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[DEC 5] ViperOne 3.5 | Venom Tweaks, VenomPie, Venom Hub, Theming-Icon Packs and more

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By j to the 4n, Recognized Developer on 6th December 2013, 06:35 AM
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6th December 2013, 06:36 AM |#2  
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Grab the Full rom here.

-> ViperOne Butterfly full rom

The Viper Rom for the HTC Butterfly is the same as the one for the HTC One
For full support, please go to official ViperOne thread


-> Media Provider/Gapps FC Hotfix
-> Setting FC Hotfix when changing lockscreen security

Fixes the FC problems after booting with MediaProvder and gapps.
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6th December 2013, 06:38 AM |#3  
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ViperOne 3.5 (Dec 5)
  • HTC Launcher
    • Fixed animated app drawer background
    • Fixed blinkfeed background appearing when adding a shortcut from app drawer
    • Fixed app and shortcut widget
    • Fixed issue with some market icon packs not working
    • Added show notifications, show gestures panel, show apm, show reboot menu to prism menu
  • Status Bar
    • Fixed hiding beats icon
    • Fixed Powersaver HEQS/VEQS
    • Fixed Mobile Hotspot VEQS
    • Fixed status bar date color not being set on first boot
    • Fixed VEQS/NEQS Background Color
    • Fixed VEQS title and summary fonts
    • Fixed HEQS/VEQS 2G/LTE toggle - toggles proper states for Sprint now too
    • Added tweak to customize VEQS divider color
    • Added EQS Edit button for HEQS/VEQS
    • Added option to open Settings screen by long-pressing EQS/Notification switch icons
    • Added status bar, status bar icon, header and footer tinting
    • Added weather icon tinting
    • Added HEQS on/off color overlay
    • Added VEQS color overlay
    • Added contacts widget option for notification pulldown
    • Fixed ability to clear carrier label
    • Added VEQS/NEQS Background Color
    • Sprint GPS status bar icon now always hidden
  • HTC Lockscreen
    • Added custom wallpaper on lockscreen
    • Added option to bypass lockscreen
    • Added option to jump to the 1st widget page when turning screen on
  • Misc
    • Fixed crash when changing autobrightness values
    • Added option to hide powersaver notif when enabled
    • Added permission Manager
    • Added option to hide reboot items
    • Added option to jump to the 1st widget page when turning screen on
    • Added option to set unlimited amount of alarms
  • Other
    • Fixed starting of small apps from venom sidebar
    • Fixed MMS FC on Sprint
    • Fixed tethering on Sprint
    • Custom backgrounds (appdrawer/notification pulldown) are cropped now when choosing in tweaks
    • Added Xposed tab into Tweaks
Previous change logs:

ViperOne 3.1.0 RC2 (Oct 28)
  • HTC Launcher
    • Added Iconmask support for market icon packs
    • Added hiding app labels on homescreen
    • Added landscape support to HTC Launcher
    • Added animated backgrounds (Available in the Hub)
  • Buttons:
    • Capacitive backlight strength
  • Misc:
    • Added ability to setup apps to allow using system broadcasts (e.g. allowing 3rd party apps toggling airplane mode, which is restricted natively on Android 4.3)
    • Added ability to setup apps to hide persistent notification icons on statusbar for running services (Introduced with Android 4.3, servces running in foreground will show a silly notiication)
    • Added ability to setup apps to turn screen on during incoming notifications
    • Added Sprint support
    • Added SuperSU option in Aroma
  • SystemUI:
    • Added gestures panel to perform own actions (accessible with pulling down statusbar from left edge, 3 finger swipe or button mapping or by double tapping notification panel header)
    • Added auto close HEQS feature
    • Added ability to block notification pulldown during calls
    • Added ability to customize every color in notification panel
    • Added ability to hide and reorder by long-pressing the settings/switch icon at the top right
    • Added ability to customize seperate eqs buttons (HEQS/VEQS)
    • Added ability to add all buttons to native eqs
    • Added ability to customize the amount of columns in native eqs screen
    • Added tweak to enable analog clock in header
    • Added tweak to customize small AM/PM in status bar and header clocks
    • Added tweak to enable black and white weather icons in notification panel
    • Added animated background to notification panel (Available in the Hub)
ViperOne 2.7.0 (Sept 29)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Messages heart smiley FC
    • Fixed VEQS scrolling issue
    • Fixed ability to collapse notification panel by dragging anywhere
    • Fixed lockscreen notifications with certain apps (Phone, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.)
    • Fixed low res icon pack preview
    • Fixed memory issues with dock images
  • Additions
    • Added keyboard theming
    • Added new launcher docks and underlays
    • Added ability to customize notification background colors (and icon)
    • Added flash speed for BLN (Button Light Notifications)
    • Added increased max city count to 1337 for world clock and weather
    • Added ability to separate VEQS/HEQS Hide and Reorder list
    • Added ability to hide clock/weather from app drawer
    • Added german translations, added russian translations
ViperOne 2.6.0 (Sept 13)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed hiding beats/effects icon
    • Fixed FC for some market icon packs
    • Fixed FC with Venomtweaks for some
    • Fixed informaton text size in status bar
  • Additions
    • Added custom weather locations for Sense Launcher/Lockscreen
    • Added Venom SoundEnhancer
    • Added Infinite scrolling
    • Added custom navbar mode
    • Added statusbar reboot when changing transparency
    • Added custom lock icon, choosable from sdcard
    • Added screenshot and screen off to lockscreen button actions
    • Added new Venom Camera
    • Added new NavBars
    • Added new Sense Icon Underlays
ViperOne 2.5.0
  • Fixes
    • Fixed always show widget tweak
    • Fixed folder size
    • Fixed fake IMEI
    • Fixed Lockscreen notifications - all notifcations should work now, including hangouts, facebook, etc.
    • Fixed Superuser app - can no customize optionsf for different apps
    • Fixed volume button when screen off and listening to music
    • Fixed Send button disappearing in SMS app when hiding keyboard
    • Fixed secured applications installing to /mnt/asec - Swiftkey/Swype will now remain default keyboards when installed
  • Additions
    • Added ViperOne down animation
    • Added Save/Experienced/Expert UV settings (-50/-100/-200uv)
    • Added Prism icon theming compatibility with Play Store icon packs
    • Added Sense icon underlay in launcher, app drawer and lock screen
    • Added app drawer button theming - Choose from icon packs or self made appdrawer icons from sdcard
    • Added navbar theming - Choose from icon packs or self made navbars from sdcard
    • Added theming for lockscreen lock icon
    • Added customizable bounds to icons when using underlay
    • Added customizable blinkfeed/appdrawer mappings for clock/weather click
    • Added custom lockscreen shortcuts - lets you configure lockscreen shortcuts from the sense dock independetly
    • Added custom position of appdrawer icon
    • Added CRT or fade effect screen on & off
    • Added Back Light Notifications/Flashlight Notifications (independant of kernels) with ability to customize apps
    • Added custom folder icon/folder bg transparency (0-255 steps)
    • Added limit to 255 apps in folders
    • Added new T-Mobile APNs
    • Added Volume Up/Down actions to camera: No action, default system action, Focus, Shutter button, record video
    • Added status bar transparency with fade-in animation
    • Added more granular Corporate Exchange policies
    • Added Sense Launcher and System animations (fade, fly-in, etc.)
    • Added PIE tutorial to Tweaks app
    • Added ability to display all widgets on HTC/AOSP Lockscreens
    • Added the ability to turn off delivery report notifications to SMS App
    • Added Smiley button toggle to SMS app
ViperOne 2.1.0 (Aug 15)
  • Added ViperOne down animation (Thanks Tabtoub)
  • Added Overscroll Glow Colors
  • Added option to apply kernel tweaks on startup
  • Fixed dual clocks when using centered clock and AOSP lockscreen
  • Fixed haptic feedback for kernel buttons not sticking after reboot
  • Fixed problem with Quiet Hours disable haptic feedback and override haptic feedback
  • Fixed Insufficient Storage Space problem
  • Fixed Home button not being set to Home by default
  • Fixed button custom app mapping not sticking
  • Fixed ABD icon not sticking not sticking after reboot
  • Fixed Beats icon not working
  • Fixed native hide reorder dialog not saving the order of the applied list
  • Fixed pie clock color not working and setting it to transparent (invisible when using pie info custom colors)
  • Fixed lockscreens having overlapping items
  • Fixed always show widgets on lockscreen always active
  • Fixed quick pulldown and hide/show quicksettings/quicklauch showing twice in Tweaks
  • Fixed kernel settings not sticking on some kernels (e.g. elementalx)
ViperOne 2.0.0 (Aug 11)
  • Updated to new 2.24.401.1 base
  • Updated to new Aroma 2.70B6 Installer
  • Added tweak to display traffic speeds in status bar
  • Added Hide clock weather on lockscreen
  • Added toggle to hide initial page hints on AOSP lockscreen
  • Added toggle for small 3 dot menu on top right of some apps
  • Added Custom Autobrightness
  • Added kernel settings to Venom Tweaks
  • Added CM Quiet Hours with white list to allow apps to notify
  • Added Quick Unlock (toggle to automatically unlock AOSP and Sense lockscreen when correct pin/password is entered)
  • Added Venom Pie
  • Added toogle to force maximize widgets on AOSP lockscreen
  • Added toogle to allow all widgets on AOSP lockscreen
  • Added instant update of summary while sliding on sliders
  • Added hide LMT launcher icon from app drawer -> LMT launcher icon hides itself..but requires one reboot.
  • Added toggle to hide clockweather widget on lockscreen
  • Added 5x6 app drawer grid size
  • Added Venom Boot Animation
  • Added 5x6 App Drawer grid size
  • Added tweak to hide beats icon when music is playing
  • Added All Contacts button to Contact Widget
  • Added tweak to activate native EQS by dragging the edge of the status bar (thanks CM!)
  • Added kill all buttons to AOSP and Sense Recent Apps
  • Added hide unlock hint on Sense lockscreen
  • Added additional inactivity lock timeouts: 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds
  • Added ability to configure rom with stock or Viper look
  • Added HtcContacts with disabled mask (for low res images)
  • Added Htc messages Widget from HTC Butterfly
  • Added lockscreen mod to always show widget even when lockscreen notification appears
  • Added CM tweak to flip to notifications/settings by dragging bottom bar
  • Added ability to configure device with stock or Viper config (or migrate existing tweaks)
  • Added new VenomSideBar: fixed errors on menus, recent apps, flashlight and added QuickSettings and clock
  • Added HtcContactWidgets with 4x5 and 5x6 homescreen support
  • Added tweak to enable/disable horizontal EQS and Quick Launch bar for the noobs
  • Fixed double clock/reapearing clock when using AOSP
  • Fixed 3 fingerservice fc'ing when expanding statusbar
  • Fixed custom button actions bypassing security on lockscreen
  • Fixed cm brightness control not beeing able to deactivate
  • Fixed some system notifications not showing on lockscreen (calls/sms)
  • Fixed volume down to turn screen on turning screen off again when volume down to screen off ativated
  • Fixed preview of power+home screenshot not showing
  • Fixed SMS/MMS Screen On regardless of Notification Light setting
  • Fixed HtcWeatherClockWidget with 4x5 and 5x6 homescreen support
  • Fixed status bar background color not being applied at startup
  • Fixed GPS and Alarm icons showing even when set to hidden
  • Fixed APM mobile data toggle
  • Fixed Header data color not sticking on reboot
  • Fixed Longpress Toggle (When displaying Both HEQS and QuickLaunch)
  • Fixed Tweaks profiles are now saved on sdcard
  • Fixed minfree settings now set to stock for everyone
  • Fixed status bar crash when reording EQS settings
  • Fixed problem with long city names in notification screen weather bar
  • Fixed backkey not working on camera/emergency screen when security pattern/pin enabled

