki FAQs perfectly fit that vision?
14th July 2013, 10:41 PM |#21  
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Visual interface/portal
As a suggestion to the DevDB, a visual interface/portal may help show compatibilities of various code modification though family forking of devices. As an example, I noted that various samsung galaxy devices incorporates a 'Popup Receiver apk' with one message/ prompt being annoying ('to avoid hearing damage...'). On some Galaxy devices it is just a simple message while other device require a users acknowledgement (ie 'click ok'). because the code shares a similar family base, it seems practical to show an evolution forking of the code and as a sub-note, modifications (if needed) to allow similar operations.
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