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[ROM][MDPI] NICS™ ROM v3 ~~ By Nero Young ~~[ 7 May 2013 ][Perfect NICS™ Themer v2]

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By neroyoung, Senior Member on 15th April 2013, 04:31 AM
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◢ Based on Android 4.0.4
◢ Firmware versions 4.1.B.1.13
◢ Supported Devices
✔ Xperia Live With Walkman - WT19i
✔ Xperia Mini Pro - SK17i
✔ Xperia Active - ST17i
✔ Xperia Mini - ST15i
◢ Supported BootLoader Types
✔ Locked Bootloader
✔ Unlocked BootLoaer
◢ Supported Kernel
✔ All ICS kernel for stock based ROM
✔ Kernels with CWM
✔ Kernels with TWRP
◢ NICS™ ROM is integrated with AROMA Installer
◢ All new NICS™ Themer Engine based on vrtheme

What You Need
◢ Any one of the device listed above
◢ Of course my NICS™ ROM
◢ A Usable Brain
◢ A Pair of Sharp Eyes
◢ Clockworkmod or TWRP
◢ Aroma zip Installing Experience
◢ Kernel that supports init.d

How To Install
◢ Download the NICS™ ROM from the link provided below.
◢ Copy it to your SD Card.
◢ Make sure you have ICS kernel for stock/stock based ROM.
◢ Put SD Card in your handset.
◢ Reboot to Clockworkmod or TWRP.
◢ And directly browse to NICS™ ROM zip file and open it.
◢ You need not to wipe/format anything before, you can do it using NICS™ ROM AROMA installer.
◢ Keep the NICS™ Cleaner option in AROMA as it is if you are installing ROM freshly.
◢ Follow the AROMA installer and complete the setup.
◢ First boot is long..............................
◢ Congrats ! Now you have successfully installed NICS™ ROM.
Download v3 From Here

Special Thanks To
Saqib Nazm for helping me, providing framework jars, some apps, bug testing on LWW, feedbacks, suggetions and much much more. Thank You Saqib
Sandy7 for helping me with on screen button issue, adding play pause music with camera button, for swipe animation, led backlight disabled issue and support
ruqqq for his XThemeEngine and permission to let me add it in ROM, big big thanks Bro !!

Also Thanks To
Rizal Lovins
Pranav Pandey
◢ I have used many things from all around xda, they are not used " as it is". I have tweaked and modified them to double quality, stability and made them beautiful. So please don't blame me like I have stolen anything, so please just let me know if I forgot someone....
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15th April 2013, 04:31 AM |#2  
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Angry Changelog and upcoming features
NICS™ ROM v3 Changelog
✔ Made ROM lighter in /system by 30-35 MB
✔ Added fix of Locked bootloader in v3 now bootloop of v2 should be fixed.
✔ Removed Youtube app, can be install manually.
✔ Moved extra small apps to /data partition so more free space in /system can small apps can be uninstalled too
✔ Updated installer script
✔ Updated Themer Engine
✔ Updated statusbar to v9.1
✔ Fixed sound effect for clear phase, now it works in equalizer settings
✔ Added 4 video player from xperia Z
✔ Updated NICS™ Themer, removed old script themer and added theme chooser.
✔ Added Xperia Z original mix theme
✔ Added Blue sky theme
✔ Added Red Dream Theme
✔ Added Orange pulp theme
✔ Modified scripts for more accurate effects
✔ Updated music player, now back music works in notification
✔ Added Green Hulk theme
✔ Optimized all png from all themes for better performance
✔ Modified sony browser to have black chrome look with as home page, new bookmarks useful one not touch sony blah blah blah
✔ Optimized NICS HD Boot animation to bright color
✔ Fixed digital clock widget of xperia GX ( Removed binary clock )

How to use NICS™ Themer Engine v2 ?
( Optional up to step 4 )
1. Go into CWM and select my ROM zip file.
2. Select Themer from option
3. Select color scheme and statusbar color
4. Reboot
5. Now go to menu and select XThemeEngine
6. Select theme you want to apply and do full reboot to avoid sim not available problem and done !

