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[APP][2.0+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager)

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By HootanParsa, Recognized Developer on 17th May 2011, 03:12 PM
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Hello everyone!
My name is Hootan. I work on XDA in my free time and this file explorer is my favorite Android project!

MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and full-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.
This app has no ads, is and will always remain free.
It supports Android 2.0+ (Eclair)
I hope you enjoy it.

The best way indeed is to explore yourself. But here's a brief list of essential features:
  • Easily themable with customization option which lets you select any color you like.
  • Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons.
  • Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and Drag and Drop between panels also supported.
  • Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, ... operations.
  • Different various View Modes and Sorting Options for each folder separately!
  • Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized.
  • Advanced search functions.
  • Custom USB OTG driver. FAT32 (R/W), exFat(R/W), NTFS (R).
  • Html viewer which supports MHT, Markdown, AXml, CHM, MAFF and ....
  • Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks and customized skins.
  • Packing/unpacking 7z and Zip/Zip64 (splitted-encrypted), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard.
  • All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 19 providers:
    Amazon CloudDrive,,, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu, Mediafire, IDrive, Hubic, 4Sync, 4Shared, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, pCloud, SugarSync, VDisk.
    + clouds which support webdav like (, OwnCloud,, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe, ...).
  • Modifying zip files.
  • EPub, MobiPacket and PDF reader.
  • Root access for all advanced operations.
  • User and System app management with data backup ability for rooted devices.
  • EncFS volumes supported for all storages.
  • File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format.
  • FTP/HTTP Server built in + TCP server to receive files from other devices using MiX (Send-to option).
  • Built-in Image Viewer (it supports GIF, SVG, TGA, ICO,...).
  • Built-in Media Player + VLC codecs add-on.
  • Powerful Text Editor.
  • SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV supported as well.
  • And many more awesome features for you to explore!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or you found a bug/mistake, feel free and let me know.

Email: [email protected]


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Get Standard MiXplorer
Get MiXplorer Silver
Downloads from any other source are not recommended.

• Themes by @djdarkknight96
• Themes by @TerrorFlatRider
• Themes by Vladimir
• Themes by Marciozomb13
• Guillaume Skins Gallery
• YandLiu Skins Gallery

Your donations are welcomed and appreciated.
Bitcoin: 1E5dQDzk2SQdYWwWi6Vx8ndcQpi3YZ8r1u

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MiXplorer Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)
By @IronTechmonkey

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7th March 2012, 08:46 PM |#4  
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See List of v6.x language add-ons
If you want to help to translate to your language, send me an email to [email protected]

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  • Added 'DELETE' option for Auto Tasks.
  • Added a Dark skin.
  • Fixed opening network files with Code editor.
  • Added some tiny features for Lollipop+ and some other fixes.

  • Fixed an issue with opening shortcuts from home screen.

  • Updated Mediafire cloud.
  • Fixed freezing when creating thumbnails in previous build.

  • Some tiny changes and optimizations for Android TV.

  • Fixed an issue with creating zip file.

  • Fixed opening password protected PDF. (Update Addon)
  • Fixed random crash on exit.
  • Fixed setting write permission in Android Q.
  • Improved Backblaze to save user key (encrypted) to update auth token later.
  • Fixed some Find/Replace issues in Code/Text Editor.
  • Changed FTP server timezone to UTC for some clients.
  • Fixed OneDrive external login.
  • Fixed FTP Server transfer timeout issue.
  • Optimized SFTP transfer speed.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

  • Added 'Teams' folder for Google Drive.
  • Fixed and improved PDF reader. (Update MiX PDF)
  • Fixed some Metadata/Tags editing issues. (Update MiX Metadata)
  • Dropped supporting mips architecture.
  • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed editing EPUB metadata. (Update Metadata addon)

  • Fixed WebDav NTLM authentication.
  • Fixed reading filename from Zip extra field.
  • Fixed reading searched files for some clouds like DropBox.
  • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny improvements.

  • Fixed generating video thumbnails for LAN.
  • Fixed opening Chrome extension .crx files.
  • Fixed FTP/SFTP Direct Write issue.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

  • Fixed moving issue in previous build.

