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The OUYA console... is it doomed? Inquiring minds want to know...

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By paleh0rse, Senior Member on 27th July 2012, 07:27 PM
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7th February 2013, 12:26 AM |#31  
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Originally Posted by Prack

I already bought one and I was happy to do so. The hardware you are getting for the price you are getting is a good deal imo. The fact that we can root/open it with a screw driver and still have a warranty are also a major bonus.

Yes it's not an xbox or ps3, but it isn't meant to be. I think it's going to do well. Go look at the kickstarter page if you have forgotten.

Hey how did you buy? pls
7th February 2013, 08:08 AM |#32  
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There is one big weakness in the Ouya, There are quite alot of NOT TEGRA 3 optimized games out there..
7th February 2013, 09:18 AM |#33  
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I am also interesting on how the developer would generate money from this, as for other console, you own the title, but here the games were cloud (or am I cloudy now?). Same goes here, i am eager to know more so I ordered one already. Hopefully it doesn't collecting dust as my Android stick though.
7th February 2013, 12:21 PM |#34  
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It is not only for gamin.
As far as I have seen people comparing it with other consoles only from the gamers view.

Well, you can watch live stream on TV with it.
You can watch HD video on TV with it.
Surf the web on TV with it.

Which mean it turns a standart TV into a smart TV and even more

From my point of view, I will buy one, Plug my USB HDD which has my movie archive in it and leave it to my parents house. So they can watch movies or play causal games.

It seems to be the most geeky & cheap solution.

I am sure they will have a good share in consoles market but they need to advertise right for that.
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7th February 2013, 01:26 PM |#35  
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Originally Posted by OniV2

Well, if you're honestly going to bring up 'games aren't about the graphics' when we're talking about a home console (throwing in a comment about text-based games) meant to compete with the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U, then yes - you're going to met with snide comments. The GPU's capabilities translate more to being actually able to play the games, and that has little to do with the visual representation.

The Ouya won't be a worthwhile investment at its price. Honestly, it won't. The above two options, especially the latter Wii U gamepad rip off, seem to be a much better choice.

Valve's 'Steam Box' and other equivalents will likely catch the audience the Ouya is trying to get.

Do you even play modern games? Have you ever opened Live Arcade? Only the biggest oh blockbusters ship with the greatest of graphics. Look how well recent games like Minecraft, FTL, etc did. They don't look like Assassins Creed 3 and don't make as much (actually minecraft might, I'm not fact checking that though) but I'm pretty sure they show just how significant these graphically lesser games are in the industry to those ignorant of gaming.
7th February 2013, 01:57 PM |#36  
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I am of the mind that this will fail as a mainstream device because of the maker's stated objectives of having one console a year and not having a clear strategy to deliver exclusive content. Getting ports is all fine and dandy, but who cares? Android is also notorious for piracy which is why iOS still has better apps even though the number of android users out there has far eclipsed Apple. I don't see how using an ICS kernel will prevent this. Many software companies like Square and the people remaking Baldur's gate release much less content on Android than any other platform because of this and they release the content much later than on other platforms.

Content drives sales for media-consumption devices like this. I will probably get one to use as a media streamer once XDA gets out some custom roms for it. Tegra 3 is aging but it's still far faster than the single core 600/700mhz broadcom chipsets inside devices like the roku and raspberry pi. A tegra-3-based mini htpc is what a lot of enthusiasts is going to use this thing for I think.
7th February 2013, 03:59 PM |#37  
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Originally Posted by nessonic

Do you even play modern games? Have you ever opened Live Arcade? Only the biggest oh blockbusters ship with the greatest of graphics. Look how well recent games like Minecraft, FTL, etc did. They don't look like Assassins Creed 3 and don't make as much (actually minecraft might, I'm not fact checking that though) but I'm pretty sure they show just how significant these graphically lesser games are in the industry to those ignorant of gaming.

What part of me posting 'and that has nothing to do with the visual representation' did you not understand?
7th February 2013, 05:32 PM |#38  
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While I love Android, for many people a smartphone is a portable information device. Other than calls I use it for browsing the web, messaging, email, weather, maps, music, camera, basically all the functions that don't require a powerful processor, and the games I play are simply the 5 minute time killers.

I personally don't see the point in such a powerful processor in a phone as the size of the device is simply too restricted to play games for extended periods or watch movies etc. Nor do I see the point of the trend of huge phones, they're simply unmanageable in my opinion.

So a console with the same processor as my Nexus 7, which I do sometimes play games on sounds great. Honestly the Tegra 3 in my tablet is wasted, as again most of what I do on it is information based. the Nexus 7 is again too small for me to do anything useful.

I skipped the PS3/Xbox generation due to cost and time, my last console was a gamecube, which I still use now and then. I'm definitely considering ordering one with a second controller for my girlfriend, and I suspect it will be graphically similar to the gamecube, possibly a little better due to modern gaming engines with better optimizations and chips with more advanced methods of shader processing etc.
7th February 2013, 09:55 PM |#39  
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Few things I noticed:
New console every year, but they don't want the next one to make the previous one obsolete, so if you get one now it should still work fine for at least a few years to come

People talking about their experience with the Tegra3. Sure, it's the same chip, but this one is optimized to be a power hog. It doesn't have to worry about battery life, so they have said time and time again that this will be the most powerful a Tegra3 can be because they worked with NVIDIA knowing that this product would always be plugged in. Still only a Tegra3, but not "the same Tegra3" that is in any other device right now (Ok, it is the same one, I know, but it is optimized for sheer power, no battery life concerns).

Still don't think it will be HUGE... but it will probably be picked up by at least a few parents and grandparents who just know that it is a video game box that they can get for cheap for their kids, as well as nerdy kids without much money who want to play some cheap big screen games (I mean a lot of the games you can play on a tablet will look great on a big screen and be a similar [NOT THE SAME] experience as an 360 or PS3 game for a lot less), as well as just the nerdy folks who want things that are new and different. It will be selling at BB and Target, so there will be a few folks who pick it up just because they have no idea what it is (especially the aforementioned parents and grandparents) and some of them might even like it enough to recommend it to their friends who might buy one just because they are cheap. They might not like it though... Then again, they could sell this first batch and end up on clearance by the end of the year. I don't know, I just know I am getting one through Kickstarter and that's that.
8th February 2013, 07:37 PM |#40  
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Originally Posted by ynrozturk

Though I am a big Android fan I have no need for this. I own a PS3. Why would I game on a sub standard console? Just because it's hackable and Android? Not good enough. The games aren't good enough to warrant me playing them on a 50 inch LCD.

Playing all previous gen games on your 50in screen doesn't excite you? Playing every NES, GENESIS, SNES, GAMEBOY, GBA, PSX, PSP, ATARI, etc game... Being able to natively use XBMC doesn't excite you? The possibilities are endless!
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8th February 2013, 07:45 PM |#41  
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Very usefull.
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