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This Kernel Is Only Compatible For All T-Mobile N900T, SM-N9005, And Also The N900W8 SNAPDRAGON 800 Quad-Core TouchWiz Samsung Based KitKat 4.4.2 Roms For This Device!

Note To Developers... If You Want To Include This Into Your Rom, Credit Is All I Ask!

Read below "BEFORE" downloading, flashing, and posting questions....

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, if your SD card goes dead, and everything else!



★ Built Using: Official N900TUVUDNF9 KitKat Samsung Source Code
★ Supported Filesystems: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, FAT32, NTFS, USB OTG, exFAT, CIFS, F2FS
★ Linaro GCC Toolchain Version: 4.9-2014.08
★ SETUID Restrictions Removed
★ A Bunch Of CodeAurora Fixes
★ Linux Kernel Version: 3.4.104
★ SELinux Status: Permissive
★ Kernel Compression: XZ
★ /proc/last.kmsg Support
★ ADB Insecured Kernel
★ USB Mass Storage
★ Init.d Support


★ Intelli-Plug CPU Hotplug Driver With Eco Mode
★ Implemented Patches For DriveDroid App
★ Use Android Device As USB Keyboard/Mouse
★ PowerSuspend PM Kernel Driver
★ Imoseyon's Custom Voltage Control
★ Asynchronous Fsync Control
★ TouchWake Implementation
★ Intelli-Thermal Control
★ Dynamic Sync Control
★ Simple GPU Algorithm
★ Faux Sound Control
★ Forced Fast Charge


★ Default CPU Governor: InteractiveX
★ Default I/O Scheduler: Deadline
★ CPU Overclocking Up To: 2.65GHz
★ GPU Overclocking Up To: 450MHz
★ Underclocking Down To: 268MHz

★ Yankactive
★ Nightmare
★ PegasusQ
★ Abyssplugv2
★ Badass
★ Smartassv2
★ Smartmax_eps
★ Smartmax
★ Asswax
★ Dancedance
★ SmartassH3
★ Hyper
★ Intelliactive
★ ConservativeX
★ Intellidemand
★ Conservative
★ Ondemandplus
★ OndemandX
★ Userspace
★ Wheatleyplus
★ Wheatley
★ Powersave
★ Performance
★ Lionheart
★ InteractiveX

★ Noop
★ Deadline
★ Row
★ Test-iosched
★ VR
★ TripNDroid


* First Thing To Do... Do A Nandroid Backup!
* Download The Kernel.
* Flash The Kernel.
* Reboot Your Device.
* Once Rebooted... DONE!


- Initial Kernel Release

- Gave The Kernel A Name! [It's Now Called The "Compulsion Kernel"]
- Did Some Governor And I/O Tweaks For Better Performance!
- Added Some New I/O Schedulers: SIO, FIOPS, And ZEN!
- Faux's Overall Stats For Quad Core Devices Via Sysfs!
- Lowered MIN Allowed Voltage To 700mV!
- Added Dependencies For OC Ultimate!
- Added Overclocking Up To 2.65GHz!
- Now Comes With USB Fast Charge!
- Added Faux's CPU Freq Limiter!
- Plenty Of Kernel Optimizations!
- Fixed Some ADB Root Issues!
- The Kernel Is Now Insecured!
- Added CPU Voltage Control!
- Some Overclocking Tweaks!
- Fixed Some exFAT Issues!
- Minor Code Clean Up!
- Awesome Battery Life!

- Added Three New Governors! [Wheatley, Intellidemand, And ConservativeX.]
- Set MIN_LATENCY_MULTIPLIER To 20 On Some Governors!
- Comes With Intelli-Plug CPU Hotplug Driver With Eco Mode!
- A Whole Bunch Of Intellidemand Boosting Performances!
- A Massive Load Of Intelli-Plug Tweaks And Modifications!
- Tweaks For Faster Wakeup From Suspend!
- Added Some Optimization Flags For ARM!
- Enabled Unaligned Capability For ARM!
- Hopefully Fixed Some Bootloop Issues!
- More Kernel Speed Enhancements!
- Removed Some Deprecated Logic!
- Reduced Some Dmesg Log Spam!
- Some More Code Cleanup!
- Tweaks For Battery!
- Even Better Battery!
- Plus So Much More!

- There Is Now Two Versions Of The Kernel! [STANDARD VERSION And ULTIMATE VERSION.]
- Added UKSM "Ultimate Kernel Samepage Merging" Feature!
- Optimized Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM)!
- Enabled /proc/last.kmsg Support!