  • Optimized loading animated images.
  • Improved accessibility support.
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Added Animated WebP and APNG support. MiX Image addon needs to be updated.
  • Moved Gif libs to MiX Image addon.
  • Added 2FA support for
  • Fixed SMB and SFTP connection issue.
  • Removed SendAnywhere feature.
  • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

  • Fixed crash when opening properties dialog in some Android versions.

  • Fixed some issues with FTP server.

  • Added Tiff support. You need to update MiX Image addon to v2.x.
  • Added 'Shared' folder for OneDrive cloud.
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed Pan.Baidu login and fixed some other bugs.
  • Added 'Start with keyboard' option in Code editor which also works for Text Editor.

  • Enabled Direct Link option for all net file formats.
  • Fixed some other issues with lock/unlock.
  • Added 'Cache hashed key' option for EncFs.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny changes.

  • Fixed some issues with SFTP client and Fingerprint recognition to unlock folders and startup lock.
  • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

  • Added fingerprint recognition to lock for supported devices with Marshmallow+.
  • Added 'Filter' option in 3-dots menu for Image/Audio/Video/Document/Archive lists.
  • Added an option in search dialog to search metadata of files.
  • Fixed root access issue in some devices.
  • Fixed ExFat writing for built-in OTG driver.
  • Added ed25519 key support for SFTP client and improved transfer speed.
  • Built-in USB OTG driver in this version is experimental. If there is any problem with it, please let me know.
  • Updated SMB2, Tagger and Metadata addons.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with fingerprint lock.

  • Fixed listing files in BackBlaze.
  • Fixed SMB connection issue in previous builds.
  • And some other fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed SQLite Export CSV and some other tiny fixes.

  • Fixed an issue with OBEX Bluetooth client and fixed some tiny bugs.

  • Added forward/backward buttons in Player.
  • Added 'Share local link' option in action menu to start HTTP server and share files in a public folder.
  • Added search option to find words on a epub/mobi page.
  • Added invisible buttons on the right and left sides of image viewer to go next/previous.
  • Added 'private_key' option for IDrive cloud storage, in the advanced settings of the bookmark.
  • Improved FTP Server. Fixed timezone issue. And added 5 minutes timeout for inactive servers.
  • Fixed some issues with loading Comic books.
  • Added a new addon to support RAW images in image viewer and making thumbnails and also an option in action menu to convert them to JPEG.
  • And many other fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed some issues with 'App Remnants', 'Duplications' and FTP server.
  • Some other tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Added 'App Remnants' to remove remaining files from uninstalled apps. Long press on the address bar and tap on 'App Remnants'.
  • Some bug fixes and tiny changes and improvements.

  • Fixed Sharing files in Android Pie.
  • Some tiny fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed crash in some ROMs when opening the settings page.

  • Added built-in Tagger for MiX Silver.
  • Added Download activity to directly download from browsers.
  • Added EXECUTE option in Auto Tasks dialog.
  • Added "REPLACE MODIFIED" transfer mode in the Auto Tasks dialog.
  • Added 'Auto Tasks' menu option in 3-dots menu, if there are active tasks.
  • Fixed Rename issue on SD card in Android Pie.
  • Added 'Trigger After' option in Auto Tasks dialog.
  • And some other fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed connecting issue with DropBox and Mailru.
  • Fixed a copying issue.
  • If there are new problems with sending or opening files, please send me a message.

  • Fixed built-in OTG ExFAT connecting issue.
  • Fixed some problems with Samba.
  • Fixed some problems with operation dialog/notification.
  • Fixed some FTP Server issues.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny improvements.

  • Fixed built-in OTG NTFS connecting issue.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Removed Bluetooth features.
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed mount issue with built-in BusyBox.
  • Fixed download from Http server.
  • Fixed login to IDrive cloud.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

  • Added built-in BusyBox binary.
  • Updated to new OneDrive Business API.
  • Added TINT_ICON_DRAWER to tint drawer icons in custom themes.
  • Added 'Only Files' option in drag-and-drop files dialog.
  • Added Rename option in Gallery's menu.
  • Added 'Detailed' and 'Editable' options in the bookmarks menu.
  • Added 'No Thumbnails' option in the settings page > More settings.
  • Improved FTP client to support IPv6. (Needs test)
  • Improved and fixed built-in USB OTG driver for FAT.
  • Added login v2 support.
  • Fixed thumbnail issue in
  • Improved SMBv2 to keep modified time.
  • Fixed some other issues in SMBv2 addon.
  • And many other small changes, fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed searching the content in G Drive.
  • And some other fixes and improvements.