  • Updated Venom File Manager icons (Thanks to Rayford)
  • Updated Venom App Installer icons (Thanks to Rayford)
  • Updated Small Apps icons (Thanks to Rayford)
  • Updated Play Store to 4.2.10
  • Updated all other APKs

ViperOne 1.2.1 (July 5)
  • Fixed custom volume steps not working
  • Fixed SystemUI force closing when Hide/Reordering Quicksettings if on translated localization
  • Fixed not working heqs size
  • Added toggle in VenomTweaks and VenomHub to force English localization
  • Disabling appropiate color settings if the native or veqs are disabled.
  • Fixed flashlight behavior not working
  • Fixed shortpress back to unlock not working
  • Added unlock lockscreen to shortpress button mappings
  • Unlocking lockscreen works now with shortpress, longpress and homeswipe
  • Disabling crt animation properly: should fix issues with 3rd party apps
  • Fixed custom homescreen layout not working
  • Added turkish translations - Thanks to MyCephei
  • Added french translations - Thanks to bowli
ViperOne 1.2.0 (July 4)
  • fixed haptic feedback for sure now!
  • fixed centered clock
  • fixed PC-Tool mod
  • fixed haptic feedback on htc2menu
  • fixed fonts in hub not installing correctly
  • fixed home swipe not working

