[ROM][AOSPA4.2.2r1][p6800/p6810/i815](20130721a)ParanoidAndroid 3.68 New HALO fixed

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By daniel_hk, Inactive Recognized Contributor on 9th February 2013, 12:41 AM
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After 2 weeks of sleepless and sweaty work, I finally port our orphan GalaxyTab 7.7 to ParanoidAndroid!

This is an experimental release. Try it at you own risk
Good luck !

After a few SystemUI crash loop, I found the bug in HALO. The 'a' version is rebuilding and uploading now.

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with the new codes for our tab now! Everytime I pull new codes, our outdated blobs might be incompatible! After the bootloop of i815, telephony was another wall I hit. Spent two whole days to dig out another tiny bug!
The new PA3.68 has a lot of changes in HALO and Gesture (Don't ask.. I don't have time to try it yet).PA has its own OTA now! It's about time for us to have a new PA. Uploading to is terribly slow. May need a few hours...

PA3.65 is out, PA change to a shorter file name now...
In this build, I included two new drivers from the new kernel I'm working on. Light sensor has more steps and lower margins now. It will be more pratical. The repeat charging loop when power off is fixed. Same as the stock rom, the tab will reboot after 5 minutes of charging (don't know why yet).

The source of HALO is finally out! Its too long for a new PA build. GPS is also fixed. I test it briefly. Need some time to manage how HALO work. The pie feature of PA is not as good as cm10.1. This is really a major update from PA, Cheers!

It's really great that Espen96 has setup a host at his server for me!
It is a pure download page without any ad. and delay. Also works great for downloading in the tab.

After finishing the latest wifi driver from Athero, I manager to modify the Stock JB driver in the similar way. Now we have TWO wifi drivers. Both are working quite well. The new driver was base on the latest driver from Athero and I added wakelock and power management to it. The stock driver was based on the Athero source 2 generations back but with some modifications from Samsung. I packed both to different kernels for you guys to test and decide which is best for you.
The file with kernel-a is from Athero which I'll use it as default from now on.
The file with kernel-s is base on the stock driver.

Many changes have been made by PA team. Although I have't found what caused the gps issue, it is worth to keep up with the PA3. New pa3.56 builds are uploading now. The latest kernel is included. Which might need further polishing but no more extra heat will be generated with it.

I was trying to port the wifi driver from Samsung's JB source for nearly a week! Turn out that It is another landmine from Samsung! After trying everything including proting the whole stock JB kernel to cm10.1, I can confirm that it only works fine on Samsung's own blobs! Back to square one and start with the original wifi driver from Athero. I need to add wakelock and power management support for this driver and yet a workable driver is out in a few hours! I just forgot about all the lessons from Samsung and stepped on another landmine... The kernel with the new wifi driver is uploading to and pre-release areas. Work for both cm10.1 & PA3. I tested it over 40 hours on battery without any problems...
Minor fixes in video driver is included. Please test it and report.

I finally port the latest wifi driver from Samsung's p6800 JB source to the kernel! That was a really tough job! I also add the latest patches from Athero (the chip manufacturer). Our driver is actually an update to the stock driver... Testing for a while now. I believe the SOD and torrent issues are gone now... Uploading to pre-release and now. Please have a durable test on it! Work for both cm10.1 & pa3 as before.
Wifi drop at sleep when no activity... please hold and let me study the new driver again.

Just got a tip that can turn the incall screen to portriat from my GT-Plus thread. Set to force auto rotation with Ultimate rotation or other 3rd party apps. In 4.2.x, incall screen layout is handled in call card from Contact. This way will override the call card(which doesn't handle rotation now) of Contact to force auto.

I'm adding one more release area All the previous roms are uploading to now. OTA with GooManager will be supported shortly. Since may not be available in some region. I will continue to keep the other locations.

The new PA3.50 HALO builds are uploading to pre-release now. Auto-rotation has been annoying many of us since cm10. I just found the bug cause it. The current angle will be preserved when auto-rotation is off. Then I found that PA has no rotation settings in Display. Rotation button do exist in Quicksettings... Spent half an hour to add the rotation settings to PA. The auto restart when plugging charger/usb is kinda fixed. I refreshed my rusty Photoshop memory and drew the new charging images. Enjoy!

21APR build is released. Found a bug in wifi driver power management. Testing now, hoping to fix the wifi drain issue.

The BT fixed version of PA3.15 is uploading to pre-release now. APN settings is fixed. PA use a older settings source which have a different referenece point. Next move will be the kernel drain. As usual, cm10.1 will be the vanguard.
P.S. forgot to mention, kernel support for NTFS is enabled but I don't have NTFS sdcard to test it. Please report.

New Phone.apk with blacklist is not working. The "a" version with the old working Phone.apk is unloading to pre-release. A (flash in recovery) is also uploaded for those already flash the pa_p6800-3.15-17APRO2013-170005 build. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The new build with the fixed kernel is uploading to pre-release. A lot of changes from PA and AOSP including the new blacklist in Phone. For the first time, the PA build is newer than cm10.1. New light sensor for i815, don't know if it work. Please report.

