[TUTORIAL] The updater-script completely explained

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By KINGbabasula, Inactive Recognized Developer on 25th July 2013, 12:32 PM
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8th October 2013, 08:48 PM |#21  
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Originally Posted by Monty.728

How to do this in micromax a57 can u plzz hlp me

It depends on what you want to flash. A rom, a file or just a script. Please add more informations

Originally Posted by pradeepxtremehacker

good work thanks

Originally Posted by shoey63

Great guide :thumbup:

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11th October 2013, 02:14 PM |#22  
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how to set permissions like this??
I will be glad if you me for changing some permissions in root directory.

I have attached Screenshot from what i currently have and what permissions i do want to have, if you have knowledge regarding this please guide me.

I need to change these permissions coz after a factory RESET these files get deleted and i get some serious errors of WIFI and IMEI. than again i need to put these files in the ROOT.

this is located in root/data/nvram

Thanks in advance..
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13th November 2013, 05:20 AM |#23  
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How can I know that numbers of permission?

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Guide to gid uid and permission mode for diff path

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19th December 2013, 09:44 PM |#24  
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I see these 2 a lot. What is the difference? Pro's and Con's? Why use one and not the other? Thanks!

mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p14", "/system");


run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");

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19th December 2013, 09:46 PM |#25  
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28th February 2014, 07:36 AM |#26  
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Thanks for the guide. One thing though, what's the difference in installing busybox. I've often seen this code

symlink("/system/xbin/busybox", "/system/bin/busybox");
run_program("/system/xbin/busybox", "--install", "-s", "/system/xbin");

