[GUIDE] Turkeys' Ultimate Guide to Root Desire v42.1.1 "Misc Errors are History"

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By 42turkeys, Senior Member on 20th October 2010, 09:39 PM
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Turkeys' ULTIMATE Guide to Rooting v42.1.1

Before You Start

This is a new type of guide, an experiment if you like. The whole point is to get you with a fully functioning, rooted phone. But also to teach you something. Each step first tells you what you're going to do before you do it. By the end not only should you have a rooted phone but you will hopefully have priceless knowlege of how Android works.

Need Help?

If at any point during this guide you need help, something's gone wrong or you need some extra clarification. Hit the help button.

The help button will link you to the #rootmydroid IRC help chat channel, where you can ask questions or get walked through the whole thing if you really need to. We have experts on hand to help you out.
PLEASE NOTE: At peak times our experts may be busy so please be patient.

So, Mr. Turkeys, what have you got for us today?

Root Guide

Other Guides
  • Unroot (Adding Now)
  • A2SD
  • More Coming Soon... Stay tuned!

So, click a link to the guide you want and get cracking, enjoy!


Should you feel the crazy need to donate to me you can do so below

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20th October 2010, 09:40 PM |#2  
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Root Guide - Pt. 1 - Info
So, you wanna root?

Rooting is not easy like some people make it out to be. All these 1 click Noob-Proof tools can actually go wrong. And they do.
But lets get this clear, IT'S ALMOST impossible to brick. I'd put the odds on about a 99.9% chance you will not brick beyond repair. However, things probably will go wrong, which is why you will need to follow the instructions very carefully.

Pre-Root Info

I want to make sure the rooting process goes well for as many as you as possible, so get ready to read lots of information that will turn you from a Noob into a lean, mean rooting machine.
And for those of you who like to slack off and think "I cba to read all that crap", I've made it so you have to answer a question to get the download links. Aren't I nice. Seriously though, it really will be a lot easier for you if you read all of this, you will thank me for it one day.
Pro users who know what HBOOT is, how to flash a ROM and can use ADB can safely skip this step

Android Glossary

This page is probably the most valuble bit of information you will ever need during your rooted life. Behold, the VillainROM Android Glossary. (Cheers Pulser )

Read it. Read it ALL. No questions asking for these terms will be tolerated in this thread and you will be teased so much you will want to die. So please, read it carefully.


Now, for the bit you've been dreading. 2 downloads. 2 questions. One answer will link you to the download. The other two will link you to a humorous fail picture. (And for all you sneaky cheaters out there, I've'd the links. Take that.)

Question 1 - UnrEVOked download

What do you use to flash a ROM?
A) UnrEVOked
C) Recovery

Question 2 - Other Stuff Download (We may ask you to use this on the help channel)

What is a RUU?
A) A tool to root your phone
B) A tool to return your phone to 'stock' (unroot)
C) A tool to flash a ROM

You can also get countless lulz from adding a + to the end of those links and comparing the wrong answers to the correct ones. Yes people really don't read the information.
OK, I've talked enough now, let's get down to business...
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20th October 2010, 09:41 PM |#3  
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Root Guide - Pt. 2 - UnrEVOked
So, hopefully you now know all the terms, which makes my life a lot easier as I don't have to explain everything. Let's begin.

Root Guide - Pt. 2 - UnrEVOked

1) Ensure you have downloaded and extracted the first download in the above post to somewhere you can remember and access easily. For the purpose of this guide, I will refer to that folder as the 'Root Pack'.

Next, we are going to prepare the UnrEVOked program to run. If you are a Windows user, this means installing the drivers, if you use Linux or Mac you just have to run the app as mentioned later. We have to install HTC Sync to get adb drivers and we have to uninstall it again as it interferes with UnrEVOked. The drivers however remain which is why you need to install it.

2) (Windows Only) If you have not already, download HTC Sync and install it. Then uninstall HTC Sync as well as any other software that may interfere such as doubletwist. Next, follow this guide to set up the hacked HBOOT drivers. Make sure you reboot your PC after doing this.

Next, we need to prepare your phone. We will make sure USB Debugging is on as UnrEVOked needs this to send adb commands to the phone. We also need to enable Unknown Sources so that UnrEVOked can push busybox and SuperUser Permissions apps to the phone.

