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[ROM] FireNote Mj5 Deodex V23XxX The Pinnacle of FN Builds

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By megalomanic14, Senior Member on 28th January 2014, 07:36 AM
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Thanks Noahk11 for the snazzy banner

FireNoteMj5 Deodex V23XxX: aims to bring poprocks speed and performance optimizations a a well as a rebuilt camera for ultra high definition photos and video...V23X will optimize everything possible in the rom

FireNoteMj5 Deodex V20XxX Ultimate Grand Finale Build: Based on Att Mj5 Stock

FireNote V20XxX was not planned but after successfully modding and porting the note 4 touchscreen controller here you go...enjoy the pinnacle of the FireNote builds...

FireNote V20XxX Finale will be the final build of FireNote for the note's been a fabulous run with an amazing device that we made an awesome thread into a community over. ..i know most of you are with me over in the FireKat threads but for everyone else v20 is a love letter to FN n3 last hoorah with everything I could possible think of optimized boosted and tweaked...i hope you guys lucky enough to be on 4.3 enjoy this build

V20XxX is the culmination of every rom build to date, plus additional tweaks pulled from other roms I build for other device' should be the ultimate mix of battery life and performance with the same rock solid stability you know from firenote builds prior...if it's anything like firekat v9 it will be a great build enjoy

Massive Improvement to the Ui rendering and 3d rendering in general
1:1 zero lag or delay with s pen due to these rendering boosts
60 fps consistently throughout the entire rom
Absolutely silky smooth
Includes both Galaxy S5 and Note 3 Weather Widgets
V20XxX The Same As V17 with Speed and Performance but with several additional battery saving mods and tweaks from Firekat V11
V20XxX Should have dramatically improved battery life for standby and screen on time
*V20XxX and insanely fast...breaking the 24000 mark in quadrant

V20XxX: optimizes everything possible
Includes all tweaks and mods from the first 7 roms
Extremely Fast and Responsiveness
Liquid Smooth Ui
Quadrant 23,500 average
Battery Life Optimization: drops around .4% per hour on standby

Rebuilt Dalvik and Cache Control
Better Ram Management
Massive improvements to GPU Rendering and Load
***Highly Optimized Note 3 Runs 15 Degrees Cooler At Max Clock On Average: after 40 mins of high end 3d gaming the note is running at 90 degrees (battery temp)...which is 17 degrees lower than on stock...the back barely warms up on v8

Average Cpu Temp (Battery Thermo): 85 degrees down from 96 degrees on stock!!! Almost entirely removed screen dimming and overheating

Zero Wake Lag: screen turns on from deep sleep nearly instantly and shuts off just as fast

Insanely Fast: Quadrant Pushing Close To 24,000 Points: See Pic Below
Actions Like App Loading and Transition Animations Happen Nearly Instantaneous
Precision Tweaks To Xml, Build Prop and Various Other Tweaks
Extended Battery Life Tweaks
Lte and Hspa Tweaks For Improved Cellular Speeds
Several Additional Junk Apk Files Removed From System

V20XxX Features:
*Several additional mods to the build prop, Xml files, and System
*Focused precise Tweaks for speed, response, and battery life
*Battery life vastly improved standby time and increased run time efficiency
*Removed the delay when turning screen on from sleeps
*Remove nearly all lag entirely even in widgets menu for
***The focus of V20XxX was more refinement over v17 in every way to further improve the overall experience

***I highly recommend you activate developer options by clicking firenote Mj5 V20XxX about phone, then unchecking force 2d rendering in developer options then turning off developer will then experience the speed of firenote in all its glory...enjoy

This rom is meant to be a close to stock experience that's been tweaked heavily for greater performance, speed, touch response, and battery life

This is not a themed build, as there are several great themed roms already out. I wanted to offer amazing performance and provide the features you need to create a theme and customize your own personal build or stick with the stock look, while getting the speed and battery benefits of a custom rom...
**I included a few pics of my personal theme showing what you can easily do with the features I added...xposed and wanam will allow you to make themes like below in just a few clicks and a reboot or two.**

