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Sogarth's webtop2sd will be released soon, you really should wait and install that instead of this! Thanks -The Management
No longer breaks on 1.83, thanks to Romracer
Update: This script worked on my phone. Mind you I was installing it from a fresh SBF flash, but it should work on your phone too. Absolutely no guarantees as usual.
Update 11th April 2011, 06:59 PM: Won't be getting CWM package because it'd be huuuuuuuuuge.
Update 28th April 2011. 16:38 PM: Removing BETA tag since there have been no issues with the script for quite some time.

First off I would like to thank Sogarth for making this script in the first place as well as Romracer for fixing it for 1.83. Since he is busy doing more important work I decided to do this little hack for those of us that updated to 1.5.7 and dont feel like flashing back to earlier versions to get full Ubuntu working.

Again, this is only necessary if you're already running 1.5.7 or 1.8.3.

Secondly, I am still working on this script so it may not work for you. If you have a problem you may post in the thread or PM me showing exactly the error message, word for word, that you receive.

Updates will be included in the OP from time to time as I fix errors.

1) install.bat (from your computer)
2) adb shell (get a shell on your phone)
3) su (get root on your phone in that shell)
4) . /data/local/tmp/ (run the install script *on your phone* don't forget the "." and the space after the dot, or you will have to chmod 755 the shell script manually)
5) ?????
6) profit\

Noob instructions, written by Viamonte (I take no credit or responsibility):
Thanks again for all your help. Now the noob instructions:

"1-Download "Terminal Emulator" from the market, on your phone (or any other terminal), and the file anexed in this thread to your computer.

2-Connect the Atrix to the computer via USB, configuring the connection mode to "None" and enabling USB Debugging mode (Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging)

3-Unzip the file you downloaded on your pc, and run Install.bat. This will push the script to your phone.

4-Go back to your phone and open the emulator you downloaded. Then type "su" (without quotes) and press enter. Then type ". /data/local/tmp/" (without quotes) and press enter again.

The script should begin running now. It will stop in two moments where you'll be instructed to get a cup of coffee, and may take several minutes to continue form this point. When finished, the Atrix will reboot.

To check if this worked, use the Webtop either on your multimidia dock or your lapdock and verify if new itens appeared on your task bar and on the right upper side of the screen"

0.3.1 release
0.2 release
0.1 first release

0.3.1 fix to gconf file's mdate so it does what its supposed to do =)
0.3 Small typo fixes and cpp package install fix by romracer, now works on 1.83 =)
0.2 Fixed some typos in and make sure the %gconf file wound up in the right spot.
0.1 - first version. NOT CWM install but ready to be packaged for that more or less
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