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[ROM][6.35][32A/32B?] FroyoDragon 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012) :D

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By darkguy2008, Senior Member on 2nd August 2011, 12:02 AM
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"28 minus 11 Days Later"


Welcome to FroyoDragon!

This is a personal, home-made ROM I've decided to share with all of you. Its main purpose is to offer speed, stability and the newest stuff available, while still being Froyo.

  • AROMA Installer by amarullz!
  • Based on CM6 Stable
  • Port of Cronos Froyo & Cronos Ginger Hero ROM
  • Latest Carz's kernel
  • Latest Google Apps
  • Latest Superuser
  • 135 Density (320x480 resolution!)
  • AudioPara hack
  • Custom build.prop customizations
  • Increases download/upload speed in some networks
  • No bloat, stock look!
  • 5x5 home grid
  • MarketEnabler included
  • Fast, fast, FAST!

IMPORTANT: Before downloading the ROM and flashing it blindly, YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND the important information shown here, ELSE DON'T WHINE SAYING IT DIDN'T WORK AND THAT I DIDN'T WARN YOU.

1. This ROM DOES NOT SUPPORT CUSTOM MTD. You can do it, but don't come asking for help if you use it and something doesn't work and you break your device or whatever.

2. You NEED. I repeat, N-E-E-D ClockWorkMod Recovery v4.0.1.4. NO, it WON'T work with Amon_Ra or anything else. It might flash, but it doesn't install everything correctly. You can get such recovery HERE (Fixed).

3. Do a FULL WIPE (/boot, /data, /cache, /system, /sd-ext) before installing this ROM. NO, it's NOT incremental and if you try to install it over a ROM it WILL format these partitions.

4. This ROM has been tested ONLY with RADIO AND

5. Last but not least, I would like to say I am, but I'm not responsible if by flashing this ROM you start WW3, your PC explodes or makes your phone become a Cylon and assimilates you (wtf xD) so... as always with any other ROM out there: Try it at your own risk.

Everything said, here are your links

Version 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012)
Version 0.8 (19 Apr 2012)
Version 0.7 (04 Mar 2012)
Version 0.6 (22 Feb 2012)
Version 0.5 (08 Feb 2012)
Version 0.4 (06 Jan 2012)
Version 0.3.9 Vanilla (Barebones) (23 Dec 2011) - READ IMPORTANT INFO HERE
Version 0.3.8 Vanilla UPDATE 1 (Barebones) (13 Dec 2011)
Version 0.3.8 Vanilla (Barebones) (11 Dec 2011)
Version 0.3.7 UPDATE 1 - Vanilla (Barebones) (21 Nov 2011)
Version 0.3.7 - Vanilla (Barebones) (19 Nov 2011)
Version 0.3.6 (29 Sep 2011)
Version 0.3.5 (27 Sep 2011)
Version 0.3.4 (12 Sep 2011)

NOTE FOR 32B USERS: This ROM -works- for 32B ---BUT--- you have to flash an appropiate kernel for it to work, as the included one only works for 32A. And yes, there's no CWM Recovery BUT YOU CAN USE AMON_RA 1.7 (only 32B). Also, camera may or may not work, I've found it's random, so your device may vary. Still, I think it's worth the flashing . Enjoy 32B users! thanks to all those who have helped to test it in their devices ^_^!


These are files you can download into your SD Card and apply using ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.4 to archieve some desired effects in the ROM.

You can apply them anytime unless they say they're made to be applied ONLY after flashing the ROM zip.

Most (if not all) of these patches are ROM-independent. If you're using it in your ROM to help your users, PLEASE GIVE PROPER CREDIT!, or if I find out (and trust me I will) I'll take them offline. Thanks .

LCD Density 160 (Bigger fonts and UI. Default resolution) (19 Nov 2011)
LCD Density 135 (Higher resolution. Smaller fonts / UI. FroyoDragon default) (19 Nov 2011)
3D Gallery + Linked camera APK (23 Dec 2011)


1. Download the ROM
2. Boot into recovery
3. Mounts & Storage -> Wipe: /data, /cache, /boot, /sd-ext, /system.
5. Install Zip from SD Card
6. Choose Zip from SD Card
7. (choose the ROM file you downloaded)
8. Reboot system now.


1. Wait for the wizard to finish installing the ROM, then the phone will reboot.
2. After choosing whether to grant access or not to MarketEnabler, you can start using your phone. If something goes bogus here, reflash.