*Precise Build Prop, Xml, and System Tweaks: extremely fast and smooth
*Special focus on extending battery life with the extra speed and performance boosts through various edits and tweaks
*Modded Tw Ui: modified for responsiveness and speed, 4x4 layout (Special Thanks Bri315317 For The Amazing Launcher Tweaks)

*Hardware Acceleration
*Scrolling Cache Disabled
*Enhanced Dynamic Rendering
*Faster Scrolling Transition Animations
*Locked Launcher In Memory Eliminating Constant Redraw
*Video and Audio Tweaks: Video Locked at 60 fps HD (even thru benchmarks it hardly varies)
*Faster Reboots: Reboots in mere seconds
*No Delay In Phone Ringer
***Several More Tweaks throughout much of the system

***White Samsung Stock Keyboard From MI9

*New Features of V20XxX:
*VIper4Android: built into the system; to use:
1. Open Viper and Install the codec for the level of audio quality you want (i use medium and its a dramatic improvement)
2. Reboot when promted
3. Open Viper after reboot is done
4. Activate and set eq
***IF you follow the above instructions you should be rockin an rockin

***New Features of V20XxX:

Pop Up Browsee: Expandable pop-up browser

Xposed Mod: AppOpps: for total control of apps, permissions Ect

Viper4Android Updated and Built Into System

Updated Kit Kat Launcher With Latest Google Now Features

Xposed Mod: App Settings

Nova Launcher and Tesla Notifications

Wake lock Detector

Torch Light Apk

Updated Codecs For Viper4Android Built In System Itself

*Aurora Live Wallpaper: I Modified It To Give Light Effect On Lock Screen**

*Full Stock Kit Kat 4.4 Launcher with Always Listening Google Now and Swipe Left to Google Now

*Viper4Android: working flawlessly, built into system settings, giving amazing improvement to the speaker, earpiece, aux out, and bluetooth

*Adaway: ad blocking to get rid of those annoying ads while gaming or browsing.

*YouTube Adaway: blocks ads before videos so you can start streaming immediately without having to sit thru terrible ad after terrible ad just to watch a video

*SPen Board Switcher: swaps samsung keyboard for another keyboard so you can use Swiftkey and the s pen writing pad without having to manually switch back and forth

*My Script Stylus: vastly improved over Samsung Handwriting Recognition Pad (is the app samsung actually incorporates into their own keyboard, but is much more accurate and bug free)

*TubeMate: app for downloading videos from YouTube to your Sd card

*Chainfire SuperSu: thank you Chainfire for giving us root your a bad a**

*Xposed Module Installer

*Wanam Module: an amazing themeing module, with si many tweaks and options available there's just far too many to list

*Greenify: excellent apk controller that hibernate apps from running in the background, giving you longer battery life and much cleaner and faster performance

*No Increasing Ring tone Xposed Module: stops the voluminous increase when your Note begins to ring

*Safestrap: huge thanks to Hash code for giving us the most amazing piece of kit and allowing all of us to build and share roms for our att note 3.

*Removed from Rom
***All Att Bloat Including
*Apo _ Att
*Att Code Scanner
*Att Messages
*Mobile TV
*Att Locker
*Att Family Map
*Att Drive Mode
*Att Lookout
*My Att
*Magazine and Magazine Home
*Att Ready to Go
*Yahoo Widgets and Apks
***Elm Agent
****All Knox Apks We're Removed Including:
Sec _ container 1zzz KnoxLauncher
***Container Agents and Container Events Relay
**All Mobile Print Apks
**Easy Launcher and Easy Widgets
*Allshare Cast Player
Story Album
Yahoo Widgets
Play Games

***V20XxX I removed all att update apks but somehow att updater is still in V18XxX: disable thing ASAP to prevent any issues down the line of forced updates...better safe than sorry

**Known Issue: After extensive testing I haven't come across a single issue, force close or slow down of any kind...

1. Download Rom From Drive
2. Boot into Safestrap Recovery
3. Choose or Create Rom Slot
4. Wipe Data Factory Reset
5. Flash Rom
6. Reboot and Let Rom Finish Install and Startup
7. Leave Sit 5 to 10 Minutes
8. Go Thru Set Up to Home Screen
9. Reboot
10. Enjoy

