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June 2016 update--V4A goes HiFi
Personally tuned profiles added for five audiophile-grade headphones:

Beyerdynamic Custom Street (tuned with bass ports closed)
JH Layla universal (tuned using small single flange silicone tips, tuning pots set to 12 o'clock)
Oppo PM-3
Sennheiser Momentum
Shure SE846 (foam tips)

Download link for all models:
Please choose -44k or 48k .irs according to V4A Driver Status->Sample Rate->44100 or 48000

More audiophile models to come
Hi, this thread will be a repository for the correction filters for various models of headphones that I created for Viper4Android

These correction filters are compiled from interpreting measurement graphs of headphones at various review sites and adjust the audio quality of the headphones towards a reference-grade sound.

These are correction filters not simulation filters<--click for more info

10+ DDC profiles available. Other headphone correction filters available in convolver (.irs) format, with same quality as DDC profiles. 97 headphone models available in total.
52vecn-monk (微翼VE 和尚)
52vecn-one (微翼VE one)***
52vecn-one mini (微翼VE one mini)***
52vecn-turbines (微翼VE 涡轮)
52vecn-zen (微翼VE 明净)***
Aedle VK-1
AKG K450
AKG K612Pro
Apple earbuds
Audio-Technica ATH-IM04
Audio-Technica ATH-M50
Audio-Technica ATH-SJ33
Audio-Technica ATH-SJ55
Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr
Beats urbeats
Beyerdynamic Custom Street*** (bass ports closed)
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250Ohm
Brainwavz B2
Bose IE2
Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3 (创新IE3)
Diver 79(潜79)***
Diver MC06 (潜MC06)***
Dunu DN1000
僵尸(ECCI) PR100MKII***
Etymotic ER-4
Hifiman RE-400
JH Layla Universal***
JVC FX12***
Klipsch S4
Koss Portapro
LG HBS-730
Monoprice 8320
Oppo PM-3***
围城KC06 (Ostry KC06)***
Philips SHE3580/3590/3595/3500
Philips SHE3590***
Philips SHE8000/8005
Philips TX1***
Panasonic RP-HJE120
Panasonic RP-HJE125***
Pioneer HDJ500
Pioneer SE-A1000
三星S4原配耳机 (Samsung S4 Stock-xxx.irs)
Sennheiser CX300-II
Sennheiser HD25-1-II
Sennheiser HD239
Sennheiser HD280pro
Sennheiser HD439
Sennheiser HD518
Sennheiser IE80
Sennheiser IE800
Sennheiser Momentum***
Sennheiser MX360
Sennheiser MX580
Sennheiser PX100-I
Sennheiser PX100-II
Shure e4c/e4g/等等(档案名Shure e4g)
Shure SE110
Shure SE215
Shure SE315
Shure SE425
Shure SE535
Shure SE846***
Skullcandy 50/50
Somic (硕美科) MH438
Sony MDR-1R
Sony MDR-1RNC (抗噪模式开)
Sony MDR-ZX100
Sony MH1(C)
Sony XB90EX
Sony XBA-1
Sony XBA-H1
Sony XBA-H3
Soul by Ludacris SL99
Soundmagic E10***
V-Moda M-80
V-Moda M-100
Velodyne Vpulse
VSonic GR07MkII
VSonic VSD1
VSonic VSD1S
VSonic VSD3
VSonic VSD3S
VSonic VSD2S
Ultimate Ears TF10
Ultimate Ears UE100
Ultimate Ears UE200
Ultimate Ears UE600
Ultimate Ears UE900
Ultimate Ears UE900S***
Ultimate Ears UE4000
Westone 3
Westone W4R
小米活塞2(Xiaomi Pistons 2)***
***Indicates premium tuning obtained from personally auditioning and tune-up

Instructions for DDC (.vdc) profiles:
1. Save the vdc file to <storage>/ViPER4Android/DDC on your device (note by Joe: next to /ViPER4Android/Kernel where IRS files for the convolver function are usually saved)
2. In V4A's configuration menu, select the vdc file at the end of the list of listening devices for ViPER-DDC to use one of these DDC configs.

Instructions for profiles in convolver (.irs) format
From the dropbox link below, choose the irs file with name corresponding to your model of earphone and copy it to <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/ on your device.
(also included are .e-q files that can be used with Electri-Q (a VST plugin) on the PC:

Unlabelled old IRS impulses are 44100Hz only, please leave requests if you would like a 48000Hz impulse <-click me for explanation

***Indicates premium tuning obtained from personally auditioning and tune-up

(Profile requests suspended until further notice--will just profile whatever I can get my grubby hands on for these few months )
You may leave requests for your model of earphones to be added to the DDC collection Please check for the availability of frequency response curves on at least one of the following websites:

When requesting, please leave some comment on your opinion of the stock sound of the earphones without effects running, so I can fine tune the IRS to your taste. (the IRS will always adjust towards reference sound so is suitable for everyone with the model of earphone but will be a bit fine tuned to the taste of the one who first requests them) Opinions on the frequency balance (e.g. too midbassy? Too cold (sucked out lower mids) / warm (opposite)? Treble too sharp?) will be particularly helpful.

Also, if requesting for the first time, please leave your requests in this thread instead of pm, so people can see that a request for a certain model has been put out (they may even upvote and thank your request ) and when it was made. I can't promise to take all requests or take them in order but I do try

Donations policy
I am much busier these days than when I started this thread, with what feels what is going to be two full-time jobs
The waiting list goes like this:
1. Donations given up-front (will need to fall head-over-heels to get yours done But not really recommended as I may not actually be able to make an IRS for the phones you ask for )
2. A pledge for a donation of a specified amount
3. A pledge for a donation of an unspecified amount (but really this should be enough to put you in front of the line, as donors are so few and far between )
4. The usual applications...

If you do pledge or make a donation please pm me as well as posting in the thread so I would know about it more quickly and get the IRS done

Request "queuing" policy for non-donors
As I fall further behind the queue I am afraid that by the time I fulfil a request, many of the people who requested the irs will have already forgotten about it. Also, each time it takes me considerable effort to find the next person in the queue whose request I can fulfil. So instead of a queue, I will simply take the latest request that can be fulfilled when I have time to make an IRS. Those who have been skipped may contact me again to re-express their interest in obtaining an IRS as many times as you want, but please do so through pm to avoid cluttering this thread Of course, a donation would be a sure way to get an IRS done

If you want your headphones profiled quickly, you may consider making a donation or

try making your own irs

How to combine my headphone correction IRS together with other IRS (such as special effects, bass boost, reverb etc. found on other threads)
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