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FOR RK3066
How to get to reсovery if you touch buttons -
Special message for beginners now !! Before experimenting with firmware, Check to make first of all that you can to the factory firmware to get into reсovery standard methods described in the header or in the main posts that lined firmware and if something goes wrong, you will be able to return to their firmware.

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If you like my firmware and think that I'm wasting a lot of time to improve the firmware, then click on the "Donate to Me"
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I'm sorry, translated Google
What is added, changed remotely:
1. In the embedded firmware ROOT, busybox.
2. After installing the firmware time zone 3 (Moscow), you can put third-party applications.
3. Section for systems with 1 GB of programs increased to 8 or 16 GB
4. Added an application for Internet radio PCRadio
5. Added a new section in the Settings-Screen, where you can set the screen saver, such as clock and when you click the Enable button in the panel Screensaver you have the entire screen is highlighted and will be visible only large clock, clicking anywhere on the screen will return to the desktop.
6. Completely reworked the button Reset in the status bar. Now the module is not needed.
Reboot menu has its own settings, and you can completely change it (color, language, what items will be displayed, etc.)
7. Added File Manager ES File Explorer
8. Added File Manager Root Explorer
9. Added Titanium Backup
10. Added ® Xposed. You will need to enter the program and activate Xposed framework (be sure to reboot the device)
11. Remade shutter notifications. Now music programs notification is displayed correctly.
12. A new item in Settings - Display -Change font. You can change the system font and its size.
The first font - the standard of the firmware (you can always come back to it)
13. The new boot logo (the very first - that appears when you download a few seconds)
14. The latest version of Google Play and Google Play Services
15. The latest version of voice search Google NOW
16. Added xposed module mtcradio (from MVG-V70) - When switched off, RDS RDS messages is displayed instead of the name of the radio station, which is taken from the configuration file mtc-radio.ini.
Also, the name is displayed on the buttons of your saved stations.
File must be located on the inner card catalog mts-radio. Utf-8 encoding without bom.
In Settings - Factory Settings - Other - disable RDS!!!
example file:


# To display the names of the stations in the RDS information
90.80=Relax FM
101.70=Nashe Radio
88.30=Retro FM

# Short names for display stations in buttons

17. Added to Settings - System - Manage traffic. Where you can enable, disable, change the color display in the curtain traffic notifications.
18. Added to Settings-System-density screen. Where you will be able to establish a suitable density of your screen.
19. Added to the Settings- System - Startup.
20. Changed the style and design of the system
21. Added a button in the notification curtain to reboot, reboot into recovery.
22. New launcher (Settings - Desktop) - KGL, KLD, JY, Next Launcher
23. Added converted widget RADIO
24. Added brightness adjustment in shutter notifications
25. Added panel programs curtain notifications. Configure or disable it in the settings-system-Quick Access Toolbar.
26. Changed the style and layout settings.
27. Added animation keystrokes.
28. Hours are enlarged and shifted next to the button is turned off.
29. Changed switches.
30. The OEM.apk application added to the application:
mtcsound_v16_7floor - who reworked the sound of the machine from a 7floor
MX Player
PPP Widget
31. Added a new section in the Settings-Data, where you can view all the traffic and the use of set limit its use.
32. When you first load a curtain notifications will be no clock. If you want them to go there appeared to Settings-System-style setting clock and date and there can enable-disable-change the color, location, size, font style, add the date, date format, and so on.
You can set your date format, an example of writing

dd / MM / yy
MM / dd / yy
MMM dd
MMMM dd, yyyy - will appear as February 1, 2015
MMMM dd, yyyy
EEE dd
EEE dd / MM
EEE MM / dd
EEE MMMM dd - will be displayed as the sun FEBRUARY 01
EEEE MMMM dd - will appear as Sunday February 01
EEEE dd / MM
EEEE MM / dd