- UKSM Enabled By Default! [Potential Increases In Performance.]
- Fixed The /proc/last.kmsg Not Showing Issue!
- Lowered MIN Allowed Voltage To 600mV!
- Decreased Some Voltages For Stability!
- Enabled Advanced Power Emulation!
- Added GPU O/C Up To 533MHz!
- Added GPU O/C Freq 487.5MHz!
- Smoother Gaming Performance!
- Enabled PROC_FS For Netfilter!
- Did Some Defconfig Changes!
- Did Some Minor O/C Tweaks!
- Added Faux Sound Control!

- Added Intelli-Thermal Control! [This Let's You Adjust The Throttling Temperature Thresholds For Each Core.]
- Some Cpufreq Tweaks That Should Help The Kernel Perform Better!
- Updated Some Default Settings For Intellidemand Frequencies!
- Added Dynamic Load Sampling Rate Logic On Intelli-Plug!
- Allowed 0ms Deadline Latency For Deadline Scheduler!
- Fixed Optimal_Freq Logic For Ondemand!
- Reduced Even More Dmesg Log Spam!

- Added New PM Kernel Driver For Android W/O Early_Suspend!
- Disabled Tima Uevent, Tima Log, And Timer Stats Configs!
- Implemented Some Miscellaneous Fixes!
- Added Support For H.264 LEVEL 5.2!
- Added Plenty Of Ondemand Tweaks!
- Disabled Some Debugging Configs!
- Enabled NTFS Filesystem Support!
- USB Fast Charge Is Now Fixed!
- Added Dynamic Sync Control!
- Added 24 Bit Audio Playback!
- Added Asynchronous Fsync!
- Added Panel Color Control!

- Did Some Defconfig Changes To Enable Some More USB/MMC/SD/SDIO/LED/RTC Drivers Support And Also MSM SoC Audio Drivers Support!
- Added CPU-Boost Driver! [It Boosts The Frequency Of A CPU For A Short Duration To Maintain Good User Experience.]
- Implemented Patches For DriveDroid App! [It Allows You To Boot Your PC From ISO/IMG Files Stored On Your Phone.]
- Now Comes With OndemandX And InteractiveX Governors With Screen Off Max Freq Support!
- Updated Faux Sound Control W/ Added Power Amp Registers Access Control!
- Updated OndemandX And InteractiveX With A Ton Load Of Code Tweaks!
- Implemented Some Code Fixes/Memory Leak Fixes!
- Increased Readahead Value To 1024kB As Default!
- Added A Bunch Of MSM: KGSL Modifications!
- Added GPU Simple/Conservative Governors!
- I Have Set GPU Simple Governor As Default!
- Updated Intelli-Plug And Intellidemand!
- Done Some USB Code Cleanup!
- Added Thermal Engine Tweaks!
- Added LED Extended Controls!
- A Lot Of Further Optimizations!
- Performance Improvements!
- Added MDNIE Lite Controls!
- Added Writeback Tweaks!
- Plus So Much More!