whereas in others, they're just symlinks like in the op

symlink("busybox", "/system/xbin/[", "/system/xbin/[[",
"/system/xbin/adjtimex", "/system/xbin/arp", "/system/xbin/ash",
"/system/xbin/awk", "/system/xbin/base64", "/system/xbin/basename",
"/system/xbin/bbconfig", "/system/xbin/blkid", "/system/xbin/blockdev",
"/system/xbin/brctl", "/system/xbin/bunzip2", "/system/xbin/bzcat",
"/system/xbin/bzip2", "/system/xbin/cal", "/system/xbin/cat",
"/system/xbin/catv", "/system/xbin/chattr", "/system/xbin/chgrp",
"/system/xbin/chmod", "/system/xbin/chown", "/system/xbin/chroot",
"/system/xbin/clear", "/system/xbin/cmp", "/system/xbin/comm",
"/system/xbin/cp", "/system/xbin/cpio", "/system/xbin/crond",
"/system/xbin/crontab", "/system/xbin/cut", "/system/xbin/date",
"/system/xbin/dc", "/system/xbin/dd", "/system/xbin/depmod",
"/system/xbin/devmem", "/system/xbin/df", "/system/xbin/diff",
"/system/xbin/dirname", "/system/xbin/dmesg", "/system/xbin/dnsd",
"/system/xbin/dos2unix", "/system/xbin/du", "/system/xbin/echo",
"/system/xbin/ed", "/system/xbin/egrep", "/system/xbin/env",
"/system/xbin/expand", "/system/xbin/expr", "/system/xbin/false",
"/system/xbin/fbsplash", "/system/xbin/fdisk", "/system/xbin/fgrep",
"/system/xbin/find", "/system/xbin/flash_lock",
"/system/xbin/flash_unlock", "/system/xbin/flashcp",
"/system/xbin/flock", "/system/xbin/fold", "/system/xbin/free",
"/system/xbin/freeramdisk", "/system/xbin/fstrim", "/system/xbin/fsync",
"/system/xbin/ftpget", "/system/xbin/ftpput", "/system/xbin/fuser",
"/system/xbin/getopt", "/system/xbin/grep", "/system/xbin/groups",
"/system/xbin/gunzip", "/system/xbin/gzip", "/system/xbin/halt",
"/system/xbin/head", "/system/xbin/hexdump", "/system/xbin/id",
"/system/xbin/ifconfig", "/system/xbin/inetd", "/system/xbin/insmod",
"/system/xbin/install", "/system/xbin/ionice", "/system/xbin/iostat",
"/system/xbin/ip", "/system/xbin/kill", "/system/xbin/killall",
"/system/xbin/killall5", "/system/xbin/less", "/system/xbin/ln",
"/system/xbin/losetup", "/system/xbin/ls", "/system/xbin/lsattr",
"/system/xbin/lsmod", "/system/xbin/lsusb", "/system/xbin/lzcat",
"/system/xbin/lzma", "/system/xbin/lzop", "/system/xbin/lzopcat",
"/system/xbin/man", "/system/xbin/md5sum", "/system/xbin/mesg",
"/system/xbin/mkdir", "/system/xbin/mke2fs", "/system/xbin/mkfifo",
"/system/xbin/mkfs.ext2", "/system/xbin/mkfs.vfat",
"/system/xbin/mknod", "/system/xbin/mkswap", "/system/xbin/mktemp",
"/system/xbin/modinfo", "/system/xbin/modprobe", "/system/xbin/more",
"/system/xbin/mount", "/system/xbin/mountpoint", "/system/xbin/mpstat",
"/system/xbin/mv", "/system/xbin/nanddump", "/system/xbin/nandwrite",
"/system/xbin/nbd-client", "/system/xbin/netstat", "/system/xbin/nice",
"/system/xbin/nohup", "/system/xbin/nslookup", "/system/xbin/ntpd",
"/system/xbin/od", "/system/xbin/patch", "/system/xbin/pgrep",
"/system/xbin/pidof", "/system/xbin/ping", "/system/xbin/pipe_progress",
"/system/xbin/pkill", "/system/xbin/pmap", "/system/xbin/poweroff",
"/system/xbin/printenv", "/system/xbin/printf", "/system/xbin/ps",
"/system/xbin/pstree", "/system/xbin/pwd", "/system/xbin/pwdx",
"/system/xbin/rdev", "/system/xbin/readlink", "/system/xbin/realpath",
"/system/xbin/renice", "/system/xbin/reset", "/system/xbin/resize",
"/system/xbin/rev", "/system/xbin/rm", "/system/xbin/rmdir",
"/system/xbin/rmmod", "/system/xbin/route", "/system/xbin/run-parts",
"/system/xbin/rx", "/system/xbin/sed", "/system/xbin/seq",
"/system/xbin/setconsole", "/system/xbin/setserial",
"/system/xbin/setsid", "/system/xbin/sh", "/system/xbin/sha1sum",
"/system/xbin/sha256sum", "/system/xbin/sha3sum",
"/system/xbin/sha512sum", "/system/xbin/sleep", "/system/xbin/sort",
"/system/xbin/split", "/system/xbin/stat", "/system/xbin/strings",
"/system/xbin/stty", "/system/xbin/sum", "/system/xbin/swapoff",
"/system/xbin/swapon", "/system/xbin/sync", "/system/xbin/sysctl",
"/system/xbin/tac", "/system/xbin/tail", "/system/xbin/tar",
"/system/xbin/taskset", "/system/xbin/tee", "/system/xbin/telnet",
"/system/xbin/telnetd", "/system/xbin/test", "/system/xbin/tftp",
"/system/xbin/tftpd", "/system/xbin/time", "/system/xbin/timeout",
"/system/xbin/top", "/system/xbin/touch", "/system/xbin/tr",
"/system/xbin/traceroute", "/system/xbin/true", "/system/xbin/ttysize",
"/system/xbin/tune2fs", "/system/xbin/umount", "/system/xbin/uname",
"/system/xbin/uncompress", "/system/xbin/unexpand", "/system/xbin/uniq",
"/system/xbin/unix2dos", "/system/xbin/unlzma", "/system/xbin/unlzop",
"/system/xbin/unxz", "/system/xbin/unzip", "/system/xbin/uptime",
"/system/xbin/usleep", "/system/xbin/uudecode", "/system/xbin/uuencode",
"/system/xbin/vi", "/system/xbin/watch", "/system/xbin/wc",
"/system/xbin/wget", "/system/xbin/which", "/system/xbin/whoami",
"/system/xbin/xargs", "/system/xbin/xz", "/system/xbin/xzcat",
"/system/xbin/yes", "/system/xbin/zcat");
4th March 2014, 03:36 PM |#27  
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Hey, great tutorial. Do you think it'd be a good idea to also add what parameters each function takes? For example unmount will only take one parameter but symlink can take 2 or more. It would be good to see which parameter does what and the number of expected parameters.

Thanks for the writeup!
3rd April 2014, 08:56 AM |#28  
Originally Posted by KINGbabasula

Hi all XDA Members
This is not at all an updater-script guide but an explanation


Can you tell me what is the difference between:
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p3", "/system");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system");
and what and how should I use to be able to copy files to
- how can I determine partition/mount point - I am still bit a lost in this so I don't know how to design my updater-script...
this is what I have now - but I am not sure it will be working - or it will not damage the phone:
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/res");
delete("/res/customconfig/customconfig-helper", "/res/customconfig/customconfig.xml", "/res/customconfig/actions/push-actions/config_backup_restore");
package_extract_dir("res", "/res");
set_perm(0, 0, 6755, "/res/customconfig/customconfig-helper", "/res/customconfig/customconfig.xml", "/res/customconfig/custom.profile", "/res/customconfig/actions/push-actions/config_backup_restore");
run_program("/sbin/busybox", "unmount", "/res");
thank you for any help (the script should help me to create some custom features for the kernel I use which is operated by STweaks app)
11th April 2014, 09:38 AM |#29  
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Anyone know how to reboot-bootloader via an ?

I have a Lenovo K910 i'm trying to Unbrick, any help is much appreciated.
25th June 2014, 09:55 AM |#30  
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Syntax for comments / comment / commenting
5th August 2014, 02:28 PM |#31  
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@KINGbabasula could you explain about symlink more?
Written in OP isn't enough for my project!
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