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Dear all [especially the developers],

Is there a practical way of changing the above mentioned ROM's page pool?

Is there a tool?

I tried Latest Page Pool Changer release [V.2.21] but it doesn't behave as it should.

With JCEspi2005's help I realized it doesn't report or write the right or, at least, the reported and visible values...

How can we sort this out?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hang Tua, given the fact I am solely using your ROMs would you be so kind you would help me?

Dear all,


With JCEspi2005 precious help and guidance and Swiftblade precious information, we both came to the conclusion that Raphael page pool change method can now be unveiled.


JCEspi2005 changed a ROM's page pool to 24 and I tested it.
Result: Ok.

I changed 2 ROM's page pool and tested it.
Result: Ok.


A Hex editor like:
XVI32 V.2.31 ¤ Link
HexEdit V.1.03 ¤ Link

PROCEDURE [Information source: Link]

Address: 70F0


[00MB Pagepool] |00 15 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB|
[12MB Pagepool] |03 15 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB|
[16MB Pagepool] |10 16 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB|
[18MB Pagepool] |12 16 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB|
[24MB Pagepool] |18 16 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB|

1. Open the OS.nb or the .NBH file with a Hex Editor
2. Search the for hex string pattern |03 15 A0 03 | 02 15 A0 13 | 00 10 83 E5 | DA C2 FF EB| [Two addresses should be found]
3. At the first address found, change the first two bytes "03 15" to "12 16" for 18MB pagepool
4. Repeat Step Nº 3 at the 2nd address found
5. Save & Exit the Hex Editor
6. If you are using the OS.nb, start cooking your new ROM with it
7. Flash the new .NBH file to your Raphael and enjoy the 18MB True Pagepool

For other pagepool sizes, change the first byte "03" to "XX" hex value corresponding to your desired pagepool in Step Nº 3 and 4. [Remember that this is hex value, i.e. "10" = 16MB, "12" = 18MB, "18" = 24MB, etc.]

Happy Page Pool changing, happy flashing and cheers!

P.S. There were some doubts about dynamic page pool [Page Pool 0] usage but after a day of testing 0 page pooled ROMs I can almost assure the there are not stability issues.
Although several more days of testing [at least 2] are needed to ensure it doesn't affect stability, by now, I can infer that it is quite stable as well as reliable.


Do note that your available memory will differ according to the page pool you use.
If you feel like knowing how much memory you will have available after page pool change, maybe it's time for some linear and simple arithmetics

This post will be updated as we find out about new information or outcoming issues.

Special thanks to JCEspi2005. I hope out «partnership» goes on and on

Cheers and good luck to all.
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