The 10APR2013 vesion has a bug. Internal sdcard is read only. A patch has already uploaded.
Anyone download the pa_xxxx-3.15-10APR2013-xxxxxx in pre-release,
please replace it with pa_xxxx-3.15-10APR2013-xxxxxxa.

It's about time for our PA3 to have a new heart. The O/C Kernel works fine on PA3 too. In case some device might have a lower margin. By default, it is the same as before 1.4G with no U/V.
I also find a workaround to enable the write permission on the external sd_card. Thanks for the tips from USCanthonymy in my GT-Plus PA3 thread. Everything is working almost as good as CM10.1 now. Building now, will upload to pre-release in a few hours.
Waiting for my friends BT headsets to verify the last issue - bluetooth headset.

The new PA3.15 build for p6800 is uploading to pre-release now. Phone is now working on p6800. The bluetooth Headset still has issue with the audio driver. Seems mic is ok but no sound in the earpiece. Since the phone part is fixed, no more beta now. Update to the new AOSPA 3 logo too.
Building the other 2 models now and will upload to pre-release ASAP.

The final release of 3.15b2 is uploading now. Audio fix and latest update from PA is included. For p6810 & i815, no more major issues now.
For p6800, phone apk still not working... After studying for sometime, I suspect it is caused by the propietry libraries from Samsung (libril, libsec-ril, etc.). Will try changing or rewriting the phone.apk, voicedialer, etc. to adpat it. Please be patient.

External sdcard mounting issue is fixed. 3.15b2 is uploading to pre-release. It also include the latest update from PA. The latest PA settings are really good.

I was thinking that applying the same changes from CM to PA is straight forward... It is harder than I thought! Quite a few differences between the two. The device tree really need tidying up to work on AOSP... Finally I get it through.
PA is now 3.15. I also upgrade the new video driver to mali 3p1 in the kernel. Thanks to alanorth for updating the samsung proprietry files. Some changes required to work on our 7.7 but I had already done before. Just copied from the previous build and the build get pass.
Building all 3 models now. Will upload to pre-release in a few hours.

PA3.1b1 builds are released (no change from pre-release). I'm working on bluetooth and phone on CM10.1. Further update will be released if major changes in PA or after fixing bluetooth and/or phone on CM10.1.

My tab is fixed! Yeah!
Ater dumping the first few MB from my tab via the JTAG port. I know what cause my problem now...
It was the dd command I issued earlier to flash the recovery. I must had enter the wrong partition in of=.. I write the data to mmcblk0 instead of mmcblk0p6! I recover those data from my friend's tab. I lost all the data inside but I'm grateful to have it back. This is really the price I have to pay...
This command is extremely dangerous! I should have put it in a script to avoid typing errors. I did it in the terminal apps which is even more dangerous since the software keyboard easily cause typing error... I must had touch the Enter key when I type the letter p. I have done lots of times so I didn't bother to check the terminal window (my second mistake). This is a very good lesson to me... Thanks for those concern and for those teasing (I deserve it!). Really grateful to have you guys around!

PA3.1 is uploaded to the pre-release area. Please report if who have time to test.

Thanks for some friends to test the pre-release PA3.0b3. They are now released on the post to make room for PA3.1. I just borrow a Tab from a friend to test the PA3.1 new build. Hoping to release it in weekend.

PA3.0b3 is uploaded to the pre-release area for testing. Changes made in Telephony and Harware keyboard. If anyone has time and experience to test, please report..

PA3.0 migrate to 4.2.2r1 now. Since I don't have the Tab to test, not much changes have made. This is the best I can do. Please keep a forgiving mine if anything goes wrong...

After tidy up the device trees, I build the PA3.0 for all models as promise. Telephony doesn't change in 3.0. Next move is to deal with it...Not a problem for p6810 owners. Boot animation is a little bit ugly humble opinion...

10/2/2013:My Tab fail to boot this morning, I think my bootloader is corrupted. Not even the Samsung logo and the battery icon while charging. I have to send it to the dealer for repairing...Hoping won't put an end to my works

At the time I finished a workable build for p6800, PA has already announced the version 3.0.
My antique PC is trying its best! I'll finish the 3.0 build for all 3 models and will upload them ASAP.

Change log:
21/7/2013 - 3.68
Latest PA3.68 source with HALO & Gesture
Keep up with the AOSP 4.2.2r1.2 tree
New ParanoidAndroid OTA app
New HALO and Gesture
Bug fix in phone.apk to work with the new Telephony.

8/7/2013 - 3.65
Latest PA3.65 source with HALO
New power driver in kernel. Fix charging loop at power off
New light sensor driver. more step and lower margins
Toolchain revert to 4.4.3. More compatible.

12/6/2013 - 3.60
Latest PA3.60 source with HALO
GPU max frequency set to 360Mhz (more stable than 400Mhz)
GPS is fixed
Calender update

26/5/2013 - 3.56
Latest PA3.56 source
New wifi driver in kernel.
Updated power management in kernel.
GPU avs fixes in kernel.
Advance settings (Galaxy Tab settings) is added.