***To use KK Launcher
1. Update Google Now In Store
2. Open Google Now and Update Language pack
Settings, Voice, Offline Language Package
3. Open KK launcher and set it up
4. All set...Enjoy rocking the official stock fully working KK Launcher

***To Use Xposed
1. Open Xposed App
2. Open Modules Menu
3. Click To Activate Whatever Mods You Want
4. Go To Installer (1st menu of Xposed)
5. Click Install and Reboot

***To Use Wanam
1. For Any Mod Added Thru Wanam You Must Reboot
2. Themeing:
3. System Holo Dark: adds new background to settings page
4. Panel Background: adds background to notifications panel
5. Title Bar Background: changes notification title background color
6. Bar Color: changes color of slider bar at bottom of notifications panel
7. Tile Background Color: changes notification quick toggles color
***For each of these theme mods you must
1. Toggle on the mod at the top right of the individual theme page
2. Click apply at bottom of individual page after choosing color
3. Reboot

To use S5 Weather Widget
1. Open root explorer
2. Under system apps
3. Rename AccuWeather 2013.apk to AccuWeather 2013.apk.bak
4. Rename AccuWeather phone2014.apk.bak to AccuWeatherphone2014.apk
5. Rename weather daemon 2013.apk to weatherdaemon2013.apk.bak and rename weathrwidgetrdaemon 2014.apk.bak to weatherwidgetdaemon 2014.apk
**basically just swap the .bak on the daemon and widget for 2013 and 2014
6. Double check permissions
7. Reboot
8. Enjoy

If the s5 widget won't load simply go into settings, application manager, all, scroll down to weather and clear data...Reset the widget and your set. Enjoy

**The choice to flash my roms, mods, or themes is your choice and your choice alone. I take no responsibility for what you choose to do with your device should you brick your Note or it blow up in your kitchen.

****Please do not use my work for anything but your own personal use without asking permission
****Please do not repost or mirror my links without asking permission


Rom Drive Links:

FireNote V23XxX:

FireNote V23X:

FireNote V22X: enjoy this should set a new standard for fn builds

FireNote V20XxX: the pinnacle of fn and end of an to go out on enjoy

FireNote V18 Ultimate Grand Finale Extravaganza

FireNote GrandFinaleV17XxX:

FireNote V16:

FireNote V15: Drive Link

FireNote v14: Drive Link

V13 Drive Link: will be adding a mirror tonight to try and avoid getting shut down...hope V13 runs fine until then...fingers crossed) enjoy this build has blown me away

V13 Mirror Mega Uploads: thanks a ton llkinansr92!MI51QLQC!15StFu...-Vpklvb18Y6TnA

Link v9: (zip for v9 called FireNote Mj5 Deodex v9xxx)

Link v9x experimental test build: has 20 additional tweaks to the system for Perforamnce and battery life...test in rom slot first.. Running extremely fast and smooth...pick which one suites you best lol: link updated 5/27 too many downloads google shut me down lmao

Link V8: Drive Link

Link V7: Drive Link

Link V6: Drive Link

V6X Battery Tweaks

6x mirror: thanks mutantblack

Link: Google Drive V5:

Bri315317: amazing tweaked Touchwiz Launcher
Chainfire: amazing work giving us root access with SuperSu
Hashcode: brilliant work for granting us the ability to flash roms with safestrap
Tropazr: Dude much appreciation for pointing me to the font fc script change

Enjoy Guys!!!

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28th January 2014, 08:10 AM |#2  

Cool Fire Note Picture Box thing Lol... whatever its called at the end of each post
Thanks Noah 11

My personal setup:

ASAP After Flash Freeze or Delete Att Updater

Right off the bat I disable:
Google Chrome
Google TV and Movies
Google Music
Google Books
Google Plus
Group Play
Samsung Push Service
S Health
Sensor Service

I also Greenify any apps I download that run in the background except system apps...I do not use the xposed mod for greenify

This is just my personal way I've found to extend battery life even further and improve the experience...obviously your mileage will vary depending on what apps you use and your favorite setups.

