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14th May 2011, 11:54 PM |#9  
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Release history
  • July 27 v023b. Fix.
    • Disabled fps in every frame and removed Profile Scrolling/Flinging. I forgot to remove them in the release.
  • July 27 v023. Minor update.
    • Support for Xperia Active Launcher. Everyone can try it
  • July 23 v022. Improved 2D scrolling/flinging performance for ALL ListViews.
    • Experimental: Optimized all ListViews. Results in a better and smoother scrolling/flinging everywhere!
    • Two nice FroyoBread boot animations by Nikkopt. Thanks mate!
    • Included built-for-FroyoBread A-Theme (but not defaulted) by AChep. You can activate it in Theme Chooser.
    • Reverted back to racht's wifi libs. Hopefully this will fix wifi "connecting" bugs for some people.
  • July 18 v021. Improved 2D scrolling/flinging performance.
    • Experimental: Greatly improved Preference Screen speed. There is almost no lag in Preference Screens scrolling/flinging now, much like scrolling/flinging in File Manager!
    • Dual Recovery: xRecovery and ClockworkMod Recovery (compiled for x10 mini by nobodyAtall. Thanks mate!) . Chargemon was based on dual recovery script provided by puppet13th, and was improved for "init" process protection and reduced boot time. Thanks puppet13th.
    • Reboot to xRecovery & ClockworkMod
    • Fixed text color in menu. This fix is provided by dulemilosevski. Thanks!
    • Updated latest Facebook app
    • Updated latest Market
  • July 14 v020. Another big update with lots of new and improved features. Let's celebrate France's Independence Day!
    • Removed "Profile scrolling" and "Profile flinging" in FroyoBread. I forgot these things ~.~
    • Added CM7's feature "Hide the notification widgets indicators".
    • Improved measure() dimension cache. This also fixed FCs for Opera, PowerAMP (and more).
    • Improved app compatibility (especially video players/recorders) by switching mSurface into mNativeSurface in dalvik vm
    • Improved accuracy for flipping down to snooze alarm
    • Fixed battery drain with flipping down to snooze alarm. The accelerometer sensor wasn't properly freed in previous releases. Anyone who uses this feature may have better battery life.
    • CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside bags (similar to HTC's "Never miss a call")
    • Get ready for AX8MT and AX8 smartass
    • Removed this annoying message in logcat: "E/Tethering( 1769): active iface (usb0) reported as added, ignoring"
    • Loop ringtone. It works with whatever format of your ringtone is: MP3/OGG/...
    • Brought back Maps ownhere 5.7.0, since there were too many demands for it.
    • Custom operator text
    • Reorganized FroyoBread Settings
  • July 08 v019. Big update (?) with fixes, updates and new features.
    • WARNING: Don't check "profile scrolling" and "profile flinging" in FroyoBread settings. It's supposed to be used by only me to analyze the Preference Screen performance. Ticking them will caused your phone LAG A LOT. I forgot to remove these settings before release ~.~
    • Boot logo. Designed by myself
    • Fixed Bluetooth icon in status bar
    • Fixed a memory leak in PreferenceScreen (thanks to the Redux project)
    • OpenIntent's latest FileManager 1.1.6, built from source
    • Some improvements (fixes to status bar, power management, and auto brightness) suggested by alfsamsung.
    • Much better application compatibility with dynamic sdk version. Battleheart (as an example) is running fine now
    • "Now playing" in lock screen (again, thanks to the Redux project)
    • Experimental: Measure() dimension caching to improve 2D performance a bit.
    • Reverted SD Cache back to default.
  • July 03 v018. Some more features.
    • Quick copy / Quick paste
    • Froyo/Rotary/Revamped lock in call
    • Removed Maps "ownhere". It caused some FCs.
  • June 29 v017. Minor change with fix, feature and updates. Note: After this update I will spend some time resting and enjoying the summer. Future update will not be frequent
    • Fixed HSPA icon.
    • Updated Google Maps "ownhere" to 5.6
    • Updated File Manager to latest 1.1.4 from CM7 source
    • Hiding avatar in SMS (and its configuration in FroyoBread settings)
  • June 26 v016. Some improvements and fixes.
    • Gingerbread 2.3.4's latest dalvik VM. Better performance and more stability.
    • Transparent Status Bar support for themes! Note: There is limitation for transparent status bar, caused by different launchers. Live wallpapers work flawlessly. See here.
    • Configuration section for transparent status bar support: Disabled, Theme (you must use themes that have transparent statusbar_background.png), Semi-transparent (use built-in semi-transparent status bar), Gradient (use built-in gradient status bar).
    • Restored original GB's battery icon. We have some theme compatibility problems with current percentage battery icon.
    • Updated latest Facebook app 1.6.0
    • Removed two themes Androidian and Cyanbread. Anyone needs them can download them from here and here.
  • June 23 v015. Mostly fixed bugs and add configuration sections.
    • Fixed black screen bugs and FCs in YouTube, Video Recorder and Video Player.
    • Fixed downloading icon for Market and Browser.
    • Bottom status bar, like CM7.
    • Configuration section for status bar (in FroyoBread settings, not in CM settings!)
    • Removed the annoying "D/dalvikvm( 2003): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed xxx objects / yyy bytes in zzz ms" in logcat.
  • June 21 v014. Another big internal update, mainly separation of the notification bar app.
    • KNOWN BUG: Video recorder and player don't work. Youtube may not work. Market download progress doesn't have icons in notification bar.
