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Notes: IRS Announcement - 12 Nov 2013

IRS Webpage:

Check my Facebook page for latest news >>

Development Status: Check Facebook Page

Releases & Updates:
- 07/03/17 - Updated BoomSound+HK v4, Released Dolby ATMOS (128K Free)
- 19/04/15 - Updated BoomSound+HK and MaxxAudio (128K Free), Released Samsung SoundAlive (128K Free)
- 19/04/15 - Updated BoomSound+HK v3, MaxxAudio Pro+AW v5 (Z/H-Editions)

- 02/04/15 - Updated BoomSound+HK v2 (Z/H-Editions)

- 10/05/15 - 2-Year Anniversary + Birthday Special - 50% Off ZH-Edition (10-12 May 2015)
- 21/03/15 - Added T&C&P at Payment Portal
- 07/12/14 - Updated Payment Portal
IRS Index
[FREE/PAID]Name (Release date)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] HTC Beats Audio (19/11/13)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Waves MaxxAudio AudioWizard (20/11/13)
[128K/Z-EDITION*] Sony Ericsson Equalizer (22/12/13)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Apple iPod Equalizer (23/12/13)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Sony Xperia Sound Enhancement (25/12/13)
[128K/Z-EDITION] Sanyo Bass Xpander (02/01/14)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity (07/01/14)
[Z-EDITION] Razor Surround (13/7/14)
[H-EDITION] EAX Advanced HD 5.0 (13/7/14)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] HTC BoomSound + Harman Kardon + JBL (03/07/17)
[Z-EDITION] Golden Ears Accudio (24/11/14)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Huawei DTS Mode (01/12/14)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Samsung SoundAlive (07/12/15)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Lenovo Dolby ATMOS (07/07/17)
* Only specific files are involved.

128K IRS
This is the free version. They are encoded in 128kbps MP3s.

Z-Edition IRS
Z-Edition is a quality prioritised version of IRS. You can call it the premium version or the paid version.
H-Edition is included with all Z-Edition IRS and NOT a separate package.

H-Edition IRS
H-Edition is a "zero-delay" version of the Z-Edition IRS. It is suitable for all occasions including music, video and gaming when delay is annoying. H-Edition is included with all Z-Edition IRS and not a separate package.

Z or H?
For perfect music experience, Z-Edition is highly recommended.
For movie or gaming, use H-Edition.

Some Other IRS Variants: Plus(+) & ZS/HS
Plus(+) Variants
These IRS have bigger file size thus able to store more data for simulation purpose. They give a more complete simulation but consume more battery and memory.

ZS/HS Variants
This is the SECONDARY version of Z/H-Edition IRS that uses a different recording method, giving a different sound experience. Normally this method is used to achieve a more accurate frequency response. For some IRS, this method is used to make the primary Z/H-Editions.
In short, the Z/H is the first-choice and ZS/HS is the second-choice. They don't represent a recording method.

Z/H-Editions support both 44.1kHz and 48kHz. But 128K IRS only intended for 44100Hz output. They will not sound as intended on 48kHz output devices.

How to check your sample rate:
Open ViPER4Android FX and go to Driver Status. Example:

Like my work? Support my Z/H-Edition IRS
Buy here:

Comparison: 128K vs Z-Edition Revised Jan 12,2014
Z/H-Editions (Selected only)
Temp Download Link: here
1. New Sanyo Bass Xpander (44/48 Z.E.) - Box
2. Sony Ericsson Mega Bass (44/48 Z.E.) - Box
3. Razor Surround (44/48 Z.E.) - Box
4. EAX Advanced HD 5.0 (44/48 H.E.) (Minimum Dual-core required) - Box

Golden Ears Accudio (Z-Edition) - Headphone Correction & Simulations
Temp Download Link: here
More headphone models will be added to the folder: Box

Free Version / 128K MP3 (44100Hz Only)
Download Link (Dropbox Folder) : here
Download Listing:-
1. HTC Beats Audio - (128K)
2. Waves MaxxAudio PRO+AudioWizard - (128K)
3. Sony Ericsson EQ (Megabass) - (128K)
4. Apple iPod EQ - (128K)
5. Sony Xperia Sound Enhancement - (128K)
6. Sanyo Bass Xpander - (128K)
7. Creative X-Fi - (128K)
8. HTC BoomSound + Harman Kardon LiveStage - (128K)
9. DTS Mode - (128K)
10. Samsung SoundAlive - (128K)
11. Dolby ATMOS - (128K) - NEW
07/03/17 - updated boomsound v4, updated bs+hk+jbl 128k, release atmos 128k
10/05/15 - announce 50% off
19/04/15 - updated boomsound v3, maxxaudio v5, updated bs+hk and maxxaudio 128k, release soundalive 128k
02/04/15 - updated boomsound to v2
21/03/15 - add t&c&p to payment portal
20/02/15 - add temp download link

-end of 2014-
07/12 - update payment portal, release boomsound, dts, soundalive
01/12 - release dts mode 128k
24/11 - release accudio, update eax5, razor surr, megabass & sanyo bx, modify OP to new style
19/10 - fix image host links, remove effect detail img
18/10 - temporary payment portal
22/09 - boomsound + hk 128k, intro zshs
20/09 - update xfi with h.e and 48khz
23/08 - fix h-edition (except beats)
19/08 - update z.e with h.e and 48khz (except xfi)
04/08 - sample rate reminder
13/07 - introduce h-edition, release razor surr & eax adv hd irs (free z/h.e), use box links
01/07 - sony ericsson megabass free, se eq removed from market
30/06 - xperia se added z2 ca+
25/06 - 1K sales celebration (news & changes draft 1)
22/02 - extended to full 128k
30/01 - sanyo bx z-edition free
26/01 - extended content for 128k mp3 (maxxAW,se eq, ipod eq, cxfi, xperia)
17/01 - remark signature effect in irs listing/remove ad-like content
12/01 - update comparison, update 5 z-edition with z-vol, add cxfi z-edition
07/01 - add creative xfi irs
02/01 - add sanyo bass xpander irs
-end of 2013-
30/12 - add z-edition payment portal
29/12 - add irs file listing
25/12 - add sony xperia irs
23/12 - add apple ipod irs
22/12 - add sony ericsson irs
20/11 - fix beats audio irs, add waves maxxaudio irs
19/11 - Comeback, add beats audio irs
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