Hope you guys are liking v8

Themes By Bubba

FireNote Themes: Thanks To BubbaJoe40356 For Hooking Us Up With His Amazing Themes

To use Bubba's amazing themes simply flash them in safestrap except the keyboard

To use the Modded keyboard: use root explorer or root browser
1. System
2. Apps
3. Remove Samsung.ime from system apps folder
***(Cut and Paste Samsung.ime from system apps to your Sd card to have if you wanna revert back to white stock n3 kb
Or Delete Samsung.ime)
4. Copy Bubba Modded Samsung.Ime from sd to System Apps
5. Set Permissions: check all 3 in first column, and top middle in 2nd column (all 3 read checked and owner write checked for 4 in total)
6. Reboot

Ashen Theme: first two black and white pics...neither the chick nor her photo comes with the theme...unfortunately lol

Ashen More Clear Final Theme: first two black and white pics: same as Ashen Theme except with clear Quick Toggles vs black glossy ones shown below: the theme is clear and will show transparent on any wallpaper your running

Revert to Stock Theme: Jerk lol

Orange Dialer: see below

Revert Dialer To Stock: Lame lol

Fire Note Orange Keyboard (Thank You Bubba)... no one else use this as its mine and mine alone Iol...see pic below

Black and Orange Outlined Keyboard: see below amazing work Bubba!LEByVaIb!FNZmMh...shH-OubZoEq0Cw

My Personal Collection of HD Backgrounds: the "screenshot" backgrounds are precropped and some are color Modded or over saturated for greater effect on the notes amoled screen...enjoy

Note 1 Sounds Ripped

29 Total Sounds:
The files contain the .ogg sound files which they are to be placed in using root explorer or root browser

1. System
2. Media
3. Audio
4.***Go to appropriate folder ie alarms, notifications, ringtones
5. Copy the sound.ogg files into the appropriate folder
6. Set permissions all 3 read checked and owner write checked
7. Done...i suggest a reboot to be safe
8. Enjoy


Note 1 Stock Alarms Notifications and Ringtones

Galaxy Note 2 Stock Ringtones ogg

Galaxy Mega I9205/Galaxy S4 Stock Sound ogg ripped from my Mega and S4

Mega i9205 Alarms Notifications and Ringtones

S Pen Sounds: remove original files and copy to sd then place new ogg files in system media audio ui, set permissions


Sexy Whistle: copy into notifications folder on internal sd and choose as notification for messaging app!HAZy2DbY!FngI9T...P8dObuN9BebOA0

A couple apks from my various devices...enjoy

Galaxy S5 Icon Pack!PNA0jQgJ!mfdyGm...4YMOQa-SP14wJM

Galaxy S4 Icon Pack!XEIkhSLA!JT2Mf4...H_eEvd-v5d_RFI

Viper4Android version 2.x apk (version built in rom)

ANote HD!iRRQja7T!NJwqkG...ykQzZbXs9BGxRM

Note 3 Multiwindow Plus 4 Way Multiwindow Mod!bVhzSLjC!k1jVHv...HXxMGVr6b2p6CY

Zedge Version 3.5 Ad Free: last version of Zedge before 30 second video ads were put in!XU4xGTbR!hUAKfD...6nQBEhqmYOWlZQ

Aurora Live Wallpaper: Modded To Give Note 3 Light Effect Lock screen favorite wallpaper ever I've used on every device since I ripped it from my note 1 lol!nd5ijDDb!nwRwFC...gWM3V0-qMXdYOs

Photo Wall Live Wallpaper : ripped from my Note 2: just install as usual!LBQCDL4L!XLIBlW...f5y77I99EziTMk

Galaxy Note 1 Digital Clock Apk: side load in system apps and set permissions!2ZIlGQiL!cQrVYc...CvzshEkzGMgj4I

Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper apk!KQxkxTwT!7L4_vO...OWUrJqOwHvlVDY