NICS™ ROM v2 Changelog
✔ Soft key light fixed.
✔ XMP hardware keyboard backlight fixed.
✔ Removed conflicts from init.d
✔ Updated firmware version to latest one 4.1.B.1.13.
✔ Beats Audio Enhanced pack optional in aroma.
✔ Fusion of Jelly Bean, Xperia ray, Xperia T and .587 firmware.
✔ Fixed remounting. Now properly mounting through my remount app.
✔ Fixed sound error in v1.
✔ Added all color scrubber files in themer along with white xperia Z theme on demand of Sandy7.
✔ Removed Android keyboard.
✔ Updated system apps and added new small apps.
✔ Updated task killer along with changes in build.prop.
✔ Increased response of v8.1 systemUI. Its more stable now. Though v7.1 statusbar choice in aroma. Themer won't be available for v7.1.
✔ Removed super user apk, now super user will be installed by SuperSu by default.
✔ Added NICS™ Screen dimmer to make screen look dimm and let you enjoy mobile at low light at night.
✔ Fix layouts in HDPI framework for our MDPI devices.
✔ Timer bug fixed in clock and alarm app.
✔ Enabled cron drop cache.
✔ Enabled nano editor.
✔ Enabled bash.
✔ Updated media profiles.
✔ Updated fall back fonts.
✔ Updated Access points.
✔ Added new font support for chinese, korean, tamil, kannad, telagu, devnagari that is marathi, hindi, robot new fonts, anjali new lipi etc
✔ Added new NICS goodies socialife and one quick sidebar.
✔ Fixed sysinit configuration.
✔ Updated key layout for mini, mini pro, active along with old key config of lww.
✔ New UI sound. Specially lockscreen sound
✔ New ringtones, removed few old ringtones.
✔ Themed Xperia Go Lockscreen to Minimal.
✔ Themed Xperia Z lock screen to Mix Beats.
✔ Fixed NICS™ Cleaner script error. Now cleaner will clean particular item correctly.
✔ System rw/ro binary to used terminal emulator or adb to get easy access to mounting /system.
✔ Aggressive task killer, use ZD box task killer or similar root access task killer for better free RAM.
✔ Ultra brightness enabled , choice in Aroma.
✔ CPUControl max value changed from 134 Hz to 1.018 GHz, low value is set to 134 Hz in choice (By default its 245 Hz).
✔ Fixed missing widget error on home screen of xperia gx home.
✔ Added new Legacy Sony style Cam, still BETA cause fast action causes white screen and no zoom option for video.
✔ Updated bulletproof apps.
✔ More advance installer with advance settings in restorer for NICS™ Goodies too.
✔ Removed unnecessary libs and binary files, ROM is lite by approximately 20 MB in /system partition.
✔ Added new wallpapers.
✔ Updated time scape and facebook apps.
✔ 100% Super charged ROM.
✔ NICS™ Booster NEW FEATURE (Liberty™ Tweaker) ✔ RAM will be flushed for cached background unwanted processes like MIUI. (Do report) ✔ Dual zip align check on boot. ✔ Clear Initialization RAM script by me. ✔ Boot app start blocker. ✔ Super agressive task killer. ✔ Cache cleaner per day (by default), week, hour. ✔ Sysctl tweaker. ✔ Logger remover. ✔ Dalvik to cache. ✔ Firstboot initializer. ✔ Data fixer. ✔ SD Card Booster. ✔ Permission fixer. ✔ Dalvik cleaner. ✔ Remount tweaker. ✔ Heavy weight app adjustment. ✔ Sound clearer (Fidelity) ✔ Aroma option to enable disable NICS™ Booster.
✔ Now sound is more crisp clear and I bet you won't find better sound in other mode. ✔ ALS enabled. ✔ ALSA sound mode activated but still beta. ✔ Bluetooth renamed. ✔ Added media codecs. ✔ Sysmon config added. (Not exactly sure of it.) ✔ Provided new certificates. ✔ New app permissions and framework. ✔ Added "sh" support now. ✔ Much much more tweaks I can't remember all of them.... Explorer by yourself and report... ;) ✔ All new NICS™ HD Boot animation.
NICS™ ROM Features
◢ Init.d Tweaks
✔ Increase touchscreen sensitivity ✔ Less RAM usage through zipalign. ✔ Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. ✔ Faster disk access through remount script (NICS™ Remount app optionally) ✔ Better network by Super Charger 3G script ✔ Overall Better Performance and Battery Life ✔ Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks ✔ Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed ✔ Preset of MinFree values to maximize performance ✔ Optimization of device on every boot (35 sec to settle device) ✔ Included most of power sets like
✔ Boost My Xperia ✔ Andrenaline Engine ✔ Thunderbolt tweak ✔ Pimp My ROM ✔ Super Charger Script ✔ NICS™ Performance Engine ✔ Zip IT App tweak ✔ Darkys Zipalign ✔ System Tweak ✔ sqlite Optimize ✔ sysctl Tweaks ✔ zRAM Tweaks ✔ Xperia Fidelity ✔ Loopy Smoothness Tweaks ✔ Remount EXT4 ✔ Cleaner ✔ Drop Cache Tweak ✔ Battery Optimization
◢ Framework Tweaks
✔ 6 set of different color style ✔ Most of app are themed ✔ Smoother animation ✔ Optimized PNG for better app execution ✔ Added most of framework from Play, Z, V, T etc device ✔ Mixed mode animation with smoothness ✔ All progress bar are optimized for ICS ✔ All rotation smoothness enabled ✔ 3 dot framework added ✔ Framework with 3 dot and navigation bar ✔ Default wallpaper in framework ✔ Default logo in framework ✔ Both ICS AOSP and Xperia Z framework style in AROMA ✔ 6 Different color scheme ✔ All HDPI work for eye candy look ✔ Most of framework is fixed for previous bugs ✔ Incresed fps of animation ✔ Themed player ✔ Themed Settings ✔ Themed systemUI ✔ New offline charging animations ✔ Themed Colors ✔ NICS™ ROM version display ✔ Own Icon packs for settings