Sadly, I highly depend on the details you provide in order to help you. If you have any sort of problems, please follow the following steps:
1. Make sure you have ADB installed, up and running. There are lots of tutorials on how to do this on the web and on XDA. It's an easy process and helps a lot.
2. Turn the phone off.
3. Open a command/terminal window and type "adb logcat" without the quotes.
4. It should say something like "-- waiting for device --".
5. Turn it on as you would normally (this means, no pressing the home or volume buttons).
6. You should see lots of output. Wait 2-5 minutes or so and copy the output to Notepad or somewhere else.
7. Paste it on,,, etc. or send it to me through PM as a compressed file (ZIP, RAR, whatever works).

By following those simple steps, we all can benefit from your help, including the assistance you can get from it.

  • CronosFroyo team
  • GingerYoshi team
  • Amarullz
  • Carz
  • Everyone who made this possible and taught me lots of stuff here on XDA, IRC and everywhere
Enjoy! ^_^
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2nd August 2011, 12:03 AM |#2  
darkguy2008's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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0.8.1 (29-Apr-2012)
=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* Default Froyo sounds re-added
* Fixed FroyoDragon Experience install process (thanks guys!)

=== APPS ===
* Updated:
- Dolphin Browser HD
- GMail
- Rythm Software's File Manager
- SMS Backup & Restore
0.8 (19-Apr-2012)
=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* USING AROMA INSTALLER v2 by amarullz! :D
* Improved init.d functions
* Improved wiping method (added erase_image command)
* Permissions granted to the /dev/voc* devices so rVoix can work
* CompCache disabled (it's even FASTER!)
* Pico TTS engine re-installed again
* TTS voices added (taken from the installer in market. DE,EN,ES,FR & IT)
* HTC radio build.prop "htcmaskw1" set (found in some RUU)

=== APPS ===
* New:
  - Google Speech-Recognition Support (Voice Search)
  - YouTube
  - DeskClock (The stock clock is back in black!)
* Updated:
  - ChargeBar
  - Dolphin Browser HD
  - Go Launcher EX
  - Google Maps
  - SMS Backup & Restore
* Replaced:
  - Google Maps 6.3 -> Google Maps 6.5 brut.all/ownHere MOD (navigation in all countries)
    found in ( )

0.7 (04-Mar-2012)
=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* Fixed /data/data copying routines as they weren't working as expected
* Fixed ChargerBar appearing ontop of fullscreen apps/games
* Fixed: Holy crap, wasn't executing AT ALL O_O... or something like that!

=== APPS ===
* Fixed:
  - ChargeBar shouldn't be installed in Stock Froyo
* Updated:
  - ChargeBar to new version. Now appears on the lockscreen :D
  - Dolphin Browser HD to new version. It has been optimized and it's faster :D
  - GO Launcher EX
  - SMS Backup & Restore
* Replaced:
  - File Expert -> Rythm Software's File Manager (File Expert was asking for payment when getting
    root permissions (something it didn't do before) so I'm replacing it with something which does
    it for free.

=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* su binary updated to
* Enabled lock/unlock sounds :)
* Modified SMS preferences as follows:
  - Vibration ALWAYS ON when receiving an SMS
  - Receive SMS delivery reports
  - Receive MMS delivery reports
  - Removed the 200-message-limit for each conversation thread (yay!)
* Set the phone to Always Vibrate when receiving any notification
* Display nick/organization under the caller's contact name
* In-call touch UI enabled by default

=== APPS ===
* Replaced:
  - Dolphin Browser Mini -> Dolphin Browser HD
* Updated:
  - SMS Backup & Restore
  - File eXpert
  - GO Launcher EX
  - Google Maps
* Fixed post-install startup app multi-re-initialization
* Fixed version numbering
* Using Joeseph Mother's to get superuser access without the dialog, so the
  FroyoDragon wouldn't get interrupted by its dialogs. It's also more automatic that way.
  It is also replaced by the normal su+superuser.apk as we all know it when it finishes

* Added iPhone-y sounds 'cause I like them :)
* White SMS background for Froyo Stock, Black for FroyoDragon Experience
* APPS Added:
  - CB Battery Bar (more accurate battery meter using only 1-pixel-height colored bar)


0.5 (08-Feb-2012)
=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* Back to old Carz's kernel. Been having signal, phone & wifi issues after a while.
* Tweaked init.d scripts some more
* Tweaked framework.jar to improve scrolling speed (
* SDCard read ahead back to 512 due to tips from (
* Added Darky's ZipAlign script on boot from (
* Superuser binary updated to v3.0.3.2
* Removed "Kill app on long-pressing back button" as it became a bit annoying sometimes
* Fixed missing & incompatible market apps with LCD-density-patched market 3.4
* Replaced Email.apk with Android Emulator's one thanks to Laurie (
  so it allows to sync with Exchange 2010 servers which have ActiveSync set by default as synchronization devices (tested as of today)