  • This build will export your lost bookmarks from the older builds, if you still haven't uninstalled it. You can find the 'mic' file in 'Download' folder.
  • And some tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed network security issue in Android pie.
  • Fixed and improved SQLite editor.
  • Fixed and optimized Signer.
  • Some other tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed playing media in Android pie.

  • Improved Auto Task. It still needs testing.
  • And some tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed Move/Copy issue in the same network host.
  • Added 'Remember' option when selecting Content Uri or File Path.
  • Removed 'Shred' option. It wasn't working reliably!
  • And some other tiny fixes and improvements.

  • Changed MiX database name. You should export the settings from the previous version and import it to the new one.
  • Added SQLite Editor.
  • Added internal KeyStore manager and APK Signer. No need for the Signer addon anymore.
  • Added Exif editor for JPEG in Metadata dialog.
  • Added 'Used' and 'Total Used' on disk in Properties dialog.
  • Added "Auto Tasks' in the settings page.
  • Added 'Convert' option for archive files in the action menu.
  • Added PDF, EPub and Mobi metadata editor. You need to update the Metadata addon.
  • And many other tiny features, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added a new theme engine.
  • And some tiny fixes.

  • Fixed Code Editor in Wrap mode. (There are still some layout issues!)
  • Fixed issue with search highlight.
  • Fixed a bug in the Archive dialog.

  • Changed backup file format from Mip to unencrypted Zip.
  • Fixed Mail.Ru login.
  • Fixed keeping timestamp for the latest version of Toybox.
  • Fixed associating an app with a file without extension.
  • Added 'New name' option in the File Exists dialog.
  • Added Backblaze cloud.
  • Improved and optimized Code Editor.
  • Removed 'Themes' section from the settings. APK themes won't work anymore.
  • Fixed some bugs and some improvements.

  • Removed Numeric datetime and added Custom datetime option in the Settings > More settings.
  • Some fixes and improvements.

  • Added Kotlin and Smali syntax highlighting and fixed Markup highlighting.
  • Some fixes and improvements.

  • Improved and optimized the Code Editor.
  • And a lot of fixes and tiny improvements.

  • Check for updates is disabled by default. Enable it from the settings or just tap on ABOUT section in the settings page.
  • Fixed a bug related to the Tagger addon.
  • And some tiny improvements.

  • Fixed some new issues in the previous build.

  • Fixed opening app in Playstore.
  • Fixed the download location for the updater.
  • Fixed issue with multiple spaces in filenames in the root directories.
  • Fixed SSL connection on the old Android versions.

  • Added Check for updates on launch and it's enabled by default. The option to disable it is in the settings.
  • Added a new engine for adding and reading languages.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes.

  • MiX Tagger won't touch the cover unless you add a new one.
  • Fixed SMB2 login with a domain account.

  • Added MKV and WMV support to MiX Tagger.
  • Fixed some bugs and tiny improvements.

  • Fixed resuming the interrupted download by re-executing the task and selecting 'Resume' from the 'File Exists' dialog.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

  • Improved Send-To for devices which connected via WIFI Direct.
  • Improved to use MiX for attaching net files directly in the other apps. (needs test)
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Some bug fixes and tiny improvements.

  • Added tab close icon and some tiny improvements and code optimizations.

  • Added SendAnywhere (Experimental). Select the files > Share > SendAnywhereActivity. Tap on SendAnywhere in 3-dots menu to receive files in /SendAnywhere folder.
  • Fixed some bugs and many tiny improvements.

  • Ready for Tagger addon. It will be uploaded in Play store as a paid app.
  • Added AutoTag addon in XDA Labs. 3 requests per second for each API key! So you need to get a key from
    Export MiX settings > Open it in text editor and search for "custom_key_CHROMA":"xxxxx" > Change xxxxx with your Key > Save and Import the settings.

  • Fixed moving files in SD card on Nougat+ and some other tiny bugs.

  • Improved Font Viewer a little.
  • Fixed some bugs and tiny changes.
  • Fixed some issues related to the Tagger addon.

