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[Kernel] Alfs for WLAN and CM7-by djnilse |v09c| 19-12-2012

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By alfsamsung, Senior Member on 10th November 2011, 05:15 PM
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I started playing with the kernel and the result was surprisingly pretty good(in my opinion),so here it is Remember I'm not an expert or developer, so expect bugs and use at your own risk.

NEWS: Djnilse is making this kernel for cm7 roms.Head over to post #3 and read more.

X8_*WLAN/GDX is for GingerDX v.1-28
X8_*CM7 is new and for "standard" cm7 roms with tiwlan(wifi driver)

This kernel is based on the FreeXperia-Team's work, so a huge thank you to the best team

Screenshot touch-recovery is from GingerDX OP

-All fxp team addons:
  • -X8Gesture / AX8MT
  • -smartass / smartass2 governor
  • -netfilter / iptables
  • -swap
  • -MDDI fix
  • -ext 2/3/4
-vr IO scheduler is default
-working smartass and smartass2 govenor
-Overclock by Zefie, thunderc_kernel_xionia
-OOM grouping fix and minfree values. minfree= 1536,2048,6912,7168,8192,9472 Credits:zeppelinrox
-Working netfilter/droidwall
-Chargemon support
-(fps cap)Version with no_fps_cap has V-sync turned off.
-working cypress driver in ICS and gingerbread
-kgsl v1.2 (latest CAF 2.6.35)
-support for ksm
-update-rom*-AlfsKern*.zip with:
  • Fixes to vold: mounting sdcard to pc and ext* mount fix
  • Fixes to compcache
  • Fixes to chargemon
  • v09: Added the adreno libsv2 to this file

-Unlocked bootloader
-Flashtool 2.9.1 or newer (I use 2.9.1 when I make the kernel)
-Recycle all your warranty papers

Install instruction
- Download the update-rom*-AlfsKern*.zip or kernel AddOn provided with rom and place it on sd-card
- Download and unpack the rar and put it in flashtool/firmwares folder
- Turn off the phone
- Run flashtool
- Press Flash, choose downloaded file
- Plug in the usb while pressing back button
- Wait till progress finishes
- Unplug the phone, turn it on back
- Hope for the best
- Go to CWM recovery with back button and install the update-rom*-AlfsKern*.zip or Kernel AddOn provided with rom Remember if you update the rom, then reinstall this.
- In v08 you need to install new adreno libs found in post #2
- Wipe cache and dalvik-cache in recovery

-This is only tested on E15i and GingerDX
-I can't promise that overclock is working on all phones.Default boot clock is 600Mhz.My phone is stable at 748Mhz
-You need to install the included update-rom*-AlfsKern*.zip to mount sdcard to pc and fix the chargemon script.
-Please don't bug doixanh with my bugs.
-My Git source

Change log

19-12-2012 -v09
-new update-rom*-AlfsKern.v9+ replaces old update-rom*.zip file
---added adreno libs (same as adreno_v2 in addons)

-added /NOTES-Alfs_kernel.txt to ramdisk with some info about new functions
-latest gingerbread recovery with ext4_make fix(backport from ics recovery)
-lzo compressed kernel and ramdisk
-CleanCache via ZCache backend
-a few "nice" tweaks
-updated lowmemorykiller
-updated binder
-Google snappy compression in ramzswap
-update jhash to v3
-SLQB memory allocator
-updates to crypto
-updates to lib-crc32 and crypto-crc32
-futex backport from 2.6.32
-made it possible to turn of filesync. WARNING: disabling fsync may cause loss of data if application crashes.
---write "echo 1 > /sys/module/sync/parameters/fsync_disabled" to turn off. This can save some IO and battery
-added tiny_rcu
-ashmem update to 2.6.35
-rwsem update to 2.6.35
-cache-l2x0 updated to 2.6.35
-fs/ramfs updated to CAF v.2.6.35
-fs/ext2/3/4 updated to CAF 2.6.32
-drivers/i2c updated to CAF 2.6.32
-updated kgsl to v1.2 (latest CAF 2.6.35)
-added power levels to kgsl
-added SIO IO scheduler
-added ksm . NOTE rom need to support this(something is cooking in CM:
-a lot of core and fs updates(check git for more info)
-built with linaro 4.7-2012.10 toolchain
  • -v09a -Partially revert usb to v08a, removed kgsl power levels and a new sdmount script in update-rom* that fixes sd-ext mounting.
  • -v09c Renamed the GDX version to WLAN, because GDXv.29+ uses the cm7 version now.
  • video updates
  • fix all screen cut/displacement
  • move i2c back where it was in v08(no need to update lights any more)
  • new 691MHz
  • updates to cpufreq
  • updates to clock
  • added and set TINY_PREEMPT_RCU
  • updates to pm2.c
  • updates to wackelock
  • updates to power
  • updates to fbcon
  • add yaffs2 tweak
  • add cleancache to yaffs2
  • added aroma filemanager option in recovery menu by Djnilse. Download latest aroma filemanager from here and put it on sd-card.Make sure the file is named
  • improved modules method in ramdisk
  • ramzswap and tun.ko moved to modules and added cifs filesystem as module.You need to insmod tun and cifs to use them.
  • misc updates, check git for more info