=== APPS ===
* Updated:
  - GO Launcher EX
  - GO Launcher EX Notification
  - Google Maps 6.2
  - SMS Backup & Restore
  - Android Market 3.4.4 (LCD-Density-Patched)
  - Market Enabler
* Fixed:
  - Wired Tether app moved back to /data/app so it installs correctly
* Replaced:
  - Mini File Manager -> File Xpert. Sorry :( but it seems the current app doesn't 
    have a hook which the SMS Backup & Restore app needs to let the user browse
    for a different backup file. Also, File Xpert can explore the whole device ^_^.


0.4 (06-Jan-2012)
=== CORE & SYSTEM ===
* NEW KERNEL from Carz's CM 7.1 (2.3.7) 12-31-2011's build :)
* Fixed Google Maps slowdown with build.prop edit in OpenGL version
* /etc/init.d script enhancements for better battery use and speed tweaks
  by BMc08GT found in PowerBoost v2.2 (for DroidX, LOL)
* More build.prop enhancements
* APNs updated
* Added new media profiles XML
* /data/local/userinit.d support
* Updated HTC Radio & Acoustics libraries with 2.3.7 ones
* Updated Android PixelFlinger 1.3 to 1.4 (yay!)
* Updated & with 2.3.7's so WiFi worked with Carz's 2.3.7 kernel
* Updated some Permissions XML files
  - Added Android VoIP SIP XML
  - Added raw audio permission allowance (I think?)
* Added Android location provider
* Added DroidSansJapanese.ttf font file
* Updated QWERTY keylayout file
* Updated Zoneinfo files from 2009s to 2011n

* Updated helper utility to change themes within a script
* Added "branding" feature on post-install script, so you can choose if you want
  the full FroyoDragon experience or Stock Froyo instead :)
* FroyoDragon Experience:
  - Minimal Matte skin!, thanks to LordGiotto for suggesting it :)
    Skin by shiftedx -  
  - Better fonts :)
  - Custom gingerbread-like statusbar 3g/signal/battery icons from UOT kitchen :D
  - Better smileys (less droid-like because the ":eek:" and ":*" looked damn weird! D:)
    They are updated in the framework-res, but they don't show up in MMS/GTalk, oh well.
=== APPS ===
* Updated:
  - GO Launcher EX
  - SMS Backup & Restore
* Added:
  - Bander Notepad (Stock doesn't have a notepad, and it's highly needed!)

0.3.9 (23-Dic-2011)
* Tweaked SD card r/w buffer to 3072
* More build.prop & init.d enhancements
* Improved FroyoDragon startup app to provide more information while installing.
* Added a helper app for interactive post-install scripts. Don't worry, it's
  uninstalled upon finish.
* Apps updated:
  - GO Launcher EX
  - GO Launcher EX Notifications
  - Android Market 2.2.6
  - Google Maps 6.0.3
  - SMS Backup & Restore
* Apps replaced:
  - Stock Browser -> Dolphin Mini
* Apps added:
  - Google Talk

0.3.8 Update 1 (13-Dic-2011)
* Improved camera quality by changing ImageEncoding quality to 100, 95, 90
* Increased camera memory cap to 25000000
* Back to old market because it's faster, with default MDPI assets.
* Apps updated:
  - SMS Backup & Restore
  - Google Maps 6.0.2
* Apps added:
  - Email app

0.3.8 (11-Dic-2011)
* Tweaked progressbar.
* Improved updater-script with a better wiping method.
* MarketEnabler already set to emulate a specific region with all apps.
* Fixed signal bug with Gingerbread's radio & acoustics HTC libs.
* Back to old market because it's faster.
* Fixed market's white titlebar with HDPI assets.
* Apps updated:
  - Market Enabler
  - GO Launcher EX
  - Superuser (su) to 3.0.7

0.3.7 Update 1 (21-Nov-2011)
* updater-script now formats /cache :)
* build.prop enhancements & performance improvements (hopefully)
* Fixed Market top bar issue with Froyo HDPI market (FreeX10 ROM)
* Fixed keyboard transparent borders issue by editing the LatinIME.apk
  with HDPI images from stock froyo's LatinIME in HDPI from FreeX10 ROM
* Added LED notification events for bootup (init.d) and FroyoDragon
  first-boot initialization & setup. Check the thread for more info.
* Changed (HTC's radio library, I assume) which seems
  to have fixed the missing signal issue, YAY!. Still has a bug or
  two but it seems it's fixed now, or at least it doesn't annoy
  as much, but for those with problems, please give it a try.
* Replaced LauncherPro with GO Launcher EX in Vanilla froyo because
  it has resizable widgets already, and it's as fast as LP.
* Added custom-made GO launcher theme for this ROM, or any stock
  froyo anyways. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE.