  • Fixed some bugs related to the tagger.

  • Improved Font viewer to get the font name from the metadata.
  • Fixed some issues related to the tagger addon.

  • Fixed the wrong font size and spell checker in text editor and crash on older Android versions.

  • Fixed Code editor issue.

  • Added font viewer.
  • Removed MP3 tag editor. It will be published as an addon (Tagger) soon.
  • Fixed some bugs and some changes and tiny improvements.

  • Added a new text editor (Code editor).
  • And some fixes and changes.

  • Fixed opening shared files from other apps.
  • And some other fixes and changes.

  • Fixed saving text with Windows line-break in text editor.
  • Fixed another notification issue on Oreo.
  • And some tiny changes.

  • Fixed a bug in image viewer.
  • Fixed notification issue on Oreo.

  • Fixed long-press issue in empty text editor.
  • Fixed a bug on sharing files.
  • Fixed a problem with MiX APK file on some devices.

  • Added adaptive-icon for Oreo.
  • Added broadcast receiver for turning servers on/off:
    Action: com.mixplorer.ACTION_SERVER
    on:true/false (optional)
    path:/path/to/folder (optional)
    Package: com.mixplorer
    Class: com.mixplorer.BroadcastReceiver
    Target: Broadcast Receiver
  • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

  • Improved to pin lock folders and clouds with different keys.
  • Fixed bug in the previous build.

  • Fixed an issue in downloading file from EncFS folder on GDrive and...
  • Fixed a bug in OkHttp>Okio.
  • Some tiny fixes and changes.

  • Fixed crash on Android TV when opening network dialogs.
  • Added an option in the settings page to show recursive size of the selected folder.
  • Added an option to keep screen on until the tasks are completed.
  • And some tiny fixes.

  • Fixed subtitles encoding issue in player.
  • Fixed login to Mail.Ru cloud with passwords which contains special characters.
  • Fixed some other bugs and small changes.

  • Improved video player to support subtitles on network in SW mode.

  • Fixed some tiny bugs.

  • Fixed Save-as in text editor.
  • And some changes and tiny improvements.

  • Fixed some Mediafire cloud issues.
  • Fixed some issues for Encfs on clouds.
  • Fixed and improved text editor to load and search within the large files.
  • Added line break options in text editor > save as.
  • Added Find menu option in Html viewer (An alternative for loading large text files and searching words).
  • Optimized image viewer.
  • Added long-press to select images in image viewer to delete them later.
  • Improved the Archive addon. Added PPMd, Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, Zstandard, Brotli, LZ4, LZ5, Lizard as 7z methods. Also packing and unpacking Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard.
  • Added highlighting the visited folders and the option in settings > more settings.
  • Added broadcast receiver for Copy operation:
    Action: com.mixplorer.ACTION_COPY
    Extras: src, dst, mode (OVERWRITE or SKIP or KEEP_BOTH).
    Package: com.mixplorer
    Class: com.mixplorer.BroadcastReceiver
    Target: Broadcast Receiver
  • Fixed some other bugs and some other changes and improvements.

  • Fixed to list more than 500 files.
  • Fixed some bugs on old Android versions.

  • Fixed a problem with selecting and updating files with the same name in Google Drive.

  • Fixed some issues in the player.
  • Added some codes for the upcoming Samba 2.x addon.

  • Fixed executing .sh scripts.
  • Added UnShare for clouds which support it.
  • Stopped supporting the old VLC addon. (MiX Codecs is the new one)
  • Improved to support multiple files with the same name in a list. Like in Google Drive. It needs test.
  • Fixed creating public link.
  • Added Global hide/show option.
  • Fixed some other bugs and some changes.

  • Fixed sharing the public link for clouds.

  • Fixed zip signer bug on SD card.

  • Fixed a renaming issue.

  • Added .mobi support.
  • Added an option to download image/video in the cloud storage to the temporary folder when viewing images/videos.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Fixed copy between two accounts of the same cloud.
  • Fixed SMB bug in the previous build.

  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Added an option in the text editor to hide soft keyboard.

  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed some UI issues.
  • Added 'Allow Root' option in the settings.
  • Improved to create/open multipart 7z files (Update Archive addon).
  • Fixed some other bugs.

