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This package contains lots of useful tools for Manila3D Lua5.1 editing. You can find here a compiler a decompiler, a small script repository at post #3 and ExtLua, which provides developers the possibility to extend M3D's functionality.

Also check m9editor which is a really great application to edit mode9 files by 6Fg8!
And check Manila kitchen project which hosts the decompiled scripts with a LUA IDE and everything ready to go.
You might want to try out mode9 converter too.


LuaDec 2.0
  • Finds out where locals are
  • Read more here

LuaDec 1.9
  • Some changes regarding LDS(2) strings and for loops (it's still a bit unstable)
  • LuaDec has a new option to disassemble instead of decompile
  • The provided lua package (lua, luac and luadec) is now unicode compilant, it will read and write the unicode variants of the scripts instead of the ascii variants.
  • Read more here

LuaDec 1.0
  • Added LDS2 support to both luadec and luac
  • Fixed OP_TFORLOOP handling
  • Read more here

LuaDec Beta6
  • Improved luadecguesser with fast mode
  • Fixed a crashing when encountering boolean values
  • Increases happy face rate in XDA-developers forum
  • Read more here

LuaDec Beta5
  • Improved luadecguesser
  • Read more here

luaDec Beta4
  • Upvalue handling
  • Added a brute-force local variable searcher application
  • Read more here

luaDec Beta3
  • Generic for loop handling
  • Improved local variable handling
  • Read more here

ExtLua 0.1
  • Initial release
  • Read more here

luaDec Beta2
  • Less crashing
  • More decompiling
  • Read more here

LuaDec Beta1
  • Decompiling simpler scripts and recompiling them will result in a semantically identical compiled lua script!
  • Numeric for loops are fixed, they should work fine
  • Complex boolean expressions and conditional statements will make luadec crash
  • Only works with ascii files. Don't forget to convert the lua files to ascii then back to unicode

Good to know
  • Luadec will output a "-- Lua5.1" or "-- Warning" comment to lines, where you should check the output.
  • If luadec crashes try running it with the "-d" parameter to acquire as much information as you can.
  • Compile your lua files with the "-s" parameter set.
  • It was compiled with Visual C++ 2008, so you might need the MSVC++ 2008 redistributables too.
  • Valid Numbers are in range from -32768.0 to 32767.0. Numbers not in this range will be cropped by the compiler.
  • There is a decompilation tutorial starting here

DL link:

I start a repository at post #3 for them, but you can just look at the decompiled rhodium2 scripts too.
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