3) With your phone go to Settings > Connect to PC > Default connection type > Charge Only and untick Ask Me. Then go to Settings > Applications > Development > Make sure USB Debugging is ticked. Then go back to Applications and make sure Unknown Sources is ticked.

Next, we're going to run UnrEVOked. What it does is reboot into HBOOT mode, and use an exploit to gain a temporary NAND unlock. Then it uses fastboot to flash a recovery image, and then pushes the su files required for root.

4) WINDOWS USERS: Right click on the 'unrevoked.exe' file (Or something similar) in the Root Pack and click 'Run as Admin' (Not required for XP)
LINUX USERS: Right click the '' file and UnrEVOked will start. (Make sure you chmod 755'd it first)
Originally Posted by mattbeef

Unrevoked, if your a mac user like myself then drag the app inside the dmg to the desktop and run it from there. Most mac users are lazy and will try to run it from the dmg.


Your phone should now reboot and then congratulations! Your phone is rooted. However, the root that UnrEVOked gives you is basic. No ROMs or good stuff. So you must read on to the next post to flash a custom ROM...
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20th October 2010, 09:41 PM |#4  
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Root Guide - Pt. 3 - Flashing Your First ROM
Now you've rooted, let's flash a ROM. We will backup all your apps then flash a ROM then restore your apps. Ready?

Pt. 3 - Flashing Your First ROM

**NOTE: You can repeat Pt. 3 every time you want to flash a new ROM or update

Next we're going to download and use Titanium Backup to backup all your apps as we will have to wipe your phone to install the ROM. You can use the same method if you ever want to backup/restore in the future too.

1) Download & Install Titanium Backup from the market. Open it and hit the 'Problems' button to download busybox, a suite of commands for rooted phones.
Then hit menu then batch, and tap the button next to Backup All User Apps + System Data. Let it complete before moving on to the next step.

Next we're going to reboot into recovery mode to flash the ROM. You can use this if you ever need to get into recovery in the future.

2) Turn your phone off and turn it on again holding POWER + VOL DOWN to enter HBOOT mode. Wait a few seconds while it checks for images before using the VOLUME KEYS to scroll and POWER to select Recovery. Your phone will now vibrate and reboot into recovery mode!

Next we're going to do a full backup of your phone using Nandroid. This will backup the entire state of your phone in case you ever
want to go back. You should really do this every time you flash a new ROM.

3) Use the TRACKBALL to scroll down to where it says Backup or Nandroid or Backup / Restore. Then select Backup and wait for it to finish.

Now we need to wipe your phone. Whenever you flash a different ROM you should Always do this, when you are updating the ROM you should check on the release thread for information.

4) If you are not on the Main Menu in recovery, hit back a couple of times to get there. Then, use the TRACKBALL to navigate down to 'Wipe Data / Factory Reset' and accept the scary warning to wipe your phone.

Now we can flash the ROM! Ensure you have downloaded a ROM and it is on the root (Not in any folders) of your SD card. The flashing process may take a few minutes.

5) From the Main Menu, scroll down to and select Install zip from SD Card and then select Choose zip from SD Card then select where you put your ROM and wait for it to complete. Then, select Reboot System Now to reboot into your shiny new ROM!

Your phone will now reboot, it may take a while to reboot as it's rebuilding the Dalvik Cache. If it still doesn't boot up after 10mins, pull the battery and consult the ROM thread for troubleshooting.

Now we're going to restore that Titanium Backup you made before starting Pt. 3. It will restore all your apps back but not system data. (ie Settings) You can use Titanium Backup any time you want to backup/restore your phone.

6) Download & Install Titanium Backup again and tap Menu Button > Batch > Restore Missing apps + data. It should prompt you to reinstall every app again.


Congratulations, you have qualified with a rooted phone from the Turkeh Root School!
(Unless you're reading this without having actually done any of this guide)

So, go off and ask questions, answer questions, and contribute to the community! We'd also really appreciate it if you could hang out in the help channel to help other people trying to root too.

