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Ok guys, I finally made it to the Evo3D...
This rom is based off of HTC Runnymede 1.05.401.4 and the Pyramid 2.08.401.1 with Sense 3.5 and GB 2.3.5.
A really big thanks goes out to Cappychimp and RC-Team for a lot of the added tweaks and multidevice zip, to romanbb for the original tweaks.
Big thanks to all that tested and helped out making this run good on GSM (mahmoudhafez2000, metamasterplay, stiffmast3r and more...)

Ext 4
Odex (DeOdex might come later if u guys will ask for it, other wise... its not worth it)
Fully Optimized and tweaked
Zipalign on boot
Defrag DB's on boot
Busybox 1.19.3
Native screen capture
Beats audio, Dolby, SRS, and EQ in music player
HTC Quicklaunch widget from bliss also added
Unlocked more settings in Browser
Rosie, Notifications, Lockscreen and StatusBar tweaks changes "on the fly"
Longpress Volume keys to skip tracks when screen is off mod added (Longpress Vol up is next, and Vol down is Back)
Htc Amaze Camera with 3d Video/Images fully working
All Gapps and market apps updated to newest versions
All other stock sense 3.5 goodies included

Known Bugs:
No Picture will show when trying to view a picture through FriendStream (this is because we kinda need to live with a diff album version to see 3d images/video)
QHD - notes widget is missing the black bar
3D games will probably not work...
If Mail client is giving you guys issue in the QHD version look HERE.

For a full change log and download links go HERE.

  • Settings Tweaks
    Statusbar Options
    Clock Options
    - Style (show/hide/center)
    - AM/PM Style (show/small/hide)
    - Color
    - Hide alarm icon
    Battery Options
    - Battery bar (like Miui with settings thanks to pvy)
    - Show/Hide
    - Color
    Signal Options
    - Show/Hide
    - Text
    - Color
    - Transparency
    Notification Menu Options
    - Recent apps show/hide
    - Date show/hide
    - Transparent BG
    - Skins (Stock/Inverted)
    - Default to quicksettings
    - Customize quicksettings (show/hide)
    Rosie Options
    - Custom button
    - Hide navbar label
    - Quick scroll (3d/2d/semi)
    - Drawer matrix (4x5/5x5/4x6/5x6)
    - Transparent BG
    - Depagineted app drawer
    - Bliss Rosie
    Display Options
    - Overscroll settings (none/glow/bounce & glow/bounce)
    - Window and Transition animations speeds (6 diff speeds + off)
    - CRT on/off
    - Unlock animation on/off
    - 3D home
    - Font Sizes (7 different sizes)
    - Auto brightness settings
    - Softkeys lights (on/off/always on)
    Misc Options
    - Lockscreen (Honeycomb/Android/HTC - all on the fly)
    - SD crad read ahead speeds (128kb - 4096kb | set to 2048 by default)
    - Volume key screen on
    - SMS screen on
    - Snapshot (enable/disable)
    - Volume key to take a picture
    - HTC_IME Arrow KB (on/off)
    - Beats Boost
    Phone Information
    - Radio etc.
    - Battery
    - Usage stats
    - Wifi
  • System Tweaks
    Boot options
    - Reboot
    - Hot Restart
    - Recovery
    - Bootloader
    - Power off
    Mount system RW
    Mount system RO
    Debloater & Storage space

    - Remove system apps (use at your own risk as there is no restore option yet)
    - Internal & External Storage summery
    Memory settings
    - Default
    - Free up 50/70 MB
    - Clear Dalvik-Cache
    - Clear Cache
    - Fix Permissions
    Enable/Disable commands
    - Camera sound (on/off)
    - Vibration (default/med/low)
    - Ads (hide/show)
    - Disable
    - Enable
    - Get rid of
  • Extras for fun
    Download Center
    - Htc hub widgets/skins/apps (make sure to d/l ones for your sense version)
    - Bootanimations sounds
    - Volume rocker sounds
    - Screen lock sounds
    - Bootanimations (make sure to d/l ones for your device resolution)
    - Shutdown animations (make sure to d/l ones for your device resolution)
    - Fonts (many to choose from...)

These tweaks are a lot like RCTweaks as they are based on their work... but there are more than a few extras that mik and chingy added in.

Change Log:
  • v1.06
    - Fixed things all over...
    - GSM specific
    - 2 flavors to the ROM, WVGA sized widgets and QHD sized widgets
    - Major cleanup to libs/bin/etc.
    - Added/changed a few more tiny tweaks that run every boot (not that i think it was needed, but should bring better over performance)
    - Updated all market apps
    - Mail client with HTML Enabled
    - Google Maps 6.1.1 ownhere/Brut.all- NAVIGATION all roads
    - Added Android KB
    - RTL fix included ofcourse
    - Temperature set to Celsius by def.
    - CPU1 shuts down when not needed to save battery life
    - Over all i think this version is the best stable build so far, so this should be the last time i ask u guys to fully wipe... and will only patch from now on (i hope).
    - Flashing this ROM WILL WIPE YOUR DATA to ensure no issues, so make a backup if you need to!
  • v1.02
    - Switched to cgoodman RLS kernel CDMA/GSM (#5 had some issue with wifi drops if im not wrong and other versions of his kernel have been taken out)
    - Switched back to WVGA MikRunny files to get rid of most of the test rom apps. (widget are a lil smaller... but feels like u got more room on the screen... so i like it better)
    - Fixed EReader
    - FIxed all audio issues that were present on v1.01
    - Fixed Sprint Vvm (all should be good now... i even got rid of the annoying 9016 sms messages) (CDMA)
    - Fixed EPST in dialer (should have worked on 1.01... this time im sure there is no glitches) (CDMA)
    - Fixed/Added Weather wallpaper
    - Fixed Inverted SystemUI Beats Notification text color
    - Fixed Notes widget
    - Added LTR fix for arabic and hebrew users (CDMA/GSM)
    - Changed to smaller Weather videos
    - Added Roaming Guard options to mobile settings (CDMA, and im not sure how it is on GSM)
    - Added Htc's SdCardWizard so u guys can delete files from your sd without needing a file explorer
    - Took out Htctwitter and replaced with Twitter market app
    - Added more shortcuts to MikApps tab
    - Probably more that im forgetting... check the known bugs to see what changed.
    - This ROM will NOT get deodexed since there is no need for it... sorry... but u guys can still make themes for it much like its done for all of my other roms.
    - This ROM WILL WIPE YOUR DATA, so make a backup if you need to!
  • v1.01
    - Fixed boot.img issue i had with GSM version
    - Fixed UA-STRING in browser to be HTC Evo3D instead of Sensation XL (for games etc.)
    - Fixed effects in album FC (thanks to Will972)
    - Fixed all issues DB related (Notes, pulling up names in mms, etc.)
    - Fixed Sprint Vvm (CDMA)
    - Fixed EPST in dialer (CDMA)
    - Fixed Location widget
    - Fixed Polaris office FC (Thanks to metamasterplay for pointing me to it)
    - Changed to my Music apk from Mikrunny WVGA version (beats now dont need headsets to work, overall better quality i guess)
    - Changed audio libs and eq files to better ones (Thanks to mahmoudhafez2000 for pointing me to them)
    - Added Mms server editing to Mms (for those of u that wanna change it to one other than Sprint's, not sure it is for gsm)
    - Added 1x1 Clock widget (Thanks to mahmoudhafez2000 for pointing me to it)
    - Should probably fully wipe... if not dont blame me if your Vvm and/or DB issues are not fixed
    - From now on the goal is to only release patches as updates and not full rom that will require full wipe

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