- Added Hyper, SmartassH3, Dancedance, Asswax, Smartmax, Lionheart, Smartassv2, Smartmax EPS, Badass, OndemandPlus, Abyssplugv2, PegasusQ, Nightmare, And WheatleyPlus CPU Governors.
- Added More Than 400+ Various Changes/Improvements For ARM, Cacheflush, Qseecom, Sched, Crypto, Tick, Nohz, Mmc, TTY, ASoC, Msm:Kgsl, Timekeeping, Cpuidle, Bam_dmux, Net:Wireless, And So Much More From Codeaurora.
- Modified Bus Vector For RNG Client On MSM8974. (Helps Alleviate Some Slowdowns In Boot Time.)
- Added Initial Overclocking Of Slimbus. (Gives The Best Audio Quality For The Hardware.)
- Added Some msm8974.dtsi Changes To Optimize The Performance Of The Kernel.
- Increased Adsp Heap Size For Hevc Hybrid Codec To Support 1080p Video.
- Added Throttling Adjustments To Better Deal With Added Overclocking Heat.
- Removed Faux Voltage Control For Imoseyon's Custom Voltage Control.
- Serious Power Saving Improvements For Sched_mc_power_savings.
- Removed Camera v1 Source Files. (Removed Since It's Obsolete.)
- Removed msm-dcvs Pwrscale Driver. (No Longer In Development.)
- Added Initial CPU Underclocking For MSM8974 Down To 96MHz.
- Removed MMC Perf Profiling. (Less CPU Work, More Battery.)
- Added I/O Schedulers BFQ, SIOPLUS, VR, FIFO, TripNDroid.
- Added Cryptos And Also NEON Optimized Crypto Routines.
- Removed Conservative GPU Governor Due To It Freezing.
- Added Some GCC Optimization Compiler Flags For Linaro.
- Added New Frandom Code With Frandom Device Support.
- Enabled Zswap, Frontswap, Vnswap, And Cleancache.
- Kernel Build Using Linaro GCC Toolchain Version 4.8.3.
- Many Defconfig Changes And Added Drivers Support.
- Implemented LoUIS API For Cache Maintenance Ops.
- Reverted GPU Overclocking (Hasn't Never Worked.)
- Added Power Enhancement For Wacom Hardware.
- Increased Default Entropy Settings To (512,2048).
- Switched Kernel Compression From XZ To LZO.
- Enabled All TCP Congestion Control Protocols.
- Increased Minimum Readahead Value To 64kb.
- Updated MDNIE Lite Control To Latest Code.
- Added Suspend Hooks To Synaptics_i2c_rmi.
- Added Optimized ARM RWSEM Algorithm.
- Added Optimized AES and SHA1 routines.
- Added CFQ, Deadline, SIOPLUS Tweaks.
- Updated BFQ I/O Scheduler To V6 (R2).
- Reduced Number Of CPU Frequencies.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.78.
- Added Support For NEON Kernel Mode.
- Updated Intellidemand To Version 5.0.
- L2 Cache Bus Bandwidth Overclock.
- Lowered GPU Voltage Constraints.
- Enabled Panic On Data Corruption.
- Removed Container Setup.

- Fixed The Issue Users Were Having In Faux Clock App That Would Always Set Their Current Max Frequency Back To 2.3GHz As Default Frequency While Overclocking. (Now The Frequency That You Choose Should Now Stick.)
- Removed Both MDNIE Lite Control And Panel Color Control. (In My Opinion Panel Color Control Was Never Needed And MDNIE Lite Control Seems To Break "Screen Mode" On Your Device Settings Menu In Device->Display.)
- Added Various Changes/Improvements For ARM, Lib, PM/Qos, Slab, Slob, Slub, MM, Ping, CameraV2, MSM:Camera, Iov-iter, Fuse, AIO, Mutex, Random, Epoll, Sched, Ext4, And More From Codeaurora.
- Fixed The Issue Users Were Having When Enabling USB Mass Storage Mode That Would Make The UMS/MTP Notification Flicker Constantly.
- Enabled AIO Optimization, Generic Strncpy, Generic Strnlen, Dcache Word Access, And Slub.
- Tuned Hyper, PegasusQ, And Nightmare Governors For Battery And Performance.
- Kernel Build Using Linaro GCC Toolchain Version 4.8-2014.01.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.82.
- Updated BFQ I/O Scheduler To V7 (R2).
- Added Intelliactive Governor.

- Added Mostly All Of My Previous Changes And Features To Kitkat Source. (The Only Things That Weren't Included Is Intelli-Thermal, Faux Sound, CPU Underclocking, and USB Fast Charge. Will Be Added In A Future Update.)
- Kernel Is Now Based From The T-Mobile SM-N900T Official UVUCNB4 KitKat Samsung Source Code.
- Added Some OndemandX Tweaks. (Ondemand Is Still Buggy, It's Rom Related, Not Kernel Related.)
- Removed CPU_FREQ_LIMIT Completely Without Sacrificing CPU_FREQ_LIMIT_USERSPACE.
- Removed Bootchecker, Auditd, And Tima_Dump_Log. (Security/Knox Related, Not Needed.)
- Minimum Frequency Will No Longer Keep Switching To 1190400.
- Kernel Build Using Linaro GCC Toolchain Version 4.8-2014.03.
- Added A Bunch Of Various CodeAurora Changes And Fixes.
- Added GPU Overclocking Up To 533MHz.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.86.
- Added Some More InteractiveX Tweaks.
- Removed Some Even More Log Spam.
- Set Default Governor To InteractiveX.
- Updated Intelli-Plug To Latest Code.
- Faster And Smoother Than EVER.
- Updated Intelliactive Governor.