Thanks for rooting! You can also follow some of the other guides to install all apps on the SD card, Unroot & S-OFF
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20th October 2010, 09:42 PM |#5  
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Pt. 4 - Flashing a New Radio
Flashing a Radio

The radio is the lowest part of your phone. (ie It's the very first thing that loads when you turn your phone on.
Most ROMs will have a required radio version, but most will agree that it's best to be on the latest as they often improve battery life etc.
You can downgrade your radio and you can find your radio version by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Baseband Version.

Your ROM should tell you on it's thread what the recommended radio version is, so download it, transfer it to the root of your SD card as you did in Pt. 3 then follow this.

Now we're going to reboot into recovery mode as we did in Pt. 3 to flash the new radio. There is also an app on the market called 'Quick Boot' which you can use to quickly get into recovery. The next step will assume you have this.

1) Open Quick Bootand tap Recovery then tap Allow on the SuperUser permissions prompt.

Note: The SuperUser Permissions app will prompt you whenever an app is requesting to use root. You should look over which app is requesting this before you allow it.

Next, we need to flash the radio. You do this exactly the same way as you flash a ROM, which you did in Pt. 3.

2) Use the same method you flashed the new ROM in Pt. 3 to flash the radio. You do not need to Nandroid backup or wipe to do this, just flash the zip.

Note: Your phone may reboot a couple of times and will show a picture of the Android Robot while it is flashing the radio. It has NOT crashed, it is flashing it. DO NOT pull the battery, it will reboot when it is done.

Your new radio has now flashed!
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20th October 2010, 09:43 PM |#6  
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First, we need to get S-OFF to flash Amon-RA Recovery. You can use clockworkmod/ROM Manager to do this although it is very error prone so don't!

Now, I'll be honest, I really cba to write and provide support for people S-OFFing, so I'll link to someone elses instead.
But you can still post on this thread with questions, post there if the S-OFF doesn't work.


Download the AmonRA recovery image here before continuing. (Make sure you save it in the adb folder inside. the other stuff file below)

1) Make sure USB Debugging is on and make sure you downloaded the 'Other Stuff' file in post 2 and have extracted it to somewhere you can get to easily. (I always reccommend C:\root)

Next we need to flash Amon RA recovery. We will do this via the command line using fastboot. Your phone needs to be in booted Android mode for this next step.

2) Open a command prompt (Start > Run > cmd) and type the following: (you will need to replace some bits if you extracted the other stuff file to a different location.
cd \
cd root
cd adb
adb-windows reboot bootloader *let your phone reboot into fastboot before continuing*
fastboot-windows flash recovery what-you-called-amonra-recovery.img
fastboot-windows reboot

Next we are going to reboot into your newly flashed recovery image and repartition your SD card. This will format your SD card so please BACKUP your SD Card before continuing.

3) Open the Quick Boot app you downloaded in Pt. 4 and tap Recovery to reboot into recovery mode. Once you are in Recovery scroll down to and select Partition SD Card then select Partition SD. Now use the TRACKBALL to scroll up and down until you get the partition size you want and press trackball to continue. Now select 0 swap unless your ROM supports it and you know what it is. Then set the rest of the SD Card to FAT32 and press the TRACKBALL followed by the HOME BUTTON to confirm and start partitioning!

Note: If you want to use an ext3 or ext4 partition and your ROM supports it, select the SD:ext2 to ext3 option to upgrade to ext3 and the other one to upgrade to ext4. However, I would advise against doing this as you will wear out your SD Card faster.

Now, you need to check the ROM thread for info. Most ROMs activate it automatically when it detects an ext partition on your phone. On some others you need to flash a special If you are unsure hit the help button on post 1 and we'll help you out.

Congratulations, you now have Apps2SD! Exactly what you will have (dalvik2sd etc) will vary between ROMs.
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20th October 2010, 09:43 PM |#7  
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These RUU programs that you use to unroot are Windows only, but fortunatley I wrote a tool for Linux called OpenRUU so you can flash them on there. If you are a Mac user, take a moment to ask yourself 'Why am I using a Steve Jobs product?' as there is no way for you to run the RUUs.

First, we are going to identify what RUU you need to download and flash then download it. (Bravo is the codename for Desire, all RUUs use this name)

1) Go to, click on the Android Robot then click on Bravo. Now, you need to recall what version of Android you were on before you rooted. If you were on 2.1, you need to choose one of the RUUs which say If you were on FroYo, you need to choose one that says If you had a carrier supplied device you should also get the one that is applicable, but if you are unsure or your carrier is not listed go for one that says WWE. (World Wide English - All Languages) Or come on our IRC channel for advice.