  • Optimized PDF reader and PDF addon uploaded in play store.

  • Fixed some tiny bugs.

  • Fixed crash in the file browser dialog.

  • Optimized media player.
  • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

  • Fixed paranoid EncFS problems.
  • And some other tiny fixes and changes.

  • Fixed WebDav folder issue for some servers.
  • Added an option to enable/disable toast messages.
  • Fixed opening the small zip files.
  • Fixed opening media player in the latest builds.
  • Fixed some tiny bugs and some changes.

  • Fixed extracting zip files with large central directory.
  • Fixed some ePub reader issues.

  • Fixed extracting multipart archives.
  • Fixed some issues in HTML viewer.
  • Fixed some issues in ePub reader.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

  • Fixed built-in OTG driver.
  • Improved 4Sync/4Shared clouds.
  • Added Chm support to Html viewer.
  • Optimized EPub reader.
  • Added FB2 support to eBook reader.
  • Added CBZ/CBR support to Image viewer.
  • Fixed EncFS thread-safe issue.
  • For using OneDrive Business, you need to enter 'client_id' and 'redirect_uri' properties.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Changed some codes related to MiX Reader.
  • Fixed listing max 2000 files in Dropbox.
  • Fixed resetting view modes.
  • Added a new option to disable caching thumbnails on disk.
  • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Added 'Orientation by System & Sensor' to the image viewer menu options.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny improvements.

  • Fixed text editor script executor.
  • Enabled editing permissions in SD cards.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

  • Fixed ignoring .nomedia files.
  • Fixed memory issue when extracting large files.
  • Added top 3 bookmarks to nougat app shortcuts.
  • Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes and improvements.

  • Added WIM to the archive options.
  • Added Text editor shortcut in home screen icon menu for Nougat.
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Removed the editor icon and added a menu option 'Add to home screen' in the text editor.
  • Added a mini file browser to use in some parts of the app.
  • Added move-to and copy-to in the actions menu.
  • Improved to encrypt more data. You need to authenticate again for some bookmarks.
  • Added Hex viewer.
  • Changed predefined bookmarks addresses. You need to tap on the menu > Reset default and remove deprecated bookmarks.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Archive add-on.
  • Added a new bookmark for trashed files.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny changes and some new options.

  • Improved batch rename.
  • Improved Undo feature.
  • Added Move tab to left/right (Long press on tab).
  • Updated Reader/Archive add-ons.
  • Fixed and improved zooming in image viewer.
  • Added multiple page support and dual panel in landscape and fixed Find/Replace for large files. Still working on text editor...
  • Fixed too many bugs and some other changes and improvements.

  • Fixed pinch to zoom and some other tiny bugs.

  • Fixed FC on popup menus.
  • Fixed opening SMB bookmark.

  • Added 'anonymous' to SMB advanced settings.
  • Updated Archive add-on.
  • Added auto charset detection for zip files and text editor (Needs Archive add-on).
  • Fixed RAR5 modified time created in Android.
  • Added 'Dictionary size', 'Word size' and 'Solid block size' for creating 7zip files.
  • Added 'Shared with me' for Drive cloud.
  • Added 'Add header' to the drawer menu for collapsing/expanding bookmark items.
  • Added 'Reset defaults' in View Modes dialog.
  • Improved to also bookmark files.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny changes.

  • Fixed FTP server startup error.
  • Fixed some FCs and other tiny bugs.

  • Added Cp866 charset for older Android versions.
  • Fixed extracting password protected archives.
  • Fixed FC and some other tiny bugs.

  • Fixed FC on loading charsets.
  • Fixed problem with copying system files in some Android versions.

  • Fixed lag on scrolling and browsing.
  • Fixed unsupported charset error.
  • Fixed a bug in text editor.
  • Fixed reset view modes to default.
  • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Fixed anonymous access to WebDav.
  • Improved speed of searching the system files. And added waiting animation on tabs.
  • Fixed listing and extracting files from a zip file inside another zip file.
  • Fixed mp3 duration in ID3 editor.
  • Fixed FC on touching horizontal scroll bar in text editor.
  • Improved caching thumbnails on disk.
  • Optimized image viewer. Better quality and lower memory usage.
  • Added auto background color in image viewer.
  • Fixed some other bugs and tiny changes.