0.3.7 (19-Nov-2011)
* More build.prop enhancements & experimentation
* Fixed initial apps package install method
* Fixed USB tethering app (missing lib due to wrong install method)
* Fixed? unable to fully remove 2G/3G & WiFi notification toggles
  (thanks guys for your bug reports!)
* New install flavors (separate ZIP files):
  * Vanilla Froyo
  * FroyoDragon
* Added COOL NEW WALLPAPERS! (thanks mcdizzay!, they rock! :D)
* Removed /system/bin/mountro and mountrw. They never work I dunno why
* Apps updated:
  - GMail
  - SMS Backup & Restore
  - SoundHound
  - Market Enabler
* Apps added:
  - File Manager (APK provided by Dejavot!)
  - anCorder (Use this to record videos instead)
  - eBuddy (for IM)
  - WhatsApp (free BBMSN-like chat)
  - Twitter
  - Facebook Messenger
* Apps replaced:
  - Dialer -> GO Dialer EX
  - Contacts -> GO Contacts EX
  - LauncherPro -> GO Launcher EX

0.3.6 (29-Sep-2011)
* Wallpaper pack added! cool dragons ahead! :P
  * Wallpapers taken from DeviantArt & random websites. Credits go to:
    Gerguter, Crom29, di3i3pum, darkdevil88 , aeremita & rigobcastro.
* Fixed sounds in build.prop, sorry!
* windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec set to 80 to see if there's an improvement
  (as found in a Huawei UM840 ROM. Slower phone but it has faster responsiveness
   so I guess it'll help)
* Google maps 5.10.1 released 28-Sep-2011 with WORKING navigation - even for 
  Venezuela! (yay!) no need for brut.all's mod :)
* Fixed Camera & 2D Gallery - Camera wasn't opening the 2D gallery when touching
  the last-shot-picture-button :P
* Apps updated
  - SoundHound
* Apps added
  - Twitter (official)
* Apps replaced
  - Browser -> Dolphin Browser Mini

0.3.5 (27-Sep-2011)
* a2SD DISABLED. I seem to get disappearing apps after a random manual reboot
  so I'm disabling it to see if that's the culprit or not.
* Removed extra audio files to reduce download size. Install Rings Extended
  to change the sounds.
* Better build.prop file :)
* Removed Hero/Trout keypad files. They aren't for Sapphire/Magic.
* Removed unneeded? config files.
* Fixed /data permissions in updater-script.
* Cleaned up startup scripts.
* Added different NTP servers (GPS might be faster now, hopefully!).
* USB Tethering "fixed" (workaround by running Wired Tether app instead!)
* Improved post-install scripts
* Improved APNs
* Modified LED light library with library taken from Pershoot in order
  to blink green while charging so you can see you have pending 
  notifications (SMS works & tested). More info: 
* Back to the original fonts (sorry for the previous tiny iPhone-like font!)
* Fixed squares shown where special characters would be because of the
  previous version's font change
* Anti-DroidDream malware patch applied by Rodderick. More info:
* Window/Transition animations set to Fast
* Fixed initial volume & vibration settings
* Enable rotation by default
* Added hacked Camera.apk to call 2D gallery instead of 3D one by
  smoothtaste, thus, fixing bug reported by jhonatann_989! :) More info:
* Bluetooth name changed to "HTC Magic"
* Apps added
  - Notepad
  - Facebook
  - SoundHound
  - Wired Tether

0.3.4 (12-Sep-2011)
* Fixed bootloop caused by wrong font name (Clocktopia.ttf instead of Clockopia.ttf!)
* Fixed buttons not lighting up (backlight) thanks to johmir for providing solution found in a CGX-Magic ROM post by arekmelerski
  ( )
* Tweaked once again
* Tweaked /etc/init.d/30tweaks using some stuff found in CGX-Magic ROM :P
* Updated MarketEnabler
* Added SMS Backup & Restore
* Another attempt at fixing FCs, sorry! u.u

0.3.3 (1-Sep-2011)
* Better modifications
* Corrected LICENSE file
* Cronos modules/governor removed, due to being the Death-In-Sleep cause.
* NTP pool changed to
* Removed useless /ec/bookmarks.xml
* New iPhone-like fonts!
* Fixed? LauncherPro FCs (hopefully!)
* Removed QuickPic and added the 2D default gallery (thanks jhonatann_989!)
* Fixed? Accelerometer with some help from jesusotero!
* Rollback GL library, since the modified one caused problems :/