9/5/2013 - 3.50
Latest PA3.50 HALO
kernel fixes in my cm10.1
Add Rotation settings in Display settings. Angle selection not working yet...
Fix auto restart when pluging charger/usb.
fix the status bar battery icon not update issue

21/4/2013 - 3.15
Bug fix on APN settings
Bluetooth headset audio fixed
remove some kernel debug/testing coding
enable kernel NTFS support (not tested)

17/4/2013 - 3.15
PA & AOSP latest source
Bug fix and GPU300 kernel
minor fixes in the kernel.
New Blacklist in the Phone (not working, replace with old one)
New light sensor driver for i815. Don't know if it work, please report.

10/4/2013 - 3.15
PA latest source.
fixed wrting permission to exteranl sd
O/C U/V kernel
new governor & ioschedulers
Can preset freq & voltage with Pimp my rom's Pimp my cpu or SetCPU

4/4/2013 - 3.15
Latest PA source.
Phone is fixed in p6800
Changes in security, hoping no more sd card r/w issues.

2/4/2013-3 - 15b2
audio fix in the kernel
New video driver in kernel
latest source from PA
System security and vold fixed. External sd can mount now.
PIE & DPI settings in Quick Menu
Superuser in Settings
bluetooth enabled
add CMFilemanger

2/3/2013 - 3.10b1
Changes from PA. mainly on PIE
New kernel
Enable performance settings.

Changes in Telephony: mobile data working, p6800hone FC after call.
open source libsecion
hardware keyboard disabled by default

new PA3.0 source (4.2.2r1)
patches for Cifs included
small things like screen capture is added

update to 3.0 sources

first workable release

Know issues:
 1. All CM10.1 known issues
  - hwcomposer: HDMI dongle doesn't work
  - wifi: won't connect to hidden ssids
  - wifi: built-in wifi-tethering doesn't work
  - i815: no IR-Blaster support
 2. Bluetooth issues
  - bluetooth mic not working in Skype & Google+
  - VoiceDialer not working with bluetooth yet.

 ● PA3.65: (8/7/2013)
 ● PA3.60: (12/6/2013)
 ● PA3.56: (26/5/2013)
 ● PA3.50: (9/5/2013)
 ● PA3.15: (21/4/2013)
 ● PA3.15: (17/4/2013)
 ● PA3.15: (4/4/2013)
 ● PA3.15b2: (2/4/2013)
 ● PA3.1b1: (2/3/2013)
 ● PA3.0b3: (28/2/2013)
 ● PA3.0b2: (19/2/2013)
 ● PA3.0b1: (11/2/2013)
 ● PA2.99b1: (9/2/2013)

 ● PA GApps 4.2.2
Pre-release ROMs:
 **The latest builds for testing. Some may not boot.. Please report after testing

** The CyanogenMod Team who keep many devices alive!
** The ParanoidAndroid Team who create this great rom
** locerra for his great work on 7.7 devices trees
** teamhacksung for the drivers
** Thanks Espen96 for setup a host for me!

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9th February 2013, 01:01 AM |#2  
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Q: Why the keyboard not show?
A: AOSP 4.2.1 support hardware keyboard (via OTG I suppose),
 The default settings is "ON" which hides the software keyboard.
 To show the software keyboard:
  Settings > Language & Input > Default
 Turn hardware keyboard "OFF"


Q: How to avoid the emmc brick bug when flashing
A: if coming from stock ics. Here is one of the easier way:

  1. flash the rom (and gapps) in recovery. don't do any factory rest and wiping!
  2. reset to recovery again.
  3. do factory reset or wipe data
  4. reset and enjoy!

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9th February 2013, 02:04 AM |#3  
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Thumbs up
Thanks a lot for your great work man.
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9th February 2013, 02:36 AM |#4  
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Keep on working for the life of P6800, cheers !!!
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9th February 2013, 07:42 AM |#5  
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nice one... still love this device the most... others that i bough still cant compete with it...
9th February 2013, 09:52 AM |#6  
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Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you !!!!!!
9th February 2013, 12:37 PM |#7  
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Re: [ROM][AOSPA 4.2.1][p6800/p6810/i815](9Feb2013)ParanoidAndroid 2.99beta1 -Experime
Finally new developer for our device

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9th February 2013, 02:04 PM |#8  
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Re: [ROM][AOSPA 4.2.1][p6800/p6810/i815](9Feb2013)ParanoidAndroid 2.99beta1 -Experime
Cool stuff. No phone is a problem for me though.

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9th February 2013, 03:27 PM |#9  
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I assume PA2.99-3.00 doesn't have a combined bar mode for tablet layouts, same as CM10.1? Do we have to endure the bottom/top bar waste of space with it too?
9th February 2013, 03:52 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by dfkt_

I assume PA2.99-3.00 doesn't have a combined bar mode for tablet layouts, same as CM10.1? Do we have to endure the bottom/top bar waste of space with it too?

AOSPA has a new hybrid properties, similar to the one in pa2.5x. No reboot is required for default settings. Tablet mode merge the status bar to Nav. bar as before.

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9th February 2013, 04:14 PM |#11  
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thanks for your great work!!!


2. The Buggy Telephoy is disabled, no phone and data for the time being.

no 3G internet for now?!?
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