New Features:
  • Added AOSP-Lockscreen incoming call workaround
  • Added system longress duration (longpress duration for drag/drop items on homescreen, appdrawer etc)
  • Added longpress duration for back and home
  • Added longpress duration for back and home on lockscreen
  • Added crt animations (toggable in tweaks, on be default)
  • Added custom homescreenlayout (4x5, 5x6)
  • Added LED flash duration on new notifcations. Value can be individually setted as low/high as you want in minutes.
  • Added LED flash while charging toggle
  • Added button mapping configuration for home swipe
  • Added button mapping configuration for home swipe on lockscreen
  • Added screenshot (power+home) toggle. If you use sweep2wake disable it, otherwise you will take screenshots accidently
  • Removed Newsplugin bottom bar share button. The share option available as menu item now.
  • Added HTC2Menu remapping
  • Added configurable volume steps. Independently configurable by volume mode
  • Added proximity fix toggle
  • Added toggle to use light colored controls in the vertical EQS when using a light background

  • Added german translations, thanks to Wikii
  • Added dutch translations, thanks to neniick
  • Added russian translations, thanks to Borisov
  • Added swedish translations, thanks to abrasive
ViperOne 1.1.1 (June 27)
  • Added AOSP lockscreen
  • Added ability to disable camera widget/panel (and others) in AOSP lockscreen
  • Ensured fixed media control for volume up tweak is set accordingly
  • Added tweak to turn screen off when using flashlight action for home/back key on lockscreen
  • Fixed volume down for screen off changing volume
  • Fixed haptic feedback when powersaver activated
  • Added volume down wake
  • Reboot to safemode now working
  • Added themed icons for lockscreen
  • Disable Home swype on lockscreen
  • Fixed hot reboot in Hub (using fonts works now) and Venom Tweaks
  • Fixed sidebar not saving settings
  • Fixed center clock/status bar icon overlap
  • Added notification pulldown custom image and background color
  • Battery themes now being applied on-the-fly
  • Fixed on-the-fly native eqs color mods
  • Fixed powersaver VEQS icon
  • Removed 7 homescreen mod is HTC Launcher (may be re-added later)
  • Fixed Music Enhancer
  • Added file system check to OTA updates
  • Added tweak to display data icon even when connected to WiFi (AT&T style)
ViperOne 1.1.0 (June 25)
  • Updated to 2.19 base
  • Fixed Signal icons not hiding
  • Fixed distorted graphics in Lockscreen and Status Bar
  • Updated Aroma to 2.70B6
  • Update Play Store to 4.1.10
  • Fixed center clock notification overlap
  • Fixed Venom Tweaks Reboot
  • Fixed volume buttons while phone is locked
ViperOne 1.0.0 (June 22)
  • New Release

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6th December 2013, 08:08 AM |#5  
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Thanks for this. Where is the link for Butterfly S?
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6th December 2013, 08:26 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by ebautista

Thanks for this. Where is the link for Butterfly S?

It's the same Rom as for the HTC One. we merged them together in one rom.
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6th December 2013, 08:54 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by j to the 4n

It's the same Rom as for the HTC One. we merged them together in one rom.

Finally we get the best ROM!!!
6th December 2013, 08:56 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by mushages

Finally we get the best ROM!!!

You got more than you even wished for, enjoy the rom
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6th December 2013, 09:09 AM |#9  
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saved log
Hi Jan, getting process has stopped. I've saved log after installation. Is it this?
Attached Files
File Type: rar VenomTools.rar - [Click for QR Code] (410 Bytes, 100 views)
6th December 2013, 09:09 AM |#10  
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the best rom now from my lovely butterfly s!!thank you !!!!the power is on
6th December 2013, 09:25 AM |#11  
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There is a problem with framework-res.apk. I know it as I was testing the beta release. I have a fix for that. I've already sent an e-mail to dev, they'll try to fix the issue soon, so don't panic.
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