Windmill Weather Live Wallpaper apk!yAojSYZC!sUd6Ws...mzf-FFAe-trqXs

Deep Sea Live Wallpaper Apk!ydYhxJLC!Z0ftnm...p9McGGQDwkq0vE

Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper Apk!TRZVWCzA!EpMjmn...UrfpgFDZWz2WEI

Just install apks above as usual..If you have any issues just side load apks into system and set permissions enjoy

Mods and Apks:
S4 Optical Reader Apk and Necessary Files (flash the zip)
Thanks to Kalz for the Optical Reader Apk zip...flash in ss

Google Drive Apk: final version with docs still included before they were separated!jNQyDJZB!WasQJR...LevE7GChB6BsnI

Mod Boot Sound:
Thanks to superseries here's a guide to modding your boot Ani

Mod Ui Sounds:
Thanks to LuckyColdJohnson for this guide to remove your ui sounds like water drop ect

Google Maps 8.0 Apk Newest Update thanks mutantblack!zQgACDgB!hzwChe...14JUt7gzP_yZ10

Galaxy Note 1 AccuWeather Widget and Daemon:
My personal rebuilt note 1 AccuWeather widget: all tw parts completely stripped so it'll work on any launcher: side load into system apps with root explorer and set permissions then reboot...enjoy download both the apk and need to remove other AccuWeather widgets just add these!KAgiXaaR!R0L4Xb...TlFrGPVI3J3_zY!iBJXyKBQ!WaOgbM...qi_v2P7B7-Ze9I

Google Play Store Apk Update: since so few regions have gotten this update I ripped it for you guys enjoy!OdoCSDqZ!he5MHn...1e7vZNSeRc82as

Enable Wifi Tethering:
To enable wifi tethering: simply download the wifi tethering toggle app from the play store...enable it...disregard the error wanting and enjoy (thanks Shawn and reef)

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Name:	69Uxpj86wXOYJTHy.png
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Name:	Screenshot_2014-04-28-16-28-11.png
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ID:	2714620   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2014-05-05-17-26-02.png
Views:	3990
Size:	219.9 KB
ID:	2728148  
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28th January 2014, 09:05 AM |#4  
travperk's Avatar
Senior Member
that itty-bitty nano-spec on that blue dot thats sits just past those last trillion galaxies
Thanks Meter: 285
I love It I want I need it !!!

Thanks Brother Mega !!

Im gonna maxx out my thanks on you today and I think tomorrow and the next day as well !!
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28th January 2014, 09:14 AM |#5  
Originally Posted by travperk

I love It I want I need it !!!

Thanks Brother Mega !!

Im gonna maxx out my thanks on you today and I think tomorrow and the next day as well !!

Lmao that's's about watching a pot boil lol...Def will post it as soon as it's done. Thanks for the well... thanks lol

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28th January 2014, 10:26 AM |#6  
Originally Posted by megalomanic14

Lmao that's's about watching a pot boil lol...Def will post it as soon as it's done. Thanks for the well... thanks lol


The link is live...Enjoy...let me know what you guys think...any feedback is appreciated, and will only go into making V2 that much better...

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28th January 2014, 10:40 AM |#7  
Originally Posted by travperk

I love It I want I need it !!!

Thanks Brother Mega !!

Im gonna maxx out my thanks on you today and I think tomorrow and the next day as well !!

Hey man just wanted to let you know the link is live...this way you'll get notified directly. Enjoy man

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28th January 2014, 01:57 PM |#8  
micadee6453's Avatar
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Is this kitkat
28th January 2014, 02:02 PM |#9  
LuckyColdJohnson's Avatar
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Flag Garland, TX
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Donate to Me
Thanks for this. Looks great..

EDIT: This is my favorite ROM. Fast, Smooth, Simple and clean.
Battery life is almost to good to be true.

Great work Mega !!!!!!!!
28th January 2014, 02:02 PM |#10  
Originally Posted by micadee6453

Is this kitkat

No its mj5 based...but comes with full stock 4.4 kit kat launcher baked in the rom.

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28th January 2014, 06:05 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by megalomanic14

Att Note 3 N900A Rom: Based on Mj5

Great. Thank you for the ROM. We have more ROM to flash.
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