  • Fixed Archive function bug in the previous build.

  • Updated Archive add-on.
  • Added an input 'increment number format' for batch rename.
  • Fixed FC on startup and some other tiny bugs.

  • Added a menu option to download BusyBox to '/data/data/com.mixplorer/files/busybox/' folder.
  • Added an option 'overwrite' in advanced settings for DropBox.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.
  • There are still some problems with built-in OTG.

  • Fixed Copy issue in previous build.

  • Fixed listing more than 200 files in OneDrive Business.
  • Fixed keeping last modified time of the copied files for rooted devices. Enable "Last modified time" in Settings > More Settings.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

  • Fixed renaming files inside ZIP/APK (ABORT can damage the file). It still needs test.
  • Fixed crash at startup in old Android versions.
  • Fixed opening a text file in a separate task in other text editors unless the file is on the network.
  • Added an option "thumbnail" in the advanced settings for FTP/SFTP.

  • Added quick settings tiles for FTP/HTTP/TCP servers (Android 7+).
  • Optimized syntax highlighting in Editor.
  • Added paging to the hashes dialog.
  • Added Settings > Buttons > Hashes.
  • Fixed FCs in Network dialog > Search locale and browsing files in previous Test build.
  • Improved Player to remember last played video position.
  • Fixed listing all app associations in open-with dialog.
  • Changed "Toggle Hidden" menu option to "Hide/Unhide".
  • Fixed modifying zip/apk file.
  • Fixed loading album art in player.
  • Improved media player to stop playing when you make a phone call or other players start to play.
  • Fixed renaming files in Google Drive.
  • Fixed partially transparent icons for hidden files.
  • Fixed a bug related to connecting to SMB.
  • Fixed the bug when swiping the pages slowly.
  • Fixed Finding text in the text editor.
  • Added "Filename" option to Encrypt/Decrypt dialog.
  • Fixed "use by default for this USB device" in the USB OTG permission dialog.
  • Fixed custom name for SD cards.
  • Added OneDrive Business cloud. It will work for awhile but it needs a Dev account, 99$ for year or you can create a trial Dev account and add ClientId and RedirectUrl in the advanced settings.
  • Fixed some bugs related to USB OTG and added Unmount menu option in the main menu.
  • Added back "Go to location" menu option.
  • Fixed opening shortcuts to the categorized lists.
  • Fixed opening encrypted RAR files.
  • Fixed removing files from Zip files. I'm still working on modifying ZIP/APK files.
  • Fixed some other tiny bugs.

  • Fixed HTTP server authentication.
  • Fixed opening SMB shortcut folder.
  • Fixed compressing 7z with Store level (Add-on updated).
  • Fixed FC when touching edit boxes or scrolling dialogs.

  • Added some codes to send subtitles to MX Player.
  • Added drag & drop to merge text files.
  • Improved pinch to zoom. Pinch horizontally to change columns count and vertically to change font size/padding.
  • Added an option to the settings page to show the exact system time for files.
  • Changed backup file format from zip to mip (Password: mip).
  • Moved "Permissions" from action menu to properties dialog.
  • Added a new encrypted archive format with mip extension.
  • Fixed saving files on LAN.
  • Optimized and improved compressing files (Archive add-on updated).
  • Added a separate dialog for file hashes.
  • And so many tiny changes, features and bug fixes and probably some new bugs.

  • Added Pattern lock.
  • Added round icon for Android 7.1.
  • Fixed FC in Android 2.2-.
  • Added "Save in temporary folder" option for sharing cloud files.
  • Fixed some other bugs and some tiny changes.

  • Added Current and Separate folder options for extracting archives.
  • Improved "Replace all" in Text Editor for large files.
  • Improved to create playlist with folders.
  • Improved task list dialog to expand/collapse files to execute individually.
  • Added a new feature to find duplicate files (Long press address bar > Duplicates).
  • Added "Animation" option to disable animations in the settings page.
  • Added SHA256 hash in properties dialog.
  • Added multi touch support to select range of files in action mode.
  • Improved and changed View Modes. It supports pinch to zoom for Grid/Gallery/Wrapped/Cleared modes.
  • Added some shortcuts in Text editor.
  • Added 4Shared cloud.
  • Fixed some bugs and some other small changes.


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