- Disabled Multicast On Suspend. (This Allows The Device To Sleep Peacefully Without Being Woken Up By Local Lan Broadcast Traffic, Reducing Wakelocks.)
- Disabled All Ondemand Based Governors Due To Freezes And Random Reboots.
- Adjusted GFX Regulator Parameters + Further Reduced CPU Retention Voltage.
- Updated Interactive(X) Governor With Various CodeAurora Tweaks.
- Increased LED Flash Current For Better Camera Image Quality.
- Disabled Performance, Powersave, And Userspace Governors.
- Updated CPU Boost With Various CodeAurora Fixes/Changes.
- Allow USB Charging At 1A. (Charging Is Now Much Faster.)
- Added Initial CPU Underclocking Down To 268MHz.
- Fixed All Kernel Leaks And Done Some Cleanup.
- Bumped Up GPU Overclocking Up To 550MHz.
- Set InteractiveX Screen Off Max To 1267200.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.88.
- Updated BFQ I/O Scheduler To V7 (R3).
- Reduced Even More Kernel Log Spam.
- Set Default I/O Scheduler To Deadline.
- Removed LED Extended Controls.
- Added Back Faux Sound Control.
- Reduced Wi-Fi Wakelock Times.
- Improved The Kernel's Speed.

- Kernel Is Now Based From The Official N900TUVUDNE6 KitKat Samsung Source Code.
- Updated Intelli-plug To Version 2.6 With Touch Boost And Screen Off Max Control.
- Comes With New Faux Generic Voltage Control For DTS Based Kernels.
- Switched Kernel Compression From LZO To XZ To Reduce Kernel Size.
- Added Back Force Fast Charge And Updated It To Version 1.2.
- Kernel Build Using Linaro GCC Toolchain Version 4.9-2014.05.
- Enabled USB Tablet Devices And Xpad Support.
- Set Default Governor To ConservativeX.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.92.
- Updated BFQ I/O Scheduler To V7 (R4).
- Reverted GPU Back To Stock 450MHz.
- Updated Powersuspend To Version 1.5.
- Enabled CIFS Support With CIFS Fix.
- Added Back Intelli-Thermal Control.
- Added Various GCC 4.8.x Fixups.
- Now Comes With F2FS Support.
- Added Simple GPU Algorithm.

- Added 2-way Stereo Call Recording Patch For MSM8974. (Not Tested Try It Out And See.)
- Fixed The Problem With Logs Not Showing While Using A Logcat App.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.94.
- Reverted Some Useless Commits.

- Reverted/Removed 2-way Stereo Call Recording Patch For MSM8974. (Should Fix The Problem Of Calls Not Going Through And When People Call And Can't Hear You.)

- You Can Now Use Your Android Device As A USB Keyboard/Mouse. (Steps... Enable USB Debugging, Connect Your Device To PC/Laptop With USB Cable, Download This App From Play Store Click Here, Open App, Done.)
- Kernel Is Now Based From The Official N900TUVUDNF1 KitKat Samsung Source Code.
- Reverted Faux Voltage Control And Added Back Imoseyon's Custom Voltage Control.
- Disabled UKSM "Ultimate Kernel Samepage Merging" For Stock KSM.
- Fixed Kernel Thermal Sysfs Nodes Permissions.
- Allow WIFI Driver To Use PowerSuspend Code.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.95.

- There Are No More Seperate Versions Of The Kernel "STANDARD" Or "ULTIMATE". (The Kernel Will Have All The Features Including CPU Overclocking Which Was The Only Thing Seperating The Kernel Versions STANDARD/ULTIMATE.)
- Added Back 2-way Stereo Call Recording Patch For MSM8974. (Not Tested Try It Out And See.)
- Kernel Is Now Based From The Official N900TUVUDNF9 KitKat Samsung Source Code.
- Disabled Abyssplugv2 Governor. (Due To Freezes/Random Reboots)
- Kernel Build Using Linaro GCC Toolchain Version 4.9-2014.08.
- Added Slimbus Driver Enhancements MKII Tweaks.
- Added Various Commits For Drivers/Net/Wireless.
- Added TouchWake Implementation. (Version 1.5)
- Reverted Many Miscellaneous Useless Commits.
- Updated Intelliactive Governor To Latest Code.
- Updated Faux Sound Control To Version 3.6.
- Added Support For Additional Sleep Modes.
- Reduced Some More Kernel Logging Spam.
- Updated Linux Kernel Version To 3.4.104.
- Updated BFQ I/O Scheduler To V7 (R5).
- Set Default Governor To InteractiveX.
- Updated Intelli-Plug To Version 3.8.
- Merged F2FS Upstream Updates.
- Added Yankactive Governor.







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