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The reason I've been slower at posting requests lately is about to come clear!

I have created an "online kitchen" of sorts for creating custom skinned, signed, HTC_IME high and low res apk files. This means you guys can very easily create your own skins and customize the ones I've created!

What is this?

A website you can visit on your computer or directly from your phone that will let you a> create a custom skinned keyboard based off of any of the images currently in the library (various colored keys, backgrounds, etc) with whatever text color you want and b> customize existing "skins" (will be known as "presets") however your heats desire.

Currently, it should be considered very beta. All the features that are here should be working 100%.

Why beta, that sounds scary?

It's beta for a couple of reasons, 1 because it's currently UGLY as sin (concentrated on features and back end first) and 2 because I'm actively working on it which means it could break at any time.

What is the point of this?

Besides the fact that you can now customize the hell out of the way your keyboard looks, it drastically reduces the amount of work I have to do in the future. Currently, i'm uploading 46 pre-themed apk files for every single update. While this isn't really a big deal since I automated the process, it slows down how quickly I can put up updates. With this new method, all I have to do is upload the original unthemed keyboard apk and classes.dex for each new version and my work is done!

Everything else:

If you select a preset, you will still be asked to choose each portion of the keyboard (background, buttons, text color etc). The image with the yellow border around it (you'll see what I mean) is the default "piece" for the preset.

One last thing, depending on server load it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to generate the keyboard. Most of the time I suspect it will be < 1 minute tho.

I don't mind if you use this to generate a keyboard and include it with something (theme/morph) or post it somewhere, just give due credit

URL for HIGH RES online kitchen: now offline, sorry

URL for LOW RES online kitchen: now offline, sorry

Current feature list / changelog:
  • Start from a "preset" (any of my current themes) and change any component of it.
  • Choose any of my current backgrounds
  • Choose any of my current primary/function key styles
  • Choose any of my current "symbol sets"
  • Choose any of my current space bar logo/images
  • Upload your own spacebar logo
  • Choose any color text for letters and alternate characters
  • Built in bug reporting/feature requests (for new image sets, for example)
  • Choose any color for background image
  • Preview keyboard before generating it
  • Option to see/reuse all skins you have generated
  • Option to see/reuse last 25 skins anyone has generated
  • Choose any color for symbol sets
  • Added lowres kitchen
  • Added option to choose between 1.5 only and 1.6+ low res versions in low res kitchen.
  • Added v25 froyo version.
  • Added all v26 versions to kitchen!
  • Added all v27 versions to kitchen!
  • Added v27-froyo lowres version to kitchen!
  • New option: Create your own primary/function keys is FINALLY here!
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