0.3.2 (12-Aug-2011)
* New adb/terminal commands: mountro, mountrw, to mount /system read-only or read-write.
* Added Cronos modules and tweaks, from Cronos Froyo
* Some fixes in updater-script
* Ad-free hosts file (sorry, data plans are expensive in my country)
* AudioPara.csv reverted to CM6 original, just for testing call volumes. For some reason it gets *too* loud.
* Updated libraries (should be a bit faster now)
  * GL

0.3.1 (10-Aug-2011)
* Bootloops fixed now.
* Frequency changed from 352-614 to 352-595 so it's safer. Damn, need an UI for that.
* Added a very cool post-boot step, where some apps are installed and permissions get fixed. It also helps to make the first boot faster.
* Added latest gmail.
* New, cooler bootanim.

0.3 (09-Aug-2011)
* Tried to fix the force-closes and bootloops.

0.2 Test 1 (09-Aug-2011)
* Added after-boot script to fix the black screen error and reboot the phone automatically. That should fix the black screen errors.

0.2 (08-Aug-2011)
* Fixed LauncherPro FCs at first boot
* Added Carz's kernel in the install process
* Fixed GPS/Wifi issues by including kernel
* Gallery added (QuickPic)
* Newer update-binary
* New bootanim by Sparksco just 'cause I like it and it has fire in it :P ( )

0.1 (6-Aug-2011)
* Initial release
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2nd August 2011, 12:44 AM |#3  
LordGiotto's Avatar
Senior Member
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I'm looking for a fast and stabile rom. I hope your rom could be the end of my quest :P
Is the kernel oc ready? Does theater works? Everything is stable?
Thank you for the answers and for your work that you share with us

Sent from my HTC Sapphire using XDA App
2nd August 2011, 12:54 AM |#4  
Senior Member
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Congratulations! Glad you managed to make it.

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2nd August 2011, 03:26 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by LordGiotto

I'm looking for a fast and stabile rom. I hope your rom could be the end of my quest :P
Is the kernel oc ready? Does theater works? Everything is stable?
Thank you for the answers and for your work that you share with us

Sent from my HTC Sapphire using XDA App

So far, it's stable for daily use .

Yes, the kernel is OC ready (it comes from Carz's latest one ). I haven't tested tethering, but it should. I haven't had any FCs or similar. Sometimes the screen doesn't come back up but it does after a few button presses and in rare occasions, mostly when playing music and I'm on the street so I can't take a logcat in those moments lol :P but I need to fix that for sure .
Originally Posted by Unkjcr

Congratulations! Glad you managed to make it.

Hehe yeah, thanks for your help!

ROM IS UPLOADED! ^_^ remember to make a nandroid backup and such first =).
2nd August 2011, 05:02 AM |#6  
johmir's Avatar
Thanks Meter: 17
does not boot
Hi I flashed the rom goes thru fine but it does not boot just shows the network splash screen and stays that way did it twice not sure what I am doing wrong any help?
2nd August 2011, 05:32 AM |#7  
darkguy2008's Avatar
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Originally Posted by johmir

Hi I flashed the rom goes thru fine but it does not boot just shows the network splash screen and stays that way did it twice not sure what I am doing wrong any help?

The network splash screen takes a while. For how long did you let it boot?

Try to get a logcat:
  • Turn the phone off
  • Run "adb logcat"
  • Turn the phone on
  • Wait around 5 minutes or so.

If you see something similar to the first few lines you see when it boots it could be bootlooping, but I don't know for sure.

When you get the logcat, paste it somewhere (,,, etc) and post it here so I can take a look at it, or zip it and send it to me through PM, and I'll try to solve it
2nd August 2011, 09:59 AM |#8  
Junior Member
Flag taichung
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thank you for this rom, gonna try it out later

previously using eclair with sense

hope wifi, bluetooth, thether, will work properly

thanks again!
2nd August 2011, 10:59 AM |#9  
Junior Member
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Originally Posted by johmir

Hi I flashed the rom goes thru fine but it does not boot just shows the network splash screen and stays that way did it twice not sure what I am doing wrong any help?

same here , and i did leave it for more than 15 minutes and did that for more than 3 times
2nd August 2011, 02:13 PM |#10  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Red face wow see good
i install the rom and tell you how its is
but thank man for your hard work
2nd August 2011, 02:23 PM |#11  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 0
Unhappy rom not ok
when i try to connect to wifi get erro why ?
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