◢ Build.prop Tweaks
◢ System Tweaks
✔ RAM management ✔ App ADJ Preset values ✔ Disabled google location ✔ Dalvik VM Tweaks ✔ ADB notify disabler ✔ agps enabler
◢ Performance
✔ GPU rendering ✔ Video accelaration ✔ HW debugging ✔ Surface dithering ✔ Disbaled error checking of apps ✔ Phone sleeps better ✔ Power saving tweaks ✔ Incresed scrolling responce ✔ Faster shutdown and boot ✔ Bootanimation disabler ✔ Logcat live disbaled ✔ Service enabler ✔ Bootsound enabler ✔ SD mount play sound ✔ In call volume step increase ✔ Better signals ✔ ipv4 and ipv6 support ✔ Upload/download speed increaser ✔ Wireless speed tweaks ✔ Website by pass ✔ Disbaled data sending and logging ✔ Facebook tweak ✔ Better video streaming in HD ✔ MMS APN retry time set to 2 sec
◢ Media Tweak
✔ Resampler to max quality ✔ Clear phase enabled ✔ Image and video quality to 100% ✔ Audio enhancer ✔ Clear audio + ✔ MPQ Audio Player by default
◢ Other tweaks
✔ Nitro lag nullifier ✔ Misc tweaks ✔ Qualcomm display settings ✔ almost all build.prop tweaks
◢ NICS™ ROM Advance Installer Powered by AROMA
◢ NICS™ Advanced ROM installer
✔ Installer ROM or skip it ✔ NICS™ Cleaner
Format /system Format /data Format /cache delete .android_secure folder Clean dalvik cache Wipe battery stats
✔ Choose system components ✔ Choose apps optinally ✔ Well sorted installer display
◢ NICS™ Advanced restorer
✔ Restore accidently deleted framework ✔ Restore apps ✔ Restore fonts ✔ Restore launcher ✔ Restore boot animation ✔ Restore SystemUI ✔ NICS™ Restorer saves you from damages
◢ NICS™ Advance Cleaner
✔ Cleans unwanted apps ✔ Cleans your ROM ✔ Cleans Stock Apps ✔ Makes your ROM lite
◢ NICS™ Advance system info
✔ Show free and used spaces of /system ✔ also for /data ✔ also for /sdcard ✔ and for SD EXT too (will show -1 MB if no SD EXT)
◢ NICS™ Rebooter and exit
✔ To reboot device ✔ To exit installer and back to Recovery
◢ NICS™ ROM Media Tweaks
✔ Added new Ringtones ✔ Added new alarm sounds ✔ Added new notify sounds ✔ Added new UI sounds ✔ Added libs for better A/V rendering ✔ GPU Only rendering for device ✔ New sound effects ✔ Sound enhancement tweaks ✔ Clear Phase by default ✔ Clear Audio + ✔ Dynamic normalizer ✔ VPT support ✔ xLoud by default ✔ New audio config ✔ New binaries for A/V processing ✔ New and latest sound FX files ✔ Fidelity support ✔ Audio framework ✔ New audi effect survice ✔ Moded walkman player ✔ Extream smooth sound ✔ Best hearing explrience in headphones ✔ Hearing protection enabled ✔ SRS wow by default ✔ Image quality to 100% ✔ Video bitrate and quality maximized ✔ HW + video playback ✔ HW + audio playback
◢ NICS™ ROM Power Apps
✔ NICS™ Remount to rw/ro /system ✔ NICS™ Camera for awesome photo exprience ✔ NICS™ Player with invert colors ✔ Xplode framework enabled ✔ NICS™ File manager with root access ✔ NICS™ OTA Updater ✔ Moded youtube with HD playback ✔ NICS™ Advanced settings ✔ New SuperSU root app ✔ Gallery3D with animation fix ✔ Launcher from Z, GX, T with NICS™ advance option ✔ New live wallpapers ✔ Sony car ✔ Power saver ✔ New Google play store ✔ CM Radion with no head phone support ✔ New widget clock from NXT ✔ Xperia Notes ✔ Google TTS ✔ Android JB keyboard with swype ✔ Sony Email with exchange ✔ Xperia Z time scape ✔ Facebook sync ✔ Stock browser ✔ Adobe falsh ✔ My Xperia ✔ Torch ✔ Updated ANT Radio ✔ Stock apps and widget ✔ Walkmate app ✔ Figure Running apps ✔ Moded google search box ✔ MIUI Calculator ✔ Google calender ✔ Quick Pic
◢ NICS™ ROM Misc tweaks
✔ Added hosts to block adds ✔ Better GPS support ✔ Pre set APNs ✔ Bravia Engine 2 ✔ Voice mail config ✔ Moded media prfiles ✔ WFD configs ✔ Wifi direct ✔ Location based wifi ✔ OTA Updater ✔ LED Control ✔ Taks killer ✔ Enable/disbale navigation bar ✔ Lock screen changer ✔ Xperia Z, T, AOSP lock screen ✔ Xperia Z, S dialer ✔ Xperia Z small apps ✔ 11 new small apps ✔ NICS™ Official boot animation ✔ NICS™ GX launcher ✔ NICS™ Stock keyboard with presettings ✔ NICS™ Xperia Z keyboard with MDPI layout and presettings ✔ NICS™ Pre Configurations for handset ✔ 6 different fonts ✔ Xperia Z, S conversation app ✔ AOSP and Xperia Z v8.1 systemUI ✔ Cleaned whole ROM from boatware ✔ NICS™ Wallpaper picker with new pics ✔ NICS™ 21 default themes capability ✔ reboot, remount bins ✔ Two different app processes ✔ New welcome wizard ✔ Facelock enabled with new face recognition ✔ Working download music ✔ Open VPN ✔ Flush ✔ sqlite ✔ zipalign ✔ run-part in execution binary ✔ Reboot to power menu ✔ Reboot to recovery in power menu ✔ Take screen shot in power menu ✔ 100% Super charged ✔ Patched services.jar for scrolling cache ✔ Direct App to SD during install ✔ Play station certificates ✔ DLNA Service enabled ✔ Camera button to play pause music ✔ Volume rocker to forward backward music
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15th April 2013, 04:32 AM |#3  
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NICS™ ROM Screen Shots

