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I did create a post..asking if anyone had started work on this...
Got not one reply...

Seeing as i have them both.. x1 and HD..
So.. i thought.... Lets have a go....

Proof of concept only.....not a distributable version.
Sony Xperia X1 Panels.....Running on Touch HD

It's got a long way to go and lots of work needed... but it should
end up a very good addition to the Touch HD, and once done, work can commence on porting to different resolutions.

I like the look of this front end alot better than the TF3D

What do you guys reckon?

Anyone asking for it, will be flogged, tarred, feathered and called a leper!

Staus Updates


There has been advances but very slow ones, It has been very "finiky" getting those "right changes" to commit more "stability changes"

It is because the HD was never meant to host Panels, and thus, is causing me a real pain in the backside! I'm currently looking at different roms, and versions of software, to try alternate file versions, to see if a combination is what is needed. Once this part is done, it should address a great deal of issues. Upto about 3 Hard resets a night, I think i should have a special button to do it on the back!


It has been brought to my attention, there is a Cab available on another thread, but i have no input on this.
It is at the same point i was about a month ago.
It is a simple copy and paste from a X1 and is unstable.

I did not put out a version like this, as It requires your phone be reset after running panels after about 5 times, and i am aware why.
I thought It would be unfair to users to give them something that would pretty much trash the stability of the HD.

You know where it is if you do not care about this, and just want to install it.

I will not be putting out my version till i know atleast it will not trash your phone. That would subtract from the work done, and after some of us spending 500GBP+ the last thing needed is a paperweight.

With the help of 'Keni'.. a new junior member... He has helped move us along also.. and produced...

The Panel icon on the titlebar.
It does need work.. and for it to function i need help again from nelshh

But he has no-doubt spent alot of time.. and got some code done.
I have to commend his effort.. and now wish to happily add him to the contributer list along with nelshh

See post 304 for pic and wmv

Thanks keni !

I am still working on te next alpha build and am struggling with the concurrence manager.
After using panels chooser anywhere from 5-10 times.. it egg timers out.. and batt out is the only recourse.

The testing on one of my HD's is now at a point.. it is a daily reset at minimum,,, but i'll carry on.

This has been such a painful last few days.... I have had unknown numbers of hard-resets trying to get the failing panels to operate properly.
2 developers are currently trying to help create the panel icon (see post 104) If anyone else can help aaswell...????

At the moment.. it's still doign my head in... but i am still working on this..
Those of you who have made donations.. and the kind words.. I am very grateful... and the bottle of White Zinfandel has been bought.. and shall be devoured tomorrow by her.!

I know alot of you guys are awaiting on me.. and that's why i haven't stopped.
Thanks guys... (and their mrs's for not divorcing them!)

PS.. my wife also wants a developer to create a couple of buttons on her omnia.

One button = Husband puts down phones!
Two Button = Husband does not grunt when asked question by her.. cos he is engrossed in panels!
Three button = Husband does not buy another new phone ever ever ever again!

I told her.. this is impossible... but she still asked me to find out.

The Alpha Cab has gone out to 5 selected testers.
This is a test version.. with many bugs.

So far.. this is the feedback

It installs.
It launches
It works

Media panel & Facebook panel don't work on Alpha 0.02
Panel launcher Working. 3 testers had issues with relaunches after 5 times.It then becomes unresponsive
TF3d / Coloured Xperia / Silver Xperia / Radio Panel / SPB Panel / Google panel and Fish Panel all operate.
Animation works well on all.

I will work to address some of these.. and release a second alpha cab only to the Alpha testers.

Alpha Build 0.02.

Big jump made by all work done by nelshh (

He has developed a working prototype that will call the panel manager tab.

So.. AS OF TODAY.. the 15th.. thanks to nelshh, we have something that now functions..and needs finalising and wrapping.

I will contact people to see if you can also help.

But please give nelshh a big thanks on this thread... for all his work in his project Xperiatweak ( and also his work on here.

Thanks nelshh

Added Tube video

added yet another tube.. GSen and the Panels... It works...

Added another Video.... showing all progress...
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