Note: HTC Sync must be installed before continuing. The next step will also wipe all your apps + settings!

Next we're going to run the RUU, this should take around 5-10mins. DO NOT touch your phone during the flashing process!

2) Double click on the RUU file you downloaded in step 1, read the readme, and click to start the flashing process.
After it's done! Your phone now should be completley back to stock status!
If you get an error during the flashing process, try again and then come on our IRC help channel for assistance if it persists.
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20th October 2010, 09:45 PM |#8  
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Fixing the annoying unrEVOked misc errors
Fixing the Annoying unrEVOked Backup CID Missing errors


I managed to find unrEVOked 3.2. If you want to use that as a fast-track then that's fine, but please read the following carefully:
Please be aware that this build was pulled from because it was not safe. 
If it ****s up and you point the finger at me, I will laugh at you. 
This is only for 'Backup CID Missing' errors. if you use this on any other type of misc error it might brick.
Download. Run in replace of unrEVOked 3.21 in the standard guide.

You can still use the old, misc editing guide below:


(Guide edited from to be more noob-friendly)

This fixes:

  • Backup CID Missing

Unfortunately, because a couple of people corrupted their misc partitions during the testing of unrEVOked 3.2, they brought in a load of stupid, annoying safety features that included checking the misc partition on your phone.

What is misc?

Misc is a partition on your phone. It holds various switches and stuff, such as your:
  1. Official HTC ROM Version
  2. Your CID (Which tells the phone what carrier/region your phone is)

However, sometimes, the CID is not in misc or your misc is corrupted. This process will add in the CID to misc and reflash misc. (which may fix other misc related errors but probably wont)

Warning! Misc is quite an important part of your phone. If it gets severely corrupted you may loose USB access. Me or anyone on our IRC help channel take no responsibility if you **** up somehow.

This guide is designed for Windoze, Linux users use common sense adapting the instructions and can use a Linux hex editor like ghex. (Works just the same)

Please ensure you have downloaded the other stuff file on the second post before continuing and have extracted it to C:\root.

First, we need to use adb to grab misc off your phone. We will get temporary root then grab misc.

1) Open a command prompt on your computer by going to Start > Run and typing cmd then pressing enter. Now type the following pressing enter on each line. (Make sure your phone is connected and you have the drivers installed.)
cd \
cd root\adb
adb-windows devices <---- Make sure it finds your phone before continuing
adb-windows shell <----- You should see a $
$ /system/__unrevoked_su <---- Getting temp root
# cat /dev/mtd/mtd0 > /sdcard/misc.img <---- Copying misc to your SD Card
# getprop ro.cid <----- This is your CID. Remember what this says, it should say something like HTC_000 or 1111111 if you have a goldcard
# exit
adb-windows pull /sdcard/misc.img misc.img <---- Getting the misc we copied before
You should now have a file called misc.img in the C:\root\adb folder.

Now come on to the IRC help channel here. We will stick the CID into the misc.img so you can carry on as it really is complicated. You can also post here if nobody is avalible and I will sort it ASAP.
(If you've done hex editing before, all you do is put the CID you got above in at position 0 then add a 00 at the end so the hex string looks something like "48 54 43 5F 5F 30 30 31 00")
Make sure you save the file that we give you back to C:\root\adb overwriting the original misc.img file.

Next we're going to push misc back on to the phone using a similar method to step 1. Have open a command prompt and cd to the correct directory as in step 1 before proceeding.

2) Type the following in the command prompt:
adb push misc.img /sdcard/new-misc.img <---- Pushing misc back to your SD card
adb-windows shell
$ /system/__unrevoked_su <---- getting temp root again
# /data/local/flash_image misc /sdcard/new-misc.img <---- Using flash_image to flash the new misc
# exit
Now rerun unrEVOked and everything should be as shiny as the plastic Samsung use to make their phones.

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Reserved for when I think of some awesome idea I just have to put here. #2
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just say WOW! really Great!
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Please don't forget radio info.
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