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15th April 2013, 04:32 AM |#4  
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NICS™ ROM Banners








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15th April 2013, 04:33 AM |#5  
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Q. Not able to change lock screen?
A. Use NICS remount app to mount /system partition to RW and change lock screen using Lock screen changer.
Q. SystemUI is slow ?
A. This is issue with v8.1 systemUI. If you don't like it, we will remove this systemUI and will use v7.1
Q. Device becoming slow, what to do ?
A. let the device boot twice after installation of ROM. Let it set for 15 min. It will be smooth. It has some scripts to load on boot and each time it takes 20-35 sec after boot.
Q. I can't add widgets on home screen, what to do ?
A. This is xperia Z launcher problem. Only packaged widgets provided by me can be used.
Q. ROM can't boot.
A. This is problem with some kernels. ROM works fine with KrSH kernel. I will fix other kernels soon in next release.
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15th April 2013, 05:24 AM |#6  
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Nice to see u back my bro....
15th April 2013, 07:43 AM |#7  
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I have been running this rom for more than 12 hrs now. Its really beautiful,smooth,no lag in gaming & great ram management! So neroyoung back wonderful job
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15th April 2013, 08:50 AM |#8  
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welcome back nero... hope u got a good job i guess....
n u need to edit this in op thread..
✔ Xperia Live With Walkman - WT19i
✔ Xperia Mini Pro - SK17i
✔ Xperia Active - ST15i
✔ Xperia Mini - ST17i
15th April 2013, 09:10 AM |#9  
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It'll be best rom for our Xperia. I think after see changelog. Great work mate, nice, to see You again brother

Sent from my Xperia Mini Pro using xda app-developers app
15th April 2013, 01:05 PM |#10  
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Welcome back!
Awesome JOB bro!
16th April 2013, 03:04 AM |#11  
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Angry NICS™ ROM v1 is Finally out now !
Sorry for last days download link issue, i had power cut last day for like 10 hours and I wasn't able to update thread or upload fixed ROM.

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