    • Theme Engine supports SystemUI app (for handling notification bar)
    • Back button ends call (everywhere, even not in calling screen) and its option in FroyoBread settings. This makes some people happy
    • "Night time" configuration for disabling LEDs.
    • Fixed proxy settings. I was having some experiments with it and forgot to revert back.
    • FroyoBread logo (thanks Gesbleg!) and FroyoBread wallpaper (thanks AChep!)
    • Note: all status bar settings in CyanogenMod Settings will mostly NOT work because it's a new app and using new configuration. I will do it later
  • June 16 v013 BETA. Lots of internal code changes, so expect bugs
    • Partially working T-Mobile's Theme Engine 2.3: Notification Bar is not themed. Reboot after switching themes to get icon changed.
    • Disabled WIFI N. Maybe it caused WIFI instability. Need more test result.
    • Dithering enabled by default
  • June 10 v012. More features, fixes, updates and options.
    • Flipping down snoozes alarm. Somebody is gonna be fired, sooner or later! Heheh
    • Options for "Flipping down snoozes alarm" and "Flipping down mutes ringer" in FroyoBread settings
    • Reorganized FroyoBread settings
    • FM Radio text fix (provided by alfasamsung)
    • No more dropbear at boot. It might be the reasons for some incompatibility.
    • Updated hardware libs from 2.1.1.C.0.0. We should have an slightly improved performance.
    • Ported LatinIME from Gingerbread
  • June 07 v011. Something fun!
    • HTTP Proxy via USB cable using ssh tunnel, currently only works with Browser, Maps, and any other apps that support HTTP proxy. (no, Market and Facebook don't support HTTP proxy, as some of you may ask). See tutorial.
    • Updated CyanogenMod Settings. I was using an older version of it. Brought back LED notifications and some other things.
    • Dropbear at boot, useful for reverse port forwarding and proxies
    • Flipping down mutes ringer. It's fun! Yeah, I've just known that CM6 has it already, but FroyoBread's feature is more accurate and easy to customize (later)
    • 2MB read_ahead_kb for better sd card performance
    • Ported CM7 Wallpapers
    • Fixed OpenGL version in build.prop (thanks alfsamsung for the suggestion)
  • June 04 v010. Small improvements, mostly fixed bugs!
    • Hide lockscreen clock option in FroyoBread settings
    • Hide lockscreen clock with Lense.
    • Fixed video player bugs
    • Fixed H/3G icon (hopefully!)
  • June 01 v009. Big things happened in International Children's Day!
    • Lots of different language supports from CM7
    • Mute in calls.. (thanks alfsamsung for the xml fix)
    • EdgeGlow option in FroyoBread settings
    • Hide lockscreen arrow option in FroyoBread settings
    • Updated Facebook app
    • Auto update lense clock
    • Android version changed to 2.2.9. FroyoBread isn't 2.2.1 anymore. We almost have a Gingerbread by now.
  • May 30 v008. Small improvements.
    • Fixed weird reboot progress.
    • Colorful Settings icons. Thanks tibob77 for your icon base.
    • Copied libwebcore for Arabic rendering. I forgot to replace in v007 ~.~
    • Options for disabling LED Notifications during night (11:00 pm to 5:59 am) for better battery. Notice: it will disable any LED notifications during this period, not the ones happened before. Also, it will not re-enable LED notifications after the period ends.
    • Fixed Setup Wizard run twice.
  • May 27 v007. Some other improvements.
    • Reboot to xRec
    • Maps 5.5.0. (thanks sanefirst for the update info)
    • Battery stats. Again. (thanks alfsamsung for better battery xmls)
    • Remove Dev Tools, Spare Parts and some other apps in future releases
    • FM Radio
    • LauncherPro (Free) instead of laggy ADW Launcher
    • Better Arabic and RTL languages rendering (thanks ali313 for the info!)
    • Some build.prop tweaks for Timescape compatibility.
  • May 25 v006. Reverted back to old-style battery.
  • May 25 v005. A pretty big update.
    • Textbox's cursor handler
    • Fixed "dark screen" bug
    • Improved copy/paste functionality
    • Added Rotary and Lense lockscreen
    • Random choosen lockscreen: Froyo / Rotary / Revamped / Lense
    • Random boot animation (CM6 or CM7)
    • Changed alarm (thank racht) and battery (thanks RaitR) status icons
    • Added FroyoBread configuration section
  • May 23 v004. Some improvements:
    • Fixed screen off animation (and auto brightness? anybody confirms?). It should work like GB, needs more tests from users.
    • Updated Vector Maps (thanks sanefirst for the fix).
    • CM7 bootscreen.
    • Fixed music control position in Lockscreen.
    • Wifi libs taken from MiniCM6 1.0.1 (thanks nobodyatall), hopefully it will fix bugs for some users.
  • May 20 v003. Ported CM7's Edge Glow. Fixed Camera button. Thanks nobodyatall for this fix. Fixed Compass in Maps. Thanks sanefirst for this fix.
  • May 17 v002. Ported Gingerbread's revamped lock screen. Fixed VGA video recording. Thanks racht and ponanovn for VGA video recording.
  • May 15 CM6.2.0 RC 0b. Updated with default Gingerbread theme. Fixed menu background (see download above)
  • May 15 CM6.2.0 RC 0. First release. Ported Gingerbread's screen on/off animation. Auto brightness turned off.

Development (What has been done in my development ROM)
  • Nothing now

Future plans
  • CM7 121's Screenshot on global menu
  • Fix reboot menu in different languages.
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