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DISCLAIMER: I will take no responsibility if you brick your phone or if this ROM screws up your phone in any shape or form.

The Mods
Find changelog on G+ community or in post #2

Download Links
AndroidFileHost (old releases)
You can also use ILWT Updater from the ROM
  • ILWT ROM 3.0.17 md5: 3567e66d4203cf6f5fb61af474cc3492
  • ILWT ROM 3.0.16 md5: c01c40b85e2895fd8b48c916c0b5329a
  • ILWT ROM 3.0.15 md5: 58a1df14c409c343487ec13a3795b2c4
  • ILWT ROM 3.0.13 md5: 5dfb7ff9e137b2caa3fe6d6067d90169
  • ILWT ROM 3.0.12 md5: cef400d5fa7ceb231182da926659b2b9

Simply flash the .zip file from recovery (it must support KitKat ROM, latest versions of TWRP and 4ext should work), nothing fancy needs to be done. Make sure to do a full wipe if you are coming from a different ROM.

Bug Reports
If you are going to report any bug, please do it only after a full wipe, with stock kernel, and no other modification to the ROM (especially no Xposed). Also, you must provide logs (logcat and/or last_kmsg). I will not look into the issue if any of these requirements aren't satisfied.

G+ Community
This is where I usually announce new releases and their changelog:

  • bclark1000
  • KwiHa
  • Ditamae
  • bazantik
  • L-ViZ
  • dib_uk
  • Smajlo
  • mistm
  • dublox
  • dsip
  • =JKT=
  • PDignam

If you've donated and would like your name to be shown here, please send me a pm with your paypal e-mail

Why am I doing this?
Ever since I mentioned the modifications I have been making to CM7 for personal use, a few people have contacted me to get the modified ROM. Because of this, I have decided to make it public, as long as I see interest in it.