Old change log
3-3-2012 -v08
-New name again.This is the old "ICS" version,so new andreno libs are needed(post #2).
-added touch recovery by Team UtterChaos from here 
-touch recovery for both touch-screen types
-new images in recovery and bootlogo by djnilse + new buttons in recovery
-added partition sdcard in recovery(ext2/3/4+swap) and fix permissions under advanced menu.  
-new/rebuildt ramdisk based on cm7 source
-updates to lowmemorykiller,oom and a lot of small updates.Look at git for more info
-removed 19,2Mhz because I belive cpu will never relax this low.
-djnilse is making this for cm7 (wifi=tiwlan)(gingerdx is wifi=wlan) roms.You will find his post here
  • -v08a -Added Eduroam support and a small update to ext4
3-2-2012 -v07 -added 2-way call recording tested with rVoix -improved overclocking and enabled 691 and 19Mhz credits:nAa -misc tweaks and cleanup.Look at git for more info. -updates to cwm recovery. -added a "ICS" version with new kgsl driver with graphic boost.Credits to nAa and FXP for this. -For now the only new thing in "ICS" is this kgsl driver. -The "ICS" version works on GingerDX if you update the adreno libs.You will find the libs as an cwm recovery update here.The libs are taken from MiniCM7-2.1.8. 6-1-2012 -v06 -updated to kernel version -fixed error mounting ext4 -changed smartassv2: DEFAULT_SLEEP_IDEAL_FREQ 245760 to 128000 -working cypress touchscreen driver in ICS 27-11-2011 -v05 -(added "fps cap" at ca 60fps) -added darkfrmr's Notification bar difficult to pull up with cypress digitizer (gingerbread) fix.Great work darkfrmr:) -Only one kernel version with chargemon support.And one "rom" update file with chargemon and vold fixes 18-11-2011 -v04 -cwm recovery NOTE: Backups made with v5 are not compatible with earlier versions -some fixes to ramdisk -There is now 2 versions,one with chargemon support and one without. ---If you install with chargemon, then install: in cwm to fix offline charging and remove some unwanted code.(ONLY TESTED ON GINGERDX) ---You will need to restore chargemon if you go back to stock kernel(reinstall GingerDX) -small adjustments to kernel -Usb tethering test here 12-11-2011 -v03 -The weekend has arrived:D -revert to older cmw recovery to fix advanced restore -busybox fixes(su binary and adb install) 11-11-2011 -v02 -added nand id 0x5590bc2c to fix mount error one some devices. Thanks to Amrooz for logs and help -added minmax govenor
  • -v02a -working droidwall
10-11-2011 -v01 -First version
-v09a :Hitachi-lcd screen cut/image-displacement.Read change log v09 for more info
-v09a-CM7 :Usb: offline charging boots phone up(use airplane mode if you want to be offline) Offline charging is working on 09c-WLAN

-don't use app2sd script(system/etc/init.d/10apps2sd) when using sd-ext.My phone gets useless with dalvik cache on sd, and I have a class 6 card.Use link2sd instead to free up space, and keep apps you often use on phone.

-Free Xperia Team
-Doixanh for helping with wifi driver and for his great work.
-Timpot07 for helping me with testing
-Amrooz for logs and help
-DeFcOn for testing and his great cypress touch-machine.
-Cyanogen and the CM team
-Google and Google search

Final Note
I'm not responsible if your phone goes boom, runs out the door or doesn't behave.
Please stop for 5 seconds and think before you post something smart

Remember to install the update-rom*-AlfsKern*.zip or Kernel AddOn provided with rom
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10th November 2011, 05:15 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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Usb tethering test.on GingerDX v.1-28
-Tested ok on v04-v09a
-Install the attached zip in cwm
-This is a fix for usb tethering on GingerDX v.1-28
-Add this line to build.prop: ro.tethering.kb_disconnect=1

-this is new adreno libs to use with AlfsKernel-ICS and GingerDX
-install with cwm recovery
-install resore-adreno*.zip to get back to org. libs from GingerDX v22
-the libs is taken from MiniCM7-2.1.8 credits to nobodyAtall for letting me post the libs here