That is how you want to change the letters in writing, and will display the date. Customize the date format in the format user-JAVA
33. Added gradient Status Bar (Settings - System)
34. A new panel ext. programs and recently run (Settings - System)
35. Added new tab in Preferences - Advanced Settings screen (think there will understand)
36. The equalizer settings completely redesigned
37. Added xposed module to retract full-screen keyboard - xposed.disablefullscreenkeyboard_v1_53
38. The Settings altered the whole point - Accessibility (there were services and other items)
39. Reworked almost all full-time program under all permits including programs such as
40. Added to Settings-System-Remote system applications (now possible without having to install additional software to delete system applications directly from Settings)
41. Added to Settings-Decoration-Animation pop-up notifications. Look on Youtube
42. ​​Added to Settings - Decoration - Management gestures. Now you can draw anywhere gesture on the screen (which you have set in the settings) and run, what you have specified. You can run almost everything ... even hidden in the system, applications, shortcuts, everything from Tasker, etc. More clearly look at the Youtube
43. subtracting twice the regular volume control and made him taking away almost immediately after the increase or decrease the volume.
44. Posted in Settings - Modem settings and the APN
45. Added change the font size settings
46. Change the whole style and design popups
47. Added button in the screensaver shutter notifications
48. Changed call when an incoming call bluetooth connection. The call can be listened here -
49. Reworked the entire section in the Settings responsible for WiFi. For best performance, WiFi recommend to go to Settings-WiFi-Advanced Settings and disable the optimization WiFi.
50. Fixed a graphical interface system (the color in some programs were displayed incorrectly)
51. In Settings - Restore and Reset - appears - Recovery mode (restart in Recovery)
52. Added to Settings-System-Modification (for experienced users only !!!)
53. Added to Settings-Information section, where you can immediately see how much is left of free space, the size of all partitions in the system (System, Data, SD card and USB drive)
54. Added to Settings-Decoration-scrolling animation.
55. Added to the Settings section for developers.
56. included in the firmware program MTC Service
57. NEW True Contacts for calls via Bluetooth. if you have a phone on Android, we do import your contacts to the memory card, then transferred to our State this file to the internal memory, go to True Contacts and do already export contacts.
58. Added Xposed module Malaysk StatusBar Mod (Thanks agentdr8 [/ b]) which does the following:
1. Clean up / add to the status bar icon skrinsevera - hours - which in the past was painted as the moon
2. Clean up / add to the status bar icon menu, reset (which in the upper right corner)
3. You can disconnect from the reset button - Short press, ie It will work only 3-5 seconds of pressing the button and the call menu only.
59. Added a module for Xposed from MVG-V70 with Russian Forum (I thank him very much for the good job) mtc-keys, which allows action to remap the buttons radio.
60. Added to Settings-System-Ad Blocking.
61. Changed the status bar and notification blind.
62. Completely reworked the button Reset in the status bar. Now the module is not needed. Reboot menu has its own settings, and you can completely change it (color, language, what items will be displayed, etc.)
Watch screenshots :

63. Remade shutter notifications. Now music programs notification is displayed correctly.
64. For a screen resolution of 800X480 redesigned program internet radio - PCRadio
65. A new item in Settings - Display -Change font. You can change the system font and its size. The first font - the standard of the firmware (you can always come back to it)
66. Added new launcher from the android 5.1.1 - changes and modified by me (showing the vehicle speed) - it is possible to choose in the Settings - Desktop.
67. Added new module for Xposed gps-mtc-launcher , you must activate it in Xposed. Be sure to copy the mtc-launcher folder on GPS - card (available in the archive)
68. Changed all sound output and added special ViperFX.

69. Press the button on the moon in the status bar, you can always run skrinsever.
70. The OEM application added to skrinsever's and one theme .
71. The OEM application added a program to change the serial number - Phone Id Changer
Do not forget: After firmware - activate Xposed, modules for Xposed and the copy settings to the SD card (gps card).
If someone does not like launching skrinsever in other applications, it can stop an skrinsever in other applications in the settings - external_sd/mtc-manager/settings.ini
screenClock = true change on screenClock = false
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New from August 15, 2017 for RK3066 800X480

New from July 22, 2018 for RK3066 800X480

Firmware archive on the server

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For 1024X600

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Only for 1024X600 , programs of the firmware on June 9, JY --- for all resolutions dpi -
Only for 1024X600 , program in red tones --- for all resolutions dpi -

The default is the density of the screen 230 dpi
Do not put the screen density of 240 dpi !!!

__________________________________________________ __________
New from January 20th, 2017 for RK3066 1024X600

Firmware archive on the server

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Video Faq Tuning NEXT Launcher in Russian
Part 1
Part 2
A small video latest firmware update_4_4_4_800X480_RK3066_19_MAL_NEXT_LAUNCHER_1 1_05_2015
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