The Mods

  • Latest CM7 Nightly
  • Added Virtuous OC Daemon or ILWT OC Daemon
  • Includes a modded CM7 kernel (ILWT CM7). See "ILWT CM7 Kernel" section below for more info.
  • Possibility to customize the ROM before flashing it. This is possible through a text file named ILWT.txt that is placed in the folder ILWT in the root of your SD card. The customizations include:
    • Kernel choice: ILWT CM7, stock CM7, or pershoot. ILWT CM7 includes viperMOD.
    • Google apps: installed or not installed
    • Launcher: ADW, GO Launcher EX, or completely removed
    • GO Launcher EX Notification: installed or not installed
    • Messaging: stock CM7, GO SMS Pro, or completely removed
    • Calendar: stock CM7, Jorte, or completely removed
    • E-mail: stock CM7, K-9 Mail, or completely removed
    • Music: stock CM7, Google Music (for users of Music Beta), or completely removed
    • File Manager: stock CM7 or completely removed (for those that have paid for Root Explorer)
    • Spare Parts: stock CM7 or completely removed
    • T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling: installed or not installed
    • build.prop: patched or unpatched. Patched build.prop will remove T-Mobile references and change some values to (hopefully) increase mobile data performance.
    • OC Daemon Controller: ILWT Tools, OC/UV Beater2, Virtuous OC Daemon GUI, or not installed
    • Market app: kept from previous installation or installed from gapps (don't use this option if you did a full wipe)
    • Modded Gmail: installed or not installed (get Gmail from Market in this case)
    • New Talk app (with audio and video): installed or not installed
    • Titanium Backup: installed or not installed
    • Custom apps: installed or not installed. Put the .apk files you'd like installed in a folder named ILWT in the root of your SD Card. The installer will automatically install them to /data/app
    • FM Radio: installed or not installed
    • DSP Manager: installed or not installed
    • GPS library: stock HTC or CM7. This setting will be automatically selected for you for supported radio versions
    • Google Books: installed or not installed
    • Camera: CM7 or MIUI
    • Stock wallpaper apps: installed or not installed
    • VPN services app: installed or not installed
    • Market: new or old
    • Gallery app: installed or not installed
    • Custom sounds: installed or not installed. Place the files in the following folders:
      • /sdcard/ILWT/sounds/r (for ringtones)
      • /sdcard/ILWT/sounds/a (for alarms)
      • /sdcard/ILWT/sounds/n (for notifications)
      • /sdcard/ILWT/sounds/u (for ui)
    • Hosts file: patched or unpatched. Patched hosts file removes ads.
    • Cerberus: installed or not installed. See official home page or Android Market page for more info.
    • OC Daemon: ILWT, Virtuous, or not installed
    • Connection Icons: stock, 4G instead of H, or H+ instead of H and H instead of 3G
    • GPS Fix: ntp server customizable. See NTP.txt or official NTP Pool Project for a list of servers. It is also possible to use crypted's gps fix.
    • Wi-Fi Scan Delay: customizable with any number that is a multiple of 15
    • Boot animation: default or customized. Place valid file in /sdcard/ILWT folder and set appropriate ILWT.txt option
    • Fonts: default or custom. Place Clockopia.ttf, DroidSans.ttf, and DroidSans-Bold.ttf in /sdcard/ILWT/fonts.
    • Car Home apps: installed or not installed
    • NotiGo: installed or not installed
    • Notification LED: stock or blinking green
    • Calculator: installed or not installed
    • Terminal Emulator: installed or not installed
    • ROM Manager: installed or not installed
    • SIM Toolkit: installed or not installed
  • ext3 partitions automatically converted to ext4 for better performance (no data loss)
  • Implemented fix to fake front camera when using Google+ hangouts
  • Implemented fix for ShootMe
  • Various performance tweaks
  • Possibility to personalize the installation step by step with AROMA UI
See next post for complete changelog and Addons section for sample ILWT.txt configuration file. Notes
  • It is possible to change kernel, as long as it is AOSP. Just make sure to adjust the frequencies found in the files at /system/etc/virtuous_oc, they have to exist in the kernel you are using. I recommend to always use ondemand governor, but especially do not use smartass or scary governor. The OC Daemon has a sleep profile which would become useless if used with either of those governors.
  • If you are coming from a ROM that isn't a CM7 nightly, a full wipe is required. I recommend using SuperWipeG2+ext4 (ext4 version of SuperWipeG2+). Make sure to do a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM before flashing the file.
  • The ROM has been tested with this phone configuration
  • By default, the OC Daemon is configured as follows (ondemand governor for wake, conservative governor for sleep):
    • Virtuous OC Daemon:
      • ILWT CM7 kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1017
      • CM7 kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1113
      • pershoot kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1017
    • ILWT OC Daemon:
      • ILWT CM7 kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1017, temperature: >=40 245/768, battery: <=25 245/768, charge: 245/1113
      • CM7 kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1113, temperature: >=40 245/768, battery: <=25 245/768, charge: 245/1113
      • pershoot kernel - sleep: 245/576, wake: 245/1017, temperature: >=40 245/768, battery: <=25 245/768, charge: 245/1113
    You can adjust these values in the files found in /system/etc/virtuous_oc.
  • Make sure to uninstall SetCPU (or any app alike), as the OC Daemon will not start if it is present (it checks every time the phone boots).
  • I will try to update this thread after each major CM7 nightly release.
  • ILWT CM7 is also available from ROM Manager
  • You can find more detailed instructions on how to use the ILWT.txt configuration file here:
Addons For specific features that you would like to be added or removed, please reply in the thread. If enough people would like to see that modification, I will create a flashable zip for it (or even integrate it in the ROM, if appropriate). ILWT CM7 Kernel Latest version of stock CM7 kernel with following changes:
  • Added frequencies 576MHz, 902MHz, 1017MHz, 1507MHz, 1574MHz
  • Removed frequencies 1497MHz, 1516MHz
  • Slightly undervolted
  • Exposed VDD levels to userspace, so that voltages for all frequencies can be modded at any time
  • Added SIO scheduler and made it default
  • Enabled swap support
Download link: ILWT CM7 Kernel v1.8.1 v1.8.1 md5: 331e95e8f3cb4a9a60cddade7c99e779 v1.8.0 md5: ad7ba8efd08501da1cb77567c74d535c Also available on ROM Manager. ILWT OC Daemon
  • Based on Virtuous OC Daemon (all credits go to rmk)
  • Changed name so that it isn't confused with the original OC daemon. Current GUI apps do not work with ILWT OC Daemon.
  • Same rules apply: make sure that there is no other CPU controller running (such as SetCPU), or the daemon will stop running.
  • Added temperature profile: when temperature gets too hot, lower frequencies
  • Added battery capacity profile: when battery is too low, lower frequencies
  • Added charging profile: if phone is charging, use this profile
  • There is only one configuration file that the daemon uses upon starting. The default one is found at /system/ilwt/ilwt_oc.conf
  • Upon starting, the daemon will also check if /sdcard/ILWT/ilwt_oc.conf exists. If it does, it will load the configuration from that file first. If the file is not present or if it is missing some values, the daemon will use the values found in the default configuration file in /system/ilwt/ilwt_oc.conf.
  • Priority for profiles is: sleep > temperature > charging > battery capacity > wake. This means that it is better to set lowest frequencies for sleep. The wake frequencies are only going to be used if the battery is not too hot, if it has enough capacity left, and if the phone is not charging. If the screen is off, the sleep profile will always be used.
  • Because of the way the sys files are set up, to switch between the wake profile and the battery, charging, or temperature profiles, the screen must turn off and then back on.
  • Sources can be found on GitHub
  • Devs: feel free to add the daemon to your ROM. It would be a nice gesture if you gave credits and a link to this thread, but it's ok either way.
Download link: ILWT CM7 Daemon v1.3.0. It works on any ROM of any flavor (including Sense). All phones are supported as long as you have a kernel that is overclockable. I am not 100% sure that it is possible to use the config file from the SD card on every phone, though. md5: b1fa8b451479f6d8ff79b8812eb4d3f6 Also available on ROM Manager. The zip file is created with this specific ROM in mind. It will work on other ROMs also, but it will always use the configuration file for the ILWT CM7 kernel. Make sure you check that the frequencies exist for your kernel, otherwise create your configuration file at /sdcard/ILWT/ilwt_oc.conf and set the correct values. Here is a sample ilwt_oc.conf configuration file. Installation Simply flash the .zip file from recovery (it must be 4ext, CWM is not supported), nothing fancy needs to be done. I always wipe cache and Dalvik cache before flashing, just to make sure nothing gets screwed up. Make sure to do a full wipe if you are coming from a different ROM (CM7 nightlies are ok if they are not too old, no need to full wipe in that case). Download Links kitkat: AndroidFileHost new: SourceForge old: minus | mediafire
  • ILWT CM7 879 md5: ab47f61e2874cbee50f2194ae1f8c110
  • ILWT CM7 875a md5: f6acf1e2492df36e401c4ed5da4b9f72
  • ILWT CM7 732 md5: 5d9dcef80f06c6671394631ca4d9b0cd
  • ILWT CM7 685 md5: 4cd949029b9587c124c17d255f00a08b
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