-same as over,but libs are from FireDroid 1.0 by atis112
-better performance in benchmarks.
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10th November 2011, 05:16 PM |#3  
nilse's Avatar
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Angry now it's fixed
Alfs Kernel v09c

fixed hitachi bug thanks to the great alfsamsung

Note: Aroma File Manager
the newest version (v9c) includes the possibility to use aroma file manager
AROMA File Manager is full touch File Manager you can use from CWM Recovery
all you need to do is :
  1. download the aroma file manager .zip HERE
  2. Rename the zip to
  3. put in the root of your SD-Card


I've been working with alfsamsung for a while now, and together, we managed to port the CWM-Touchrecovery from Napstar to the Xperia X8 (both for cypress and synaptics)

alfsamsung still handels the developemnt, i will handle the releasing of the cm7-version, and maybe a little bit developement, I'm still learning it

What does cm7 version mean ?

so alfs kernel is generally for gingerDX and gingerDX is build from the cm hero sources, but since the x8 has own sources most roms are from build from them.
so the difference between(regarding wifi) that hero uses wlan(.ko) and x8 uses tiwlan(.ko), so wifi will not work
now with two different versions it's not a problem
anymore just take the kernel that fits your rom(gingerdx or cm7)

LibSensorPatch needs to be flashed on MiniCm and roms based on MiniCm
if your proximity sensor doesnt work you can try flashing it, it should solve it

What's new
V09c - 19.12.2012 - 20:41(GMT+1)
- read the changes in alfs changelog
and just for notice, alfsamsung is the great dev here

V09a - 13.07.2012 - 17:23(GMT+1)
- usb connection fixed, thank alfsamsung for the fast update and that he sent me the kernel so i can upload it
i don't have time to build it myself since i'm getting prepared for 3 weeks holidays

V09 - 11.07.2012 - 19:13(GMT+1)
- nothing new for the cm7 version, check alfsamsung's post for the changelog
- be sure to use the newest patch form alfsamsung's post
and dont forget the LibSensorPatch down here

V08a - 27.03.2012 - 21:13(GMT+1)
- added Eduroam support
- a small update to ext4
- fix for MiniCM7 proximity sensor with old libs of MiniCM7, check attachments
flash it with CWM and have a nice week

This time I made it with NO_FSP_CAP, the other versions was with FSP_CAP enabled, if you got errors like screen tearing, please report, or if it works just fine or is faster than before

V08-v5 - 15.03.2012 - 20:35(GMT+1)
- linked wifi driver instead of copying, should boot up a little faster
- cm9 wifi fix

V08 FIX3 - 07.03.2012 - 07:36(GMT)
- included charger in the ramdisk, so offline charging working now

V08 FIX2 - 03.03.2012 - 15:13(GMT)
- now touchrecovery should work fine for synaptics and cypress (alfsamsung reedited the bootrec)

V08 - 03.03.2012
-CWM-Touchrecovery 5.2.8 for both cypress and synaptics
-new cool touchrecovery buttons (great work from alfsamsung)
-new kernel logo and recovery background (made by myself )
-added options partition sd card and fix permissions
-lof of small changes in the kernel

Big Thanks go to

-Free Xperia Team
-Doixanh for helping alfsamsung with wifi driver and for his great work.
-alfsamsung for helping me with the wifi driver
-and all the others metioned by alfsamsung
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10th November 2011, 05:18 PM |#4  
velnens123's Avatar
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Thanks, alfsamsung! Gonna test it as soon as possible.
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10th November 2011, 05:23 PM |#5  
jahlovePL's Avatar
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Thanks, I will test it, but why anyone can't build kernel for Froyo? Froyo + dope kernel with all features and X8 will be really crazy.
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10th November 2011, 05:24 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by jahlovePL

Thanks, I will test it, but why anyone can't build kernel for Froyo? Froyo + dope kernel with all features and X8 will be really crazy.

yeah, right. I am waiting for froyo kernel. However, good work man
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10th November 2011, 05:42 PM |#7  
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Can I just flash it over LinuxDX?
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10th November 2011, 05:53 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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WiFi isn't working for me !!! Can you help me???
10th November 2011, 06:11 PM |#9  
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Thank you. I try it.

Only gingerdx it's working ?
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10th November 2011, 06:29 PM |#10  
dzadzev's Avatar
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Thanks alfsamsung, good job ...
I just flashed your kernel (on GDX019), everything seems to be working fine
10th November 2011, 06:32 PM |#11  
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can you port the non-sensitive fix from nobodyatall?
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